Peter Jovic
Wave of the Day: Granite coast beachie

Swellnet Dispatch

Home and away

Carcharodon Dundee

"Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on."

"I’ve had my eye on you, mate..."

Andy Smyth
Wave of the Day: Tom O'Callaghan spring foraging on an exposed coast

A shift in the hunting grounds

Stu Nettle

Twenty years ago Cameron Bayes and Jevan Wright were killed on consecutive days in the shark capital of Australia. What's changed for Australian surfers since then?

Ollie Brennan
Wave of the Day: Be like water
Isaac Bennett
Wave of the Day: Tyler Hollmer-Cross stuffed to the gunwales in Shippies trouble
Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Margo's physical graffiti
Swellnet Dispatch

Artificial hells


Caught between neon technicolour and abject darkness, Brazil's return to pro surfing is a flop for the ages.