Port Macquarie
Updated: 2019-03-20 16:19:00 Surf: bumpy 1-2ft SE Winds: Light SE Weather: fine Rating: 2/10

ARVO UPDATE: Low tide has just passed and it was a 0.09 tide - very low. It's drained all the energy from the swell so all that's left is tiny waves under a light SEer.

2019-03-20 08:26:00: clean 3-4ft SSE, Light W, fine and sunny 5/10

Good quality swell remains for today. It’s out of the Sth though so variable size across our beaches. Great conditions now but tide pretty full now. Let’s see what winds do as tide drops.

2019-03-20 06:44:00: clean 2-3ft E, Light WSW, partly cloudy 4/10

Dawn Report: Superb conditions this morning with light winds, and we've got a small mix of swells out of the east and also a distant S'ly swell, the former is around 2ft and the latter is a little bigger - almost 2-3ft - but only at south swell magnets, and it's very inconsistent everywhere. Well worth looking for a decent bank though. Tune in to the updated photo report around 8am. 

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Nearest Observed Surf Reports:

1ft+ (Knee-Waist High)
S 9kt
0.8 m @ 7.9s E (83°)
0.6 m @ 12.6s SSE (167°)
0.4 m @ 10.2s NE (45°)
Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny
First light: 6:27am Sunrise:6:51am Sunset:7:01pm Last light:7:25pm
Current: 23.5 (6:50pm) Min: 16°C - Max: 28°C

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