Surfer Dies At Nazare

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Stu Nettle (stunet)
Swellnet Dispatch

Portuguese media are this morning reporting the death of a surfer at Nazare's Praia do Norte. 

The surfer, Brazilian Marcio Friere, who was 47-years old, went into cardiac arrest in the surf and, despite attempts to revive him, died on the beach. Friere was a past nominee for the WSL's 'Ride Of The Year' at the WSL's Big Wave Awards, and a sometime tow partner to Lucas 'Chumbo' Chianca, who was with him during the incident.

According to the Mário Lopes Figueiredo, the captain of the Port of Nazaré, Marcio Freire “was towed to the beach by a colleague on a jet ski, already in cardio-respiratory arrest."

“Unfortunately, none of the life support maneuvers were successful, and death was eventually declared on the spot."

Figueiredo said the incident was “the first death linked to surfing in the big waves of Praia do Norte”.

Website SurfTotal are claiming Friere wasn't wearing an inflatable vest when he was held down and lost consciousness, triggering the cardiac arrest:

"With the swell rising, Marco decided, together with some Brazilian friends, to tow in in the afternoon, the waves were already much bigger, but according to testimonies Marco was not carrying his inflatable vest. Despite having another normal vest, over his suit, and after falling into a big wave at 16:15 minutes, the experienced Brazilian surfer could not resist an apnea, having lost consciousness, being rescued by Lucas Chumbo who brought him into the sand, having started the resuscitation process."

"Unfortunately, resuscitation did not bring Marco Freire back to consciousness, and he ended up dying on the spot."


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andy-mac Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 7:55am

Tragic. RIP ..

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Tim Bonython Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 7:59am

The Nazare brotherhood is devastated to say the least.

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thermalben Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 8:32am

Terrible news... RIP mate.

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Seaweed Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 9:05am

That’s sad, best wishes to his family and friends.

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BD Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 10:48am

Even with all the safety gear im shocked this doesnt happen more often at Nazare/Chopes etc - actually boggles my mind the punishment these guys go through and live. RIP

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JamesFerguson Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 12:05pm

RIP. I can’t remember which one but I think it was either on the grit or ain’t that swell a couple of weeks ago they predicted that 2023 would be the year that someone would die at Nazare

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stunet Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 2:02pm

Elliot Laboe just posted this footage of Marcio paddling Jaws back in 2008:


A post shared by Elliot Leboe (@acl_cinema)

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goofyfoot Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 2:23pm

So he was under until he blacked out? Heavy.

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astrothewonderdog Friday, 6 Jan 2023 at 3:29pm

Tragic, as is any surfing death - but at least he died doing something he was devoted to. I am surprised he did not wear an inflatable vest as those waves hold you down and pound you for a long time. And at 47 no matter how fit, your lungs and heart are not as strong as they were at 27.

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mbuckis Saturday, 7 Jan 2023 at 8:20am

Great footage... Great song... RIP

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truebluebasher Saturday, 7 Jan 2023 at 3:06pm

Sorry for the tragic loss of life at sea.
All Nazare Big wave Drownings echo past sons of endless grieving Widowing Mothers.

1,000 years paint scenes of Big Wave Surfers & caution at Point of Miracle.
Town's protector Mary was devised to lure young men to never fear the Town's Big Wave.

From day one to now...You surf The Beast or starve.
Whenever the Surf Fishing > Peaks or drops off ... so too does the Town's population.

This may not sound of consequence but it shapes the backdrop to all past Big Wave Nazare deaths.
Nazare Canyon spawns the motherlode of Atlantic Iberian Sardines.
Problem is fishing them out of the deep canyon during Peak Nov Winter Swell @ 12-17* Water Temp
Diurnal Migration rises Sardines from deep in the day to rise highest with Full Moon Ocean Swell.
Day 20-35m deep > Night 8-10m deep > Full Moon 7.5m > Peak Winter swell ( Surf's Up! )

1,000 years Locals only ever surfed the Largest Waves simply to feed the town or starve!
Many cultures and people surfed largest waves to survive including on tbb's Gold Coast!

