Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Followers of the golden path

Hawaiian North Shore: From zero to one hundred

Craig Brokensha

The North Shore awakens from its autumn slumber with a quality XL groundswell inbound, putting the BWT on alert.

World Champ calls in sick

Stu Nettle

Two-time and current World Champion Tyler Wright pulls out of the Maui Pro - in fact she hasn't competed since June.

Watch: Eli Hanneman // 15

Stu Nettle

Fifteen-year old wunderkind delivers another case of 'Watch this space'.

Watch: Arpad Leclere// Bali by way of Belgium

Stu Nettle

Bali's cultural melting pot is extending its tentacles beyond the surf schools of Kuta.

Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: Lucas Chumbo cleans up the scraps at undersized Nazare

Great white shark caught in nets off Maroubra, witnesses say 'biggest they have seen'

Harriet Tatham

The shark was described as "a definite man eater" in a Facebook post.

Qualification: Crunching the numbers before the World Cup

Stu Nettle

Who has qualified for the CT? Who might..?

Watch: Zac Haynes' endless winter

Stu Nettle

A lover of neoprene and big waves.

Hayden O'Neill
Wave of the Day: Nick Wallace swinging into the new week

Watch: Highlights from the Nazare Challenge

Stu Nettle

Who knew Naz could get this good?

Parko wins Hawaiian Pro in his swansong season

Middle-aged Parko defeats a field of teenagers in his final Hawaiian season.