Five hot surf destinations to seek asylum at this summer


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Facebook faces lawsuit over juicing viewer numbers

Stu Nettle

Last night 570,000 people viewed four foot Portugal, this morning Facebook faces a lawsuit over dodgy numbers.

What do Kalbarri and Coca-Cola have in common?

Stu Nettle

Prey to one of the most powerful forces on Earth.

Reflections before the pool

Stu Nettle

The complexion of the future CT hinges upon the success of the Surf Ranch Pro.



Every year, four or five surfers drown in Australia.

Deconstructing Laggers Point breakwater

Stu Nettle

What can be done when a wave's potential is blocked by a breakwall?

Guns, Germs, and Surfboards

Stu Nettle

The day after a Gnaraloo contest is howled down a Nias contest is announced.

Last splash

Stu Nettle

Kelly continues to shape pro surfing in his own image.

Should legropes break?

Stu Nettle

What if a company offered a lifetime warranty leggy? Is that a good thing?

Parko, Mick, and Dingo caught by the Water Police at Snapper Rocks

Stu Nettle

During the most uncrowded Snapper session in years the three Cooly Kids were sprung using a PWC illegally.

Swimming among Bali's plastic tide

Stu Nettle

There are two seasons on Bali - the tourist season and the trash season.

Post it and they will come

Stu Nettle

Instagram and the rush of the madding crowd.