Wavepool for Wiseman's Ferry

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chook started the topic in Thursday, 26 Nov 2020 at 12:16pm

what the hell?...i had to find out about this from my GF...


Australia has another wave pool approved for construction, this time by the Hills Shire Council to be built in Wisemans Ferry on the Hawkesbury River....

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udo Saturday, 28 Nov 2020 at 8:44am

Balnce - has impressive list of investors

All approved and ready to go.....meanwhile in Orlando...

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Westofthelake Saturday, 28 Nov 2020 at 8:41am

Wow, the pics look...pretty.

"With a 9-hole golf course, 54 suites, member clubhouse, restaurant, bar and activities for the entourage or family, Wisemans will be home for a new surf community to connect on the doorstep of classic Australian bushland."

Maybe I should take up golf too.

And start saving for what is bound to be financially challenging to justify.


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Ralph Saturday, 28 Nov 2020 at 8:45am

Wow that seems like such a good idea! It looks like it would be very pricey but I guess if you factor in travel and accomodation costs for an upmarket os surf resort it might stack up.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 28 Nov 2020 at 5:44pm

We ran with these plans in January & it got plenty of Media back then & again now!
So what's goin' on with this backwater pool that gets the Media buzz.

No one thought it would get up nor reported on this all year....

Noosa North Shore Bain Manor $25,000 / night pool was knocked down in Aug!
Include similar "Detailed" Palm Springs Plans as they would shine some light.

It's the surfloch crew that tinker with Palm Springs (Ex Waco Freak Peak DJ)

They beef up an almighty Slab take off but then it fades fast to reform...
They say they can run it right thru...perhaps some ironing out to do!
This is the full width A Frame version....

Recall we noticed the High sides back then...but now see it resembles a Quarry.
Possibly the deepest Wave Pool since 1930's Portobello & Bladed WG/The Ranch
That's a lot of water to push about & a lot more options for wave power.
They claim it has a more open natural feel as to being cornered.

Note: How you step down into the Pool (Could be a safety issue here?)
Unsure if surrounds run off / flood into pool...Health Issue?
(No High Wall / Acid Drops > re: Waco / WaveGarden)
Yet water is still well below sides....(Massive Acid Sulphate issues digging that deep)
So how / why did they get Council approval where Noosa missed out?

Surf Lodge as shown above by crew is owned by WSL Pros + see below approvals.
(Cooly Kidz) Steph / Joel 'n' Bede / Josh / Jack / Alana
+ Balter Pocket Money.

Note Steph ever championed Olympics in a Wavepool
But has boycotted all Oz Wave-Garden Pools to date.
Steph only ever surfs WSL Wavepool even Kelly surfed Waco.

Think we now know why...However this pool is forbidden to host Comps.
Promos are another thing...

Queen Steph obviously knows the value of WSL Pro approved Wave Pool Promos!
Wouldn't surf in rival's pissy pool even if you paid me...sign of a dream tour Pro.
Gerry Lopez said similar of Early Tour... The Pipemaster ...surf that mush... C'mon!

With Joel & Steph at the Helm we're surely talking solid Wave Pool Barrels!
This will price closer to Kelly's than Urbnsurf...can drool, but not in the Pro's Pool.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 28 Nov 2020 at 5:31pm

Thanx to Chook's girlfriend...pays to shop around...some good dirt on this pool!

$75m Hawkesbury Wave Pool is 1hr from Sydney + 45m cruise from Palm Beach.

45 acre Wavepool / 9 hole Golf / Conferences / Restaurant / 54 suites -Tennis gone.

Council Conditions
Approval depending > ongoing Villas Stormwater Plan...
River Water Use (Approved) + Solar / Green Power solutions
No > Comps / Surf Schools / Community Events / Surf'n'Turf
Hours ( 7 days ) 7am - 8pm (Indicates low level support lighting)
Wavepool access by Guests & supporting Membership.


Wavepool stats
21,525 m2 - Pool (Complete)
13,735 m2- Wavepool / 30,000 m3 or 3.4 acre
189m x 78m - Wavepool Zone

28 Caissons (vs) 8 Cassions Test Facility (Does not indicate size but length)
Wave Machines in general are confined to universal power > 4-6 ft waves max!
However the placement & function of jets / Bathymetry can boost height,
Surfloch has a unique orbital thrust similar to natural surf power to ramp height.

Thanx to Raised Water research ....
One can see how the placement of the caissons push the waves along

75 - Max Surfers in 2 x L/R line-ups + surrounding Wave Zone.

12 secs -Ride Length x 2 L/R lineups (Backbreak & Shorebreak)

2.5m- Wave Height (Backbreak) > (Note : Fades to reform for Shorebreak)
(No middle break) Pro's kick out giving Groms a fair go on the reform shorie.
1m - Wave Height (Shorebreak) This is new wave of worth in it's own right!

17 second Wave Train affords all level access + ( Quality / safe clear wave zone)
Clearance Time replicates a WSL Pro Pipeline or Waterslide clearway.
You'll be surprised how many (2/3 ride) collisions & (halts) - even at that pace.

Thanx to WSL Pro crew & media for sharing so much info.
That's a healthy dose of insight into a New Tech Wave Pool!
Be cool is we knew the depth in order to gauge how these orbital caissons work.
If these sketches are right, then they work pretty good alright.

Work Starts 3rd quarter of 2021 & opens 2022

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truebluebasher Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 at 11:32am

2021 Wisemans Ferry ~ Floody Idiot.

WSL Wavepool pros had no time to rig up their CrabPots
Ultimate Floody Idiot can't be bothered waiting for our Pro's VIP Pool Party
1/100 Cleanup set sees this Bulky box like Wharfie takeout Wiseman's Car ferry.

