Free Spirited Barrel Rolling

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Turtles tumble around the shorebreak surfing thru the lineup out to sea.
Waves hurl Penguins upon the shoreline as they surf up onto the beach.
Surfing Dolphins twist & slam neath the sheath of a wave
Seals tease the wave to roll inside and out.
A free spirited true blue basher barrel rolls with fellow sea creatures

Sea serpents invite swellnet crew to join Huey's inner sanctum.
One of us...surfing as one with the Ocean for eternity or until last wave in.

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 13 Dec 2022 at 11:59am


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Free Spirited Barrel Rolling (The Classics)

Barrel Rolling Penguins

Surfing Seal displays similar barrel rolling technique on the Wave Face.

Barrel Rolling Dolphins

Same creatures Vorticing multi dimensional games to humiliate us humans.


Volcanic Smoke Rings to Vaping Clouds.
Spiral Gyres / Whirlpools / Water Spouts / Cyclones / Thermals / Willy Willys / Fire Devils.

Humans spinning a record, swirling a cup or swinging a bucket of water overhead.
Mounting & exiting a spinning merry-go-round or being twirled in the air by a skating dance partner

All are Free Spirited Barrel Rollers.
Universal in thought from Stars > Sun > Moon > each wave brews inside your being forever more!
The main idea is to remove shields or impediments to morph between as many realms as possible.

Pecking order of Barrel Rollers in the Line Up is governed by low centre of gravity & touch control.
tbb is well aware that Surf Craft preference will remain in favour thru Barrel Rolling progression.
So we gotta run the Whole deal thru the Matrix...being free spirits we're cool with craft progression.

From Outside World to deepest Inner Sanctum Barrel Rolling (Just a guide...changes with wave size!)
Kite Surfer > Wind Surfer > SUPs > Mals > Short board > Surf Ski > Paddle Board > Knee Board > Body Board > Hand Plane / Flippers > Flotsam > Sea Critters > Bodybasherz 'can' barrel roll heaps.

In this next photo Boardriders just see rubbish but Free Spirits see a chained prisoner.
We also see marine debris having all the fun by surfing rings around the lifeless boardrider!
[12:10] Waco RC surfer also surfs rings around Mason Ho.
tbb included this clip as it's the only upright barrel roll on record & it's battery powered in a wave pool?
No! Not a joke as wave pools will likely unearth Teams of Barrel Rollers...Yes! All in good time!

Perhaps a Surfboard crew need a more dedicated barrel rolling naval gazing introspective!
Boardriders can barrel roll but they may not recall it as anything more than an unpleasant incident.
Here are the most obvious seen thru the eyes of Free Spirited Surfers.

From the Shore > Surfer spots an incoming barrel > runs & reverse curls a Covered Wave nook! Score!
That's almost a Barrel Roll but it don't count on a Judges Score Sheet! (Sorry!)
Perhaps a complete rotational Eskimo roll under a wall of whitewater...(We'll revisit this technique!)
Surfer is then too late paddling up set wave face & gets sucked up & tossed down with the lip.
Next surfer gets to feet as the lip tosses surfer back down to recover & convert it into WOTD. Yew!
Surfer delays a close out re-entry as wave covers over > The surfer re-emerges thru the curtain! [10]
All incidental barrel rolls of note but not born of design...just sheer dumb luck..(But that wins an invite!)
Meaning tbb thinks or believes Boardriders can Barrel Roll...mostly tied up by obvious safety factors!

The drawback for Surfboards is their flat shape & fins where a pod shape flexi fin suits the barrel.
Crew are familiar with long pod like handle strapped rescue boards with very small fin to board ratio!
Low kneeling face hugging hand clasped Clubbies lock into point barrels ending in spiralling wipeouts.
Taboo to lose a Rescue Board thru the crowd...resulting in many incidental high speed barrel rolls.

Next is Barrel Rolling intro, surf craft shapes & safety advice followed by Barrel Rolling Maneuvers.

