Raze The Plunger

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Stu Nettle (stunet)
Swellnet Dispatch

Five years ago, Aaron Trevis, the Founder of Surf Lakes, built the first full-scale version of a Surf Lakes lagoon. The pool, which was built at Mulara, just outside Yeppoon in central Queensland, was actually the fourth version of the Surf Lakes idea.

Beginning in 2013 with a 1:25 model, then in 2016 when both a 1:10 and a 1:5 size model were built on farmland, the idea was scaled up to full size in 2017. The proof of concept worked and Surf Lakes subsequently fielded enquiries from interested parties around the world.

(Surf Lakes / Andrew Shield)

Then, earlier this year, Surf Lakes announced they'd been granted development approval to turn the Mulara site into a commercial facility. Wave-starved local surfers rejoiced and began counting the days till they too could paddle out The Slab or Occy's Peak. Yet nine months after the first announcement the site is seemingly no closer to hosting paying customers.

What's happening up there in Yeppoon?

"What people need to understand," explains Brad Hutchins, Surf Lakes' Marketing Coordinator, "is that the site was only ever meant to be an R&D facility." In that sense, it's just another model like the previous ones - albeit full-scale and able to pump out multiple head-high waves.

"When it was constructed," continues Brad, "the specifications were for a limited lifespan; just enough to serve its function, and it's done that well."

Indeed, recently Aaron Trevis spoke to Wave Pool Mag detailing the life cycle of the plunger and the pool.

“The current system was designed for 150,000 cycles,” said Aaron, “and it wasn’t even painted because it was deemed not worth it because of its short shelf life."

If you've heard stories about mechanical downtime with the plunger, then this explains their cause.

"The commercial one will be far stronger, far more robust," continued Aaron. "So same concept. But it’s a totally new model, designed to have fifty million cycles at full stroke.”

So long story short, the current plunger will be razed, the pool emptied, and the whole lot built back to new specifications. Also, Brad said the park aesthetics will be different to the current setup. "The machine noise will be attenuated, and the steam - which is actually compressed air and which some people have grown to like - will be significantly reduced," explained Brad, adding, "the plunger will also be covered, though we're not sure with what yet."

Coby Perkovich inside The Slab (Surf Lakes / Andrew Shield)

The reason for the delay between the announcement and any action is that, first of all, there's a considerable amount of ducks that must be lined up, and secondly, COVID scheduling woes have exacerbated those difficulties.

"I can't give you a date we'll begin work", admits Brad. "But very soon I hope. Once we begin it'll take 18 to 24 months till it's finished."

Once the turnstiles are spinning, Surf Lakes foresee a number of projects dropping soon after. Right now, they have 22 projects around the world at various stages of the process - some mere agreements to work together, others zoning approval, while Mulara is on the cusp of construction.

“The hold up for us has been getting the first one commercialised," Aaron Trevis told Wave Pool Mag, "which then de-risks it for everybody else, because everybody wants to be a fast follower. They don’t want to go first."

Just as the current Yeppon pool is a proof of concept - proving that waves can be made - the first commercial pool will also prove that it's a viable business.

The R&D doesn't stop, however, with Brad suggesting Surf Lakes may hold onto some land near Yeppoon for yet another proof of concept: making XXL waves in a lagoon.


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flollo Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 4:13pm

So much talk over the years. Will it ever be fully operational?

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t-diddy Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 4:58pm

can't believe there is a wave pool magazine

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udo Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 4:58pm

Empty the Pool - Raze the current Plunger and build a complete new setup to new Specs
Holy Fck $$$

