Craig Brokensha
Wave of the Day: Sam Jones deep in the Aussie jungle

Swellnet Dispatch

Erik Logan Emerges From Exile

Ding Alley

Clothes smelling of campfire smoke and bush buds, Erik Logan reappears from the Toonalook scrub. Ding Alley joins the WSL CEO for an expansive chat over a flatty and a hot one.


Deadmans: Raw

Stu Nettle

Looking a little different to the stills.


Deadmans: Cooked

Stu Nettle

Another slap of reality from the wave that almost isn't.

Craig Brokensha
Wave of the Day: Matt Dunsmore inside a Sydney heart starter
Jason Sorg
Wave of the Day: Running the angles in Wathaurong country
Michael Lester
Wave of the Day: Joel Vaughan taps the brakes on the Cenny Coast