[Disclaimer] tbb has clocked up 1,000's of barrel Rolls @ 4 per wave or over a dozen per session.
So no! Not a Govt Certified Surf Coach but tbb is acting as a Free spirited Barrel Rolling Companion.
Mostly to prevent injuries for upcoming wave of Barrel Rollers!

tbb has been closely observing Surfing progression in Fin / placement / Rolling Aerials & Barrel Stance!
Boardriders are progressing to Barrel Rolls...don't act surprised if Surfers roll out wave pool Barrels.
tbb is sharing his experience to both fast track Barrel Rolling Techniques but to mostly prevent injuries.
The art of Barrel Rolling is to make it look fluent & easy but it's potentially very dangerous!
Surfing the Wave lip around & down will slam a surfer real hard if ya smile to soon! Yeah! Ouch!

Feel free ask a question or share links, chat or even advise the crew on barrel rolling!
Please do check back in good time as tbb chalms more secrets from Huey's inner sanctum.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 14 Dec 2022 at 9:20pm

Before we enter the barrel we must first master rolling technique.
Starting with just body & a broken wave or a Wall of white water.
White water will cradle your weight until we can engage the wave face (Lessons 2/3/4)
Rolling gets easier with speed but waves increase speed in the shallows.
That there is already a safety risk at the entry level! (That's precisely why tbb is sharing!)

First to gauge the depth of your Test Arena by wading into the Wave Zone.
Only learn to bodysurf where a clear route to shore is obtainable.
Depth required for speed without bumping limbs = (Chest > Knee height)
Most will find it easier to catch a wave at waist to chest height than stroke & kick onto one.

Prone surfing in Head First pod position with whitewater to shore.
Extend Both arms ahead leaping with wave > (Breasting)
On the surface > Right arm to turn right (Natural) & Left arm to turn left (Goofy!) > (re: backhand modes)

However! This Rolling (Windmill) or spinner procedure rotates vertically towards shore.
Safety dictates that each rotation affords less depth so Arm Swings need to tuck toward chest or sides.
Said sequence is performed in two 180* parts (Again) to avoid hasty first attempt 360* roll injuries.

Right angles to Wave wall > towards shore...
*Natural Roll > Right lead arm countering up/over with left submerged arm arcing up level on back .
*Goofy Roll > Left lead arm clocking up/over with right submerged arm arcing up level on back.
Noting joint lead leg may precede / align / linger - depending on individual's strength
(see below vids but note level studio floor distorts any 3D sub surface visuals)

This first outbound 180* being in deeper water over the bank as 180* recover reaches the shallows.
This is important to all, as Boardriders surf with shallow fins as to an arms's length being unusual.
Just saying...if you struggle during a 360* roll > be mindful to tuck in arms as shoreline approaches!

Safer Option (Plan B)...tbb split the full 360* roll into 2 halves for a variety of reasons.
1. Both Halves can be performed separately in deepest water preventing injury in shallows.
2. Once both halves are successful then surfer can confidently complete a roll before shallows.
3. Mid point surfing (Learners are in effect surfing their shadow selves mid way thru a barrel roll)
4. Harmonizing this mid transition point > fast tracks advanced Barrel rolling to come.
5. Surfers must feel spatially aware at peak inverted moment of dangerously crashing lip!

We must ever think ahead to prevent severe injuries in shallow danger zone!
tbb has met plenty of young bodybasherz with neck & spinal injuries...Yes! This is very serious!

With that said...there is always room for free-styling
Don't over think your trailing arm & legs for perfect rolling. (None can perfectly roll down a hill!)
eg: Roll down the hill with arms tucked or extended...each choose what's naturally safest to them.

Mid turn point in back position returning to neutral > towards shore.
*Natural Rolls Left arm countering around / down > Right arm back up to level.
*Goofy Rolls Right arm clocking around & down > Left arm back up to level.

