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truebluebasher started the topic in Thursday, 2 Jan 2020 at 10:45pm

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truebluebasher Thursday, 2 Jan 2020 at 11:57pm

Dec / Airwave launch suffered a setback
Dec / Awarding of YM Efficiency (Pollution Removal)
Dec / Reef Break set on GC ~ US TV Undercover Surf Cop Series 2 Cancelled

Dec / Surf Lakes (Surf Flick ~ Edit ~ Track )

Welcome 2020 (Olympic Year) + Challenger series
Jan 6 ... Urbnsurf SurfPark (Opening)
Jan 11/12 Billabong Burleigh Single Fin Festival
Jan .......American Dream Wave Pool (Opening Soon?)

Feb 10-15 Global Waves Conference Gold Coast (crew salute-AndyM)
Feb 14-16 Byron Bay Surf Festival (10 Year gig!)
Feb-22 -March-1 Noosa Festival of Surfing + WSR Dedication (Crew Salutes Ben)

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truebluebasher Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 10:01am

swellnet crew welcomes Gold Coast Global Waves Conference.
Congratulations Andrew Mckinnon from your swellnet fans.

Gold Coast swellnet crew welcome all to join in...
1) Welcome vid by Andy Mac...(Stoked!)
2) Just Fucking Go Surfing(Trailer)
3) Save The Waves (Trailer)...Thanx for the BodySurfing!
4) Welcome to Country + Chairman AndyM > Rabbit + WSR vidz.
5 Surfing Olympics (Bede-Promo)

Program: Includes Public Events

Live Streaming (freeview)
Full Speaker program is available on Site. (Sample below)
Here's a Taste of what crew can view live...
Tues: -9:00 am-N.Carroll-Crowds, P.Light-Women, Bede-Olympics
Wed: -8:30 am-Mono-Adaptive, T.B-Airwave
Thur: 10:45 am-Nev-Surf Lakes, R.Harvey-Boards/Ind
Thur: -1:30 pm-T.Marr+Tor- Bodysurfing, AndyM-GC History/Future
Thur: -3:00 pm-Andy Mac -Close + Rabbit-Wrap

Surfworld Gold Coast

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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 2:04pm

Good on you Andy and TBB! Sounds like some great speakers will be there.

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indo-dreaming Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 2:55pm

hmm i remember him from the TV news surf reports when i lived on the Goldie, from the forum i just had a picture of a very left wing socialist in my that's all ruined.

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Blowin Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 3:59pm

It’s strange to put a face to a contributor , but that’s basically what I imagined AndyM would be like. I’ve actually been quite close with how I’ve previously pictured other crew before I’ve met them / seen them.

Indo , I picture you as a relatively quiet and slower spoken fella of medium / lean build and height. Dirty blonde or light brown hair.

I look exactly as you’d imagine....

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lostdoggy Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 4:16pm

Nice work.
I wouldn’t have picked him.
Blowin, how do you picture udo?

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 7:26pm

Global Wave Conference (Daily forums / Replays)

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indo-dreaming Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 6:04pm

"Indo , I picture you as a relatively quiet and slower spoken fella of medium / lean build and height. Dirty blonde or light brown hair."

Yep pretty much spot on.

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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 6:33pm

It's a little disappointing to consider that Indo doesn't have horns (like the avatar). Funny where the mind goes - uplift as Lord Humungus, Gary G as one of his henchmen...
Speaking of Gary, when asked about his pic at the wavepool, I think he steered everyone in the direction of FR's pics - genius level trolling if so!

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goofyfoot Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 7:33pm

Udo - Sherlock Holmes 100%

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udo Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 7:38pm

Was recently told a Gerard Depardiou look alike ..

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goofyfoot Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 8:27pm

Lucky man!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 12 Feb 2020 at 11:13pm

[NEWS] GC Global Waves Conference
swellnet AndyM makes huge strides towards WSR Legislation.

