Gold Coast
Updated: 2024-05-20 13:41:00 Surf: bumpy 3ft SSE Winds: Moderate SSW Weather: fine & sunny Rating: 5/10

Arvo report: It's still good across selected breaks with the south swell continuing to 3-4ft on the magnets with smaller 2ft waves elsewhere. The tide is now on the rise.

2024-05-20 07:53:00: clean 3ft SSE, Light SSW, fine & sunny 5/10

We have a great looking morning along the Coast and fun waves to go with the really nice clean conditions. The swell is from the SSE so as usual with this there is a lot of variation in size. The magnets and N end will be 3ft to possibly pushing some 4ft sets while the beaches get smaller the more S you go with the S points struggling for anything much at all more than 0.5-1ft. The earlier moderate winds have eased back to a little lighter from SSW with moderate SSW/S winds forecast for the day. The tide is dropping from an earlier high at 545am to a midday low rising to a 630pm late high. There are plenty of fun waves around which are nice and clean with this wind. For the best options head to the magnets and N end of the coast for more size. Enjoy your day

2024-05-20 05:40:00: clean 2-3ft SSE, Moderate SSW, cool 5/10

Dawn report: The south swell from yesterday is still out there this morning but with a wide range of sizes. Most beaches are small and to 2ft while the south magnets are 4ft. It's clean and full with quality options as the tide runs out during the morning. Tune back in for the updated photo report around 8am.

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2ft (Waist-Shoulder High) reaching 3-5ft at south facing beaches
S 3kt
2.3 m @ 9s S (170°)
0.6 m @ 9.7s E (87°)
First light: 5:58am Sunrise:6:23am Sunset:5:01pm Last light:5:26pm
Current: 14.7 (6:40pm) Min: 13°C - Max: 22°C

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