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12/12 update: Swellnet technicians visited the Surf Club earlier this week to reinstall the surfcam following the building renovations, but the internal work is still a little while away from being complete. We'll schedule another visit ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience, thanks for your patience.


Logan's Run

Ding Alley

Five years on, the Wozzle identifies itself more as Media Company first, Competitive Surfing Organisation next, with grinning former X-Factor contestant Logan perched atop it.

Swellnet Dispatch


Ben Matson

Ryan Williams is one of the quiet achievers of the surf photography discipline.

Swellnet Dispatch

Mid-summer on the Gold Coast

Ben Matson

Whilst we're yet to see the Queensland swell window light up with classic, sizeable point surf, there's been a reasonable supply of useful trade swells to keep the open beaches active.