Chris Taylor
Wave of the Day: Swallowed whole

Luke Worsley
Wave of the Day: Jughead fitting pipes in his spare time
Michael Fairbairn
Wave of the Day: Falling water under heavy skies
Daniel Woodward
Wave of the Day: Ben Woodward in the dark but driving
Swellnet Dispatch

Watch: Sardinian Crew

Craig Brokensha

Our favourite Mediterranean surf chaser, Roby D'Amico capitalised on a rare south swell and hit the island of Sardinia.

Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: Pete Conroy, Irish slide
Swellnet Dispatch

French beachbreaks on the pump

Ben Matson

Ahh, beachbreaks. Usually, the term suggests random peaky waves, non-threatening bottom construction, and the ability to spread out and find some space to yourself.

Chris Lovell
Wave of the Day: Desert options
Andy Smyth
Wave of the Day: Run, don't walk