21/1 update: Seems we can't find a local sparky who can help finish the job to get the surfcam back up online (everyone's either fully booked out, or on Xmas holidays). If you're a licensed ACMA cabler and can assist, please drop us a line: [email protected] (it's a quick job - just need to jumper the line from the MDF and test).

18/1 update: Apparently NBN have installed the new internet service, but they didn't connect it to our modem (as they "don't install beyond the boundary point"). So now I just have to get a local technician to connect them together and the Surfcam will be live. We'll prioritise this for early next week. Thanks for your ongoing patience and support.

10/1 update: We have an NBN activation date of Jan 18th (yes, a Saturday - that is odd, as it requires a technician visit). Fingers crossed. 

8/1 update: Progress! NBN service has now been ordered. We're awaiting an installation/activation date.

6/1 update: We have made some small progress, and are hopeful that NBN will install a new service in the next week or so. Thanks for your patience. As a token of gratitude, we will do our best to steer one of these NW WA tropical cyclones into the revered northern swell window sometime over the forecast period. No promises though.

13/12 update: We are STILL waiting for NBN to connect our new service. Yep, we're even more frustrated than you are. Sorry for the delay in getting this camera back online - but our hands are tied. Thanks for your patience.

2/12: Telstra have - without any advance warning to us - decomissioned our ADSL service in Scarborough, which has resulted in our surfcam going offline. We are now trying to activate a new NBN service ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

This is the view from the Rendezvous Hotel at Scarborough. Why don’t you come and stay! Ph: 08 ­9245 1000 
Surfers etiquette: if you're travelling here to surf, please respect the locals.

Swellnet Dispatch

Watch: Sardinian Crew

Craig Brokensha

Our favourite Mediterranean surf chaser, Roby D'Amico capitalised on a rare south swell and hit the island of Sardinia.

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French beachbreaks on the pump

Ben Matson

Ahh, beachbreaks. Usually, the term suggests random peaky waves, non-threatening bottom construction, and the ability to spread out and find some space to yourself.


Logan's Run

Ding Alley

Five years on, the Wozzle identifies itself more as Media Company first, Competitive Surfing Organisation next, with grinning former X-Factor contestant Logan perched atop it.

Swellnet Dispatch


Ben Matson

Ryan Williams is one of the quiet achievers of the surf photography discipline.