SPITS Steering Team Jindabyne :
i have been prodded by the community and by friends of the Surf Lakes executive team to sign and get on with implementing the Surf Lakes processes and product.
This is an encouraging sign for the expectations of the local community.
But watch the video linked below carefully....
Around the 4m:55s mark in the video, you hear the narrator (Design Engineer Kit Sidwell) say "its just an engineering exercise to turn a compressor shaft".... but what he does not say is how noisy it can be during operation. Also all visions in that video, show the effort of those large noisy compressors to lift the plunger for only one stroke and bounce back. This current released video no longer shows the distinct discharge cloud from the noisy mechanism. This is why we need an independent proof of concept report which they do not offer for any eyeball scrutiny which would encourage a QnA session and visitation of their test pool sight in Yeppoon.
On several occasions, i have offered to sign a Confidentiality Agreement to preserve their intellectual and product integrity, but the only agreement on offer is to lock us into a not so intelligent silencing contract that restricts any discussion to develop our fit for purpose situation. After reading that contract (which i had sent back for specific amendments), we note that (SPITS steering team members) have already breached that agreement before we have had a chance to sign.
When i pointed that out, Aaron Trevis (Surf Lakes CEO) said "if we do not sign, then there will be no further discussion"... (that is a not so cleaver and belligerent response from a CEO)... so there you have it.
Please Note that i am experienced with many discussions had with legal teams where the unaware just see it as necessary jargon and then leave the responsibility in the hands of solicitors.
Solicitors are pressed to put together words that are usually chosen from “off the shelf” contracts that wont come back and bite them. So the contracts are usually over the top and shoots every one in the foot, so to speak (at least the solicitors are in the clear, you would think). But what is not usually understood is that this then restricts most entities to diligently move forward. And the solicitor still gets paid for it. Also, in many ways it heavily restricts the process and implies unintended duplicity. Not very smart ay. So now we wait for further suitable developments from the world at large.
Summing up... if you want to buy and expensive vehicle or machine... the sales team would allow you to test drive and discuss the important features before you buy… don't you think..! Otherwise there just may be a case of duplicity.

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bbbird Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 6:58pm

This info above appears to be private business.

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truebluebasher Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 10:45pm

Thanx Stu & thanx udo...dovetails nicely to update the Jindabyne surf site timeline.

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Dx3 Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 5:01pm

So a few more years of a select few pro's surfing it and pumping it up on their socials for no real reason as us ordinary plebs can't get near it. Sweet.

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sacash Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 6:42pm

Probably end up in the history books along with Webbers ideas

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bbbird Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 6:42pm

Thanks Stu, Steve & Ben for all the great swellnet surf stories, insights, forecasts & reports.

Delivering effective new projects always needs alot of $ for research & development.
Your car engine for example....

"Humans have been building cars for well over a century now, and under almost every hood has sat an internal combustion engine. For the past 100 years, its principle has remained the same: air and fuel go in, an explosion happens in the cylinders, and power shoves you onward. "

"But every year, engineers hone the internal combustion engine to go faster and farther, developing it to be more efficient than before, producing the kind of power you used to only see on supercars. "

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stunet's picture
stunet Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 7:05pm

Yep, and despite all that innovation the absolute maximum energy efficiency engineers can get from an internal combustion engine is just 50%.

An F1 team did it recently. Most cars driving around the streets have just 35% efficiency - the rest of the energy is lost to friction, heat, and noise.

Point being: lots more room to improve. Though EV's will probably put an end to all that.

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sacash Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 7:22pm

Just stick to surf reports mate!

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stunet Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 7:31pm

Which part of that is incorrect?

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bbbird Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 7:23pm

"the plunger will also be covered, though we're not sure with what yet."

Well the Eiffel Tower is considered phallic & hotspot by many ....
"The 320 metre high iron tower is the world’s most visited structure, attracting roughly 7 million tourists each year. A study last year estimated that the iconic structure is worth €434 billion to the French economy, the equivalent of 25 percent of the country’s GDP."
French feminist are heated, organised & want the tower pulled down.....

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wax-on-danielson Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 9:42am

It will more than likely be covered with 4 different angled TVs pumping out high volume advertising. Surf Lakes T-Shirts! Buy! Offset the pumps emissions and buy an electric surf lakes car! Buy!! Love Surf Lake?! Buy Surf Lake House! It has views of houses that have views of Surf Lake! Buy Now!!! Buy!! Buy!! Buy!! Surf lakes season pass going for low price of only $25,000 a year! Buy it! Come and enjoy the crowds at Surf Lakes!
I for one am excited and have started savings.

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conrico Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 10:02pm

that massive plunging pumping out XXL surf would be terrifying! (but awesome)

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Sprout Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 10:17pm

At least go out in an exponential blaze of death slabs.

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Chipper's picture
Chipper Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 9:44am

I'd be keen to surf a Lakes machine, in the hope that it is better than the tullarmarine bath tub...it does appear a better shape wave...