GC Bulletin... 12th Feb Rosemary Ball.
'Landmark Strategy to Protect Surfbreaks for Community'.
{Unedited swellnet crew version.}
The State Govt has signed a "Historic Partnership" with GC WSR to protect the stretch of beach between Burleigh & Snapper Rocks for "Future Generations".
"Hearing from many people they want a bit more security for the Reserve." Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said on the Coast yesterday ahead of the Global Waves Conference.
"Now my Government are actively looking at legislating the WSR in Qld. We want to protect this area for future Generations."
Speaking at Rainbow SLSC yesterday, Qld Premier said the"Whole Beach Amenity" would be considered, including " The Removal of Any Structures " Going into The Water or "NEAR" the WSR.
"We will be looking at all those details at the Conference starting today at Southern Cross University and we will hear about the World's Best Practice on how to go forward. The Community Owns This as well."
WSR Chairman, swellnet's Andrew McKinnon said: " The partnership would stop the stretch of Beach from being used for Rock Concerts, Marinas, & CST's." The Area was declared the 8th WSR in 2016.

Surf Scene with Andrew McKinnon...
* The 12th WSR (Vote on Friday 14th Feb)
* GCCC Meeting with WSR < > Save The Waves
(Oceans & Beaches Management & Strategy + PB Reef + safety / amenity)

PS: tbb points out some of many likely sticking points in GC WSR legislation.

Qld Events : Triathlons, Aussies, Cooly Gold, Operas, Foreshore Gigs/Pubs!
The Rainbow Quarries. (Erosion!) How, When or even if they'll ever be filled.
Dredging during Whale Migration.
Drones are fast biting into restricted WSR No Fly Zones...('Outta Control' already)
Froggies / D'bah Sand Pumps operate outside the WSR...(Oops! Too much!)
WSL stuctures +(Ads) impede the Surf Line & block Snapper's Surfer's access.
The proliferation of WSL Comp leasing of Public WSR Beaches for foreign profit.
Dangerously risk Policing of Tow-ins & Jump off Jetskis in Cyclonic Seas
The choking of Endangered species Reef foraging Habitat.
The Shark Nets & Drum Lines are not on the table.
GC Airport drains PFAS into Cooly Creek...who can stop that?
Reclaimed Currumbin SLSC Parked Cars keep floating away.
Currumbin Boating Channel cuts thru the Alley line.
GCCC Currumbin & Talle Creeks pumps smother WSR "A Frames".
Increased Pump loads will erode upper creek vegetation (Marine Debris)
The pumping of Creek sand to dump out from Burleigh Point!
Burleigh Beach Bar boulders off "Rock Pool Trail" to corrupt tide into WSR.

tbb shows just how monumental a promise of anything is, a huge step forward.

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truebluebasher Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 9:59am

Global Waves Conference (Encore Screening!)
Gold Coaster reminds that the Daily Forum Videos are still available online.

{Official Program}
Thoughtfully presented with surfers in mind... > Choose fav' Topic...(Too Easy!)

{Session Recordings} > Select the session for yer chosen Topic / Date / Time!

PS: Typical Conference web sites have a short afterlife...
Hence swellnet Gold Coaster's duty to drop a subtle reminder...
You really missed it, should have tuned in yesterday...crew all know how story ends!

Crew salute Andy Mac for freely sharing Oz breakthru Surf event.

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truebluebasher Sunday, 8 Mar 2020 at 11:50pm

Surfest 2291 Final JW vs Ryan Callinan {Countback Decider}
No Spoiler swellnet crew call the Winner
YouTube Tip [ IMPORTANT ] (*Don't press Play) > re: You just get random Events
*You must Click the Timeline Bar Only (See how the Event is buried in timeline Bar)

That's it, well done progress the Video from Timeline Bar.
Local Derby Final "Quality Commentary- Run Down" (Recommended) >[ 654:55 ]
Surf Action Fans Cheat: (Skip slow start) proceed direct to [ 716:35 ]

Surfest Womens Results
Finalists 1Bronte Macaulay (13) 2Macy Callaghan (17)
Semi finalists Zahli Kelly / Pauline Ado
Quarter Finalist Coco Ho (13)
R16 Brisa Hennessy (11) / Keely Andrew (15)
R24 Paige Hareb (16)

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Distracted Monday, 9 Mar 2020 at 7:52am

Nice work TBB, how’s the commentary!

