Tanegashima East

2ft (Waist-Shoulder High)
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1.0 m @ 10.6s ENE (75°)
0.9 m @ 5s NNE (31°)
0.2 m @ 9s SE (131°)
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Watch: Albee Layer and Matt Meola // Polylemma

Stu Nettle

Get two surfers for the price of none.

Green Alert for Nazare

It's 48 hours till go time. Check the draw and time difference for Oz viewers.

Oil spill in Great Australian Bight could reach Sydney's beaches

Eugene Boisvert...

A leaked draft environmental plan illustrates how damaging a drilling mishap in the Bight could be.

Yellow Alert for Nazare

Stu Nettle

"Though Friday's swell will be overshadowed by Sunday's it has a few things going in its favour."

Watch: Bowie Pollard // Tea Tree

Stu Nettle

Timeless scenes from the outside points.

Watch: Reef Heazlewood // Untitled

Stu Nettle

Freesurfing at the pointy end of the season.

Photos: Base Camp Nazare

Stu Nettle

Opening day at Nazare and North Peak roars.

Elouera Boardriders win Triple Bull Cronulla Gromtag Qualifier  

The Dunny Hangers take top seed into the Gromtag Australian Championships.

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