Sunshine Coast
Updated: 2018-12-12 13:32:00 Surf: bumpy 2-3ft E Winds: Fresh E Weather: fine and sunny Rating: 3/10

Afternoon report: A little smaller this afternoon and with a moderate to fresh sea breeze. Fairly bumpy and choppy and we no need less tide. Give it a couple of hours and check the open beaches.

2018-12-12 07:10:00: bumpy 3ft E, Light WSW, partly cloudy 4/10

we have WSW winds and they are light, but its still a very lumpy and messy type swell, but its clean atm, so we have 2-3 ft of average but clean beachies, the points are a bit smaller but everywhere has waves, just nowhere is great, this swell just wont clean up with these crappy winds we have had sadly...but you can get a few decent ones this morning, keep an eye on the banks as they'll be changing alot with the tides and hopefully the predicted ENE winds stay away for a while yet.... Hope ya get some, and hope I do too...,

Mark PridMORE

2018-12-12 04:34:00: lumpy 3ft E, Light and variable WSW, partly cloudy 5/10

Dawn report: All the ingredients are there this morning for fun waves, but the swell is just a little lumpy and the tide a bit low for the beaches at dawn. Give it a couple of hours and hit those exposed spots for fun head-high surf. Tune back in for the updated photo report around 8am.

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Alex Headland
Sunshine Beach
Noosa Heads
Moffat Beach
Kings Beach

2ft (Waist-Shoulder High)
ENE 9kt
1.2 m @ 8s E (82°)
0.2 m @ 14.7s NNE (17°)
First light: 4:21am Sunrise:4:48am Sunset:6:35pm Last light:7:01pm
Current: 23.1 (8:40pm) Min: 19°C - Max: 28°C

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