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truebluebasher Friday, 13 Mar 2020 at 8:22pm

'WSL 1st Challenger Series Winners are Dead Rubbers'.
swellnet congratulates Leonardo Fioravanti (Italy)
Non Wildcard Flies under Dutto's Radar to win Sydney Open
Unqualified, sweeps aside best ever Oz 1,2,34,5,6,7,8,9,10 (a-z)
2020 WSL #1 potential Wildcard sits on CS: 0000 points
Leonardo's win here...

Sydney Pro Womens
swellnet congratulate Champ Carissa Moore also earns CS : 0000 points
Congratulations to Oz Wsl Champ Tyler who was so close to victory.
View final here...

Weird Double Zero point coincidence.
Leonardo is on OZ leg surf off with (Above) Tyler's Bro for 2020 WSL Qualification.
Only the Oz Leg & Tour may not happen...
2020 WSL #1 Highest Points 1st CS Winner will likely win 2020 wooden spoon.

Carissa is on a Lay Year & is only on tour to score hassle free surf lineups (Privilege!)

Double Dead rubber has nothing to do with Coronavirus makes this the weirdest story of the day.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 2:34am

Pause: Take a breath!

tbb is reading of despair amongst fellow crew mates.
Let it be known, all here feel deeply for your losses as many & varied.
We're in too deep & it's way up to here & rising!

Feel free to tell it how it is, at any time, we'll pitch in to share the load.
Welcome also to new swellnet crew, need help or advice...we got that!
Carry on ripping out them excellent comments, never been better... luv tbb.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 11:35am
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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 2:04pm

Johnno exclusive story: if you have 99 people indoors, this thing can still spread. Gov is slowly coming around to the right path. Cali just banned/shut all non essential businesses in Orange County.

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AndyM Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 4:11pm

"Johnno exclusive story: if you have 99 people indoors, this thing can still spread. "

Shit, and I thought we had it all sorted :)

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 5:46pm

Frontline Health Report!
Hot Tip! You won't find 99 people at the Hospital.
tbb visited GC Hospital today (Midday)
Scored #1 Best ever...even closer than disabled [P]
Ok! That sounds like Bullshit...(Swear it's a Boss!)

Walking in was Cool enough ( Hand rub + Q & A)
tbb was the "Only Outpatient" in that whole Ward (Normally Packed of 100's)
Asked WTF...(Staff denied that Outpatients had Cancelled!) That is clearly a lie!
tbb can tell you 99% cancelled at Midday Today & not only in my ward...

tbb went for a stroll & saw empty wards aplenty..
No more than 50 Patients all up for OZ #1 Hospital ?
However 1000's of Staff Queuing in Cafeteria...with all the time in the world.
tbb has heard that good money is on offer for doing...Well! Nothing today! Clearly!

Comm Games Ghost Town all over again...Stay away! Keep Back! Fuck Off!
Well! It's working pretty Good.. turns out sick Aussies aren't so sick, after all!
Perhaps Corona cured every disease known to man?

tbb tried pretty hard to escape along with others trying to get in...No Luck!
Within the Hour... GC Hospital went into Lockdown.
New 40ft barge Pole distance!
One Way In / Out with 1,000 Robot Hand Pumps fingering you..
That's Right! All malfunctioning by the end of the 1st hour...Sorted!

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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 7:48pm

good luck to tbb in hospital & treatment situation, wishing you well
my feeling is outpatient and non essential contact being minimised (edit: forgot that word in original post), which makes total sense
did it really go into lockdown while you were there?

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Blowin's picture
Blowin Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 6:10pm

Did I read that right ?

TBBin hospital...not Wuflu ?

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 7:08pm

Thanks for kind thoughts velocityjohnno / Blowin...still to weak to surf but OK to swim.
Not Coronavirus...just running the Gauntlet!

Yes! VJ your fairly innocuous question just brought the crew some time.(read on!)

Upfront & 100% Fact! Doctors /Staff : Business as usual...lock in Appointments!

When tbb went in at 11:15am all entries & exits were free of supervision.
There were Outpost Stations for Hand rub...some walked by, no drama!

12:30pm upon leaving all Auto Doors locked tight...myself & others not knowing.
Signs were put up to direct all to the only supervised sanitised Exit / Entry.

At first tbb thought directive came from the PM down, with today's 100 ruling...
Now think that directive came from staff, not wanting cafeteria bugged by ferals.

Staff usually walk over to Stronger Brew the separate [P] precinct.
Today that cafe was absent of Staff! (Put those together & there's the answer!)