Complete "Whitewater" roll.

*(Natural Counter Roll)
Lead Right arm rolls up/over to inverted level then under back up around to sea level

*(Goofy Clockwise Roll)
Lead Left arm rolls up/over to inverted level then under back up around to sea level

Videos show either Arm / Leg Motion Rolls to suit either Natural / Goofy (Excellent! Thanx mate!)
Rolling sequence > (Natural Mid > End / recovery Roll) > (Goofy start point > Mid Roll)
Upper Body Roll leads with right angled Arm.
Lower Body Roll leads with Knee

Continue tbb's safe fast track Roll routine until confident...(Approx > Seasonal)
Not official Make Believe Barrel Roll (Opening Lesson) [Tick list]
*Being able to turn L/R to pull out before shore or to avoid swimmers.
*Being able to halt & brake by rising to feet in face of emergency (Essential!)
*Negotiate inshore Backwash to time a ramped mid roll air & land it mid ride.
*Swing around to feet first whitewater fun runs
*Roll onto back then reverse roll back in opposite direction
*Be safe & playful to build confidence to explore cross face bodysurfing

Note : tbb is keeping Forum focused on Barrel Rolls (Not bodybashin' tips)

Once cross face bodsurfing gets up to speed, Crew can explore open face spinners.
Yes! tbb will intro next level very soon...


Next Up...Whitewater Rolling Techniques for Surfcraft Riders

//////////////////////////////////////*[ Important Safety Messages ]*\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

*Above Barrel Rolling techniques are strictly formatted for body surfers!"

*Never trial above bodysurfing "rolling techniques" with Surf Craft.

*One must never stall or pause mid roll being submersed under a surf craft.

Includes > (Prone) Body Boards > (Seated) Skis / Rings > (Knee) Boards > (Standing) Surf Boards.
Each have individual safe Barrel Rolling Techniques...see next installment!

Again! The very reason tbb is sharing is to Fast Track "Safe" Barrel Rolling techniques.
If that includes tbb getting back on board in mind & spirit then yes! tbb has done some trials.
This is a very difficult & technical challenge in regards to safety but those who can should share tips!
Yes! tbb promises to equally put safety front & centre for Surfcraft Barrel Rollers.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 17 Dec 2022 at 9:23pm

Perils of Rolling an open ocean craft are obvious & requires much practice.
tbb honestly thought that drafting basic Surf Craft rolling would be very wrong.
In every sense it unlocks secrets to past and future high risk Surfing...
tbb will share exclusive research but recommends further studies to better explore Surf History!
It's also extremely rewarding to research the origin of a human action that leaves no footprint...Luv it!

Stories & diagrams of Australian Aboriginals Rolling Lightweight Surf Canoes.
To Eskimos rolling ice splitting Umiaks...(Mostly longer thin Rounded Hull designs lend to Rolling)
Umiaks are basically a seafood stick add that hunters catch are upended by Walrus > Polar Bears!
Polar Bears skate over ice to dive & swim 50m underwater & hold breath for over 3mins.
Eskimo rolls during Hunting, Storm Wave impact to emergency putty jobs from Giant Tusks or Claws.
Explains 100 different rolls/rope skills as catch of the day was also towed, roped & rolled onto icebergs.
1911 Audit > 867 of 2,228 Inuit hunters could roll their canoes.

Original & modern Eskimo Rolls are typically rolled from upright to left (Natural) and rotates 360*
Direction is also dictated by wave/s or eddies, attacker, bank or reef slope or River/Sea bed angles
Mostly as an evasive maneuver...however it also acts as an attacking maneuver at high speed...(Below)
From inverted position a laid back sweep stroke aligns body with canoe tail to up'right' the vessel.

20-21st century hasty reverse 180* & flow 360* Eskimo Rolls feature in recreation & sports technique!
Canoe/ Hand Roll features same Right angle drop to laid back 180* reverse sweep to upright canoe!
Hyper laid back extension for larger canoes to less angle with stroke gain on mini pod rolling Kayaks.

