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Surfcam Replays

Please note: The D'Bah surfcam is fixed to the northern view, because a mobile phone tower is being installed on the building, and scaffolding temporarily blocks the view to the southern end. We have been advised works will complete by mid December. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

This is the view from Rainbow Commodore. Come and visit us! Call 07 5536 7758.
Surfers etiquette: if you're travelling here to surf, please respect the locals.


Review: Swag's back catalogue


He's the seed of industry pioneers, was raised in a golden era, and is driven by the desire to chronicle surfing's rich history - which he has, across four books written in four years.

Steve Shearer on Chris Gudenswager's inspired burst of creativity.

Talking Heads

Alex Crews // Shapes Or Die

Alex Mitcheson

"A magic board might not always impress you straight off the bat."

Swellnet sits down for a banter with the fella behind ACSOD.