Union has most likely banned this outpost Cafe as too risky.
Detoured cafeteria crowd thru sterilised solo entry, protects Staff from an outbreak.
Smart move & really should have been that way from the start...seems fair enough!

So yes a lock down but for Staff Safety & is likely now an interstate Govt procedure.
No doubt will flow onto Larger multi entry facilities to secure a solo Entry / Exit.
Schools are for the most part are One Entry or can be made so easily.

However Mall / Clubs have multi entries & can spread corona quick & easy.
Stricter protocol will also be needed surrounding fresh food Hygiene!

Pause! tbb is saying to wise up! Hospital Cafeteria is serving up a warning! Get it!
Solo Sanitised Entry will be the norm! (Parking Wars / Queues / Bullies etc...)
Note 1-2 Days fresh food is selling out in 1 hr...(Mall is fast becoming a war zone!)
Fagin's child thieves is not out of the question...

" Pension Day is the Worst..."

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Pupkin's picture
Pupkin Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 7:56pm

Good to hear, TBB.

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velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 7:57pm

cheers for heads up, similar things going on locally, wonder if you can do phone appt in future tbb? Not going near supermarkets at present... Local area has far fewer tourists for nice weather, but those here using no precautions/masks etc. Skew in cafes seen to younger people.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 9:57am

swellnet crew are stoked with Andy Mac's GWC { Stoke Award }

Goldie crew are proud to share fellow swellnetonian's : 2020 Global Waves Conference
Recorded Sessions are still available (See above for menu)

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 9:49am

Get Well Soon Andrew Mckinnon ~

Last week Andy suffered a major heart attack.
Wed 15th July GCB / Weekend-(9)
Andy was relaxing at home with his wife & had just boiled a brew.
At 3pm Andy experienced unpredictable chest pain.

Andy was rushed to Gold Coast Hospital for a life saving procedure.

World Champion Surfer & Goldie Big Kahuna Andy Mac is a fighter & pulled through.
There lies a long road to full recovery. (No surfing for 3 months).

swellnet-crew send best wishes to Andy Mac & Family.

Wave of the Day ~~~~^~~~~/(`~~~~/(C........./(C`..[Andy Mac )

21 July / Gold Coast Bulletin Twitter ~ (1 Article limit - clear history for re/access)

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freeride76 Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 8:22am

Andy Mac, not AndyM the commenter here?

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 10:07am

Thanks freeride76
re - Andrew Mckinnon...Andy Mac.

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thermalben's picture
thermalben Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 9:59am

Swellnet also has two commentators andy-mac and Andy Mac, both of whom are not the Qld surf reporter Andy Mac!

All the best Andy... hope you're on the mend soon.

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lostdoggy's picture
lostdoggy Friday, 24 Jul 2020 at 10:17am

I think there’s also an Andy Mac in Toonalook

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 27 Sep 2020 at 2:27pm

Rabbit Campaign ~^~~/(C`..[Sunday) 6-8pm Palmy Collective.

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truebluebasher Monday, 1 Jan 2024 at 4:26pm

2023 Xmas / 2024 New Year SEQ / Northern NSW Stormfront
Salute to Interstate Volunteers + swellnet for keeping Frontline News Links open...
BOM Warnings

Monday 1st Jan 2024 Happy New Year
{ SEQ Emergency Alert }
4:51am : BOM Severe Thunderstorms
8:15 am : "Severe Storm Alert" Cancelled
9:00am : Qld Police Flood Roads Alert
9:00am :GCCC "Severe 'Weather' Warning" Intense Rain > Flash Flooding
Morning : All Flooding Evacuees are redirected to Nerang Bicentennial Centre
10:00 am-6:00pm : Sandbag Stations are Open @ Bilinga / Pimpama
12:30 pm : Prepare to move to higher ground > 3 day supplies / Docs
Afternoon : Northern Flood Evacuees > Coomera Indoor Sports Centre is open.
6:00 pm : Jan Next BOM Warning

Gold Coast : Stormfront Dashboard (41 road closures) Campers / Bus is Flooded & stranded.
Storm Drainage is unable to cope! Residents are out trying to unblock drains to save their Vehicles

Tweed Shire Council (Alerts)
Sun Night : BOM extended severe heavy rain warning to Northern NSW
Updates on Flooding / Landslips / Closures > Isolating Tweed Towns
Byron > Casino > Kyogle are on Floodwatch...

