Swellnet Analysis

River deep, mountain high: Explaining Nazare

Stu Nettle

As a wedge of Himalayan proportions, Nazare breaks like no other big wave on Earth. Here's why it does what it does.

Forecast: Pan Atlantic swell

Stu Nettle

Nazare will go Himalayan, yet it's the sheer spread of the upcoming Atlantic swell that is most impressive.

Know Your Product: How do wave buoys work?

Stu Nettle

Originally designed to bolster sea defences, wave buoys have become an essential tool in the forecaster's armoury.

El Nino not sighted, yet

Craig Brokensha

There's a high chance El Nino will form in the coming months, but you wouldn't currently know it across the Australian East Coast.

What would happen if a tsunami hit Sydney?

Nancy Notzon

"We'd expect land to be inundated across Manly Corso, and waves to come from both the ocean and harbour side, eventually isolating North Head."

Welcome Tropical Cyclone Liua!

Ben Matson

On behalf of the Swellnet forecasting team, I'd like to officially welcome our first Tropical Cyclone for the South Pacific season.

From Shippies to Cloudbreak

Craig Brokensha

There's a bounty of swell inbound as the Long Wave Trough comes to town.

Long Wave Trough to deliver swell for Tasmania and East Coast

Stu Nettle

A new southerly regime begins tomorrow and it's courtesy of the LWT.

Satellite records largest ever wave height

Craig Brokensha

Hurricane Florence has produced the largest waves ever recorded by satellite.

Explained: Western Australia's return to winter and East Coast flat spell

Craig Brokensha

Why has this winter been so terrible on the East Coast but so big in Indonesia and Western Australia?

Forecast: The Tahiti Pro

Stu Nettle

The surfers will get a big swell to warm up in, but what about the comp?

Indonesia swell: Bigger than Muzza

Craig Brokensha

You know how it goes with lemons and pies.