Snowy Mountain Pipe Dream

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Surfing Lake Jindabyne
Background : Basically this forum is banked from a hot tip by swellnet #1 researcher udo.
Upon requesting tbb to join his research it soon became apparent that the surf industry has Jindy on a loop.
No! Not front page Promos but nevertheless a morbid fascination of stoking up waves upon this very shore.
So! Yes...thanx to udo we can unlock & share an introduction into Lake Jindabyne surf history.
This is just a start up guide...being a work in progress that hopefully the crew can build upon.
Right! Well let's see just how far this bizarre off road Surf Safari takes us.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 8 Sep 2022 at 4:19pm

Respect to Country ~ past / present Ngarigo / Walgalu / Ngunnawal People

Transformational Water Craft from moulded Riverine Gum to Stringy Bark tethered Estuarine designs,

Modern History

Past Wave History is more likely to be here-say & less likely to be filmed in early times
However! Crew are fully aware we can trace wave history thru erosion of any foreshores.
This then narrows down the search for spot X....(Can we do that? Well, we can certainly have a crack!)

First Stop : Local beachcomber wave watcher of 28 years Steve Osborne Lake - Jindabyne Surf Safaris
Levels > Average 60-80% > 92% Provides Max level to retain Beach Culture
98% 2012 > 100% March 2022 > Dam Released 10% over 2 weeks

The Banks facing North / West have been dangerously exposed to both Wind & Wave damage!
Recreational Foreshore planning & reclamation is paramount.

Can we verify Steve's Northerly Wave Swell observations...also how & when these Waves are formed.
Again it seems unlikely but this is a weird surf safari...let's ride our luck...

1996/7 Surf Life Saving Nippers (The Jindabyne Yabbies )
"Don't be fooled by the serenity of the lake surrounds - Waves do Form & Break on the lake when the strong Northerly winds blows up in the Summer."
"We delay Oct Start to Nippers as the 1,000m high Lake Temp is then 5'C due to snow melt."
2007 1st Inland Surf Carnival
Events > Beach Sprints / Flags / Swim / Board / Skis / R&R / Iron Man / Surf Boats

Fishermen note another 9 Beaches & Bays of irregular wave breaks with Sandbanks & Holes.
So now we got more than enough tip offs for Spot X.
Summer Northeries erode the N/W facing sandbanks creating Holes & eroding recreational beaches!
Wow! There you go...never know until ya ask the locals...Salute to Beachgoers / Fishers / Nippers!

So we got > Sandy Beach in Willow Bay + Claypits at Widows Creek figure as the main breaks
Photos of wave action often feature the Island/s just off shore of these Beaches...

Sept 2012 Rip Curl Jindabyne Surf Flick

Windsurfer stayed 1 year & says the surf broke a few times that year & none believed him!

Aug 2009 Photo of Local surfer Marty Whittington of Sacred Ride (see : Below)
Note that Foil Ad for FLITE...(Not a Coincidence) See below...
2018 (Note) Ben also ran rare photo on swellnet 2nd Look : Surf Lakes Waves ( See Surf Lakes below...)

July 2019 ~ 100 km/hr winds push out some Left Runners

July 2020 Surfer Steve Surfboards Surf Check...(Everyone wants to see Waves break on these Shores!)

Xmas 2021/22 Floody Foily Flick (Insane Cinematic Historic record as a Video Postcard)

2021/22 Sacred Ride Jindy Foily Hire ( Recall 2009 Surfer Marty )
Waydoo Foils : [L] $200/hr > Solo Man $100/hr > Twinnie $180/hr > He Man Power Pack $150
Solo Man Power Boost $150 session + Chariot of the Godz Twin Pack $270 session

Ok! That brings the crew up to date to the here & now...(Back to the intro!)

2022 udo squares up tbb for any heads up on this Surf Lakes Proposal for Lake Jindabyne.
(Mindful that Ben had earlier showcased Marty surfing Lake Jindabyne on 2018 swellnet Surf Lakes!)

Surf Jindabyne showcasing Surf Lakes :
SPITS = "Surf Park In The Snowy" ... Ongoing Community Project!
If anyone here can speak Instagram or sneak in & out without being noticed...
Not saying you should ...just if you could share what this is helpful to mop this up.

tbb feels he has waded the crew thru a half decent Surf Safari.
However..still doesn't solve udo's riddle of this seemingly proposed Surf Lakes in Lake Jindabyne

Recapping : We know Strong winds can power up swell from deep Lake to break upon shore ledge.
Also that unlike most restricted Oz Dams this here Lake Jindabyne offers open license to all recreation.
We also know that Wave Pool Action with Mixers are being trialled in Municipal Reservoirs. would attract a wave pool operator but bitter Cold Winter would rule out all but the brave!

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truebluebasher Friday, 9 Sep 2022 at 10:44pm

8th Sept 2022 (credit) udo...SPITS Steering Team Jindabyne : (Surf Lakes)

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udo Saturday, 10 Sep 2022 at 7:50am

GD work Trublu - stumbled across Jindabyne after seeing an ad for Jamberoo
And some new Works....

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 14 Sep 2022 at 1:49am

2005 Jamberoo Outback Bay Wave Pool 2.5ML
Built by Scotland Waves International > 8 wave chamber Patterns x 24 wave styles
15 mins on / 15 mins off
Also has the cleanest Oz Left Lighthouse Lineup!
And don't think that there Hodad hasn't spotted it...'just goin' to get me board son...back in 5'.

Also ramps up some pretty creepy Freak Peaks...looks like good value > Spot X.

Lazy River also gets some half decent wishy washy wave action...
tbb 'd be more than happy to give this Gromz Wave Park a bash...just to test it out of course!