(24hr Totals) Limpinwood 307mm Numinbah 297mm Coffs 205mm Sawtell 190mm
Rescues are underway

12:00pm 1st Jan 2024 Scenic Rim Flooding (Emergency Alert / Watch & Act)
Heavy Rainfall > Flash Flooding
1:00am : Flood Evacuees > Jimboomba Library / Com' Centre (Now open)

SEQ / NSW Stormfront Updated News Headlines
ABC News :
1st Jan : Today's { Severe 'Storm Warning' Cancelled...}
1,000's Homes / Big Corp still without power / internet from last week (Prepare for more days outage)
Regional Online Payment System is down...Cash is King in many Towns...( No Cash = No Service )

More Gold Coast News...

Thunderstorms persist > Isolated intense Heavy Rain Periods for next 2 days
Gold Coast (24hr Totals)
Springbrook 389mm L/Nerang Dam 276mm Pimpama 264mm Binna Burra 215mm W/Wallan 119mm
Gold Coast is forecast to exceed 200mm / 24hrs

Emergency Flooding Crews are in action + Warnings > All SEQ/ N'nsw Rivers / Creeks

TV out again 3rd day running...Daily ongoing Midday Hook Up is the aim for most in Towns

Alarmed Central Goldie Resident :
Just wanna thank swellnet for clearing all our central Creeks + informing us of Stormfront Updates.
Right up to end of the year swellnet crew toiled thru Injury / Sludge / Storms / Blackouts / Bushfires.
tbb : "We got the crew to thank for backing up the dedicated Central Creek's clean-up...Salute!"
All set for Summer Flood Season thanks to Swellnet crew > Home & Hosed we are...Yikes!

Goldie swellnet crew happy to share...take care!

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Pop Down's picture
Pop Down Monday, 1 Jan 2024 at 4:56pm

Good news Strayer !

Great that U seem to be getting help , finally , clearing some drains in Qld !

Took drowning Cars to do it .

Those Undies created a State wide emergency, nearly ,

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 2 Jan 2024 at 11:38pm

SEQ Storms (info) from Border Moving > North to Sunshine Coast.

2023 Dec - 2024 New Years (SEQ Severe Storm/s)
Winds ~ (Peak) QLCS Tornado 160-200 km/hr winds
Dams : (Tweed) Clarrie Hall 100% > (GC) Hinze 95.7% Little Nerang 102.3%
24 hr Rainfall Peaks > Currumbin Ck 571mm + Springbrook 500mm
Lightning Strikes 250,000 / night + 300,000 / night
(4 days Xmas Central East Coast = 913,000 Strikes / 985,000 Flashes)
Hail 10-13 cms (Twice / 2 events)
Power Blackout ( Biggest in 20 years) 1 night > GC 120,000 (10-12,000 x 10 days to Jan 5th) Maybe!

Reason why SEQ can't have DST > Imagine the Cost to feed extra Hour Pop into SEQ Arvo Storms.
Death Rate would sky rocket...Lovely Twilight Cocktails...Duck'n'cover Run ...Faster! Sprint! #Kaboom#
Peak Silly Season Massive Devastation ~ ADF to help replace whole Hi-Risk Hinterland Lines!
Cost will blow out insurance again...Salute all Oz States repairing #1 Oz migration Central Hot Spot!
tbb read some PDF's on Global Insurance > SEQ Top 6 for write offs > Mostly Hail- Trees - Winds
Same world wide...#1 Airbnb Seachange = #1 Climate Change Hot Spot = #1 Insurance write off.
All follow the action...increasingly where the Seachange ever Lights up the Town...(Right about Here!)

Gold Coast Storm Recovery Notice Board
Power - NBN outages / ADF Clean Up Crews / Hubs Open / Tips Open 6am-6pm / Assist Loans

BOM Warnings Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast Disaster Hub

Noosa Disaster Dashboard

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 6 Jan 2024 at 11:51pm

Record Qld Storm Clean Up...One week on...many are pitching in!
Report : Central Gold Coast Creeks swellnet crew > Volunteer Clean Up!
Reedy Ck W'life Corridor - *Wetlands / Stony Ck / Camp Ck / Pebble Ck / Leviathan Park

Recent Storm Clearing of Drains / Creeks / Overhangs / Branches / Rubbish
Transferring road side / path-side Wildlife fatalities deeper into reserves.