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dazzler Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 12:10pm

Yeppoon would be good option for family holiday in Sept school holidays. Do it as a 2 week road trip from SE Qld easy. Camping accommodation- surf in morning while wife gets massage / goes for a wander etc. kids do their thing. Head back for evening surf after doing family time lunch / arvo.. ie water park, driving range or explore local region. Hard to get guaranteed waves in Sept as winds are normally variable between north & south as it is normally change b/w winter & summer.

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scrotina Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 12:55pm

that occy got to surf it is criminal. despite his ability, he is such a c___. deserves no waves

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haggis Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 9:55am


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haggis Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 9:55am


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icandig Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 11:37am


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memlasurf Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 12:20pm

Yes have heard he doesn't like to share.

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JackStance's picture
JackStance Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 at 11:47am

that's putting it nicely.
He's a champion by name only, as a real champion has substance.

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memlasurf Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 at 12:03pm

Spill the beans Jack I love these stories about surf heros. I was speaking to a mate who was on the CT a generation or two ago and he was philosophical about it saying they earned to right to take the best waves whereas I was still under a democratic illusion of he who takes off inside is king.

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JackStance's picture
JackStance Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 at 12:17pm

for starters, the way he (who shall not be named) treats his community is always reflected in these comments whenever he's mentioned.
In my view, that speaks volumes as to the quality and substance of his character not being that of a real champion. And I get that we are all just getting through life, so, I'm not casting stones in a glass house, however, mark puts himself out there as a champ, and so logically, that is the standard he needs to be held to, and that is the standard, according to his community, that he continually pisses on.

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memlasurf's picture
memlasurf Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 at 12:33pm

Pity, very myopic view of his own importance which Kelly for all his idiosyncrasies doesn't have.

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scrotina Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 at 6:27pm

in an age of sport stars and media saturation, fans are often fans because of someone's sporting ability. we should be a fan of someone based upon how good a human they are, not how good a surfer / footy player etc. for example, i follow koa smith on insta. koa rips and i love his surfing, but more importantly he is also a good human. watch his youtube channel and its not only surfing - he regularly undertakes environmentally beneficial activities without expectation of payment or reward. when he was in aus earlier this year surfing the superbank, i was out there every day he was, never saw him drop in or snake, he was polite and friendly to everyone regardless of gender or which surfcraft they were riding. i grew up in byron around rippers like danny wills and kieran perrow - same deal. they were humble guys who got their fair share of waves because they were fit and had ability, not because they dropped in whenever they felt like it. if only the same could be said for most pros. imagine a bunch of kids kicking a footy in a park which is public property, then a bunch of nrl pros rock up and kick them off the park and take over - imagine the outrage - they would be crucified in the media. yet a similar thing happens round the world everyday when pro surfers snake and drop in, despite the fact they are good enough to get the best waves anyway without having to resort to being assholes, yet we regular surfers, for the most part, put up with it.

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memlasurf Tuesday, 13 Sep 2022 at 6:35pm

Doesn't happen down here you wait your turn or get sent in but for the other part of your comment:
"imagine a bunch of kids kicking a footy in a park which is public property, then a bunch of nrl pros rock up and kick them off the park and take over - imagine the outrage" - more than that there would be a riot.....NRL......that weird marginal sport from up north......in Melbourne....Faaaarrrrrk Oooorrrrfff.

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udo's picture
udo Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 12:16pm

The New Plunger
50 Million Cycles at Full stroke - Thats some Heavy Duty Costly engineering going on there..

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KON Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 7:40pm

The KON doesn’t froth on wave pools. Salt water only.

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udo's picture
udo Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 7:48pm
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memlasurf's picture
memlasurf Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 12:22pm

A movie star can move amongst the surf cognoscenti.

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Dx3's picture
Dx3 Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 3:04pm

As per my comment above…surf lakes has another few years of just being for those with the connections to surf it and rest of us watching on from online. 8 year old son of a movie star this time. Good on the kid getting barrelled.

udo's picture
udo's picture
udo Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 3:28pm

Here's some Approx [old] on your Land Build Pricing in $USD ...ETC

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memlasurf's picture
memlasurf Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 8:56pm

Looks good when set Hong Kong harbour!?! What a really bad sad and unsophisticated that image is of a contrived soulless modern city in Anywhere Asia. They are all class.

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Eggman's picture
Eggman Sunday, 11 Sep 2022 at 9:41am


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northeasterly's picture
northeasterly Wednesday, 14 Sep 2022 at 4:29pm

50 million full strokes. That's some impressive stroking. Take note boys.

