Whomp Off is on again!

Whomp Off is on again. It's Australia's - maybe even the world's, I'd have to check that - biggest bodysurfing contest.

This year Whomp Off will be held at Maroubra Beach on Saturday the 5th October.

As usual, the format will see 14 teams of 4 bodysurfers, judged across 4 separate events. They are:

  • Individual heats
  • Tricks event
  • Length of ride
  • The fin sprint 

Last year's Whomp Off was won by the DaFin Hawaii team, led by whomp royalty Mark Cunningham. DaFin Hawaii will return again this year and they'll be taking on:

  • East Sydney Body Surfers
  • Bate Bat Body Bashers
  • South Coast Bodysurfers
  • Western Dugongs
  • The Cobras (led by Lachlan Rombouts)
  • Goldie Sliders
  • Tattersal Trojans
  • Cronulla Reef Kings
  • The Budgy Boys
  • The Bondi Lifeguards
  • The Saturday Morning Bodysurf Club
  • The Northern Beaches Whompers

The comp will run from 6:30am till 2pm with everyone welcome, highly encouraged in fact, to come down and cheer on the squads. 


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truebluebasher Friday, 27 Sep 2019 at 1:14am

Go Goldie Sliders...Salute to swellnet +(Big 'hoy to Southern crew)

Oz Bodysurfing Comps/Formats/Entrants exclusive to #1 swellnet.
(Note) Oz sponsored bodysurfers + events are each separate.(No circuit).

2007* Flat Rock Invitational is longest running (No Handplanes) 30+ invites only
2013 Torpedo People 'Byron Bodyshoot' peers Exhibition 20-40 Entrants
2014 Wommin Womp Comp 100 total (12 Hodads/ 14 Mermaids / 6 Groms
2014-18 (end?) Noosa Womp Comp / Bodybash 36 + growing + 9 Mermaids
2016 Swellnet Whomp Off (Teams Event) see above 14 x 4 > *110 entrants
2019 Gold Coast Slydefest (Handplanes Only) Mixed Comp 50 approx entrants

*Bodysurfing draws fair crowds at Surf Festivals as Spiritual heart compensation.
*Bodysurfing Comps draw equal crowd numbers (eg: 100 Comp makes 200 crowd)
*Competitors come from worlds away...this is oddly both creepy & normal.
*No product free, pure Bodysurfing event exists in Australia.("That's a Body Board?")
*Every Bodysurfing comp & Festival exhibits Handplanez/Flipperz/Stickerz
*Both free handed & Handplane surfers share victories equally.(Not a deal breaker!)
*Yes! Judges will often swing towels & tear off Cardboard strips to Tally Scores.
*Surfboards are used for next heat postings, comp results or clearing comp zone.
*Bodysurfing /Chix /Local Crews/Hand Planes increase about 10% year

tbb vows only to mingle & to record Comps but will happily bodybash Exhibitions.
Crew request vids of longer bodybash'n rides...2014 Noosa comp rides hit the spot.

2019 OZ Bodysurfing Comp results are exclusive to Bodysurfers fav' #1 swellnet.

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tango Friday, 27 Sep 2019 at 1:36pm

That was great, TBB.
A shame that there's rarely a chance to body bash waves like that....always too crowded.
Be good to see them without fins and hand planes one day, that'd be the real mccoy.

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truebluebasher Friday, 27 Sep 2019 at 8:06pm

Thanx for reading crew...(reprise)
It's fairly obvious that stiff handplanes tend to slot & spin thru monotone Skid Pan...true blue basherz are anti comp & refuse to jump back into the Jock's cereal pack. To be honest, as contradictory as this sounds, quality bodysurfing owes carving lines to boardriding technique.This is because boardriders see more down the line so bodysurfers must also adopt similar longer carves to keep a longer ride!
Bodysurfers can source customized deeper carving bottom turns & more penetrating...totally submerged cut backs, re-emerging to backdoor barrels + way way way deeper any angle tube riding. Even rainbow snap sprays can be artistically flared as if brush strokes on canvas. Casual swoop re-entries can be looped as long as the wave face.
However vert re-entries are near impossible. Solid re-entries must be wave assisted slaps by way of solid bottom turn loops into of half flip or full twist aerials. Seemingly impossible Barrel Rolls & Pin Ball Shot manoeuvres reward no end! Here the rider morphs to reflect wave shape for max power boost. Free of mod cons bodysurfers are granted infinite wave energy options to explore! #1 Bonus = Every wave is overhead on everyday of the year.
Doubtful any would see free surfing in a comp & exhibitions can be crowded & short on time.You're best to hook into yer local crew! Comp callers naturally outburst animal metaphors. Again similar to Rabbit,Kong,Prawn,Wounded Gull we salute such wild tags...tbb moonlights as burleybodybash'nbuny!p = transforming into any creature. Buny!p's surfcraft -The Unfathomobile...is forever wayward but guarantees the most rewarding scenic ride...tbb's whimsical salute to the freedom of the Ocean.

Handplane free interview by fellow swellnetonian bodysurfin' writer Nick Brbot
Want quality bodysurfing threads get into Nick's other gear...Good Stuff! Go Nick!

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Lanky Dean Friday, 27 Sep 2019 at 1:37pm

Had a body bash last Saturday....

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 2 Oct 2019 at 11:59pm

Go Goldie Sliders + Go Go Glowaskis... Allana & Makeisha & Mum Therese.

All boo the big bully droppin' in on Mermaid Makeeisha

Mermaid Allana feather dusting her sea cave...

Mother Mermaid Therese tidies up the school playground.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 9 Oct 2019 at 9:50pm

Swellnet (WAW /DaFin) Whomp Off (Results)
Note: Surfing NSW Calendar Event + Tent

1st : DaFin (Defended their Title)
2nd: The Cobras (swellnet's hot tip)
3rd: East Sydney Bodysurfers

Qld basherz brain waves buoyed Goldie Sliderz into 5th Spot ..One of Us! One of Us!

Whompette was won by femlin Bec, headbasher for city beach Western Dugongs

2019 Whomp Off - Send Off by Hashtagen.com (Nice work ~ Huge Thanx)

Qldurzz , tbb & crew thank swellnet & Whomp Off for sharing the freestyle love-in!

Swellnet #1 for bodysurfing!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 10 Feb 2020 at 2:48am

Goldie Basherz welcome World Champ Tom Marr to Gold Coast Wave Conference
Gold Coast are stoked to have Tom represent both local & World bodysurfers.