2 Dozen Large Trees were shifted clear
100x 2-3m Branches bundled
500x Bulky 100mm > 1m twigs were tossed clear to bush.

( Rubbish ) Central Gold Coast Creeks flow to Estuarine Lake > Canals > Seaway > Ocean Beaches.
Roadside -Paths / Drains + Trail streams flow to Creeks / Lake
1,700 Litres of rubbish was recently collected / binned / part recycled
4,400 Litres of rubbish was earlier collected during Winter
6,000 Litres 12x 500L Roadside Trash Art Monster Piles (Trolleys / Signs / Tyres / Drums / Metal Junk)

2023 Central GC Creeks swellnet crew prevented 12,100 Litres of Rubbish from entering Waterways.
This excludes Green waste that was not binned but safely cleared & bundled .
Obviously when or if Council mulches these Green waste would equal the Rubbish total.

This massive central GC Creeks' Winter / Summer Clean Up is all down to swellnet crew support...
tbb wishes to acknowledge & Salute fellow swellnet crew equally cleaning their beaches & waterways!
This being a frontline intro into swellnet clean up crews.

( Wildlife ) Recent...
Several Toads / 3 Possums / 2 Birds / 1 Bat / 1 Snake + ( Residents returned water dragons )
Be alert & patient as displaced wildlife scamper thru neighbourhoods seeking new homes!
Birds / Butterflies are also flying lower & nearer to humans until new wildlife routes are established
Snakes / Lizards / Spiders homes were scattered over paths & roadsides...take care!

Personally recently returned 3x Lost Property ( ID Card / $8,000 Receipt / Set of Truckerz Keys!)
Equally returned more than that & recovered stolen goods thru the Year...(Dozen Returns thru year )

Guide lost motorist/s + Attend-Assist Car Accident + Crime Victim/s Support + Town Fire Alert
Gave similar support thru the year...simply down to being in the frontline of town action.

With local crew's help cleaned up all Roads and Nature Trails (Community Effort!)
swellnet volunteer further cleared Bus Stops / Cycleways / Paths > Now cleared for intended use.
This actually represents as swellnet crew's 3rd Whole Town Cleanup thru the year into 2024.
Kinda like the first 2 were a gift to the town > The 3rd was forced upon the Town...serving as Frontline!

Forever Autumn Leaf Litter Look is all the Rage...also now generally cleared of problem sized twigs!
From Above...
* Wetlands ( One last large 3-4ft wide Tree trunk is cross - blocking the Main Trail ) > Detour >
Noting the Wetland Trails are open but not 100% accessible as standard for common town use!
tbb further cleared & better formed the local Detour Trail to suit 'off road' Cycles / Wheelies / Prams
Please take extra care & time at these temporary naturally formed 'Non approved' detour points!
Locals freely tested & approved of tbb's makeshift fix, but it's not maintained by on call crews...
Please approach with caution as any naturally worn trail!

Thumbs Up!...residents are stoked with swellnet crew's Volunteer Clean Up!
Many > Thanx each day & mostly today! + offers of refreshments + Toots'n'waves!

Notes / Disclaimer
(Above) swellnet crew is self volunteering tbb + swellnet support well wishers...
Many other swellnet crew litter tallies not added here...perhaps a dedicated Clean up site later...

Town access with Hi Viz / Road -Rail safety / Shared-Moderated Council approved Waste Transfer.
Strictly No disturbing Wildlife / Private Property / Residents / Services / Transit.
Strictly No operation during...Heat/Winds/Storms/Rains/Floodwaters
Strictly No operation near Traffic / Rail / Downed Powerlines / Large Risk Trees / Steep scrambles.
Creeks / Drains are cleared in driest safest shallowest periods...never intentionally waded thru!
Upmost care is taken to prevent injury to Senior Outpatient Volunteer in accessible thru-fares!

Thanx to crew for affording tbb the chance to give back when it matters most & feel proud to Volunteer!
True! Crew's hard earned taxes & lifeline support all keep tbb in the game...salute swellnet crew!