Expert Woman / Man / Hodad with or without oars roll max 30 rolls / minute (Similar to Ski rolls)
Kinda like a default endurance point where record rolling levels out

Extreme Sports > Canoe Polo roll with > Oar > Ball > Hand roll.( Examples several techniques)

Eskimo Roll is now a Mandatory Extreme Slalom race maneuver in 2024 Olympic Games.
2024 Olympics disqualify Athletes for not performing an attack style Eskimo Roll...(Old school Rules!)
Yep! As crazy as it sounds...this is very much a real & now in elite Oz training facilities!

Wave Ski riders charge a full speed spiral 360* Eskimo Roll just as the Wave breaks.
Owing to wave ski riders being strapped in on flat hull the 180 pause is an extra risk.
If at a standstill -recovery roll saddles a rail hugging under knee grip to swing the upward roll.

Exclusive Guide note on Roll direction of Board riders...
Right handers roll [L] 180* then reverse 180* This utilizes stronger dominant upper right torso action.
Left handers are more likely to roll a 'fluid' [R] 360* due to forced equal conditioning of upper strength.
In fact the Goofs are most likely to roll either way...Naturals > less so often complete either way rolls.
Sure! Each will argue the opposite > 100's of random Pool / Ocean Clips ...(re: 90%+ example this)
A Left Handed Goof instructor is most likely to instruct either or flip naturals to roll right...(Pure Evil!)
Long Established Surf School / Coach will most likely teach Old School Turtle Roll variation. (Below)

Paddle Boards (Kneeling) > Reviewing rare Eskimo Rolls in Comps over last 4 decades.
Mostly rare because Cams focus on 1. Race 2. Race Leaders 3. Most Board events avoid Rolling Surf.
Extremely difficult to research Women's SLS Comp Eskimo Rolls when so little surf is on offer?

Club boards spear thru waves easy & can handle clasp paddle boards aside them thru smaller waves
However! Rescue Boards are designed as universal craft & near perfect for rolling...
All SLS Comp rolls are less stroke dependent & modelled off evasive impact 70's Turtle Roll.
Being an attacking race move, the competitor will adopt an almost spiralling wave ski action.
Clasping Board is vital to prevent injuries to dozens of competitors crowded in by Starter's Gun

#1 swellnet exclusive list on Clubbie Comp Rolls...(Sourced from YouTube Vids)
1980's = 3/10 competitors
1990's = 3/10 competitors
2000's = 2/10 competitors
2010's = 1/10 competitors

[13:17-14:22] SLSA Coach (Rolling)

Nippers Rolling Instructions Manual
[7:43 - 8:55 ]

Surfboard Eskimo Rollers often rotate Left (Pause) Anchor Vertically in deeper outside breaks.
Then Reverse 90* to Rotate back up.

( Name Change? ) 1970's North America "Eskimo" is partially deemed a bullying racial slur. Eskimo covers all peoples & other localized names only ever cover separate regions
Indeed during this era some organizations began moving away from the Eskimo title.

This could then be the reason for changing the name to Turtle Roll in US only.
Reason being that US surfers claim both are the same Roll?
Research points to a 5-10 year 1970's Variation on a theme

Eskimo Roll = Perpendicular Pendulum Drop or One Knee pressed against Deck for Rolling Wave!
Suited in 8ft Deeper Water...
Turtle Roll = All limbs surround but attached to the shell as a shield against slamming wave's!
Suited for crowded 3ft Shallow Bank (Pre Leggies).

Sea Turtle Rolls to fend off Shark Attacks then turns to bite Shark's tail. (Shark high tails outta there!)

tbb & other '70's Groms learnt this hugging Turtle (Eskimo) Roll method as bog standard.
This saves the board from becoming a loose weapon & a few Surf Instructors still teach it!
Sure! Everyone screams this is so wrong...Yes! But these are rare & short passages in Surf history.