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Boda's picture
Boda Sunday, 18 Sep 2022 at 12:54pm

Your first barrel in a wave pool seems like losing your virginity to a working girl. No judgement but maybe not as special as it could have been.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 28 Sep 2022 at 12:47pm

Raze the Hammer...THORCCY unleashes the Thunder.
God Of Thunder stalks Bob's Dingo Den in search of the buried deep Chosen Grom!


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stunet's picture
stunet Wednesday, 2 Nov 2022 at 1:14pm

This is a bit of a weird one.

The story has made global news, that Global Surf Parks (GSP) have "signed an agreement" to operate the Yeppoon Surf Lakes centre.

All good, except, GSP are sorta, kinda just an arm of Surf Lakes. Wayne Dart, ex-media guy of SurfLakes, is current media guy at GSP.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 2 Nov 2022 at 11:32pm

Thanks Stu...press release also includes re-opening in 2024.

There is a well worthwhile rogue podcast with Surf Lakes Engineer Kit Sidwell.
Yeah! On a whole new wave length.
[8:30] Plunger Variations (Who knew!)
Raise higher > faster > Slower > Tweak the Curve > Hold > Freefall > Slam > Soft Landing.
Weighted by pumping in more ballast or Gravity fed. ( Just scratching the surface )
[11:30] Customizing Surf Lakes for market
Talk of those mock promos?
Hints that the components will be better unified & painted to blend into surroundings.
Think he is saying those Posters of Slick Console / Hidden Plunger are just stylized...not reality?
[18:30] 6" waves? Tricky process building a new Machine with imaginary parts.
[26:35] Water Filtration System ( Not a Pool ) More a Water Treatment Plant > Changes by Nation.
No talk about full immersion municipal / potable water quality? (As in Wet'n'Wild / Wave Garden!)
Surf Lakes : ( Skim top contaminants > Pipe to Pumps > (Custom Filter) > Chlorinate > Return)
[28:10] Bathymetry ( Original No Subgrading > Thin Liner + Concrete was sprayed on )
Recall surfers putting their feet thru the "Egg Shell Base" Test Site only!
Also mentioned the noticeable wearing of Break Zone lining base.
Commercial base will reflect need of waves...
Wave Landing Pads/breaks will need more concrete + Compacted Channels need to hold crane weight.
The rest can be lined to suit hydraulics ( Factor in Turbulence...not just impact zone)
Basically return water can rush over low impact zones to chew into lining even faster.
[35:00] 4 New projects 2x US - California / Texas / Florida ? + 2x Oz (Yepoon + ?)
Says he can't go into detail as it's up to authorities.

Qldurr felt obligated to report on any Surf Lakes / surf park summit gigs...
Pretty much all over the shop & most were just 15 second Insta grabs...
(Sussed a few impossibly hard to source recent Surf Lakes Vids...enjoy!)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 12 Nov 2022 at 12:30am
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 22 Nov 2022 at 7:41pm

Surf Lakes Flick by Aussie Elke Mai & Kiwi Rambo.
Kinda like a natural piss take on Wave Pool Bullies Thor / Occy.
So wrong on every level...but ya gotta laugh coz it's unscripted & the pair are naturally funny!
Starts with Secret entry into Middle of Nowhere & there's this Huge Rusty Plunger Thing...Sick!
[1:00] Occy scums some Quick Cum Wax...Elke : "Quick Cums?"
NZ > Oz translation : Sex Wax = Quick Humps! xxx Wax talk gets real dirty & goes off the rail.
[1:50] Thor descends from the Heavens wearing 2 wetsuits to get that bulky look?
[2:55] Wave Bullies Split the Peak
[3:48] Check out the Back of Van Line Up Mini Flick...Real Cool Chiko Roll Chick!
[4:25] G' Up for the Massive Piss Up.
[4:50] Dingo took Thor's Grom into the Man Cave (Absolutely brutal it was...really sick!)
Thor: Photographer Lady! Did you get my Gromz' Sick Pit...'Yes! I got yer Sick Pit!'
[5:10] Cue Soundtrack > Trip the Light - Sick Surf Lakes Montage
[6:45] Duelling Super Hero Bullies split more Peaks
[7:55] Elke imagines wot if?
[8:05] Prototype Tale
[8:20] Elke : (Secret!) "Blue Water turns brown after a few sets > Public will get clear Waves!"
[9:00] Film maker's Session
[9:20] Possible Commercial Design is casually released...(Not sure...but it seems to fit too well!)
[9:25] Please say NZ!
[9:40] Photo Montage (Very good Album!)

