The Sleeping Dragon awakes

Matt George

China recently held their national titles in a wavepool. They may be serious about entering the competitive sphere, but can they succeed in a biosphere?


The Great Reset

Steve Blackley

This year, change has been foisted on the world, but surfing - when we all return - is still in our hands.


Logan's Run

Ding Alley

Five years on, the Wozzle identifies itself more as Media Company first, Competitive Surfing Organisation next, with grinning former X-Factor contestant Logan perched atop it.


Reserving judgement

Phil Jarratt

How many World Surfing Reserves is too much of a good thing?

Looking for an answer, Phil Jarratt goes right to the top.


Watch: Island Home

Stu Nettle

A short film about waking from a slumber and fighting for what you believe in.