But few arguments if any will entail Board Progression & Which era board is being surfed.(re: Below!)
One even suggests to dab a bit of wax at the leg hold sweet spots.
Turtle Rolls leave telling underside stress marks on then lighter glassed late '70's Boards.
Plenty of Instructors & articles agree 7ft is a default Limit for Rolls & entry level for Duck Dive

Late 70's Shorter-Wider Bonzas > Twin Fins made the leg grasping Turtle too dangerous for legs/feet.
The Narrowing to nose also spun the Rolled board back around on itself...facing the shore!
Late '70's Leg Ropes allowed folk to bail their boards at crunch time.
Intro of Wider Sharper multi finned Thrusters with rockers launched the direct Duck Dive era of today.

Knee Board Roll technique is very hard to research...(1 or 2 part examples on rare Comp Highlights!)
Sorting thru Comp Vids from 3 nations all show background surfers are Duck Diving.
(Side Note : Most Kneeboard Comps are held in cracking Big Waves...just saying)

Body Board Tip : "Be 100% sure you can't Duck Dive before you Turtle Roll." (About Sums it Up)
Body Boards are too Wide & thin to Flip back over from underneath & scoop a heavy water load.
Unless your inside arm grip is comfortably longer than the Board will struggle.
In fact some get trapped by own weight like a sealed Lid or may even Tomb Stone.
tbb has assisted a few dismounted body boarders by releasing their wrist straps.

Above / Undersea Rolling Scooters

Next Level is Wave Face Spinners (Corkscrews)

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truebluebasher Sunday, 18 Dec 2022 at 11:12pm

Recapping history of rolling to avoid wave impact or predators.
But also to spiral thru an angry ocean or roll with the wave square to shore or mandated for sport.

This next chapter we turn to roll with or counter to the moving flow of the wave.
A Spinner or Corkscrew...a craft or full body self rotation engaging the moving wave face.
Seemingly a simple advancement but it naturally bumps off Surf Craft to engage in any manner.

A humble Tree Log or Pod is still the best proven design for rolling in the Wave Face.
In itself explains why driftwood washes up & then taken out from shore to shore!

This entails either hugging or spinning one's self like a Log or spinning the Log / Craft beneath.
Important step of reaching the point where Surfcraft fails to engage with simple wave motion.
Explains the limitations of modern surf craft to curl for Barrel Rolling.

Note the Log surfer can alternate the spin of the roll whilst flat hull rider can match this!
Only critters & body surfers can better directly alternate a reverse wave roll whilst surfing mid ride.

Pioneer surfers of this maneuver would have been indigenous crossing rivers on logs.
Modern forms came in the form of Early 1900's Log Spinners surfing with rapids.
1950's Rapids Surfer combos > Skip / 360* Stance rotation / 360* Log roll / Reverse spin...on one ride.
No surf craft rider of today can match that water craft connected combo on face value.
Much of the terminology of today's surfing derived from past river surfers.

Bodysurfers have long rolled spinners or corkscrewed the wave face.
We can rotate onto back & surf in that position then choose counter or clockwise or any to recover.
Any rotation angle & as many revolutions as wave beast or craft has such wave sense!
Humans can instantly roll off hand to any/all sizes to 8ft long with infinite rolling tool box options!
[ 0:37 / 1:06 ] Examples of spinners from 1960's Bodysurfers.

Safety Tips for Corkscrews...again to gauge shallows before high speed rolls.
Try raising yer arms and draw elbows in for back slide > rolls ( Can cradle this nest egg position)
Find a clear run for any drawn out back gliding slides...feel free to slide around feet first into the wash.
Best to feel / test your hands & shoulders in the wave force to explore future Barrel Roll touch points.
One can learn stalling with Hands & feet & also near stop to fast recovery sensing the sweet spot
Most importantly how to bail in the shallows by pulling down under the wave & up & out the back!