Have a few laughs...enjoy Elke & Rambo's goofy Surf Lakes Flick

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 3 Dec 2022 at 12:10pm

Surf Lakes (Tech Explainer Series) Parts 1-3

1. Energy / 2. Reliability / 3.Operation
Vidz are Mostly Tech Marketing...Kit is playing it down for the Vid!
Each Vid is short & highly edited but Kit does spit out the odd Cogswell Cog & Spacely Sprocket.

For the Pit Crew : (see above - 2nd Nov 2022) for Kit's revved up tech talk!
More Surf Lakes Tech Talk is being released today...see next post...(Very soon - Promise!)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 3 Dec 2022 at 12:33pm

Surf Lakes Tech Season continued...tbb will just list the Titles.
There's quite a few good Tech shares in this lot...let the crew dig them out to suit yer own thang!
Reckon it's better to spot these in yer own way!
(Clearing the Air is a little wishy washy but hang in there!)
* Surf Lakes Clears the Air.
* So, when will the gates open!
* Other Parks are Open - Why aren't you!

(Main Course doesn't disappoint!)
Quote : "Thundering Rust Bucket churning out Chocolate Barrels!"~ Drool! Oh Man! Let me at it!

* The Future of Surf Lakes (Tech Vision ***** Answers a lot of Tough Questions)


udo's picture
udo's picture
udo Saturday, 3 Dec 2022 at 12:36pm

30kw per wave...?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 3 Dec 2022 at 12:36pm
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022 at 8:03pm

Please Revisit > 2nd Nov Stu (Global Surf Parks) Kinda sorta Weird Wayne's World. (All agree!)
Qldurrz are under obligation to hunt down & outcast any weird stuff...d'don't you w'worry 'bout that!

But before we flush out GSP there is this weirder grandiose send off playing out at Surf Lakes

30th May 2022 "Stoked for Travel" Pro Vlogger delivers the goods for Surf Lakes well in advance!
Chris was invited to Surf Lakes and crew will understand why...extraordinary polished review.

Recapping a Whirlwind of Crowded Learn 2 Surf > Vloggerz > Campers > VIPs toward final days.
There was an underlying theme for this whirling dervish.

18th Jan 2022 Surf Lakes Council approval for Tourist Attraction

28th Oct 2022 Surf Lakes signs agreement for Global Surf Parks to reopen Test Facility to the Public.
Bombora Surf Resort { Pronounced Bob Bora } In Honour of Surf Lakes Plunger Bob....(Occy)

Global Surf Parks wisely invested time into the running of the Surf Park prior to de/reconstruction.
So, Yes! The crew are seeing a weird Surflakes promo with all manner of nerdy access & logistics.
They're basically gearing down their Prototype by testing the waters - market ...that thing ya gotta do!
Crew will recall these Blowins [L] Surf Instructor's in the blog...so yeah! Real time commercial Trials.

Kinda like running Logistics for an imaginary New World Surfing Lifestyle (Something from Nothing!)
Learn2Surf > Lifeguards > (TV) > Lifestyle > Para Surfers + Celebs > Trendy Tech Share Series.
What we're seeing is a transition phase of Surf Park Management to commercial (Global Surf Parks).

So who are GSP & are they an arm of Surf Lakes or an actual global super power bullying Huey?

Global Surf [......] Parks / Media / HPA / Build / Ops / Law (Slot the one yer after!)

{ Bombora Surf Resort } @ Yeppoon - Top 10 Fastest growing Aussie Destination? Just humour them!

Global Surf Parks original (Wayne's World) Blog reads like the VIP World is coming to Surf Lakes!)
Highlight being TV Cross Promo Surf Lakes @ (Ten) The Living Room
Dr Chris is greeted by Surf Lakes Ambassador Para Surfer Sam Bloom

Local's Tip! re: Crew might see comment by David Dave (Local's Only ~ Parkwood)
Surf Lakes / Parkwood link-employees but SL was too large to retrofit into PW Urban Resort setting".
Endless Surf basically walked in & capitalized on Surf Lakes hard work ...(In Council > Dec or soon!)

