Phillip Island
Updated: 2019-03-22 15:38:00 Surf: clean 3ft SW Winds: Light E Weather: mostly fine Rating: 5/10

ARVO UPDATE: Great waves to end an ordinary week. Wind is like E,NE and the swell is around 3ft maybe even a touch larger. Give yourself an early mark.

2019-03-22 08:11:00: clean 3ft SW, Calm E, overcast 4/10

The tide is low at the moment making for some short waves. There’s no wind around so it is smooth but the swell is lacking in any power. There’s not much to pick from here so the open beachys down at woollies will have the best options. We’re expecting winds from the east later which will suit the woollies end. So get out of bed and get into it to make the most of it.

2019-03-22 07:08:00: choppy 2-3ft SW, Light ENE, partly cloudy 6/10

Dawn Report: Nice to see light offshore winds this morning, though the swell is small and weak with slow 2-3ft sets across the open beaches. Worth a paddle at any exposed beach before the sea breeze kicks in. Tune in to the updated photo report around 8am. 

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13th Beach

2ft (Waist-Shoulder High)
S 4kt
0.9 m @ 12.6s WSW (238°)
1.3 m @ 5.1s E (96°)
0.3 m @ 7.9s E (89°)
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
First light: 6:56am Sunrise:7:23am Sunset:7:28pm Last light:7:55pm
Current: 28.1 (3:20pm) Min: 18°C - Max: 27°C

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