Here's how a traditional Annual Big Wave Nazare Surf Session/s rolls out!

As Full moon Rises the biggest Surf > The Town's finest are rounded up for annual Big Wave session/s

Mothers are asked to surrender their #1 Pro Grom to learn & take the drop!
Town's finest Big Wave Crew rides out the current on the Right Hand Point.
This is named The Widows Rip (Real Name...for obvious reason!)

The crew camp & wait for their Wave Spotter's Signal from the Women on the Point.
The Full Moon Illuminates the 7 Fluro petticoats of the 7 set waves of the 7 seas.
Spotter's fluro wave countdown nears wave #7 The crew are safe to Launch the Grom into WOTD.
Grom / Surfer is believed to surf upright on a small Rocker craft to cleanly feed out the Net line.
Much footage of upright Crew surfing boats thru the Slam Shorie just as an Aussie Surf Boat Sweep.

As the Grom takes the Drop the Crew start hauling to act as a brake to steer the Grom to safety.
Yes! It all sounds very familiar to today's Nazare shuttles life lined to their Jetson's Space Station...
Didn't take long to emulate traditional Big Wave Nazare Surf Skills ...The way it's always been!
Should the Grom Wipeout on The Widow's Bank / Reef...(Again...real name for obvious reason!)
Crew immediately unwind their 2m Tie belts to join as one Life Line.
Wives / Mothers Rock Scramble as Quick as Goats.
Faster than running 100m...Yes! That fast! They'd be used to it!
Unwinding their at the ready 2m Head Scarves to join & Slackline a Lifeline to boat via rocks

The 7th Petticoat represents Life itself...The act of Surviving The Big Wave Quest...
Being mid Winter 7 petticoats to warm survivor in Mother's or Lover's Arms rather than Mary's Arms!
100% interactive Surf fashion culture to save a loved one's life is very much what it's about!
Big wave Surf Tour Vid has Local Lads jest.. Mary will watch over us & care for us! Cool Bro!
Recheck original Surf Painting...Mary is watching over her Big Wave Surfers...I'll save you!
Look closer...the fishermen that are surfing in Nazare's Line Up...Original Big Wave Surf Posters!

No Shortage of Big Wave Black Widows..
Black colour rewards sea catch mix compo from locals in turn for childminding for next Big Wave gig!
Mostly Sea Widows are obviously first option for tourists seeking a Beach Shack & local sea broth.

Nazare's Big Wave Surf Tradition is heavy enough!

1928 Came the Evil Co Op...Big Surf Slavery..." Round up yer Groms for The Widow Bank Sacrifices.
Now every can had to be filled or the town Bully would starve.
Nazare's Big Wave Surf Slave Films were very heavily edited by the State.
No one then & now so it seems, wants the share the truth of Nazare's Big Wave Surf Slaves.
1,000 yrs Annual Nazare biggest wave records are not being saluted in the Co Op cove Surf Museum.
Real Hardcore Surf Flicks (Gromz please look!)
1929 " Praia de Pescadores "
1930 " Maria do Mar "
1952 " Nazare "
Several Films were smuggled about to expose Nazare's Big Wave Slave Sacrifices.

This Film Quote echoes the recent death by Big Nazare Waves...

"The Sea, often treacherous, is the only source of living of the people of Nazare. The film tells the story of Antonio and his family, where NO Dreams are allowed. There is also the mourning of the woman in black wailing silently on the beach or waiting for their Children Lost in the Sea."

Co Op sucked the Canyon Dry > EU slapped 1% quota on Nazare Canyon to feed whole of Europe!
Nazare needs min 4% Stock to feed the now import 80% of Sardines to survive!
Nazare fought back with Offshore Reef Plans but EU said it just diverted Stock not expanding more!
Local crews No longer make their own big wave gear & no longer surf to save the Town.
So town is slowly dying...population is falling towards 2050 & never really recovers!

Condolences to all Family, Friends & Surf Community surviving the Nazare Curse.

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haggis Sunday, 8 Jan 2023 at 10:22am

Awesome TBB. Always interesting your posts.

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Island Bay Wednesday, 11 Jan 2023 at 6:52am