Ok! So Global Surf Parks are not strictly Surf Lakes & live a larger than life existence in the Surf World.
Truth be told, Surf Lakes Gig is no more significant than their past or present Surf Careers. (Seriously!)
Former SPSA (see next) now GSP runs 160 Global projects

GSP Team of Qldurrz
Dir/CEO ~ Matthew Woolley (Surf Law - Health Regulations Risk Insurance & security operations)
Formally (Surf Park Systems Australia) re: WSL / Olympics + International Surf Parks...(Incl...China!)

Dir/Operations/Development Training ~ Dave Payne (Qld Pioneering Surf -Climbing-SUP schools)
Builder runs Paramount 28yrs > logistics for extreme large scale-400 crowd Surf Sports-Risk .
Also runs $11,220 / 12 mth - Surf Sport TAFE Courses...
Surfboard Construction / Meteorology / Swell / Forecasting / Nutrition / Psychology / Conditioning

Dir/Media / Marketing / Business Development ~ Wayne Dart ( Surf Lakes )
Wayne's World is not as weird as crew might think, in fact it's very illustrious.
1989- 2007 ASP commentator + 2005-2007 ASP Media Director
2003-2005 Ed' Director of Magz > Tracks / Waves/ Australian Surf Girl / Skateboarding + Heaps more!

There ya go! GSP have Global surfing in their pocket & Surf Lakes is just an exclusive side deal.
Global Surf Parks : "We are your "go to" for all things Surf & Water Parks!"

Qldurrz are overjoyed & salute our Worldly Surf crew but there's still weird stuff that don't gel.


Odd that Global Surf Parks web site has no Surf Lakes Media/Links apart from a few YouTube Clips?
50/50 chance of selecting a YouTube Surf Lakes Vid then puzzle [about] unearthing a Surf Lakes link?

News Links > (Choose from 3) 2x "NEWS" Subscriber only + Microsoft Bing Searching for the 3rd?

We Qldurrz will back any crew that think it's all too weird...coz the journey just keeps getting weirder!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 25 Dec 2022 at 12:07am

2022 Xmas Wrap ...
New Website >

Vidz Gallery (site) Click > Projects > Applications > (Show me more) 25 Corp / News vidz
Vidz Social Media Galleries > Scroll to Bottom Right & Click...[Logo Gallery]

[ >] YouTube Click Videos / Play All > (1-80 vidz)
V - Vimeo (35 vidz)
tt - Loads (70 tiny tiki tokes)
[f]{t}[in] - Surf Lakes Updates in that order with slight variation
[o] - Insta no access {VIP} Closed Shop (Only) via : Google Hack or yer Daughter's Account.


Common for crew to enquire bout larger sized Waves?
Surf Park Central (Above) & again here hints at Surf Lakes larger sized Wave Model
tbb will Recap Surf Lakes current Wave Train Power then Scale up to the Big Stuff!

*4m Plunge (Current) 25 cents per surfer or ($3.50 per Plunge / 14 surfers)
That's $3.50 for 30kWh of Power to generate 1.8m swell
1 household solar panel can run 189 waves/yr.
5 wave sets each of 14 riders requires 90 sec recharge Lull.
30 sets/hr for 2,000 rides
Ride Height 6ft+ / Length of ride 50m in 8-10secs

Surf Lakes Future...
*Standard (As Above)
*Dome (Same stats as above)

*4.9m Plunge has been tested with phenomenal results

*5.5m Plunge is also possible.

*XL 8ft+ Wave Height ( Ride length 100m in 10-15secs ) or 30-35km/hr

*XXL Conceptual Modelling > believe 15ft wave faces are possible.

Aerial Shots
[1:58-2:05] Above > Explainer Series Part 2 (Rare shot of all banks firing up!)

Best ever just released Aerial Photographs by Sonny Vandevelde
Great for us Qldurrz to share Surf Lakes location with the Ocean Backdrop.

Here's Sonny's whole spectacular flight from Rockhampton over (Surf Lakes) to Brisbane...Salute!

Rare Fly over from [f] Glenn Adumus...great scenery.

18th Dec Wave Pool Mag share a heartfelt therapeutic Surf Lakes story.

9th Nov {t} 2x Large Left Slabs

[f] Site...
Occy's Tow-in > Pitch Perfect Snaps > Xmas Party wraps it up!