Locals Only Houso's were sitting ducks...shittin' themselves in a line-up lull..

...just seconds to impact...Oh! No! The carnage! ...look away Gromz!
Total Disaster Area Wipe Out...you can feel their pain.

From outer left muddy bank this Punk Tinnie Rat swoops down & burns the Yuppie Wharfie.
Lines up the Bad-arse & takes him out as sweet as ya like bro!
Then grapples the unruly Blowin outta the Line Up back into the Grom'z wading pool.
Tells him not to come back 'till the Pro's Wavepool Disco ball gets up to speed!
WSL Pro's are left in his wake...Simon saves the Town & urban Legend thunder cracks overhead.

xxx Real Dirty Surf Vid..."Crunch Time"

Simon: "There's probably 1,000's of heroes around this community, you just don't see it!"

1829 Wisemans Ferry by { 2:00 PostCards } Real proper quickies with Cathy.

[ Wisemans Ferry ] (Floods)

(1) 1867 (Windsor 19-19.7m)
(2) 1961 (Windsor 14.5 -15.1m)
April 1988
July 1990 [ 4.30m ]
Feb 2020
(3) March 2021 [ 4.34m] (Windsor 13m) > (Note: Nepean River Penrith rose above 1961 height)

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stunet Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 at 12:13pm

The luxury golf course would be under water but the wavepool would be high and, erm, dry.

By my reckoning the proposed wavepool is about 5m above the river height and the floods reached 4.91 at Wisemans Ferry.

Not a problem!

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udo Friday, 23 Jul 2021 at 7:57pm
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Optimist Saturday, 24 Jul 2021 at 6:31am

Wisemans ferry was mushrooms and killer swing ropes in the 70's...both free... but not real healthy.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 24 Jul 2021 at 8:43pm

Pro Surfing Olympians compete for [ Thor's Ultimate Cameo ]
God of Wave Pools now surfs in Sydney & Hawkesbury is awash with Movie Star Kooks
Pros have sourced Thor's A List Harvest to serve up Food for The Gods

Just gotta upgrade the Conference room to Pro / Movie theatre for the Star's Surf Flix.

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Hutchy 19 Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021 at 2:58pm

Looks amazing ! Wind protection is important . Really affects the quality of Wavepool waves . Urban @ Tulla is off shore with a northerly . Not the prevailing wind here ( south east/west ) and off shore at most of the beach breaks .
Very strange decision .

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Ray Shirlaw Wednesday, 28 Jul 2021 at 5:39pm

How&why was that decision made? I think I read that the Mean Average Annual Wind Direction at Tulla is actually from the northern quadrant....yeah...maybe dusk to dawn...? Its been said that the wind "Doesnt really affect the waves that much" but please tell me it wasn't a colossal fuckup

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truebluebasher Sunday, 1 Aug 2021 at 12:48am

How & Why?
Well crew, that's the money question & tbb thought the same about no Surf Park shuttle bus?
Couldn't see how they fail to share a Shuttle for boards to wave park from the Terminus.
All seems rather obvious doesn't it, just!

Original Urbnsurf Layouts
(1) Blade Lagoon breaks same direction with L/R faces peeling inward.
swellnet Wind Comments on Lagoon
(2.0) 90' Open A Frame Cove breaks same direction with L/R faces peeling "outward".
tbb trawled the net & plenty of links but no Local Wind reviews on this design ...Sorry!
(3) Narrow Arc Cove (Modern) breaks same direction with wave faces peeling inward.

All 3 Designs were roughly the same Position & direction...tbb checked on Various Precinct Docs.
There is an overriding construct that shapes the site.
Melbourne Airport Precinct Plan prioritizes minimum impact on Airport operation.
(Various Examples) High Flood Lights directed away from Runway & Footy ground.
Utilities pick up point minimizes #2 blockage backing up their Whazoo.
Main Stormwater supply flushes #1 in the Wave Pool.
[P] Shuttles Entry > Doesn't compete with Airport Feeders or private Operators...
Stage / Hoots diverted away from Airport & Footy...Wot! "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" Coz of the Planes!
Whilst Developer can flick the neighbourly nosy Council, he can't bite the hand that feeds him.

Sydney Olympic Park / Jandakot/Cockburn Train Station are also fast track precincts.
Again the Utilities will Boss the Pool layout...less so the Trade Wind or Sun

Sunny Coast Wave pools are having a real hard time with Utilities / Transit drop off.
International Comp Transit compliance can be a larger undertaking than the Pool itself.
These alone will destroy any Offshore dreams the developer envisaged.

An international Wave park is governed by even more Precinct compliant costly utilities & surcharges.
Paddock pools also have a hard time gaining instant approval for makeshift international events.
With all that space they still struggle getting Spectator Views of any quality worth paying for!

Wiseman's Wave Pool does have a workable Entry Slip lane that could comply for International Events.
Sure! It would need an upgrade, but it does show able capacity for Shuttle / bus / taxi. (re: A > A)
Just saying that Posh VIP comps are very doable on a fair scale...One of the Pros was clever to spot that!
Even better that it has direct pool access + doesn't impose on private residences or Golf!
It's a compact site but very welcoming of Recreational Wave Pool & Facilities...Quite a surprise really!

Interesting to see if the tree screening rather than Netting complies for Stray golf ball Pool Safety
Reckon they'll shout a few Gromz a free ride if they can scoop out any unwelcome nasties. Ouch!