Next a Body/surfer performs easy but fun tricks with a finless long thick railed Foamboard...
Many free stylin' tricks are exampled including Slides & Spinners > on or beside his board.
Every trick but rolling 'with his board' on the wave face...Highlighting this Sticking Point.
For some reason this surfer never even attempts this seemingly easiest of Maneuvers! Why!

Just on that > There's no reason why 'Finless' Clubbies can't convert handled rolls on a wave face.
We've all seen similar rolls on Sundays seconds before they wipeout!
This yields another flash point where Handles / Straps make a high speed roll smoother or safer.
Almost certainly this surfer would roll a foam rescue board with straps...( re: Straps = Instant Roll!)

Rolling a flat hull board on a curling wave face at speed does not compute! (Completely Unnatural!)

....................................................................Cross over Point..........................................................................................

Surfcraft fins instantly prohibit & corrupt natural sideways curling flow of the wave.
This imaginary line mirrors a Surfer rotating a Flat board above the wave face also deemed illogical.
Yet it don't stop magicians performing this trick...indeed it is still extremely rare in surfing...(6 or so!)

1983 Skater's Kick Flip > rolls the board beneath the rider who re-engages to land the Trick.

2010 Flow/> Fin/less Body Boarders Kick Flips (Prone / Kneel / Standing)

Prone weight & flat wide board make it hard to Flick a roll with Wave or with rotating board beneath.
The faster 'flow' enables Body Boarders to defy gravity higher up the flow slope or wave face.
Kinda like a free standing ramp for spinning or flicking a face spin.
The natural force is predictable so once you work the angle > the rest should flow & spin.

The underside spinner or grasped corkscrew is sill rare in open Bodyboard surfing...
Mostly seen as an incidental improvised "Flow" filler or correction between Big Aerial moves
During a routine > Blink and you'll miss the micro spin...Yeah! Just like that! (Check Flow Barrel vidz)

Flow / Standing Kick Flip (Body Board-Hybrid example!) Looks easy but it's real tricky!

Flow Boards + Wake / Knee boards are much thinner & high on speed > can spin easy!
These guys are locked in so once committed must roll...even tubes spin & flip about.
Many sports like this including Towie Tricks...(These all fall between "Auto" Spinners/Airs)

2009 +(2010- Zoltan) Standing Surf / Wake boards flick kick rolls board beneath & recovers.
Of note (Skater/Wake-Surfer) Zoltan can Roll 2 or more & switch feet & still hold the wave...
In a fluent demonstration of spinning his board in harmony with wave flow & shape.
That's where his credit breaking thru the imaginary line at will, as if a magician.
So! Just what is the secret to his magic tricks...why does only Zoltan master this spinning maneuver?

(Example:) Wave Pool Kick Flip by bare chested Zoltan in Boardies'n'Booties. Huh!
Exactly! Why always ever 100x over...always with the Booties?

Metallic fibre booties are attracted to Magnetic powder sprayed onto & set over Resin/Rubber Grips?
There's nothing magic about it, one would land kick flips on the Rubber deck or the Dark Side.(Correct!)
Sure! It's a cheap trick but tbb is just having a laugh...would be cool to reveal Zoltan's Magic Trick.
Is it a Trick? Barefoot Zoltan can't flip a bird (Bummer!) Add Lucky booties & he starts flipping! Like Wot?

Just as the last chapter closed with some high Tech rolls then so too does this one...
Insanely indestructible 61 y/o Hodad totally obliterates shock jocks with WR 33 tumble rolls / minute.
So tough he crowns himself with his Covid Mask..OMG...(Gromz have gotta load up on more weet-bix!)

Next up we keep soaring higher with forward motion free aerial rolls above the Wave Face.
tbb is inviting any free spirited contributions or corrections even advice on rolling inclusions.
Looking ahead we'll venture into Lip throws before entering Huey's inner sanctum.