Not well enough for a day's work or to hit the surf but just well enough to return favour to Australia!
Being true to oneself is all ya got when reserves are runnin' spent must return max reward!
Crew may know tbb was isolating for too long...only know stark reality is wot helps one live a life.
If not to best serve our local slice of Australia...then tbb wrestles bipolar within his sarcophagus!
All or's that simple...ya don't get a choice tbb...suck it up!

Wisest Gromz within' the Village swear tbb lives the grandest most humble life...WTF...tbb is stunned.
Bloody smart little buggerz are wise beyond their years...who & how are they to know this secret of life!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 24 Jan 2024 at 2:49am

2024 Fed Govt BOM Alerts Review Timeline
4th Jan (Dec 2023 Summary)
9th Jan (Regional /Capital City Reviews)
15th Jan Auslan Interpreters Updates
Early Feb (Complete 2023 Review)
End 2024 Fed Emergency Warning System becomes available

24th Jan Exclusive #1swellnet Crew Qld Emergency Alert Review
Conducted mid Cyclone Season by Qldurr of many thru the digital age.

Review of Emergency Alert Media access & performance.
Findings reveal...
Alerts are geared towards saving the Wealthy & deprive Disabled / Indigenous / Youth / Aged
Most accessible media is most obstructive (vs) Most reliable Media is not advantaged.
Host of Govt Media links are often redundant or inoperative for several years
Many ancient links lead to dead ends.

Qld is [ Not Ready ]
Govt prescribe to Prepare for Storm Season.
Alerts to Stock up for 3 days or Advise to Evacuate for 3 days (More > Danger Level)
Message : "You must not wait for a warning before you react!"
Alert Systems are still in changing mode...a work in progress...see above timeline!
Radio / TV / News media has No Obligation to Auslan or Hourly Updates
Weather determines BOM to upgrade Warning > Govt > Services > TV Live Media Alerts.
www + Social Media act as default frontline links thru-out Telco / TV / Power Blackouts.

Qld Govt Disaster / Emergency Social Media prioritizing order...

#1 [Facebook] Extortion Block [Subscribe / Die] One can [X] the Threat to access all but 3 Sites
eg: Qld Govt Disaster Page / ABC Radio / SNARL (Traffic ) All oddly Blocked [Facebook] Links

Facebook Subscription secondary mandate to remove Base Bar blocking (*Links / *Comment Updates).
Facebook extorts Govt Alerts for Subscriptions but begrudgingly oblige hard fought rogue access.
Seems Ok for basic [i] but folk are locked out of Updates / Full instructional Links!
This in not up for debate...Ya can't Extort or pretend to Extort then Block Chosen Comments / Links!
[Facebook] Still decides which Aussies Live or Die..
Govt must Mandate 100% Open Alert to the People (vs) [Facebook] Govt Ransom Under Terrorist Act!

#2 {Twitter } ....[X]
99% Qld Govt sites still slovenly promote {Twitter} Links > [X] Strictly Subscription Access
Qld Education updated brand [X] > Strictly Subscription Access
Qld Main Roads ( Metro / Far North) updated [X] Open Access > Site [i] stalled since 2017
[X] Also opens up a very tiny little bit more in Council Sites! (Below)

#3 Insta
100% of Govt Sites that Link [Insta] Block Access > Extort Alerts > Mandate Subscription Access.
ABC / BOM / Get Ready / Police / QFES / Translink / Health / Ed / NP Alerts 'Extorted' for [Subscription]
Explanation...{Facebook} Extortion (Now Bluffs) Blocking but [Insta] still block! Not all! (See Councils)

#4 YouTube
100% Open access across Whole of Qld (Not one Block > #1 Faultless Reliable Media)
Prepare / Instructional Vids > Qld Police / Health / QFES / BOM
Problem : Not Universally utilized by Translink / Parent School Storm Procedure.
Also not Convenient for Comment / Disabled Link Access > Requires fully able Adult subscription.
Low Key Sport Coverage often runs all day but no trials for "Similar Real Time Emergency Feed!"
Much potential but underutilised as #1 Reliable pro active Live Crisis Event Media Tool : "Storm Aid"
#1 swellnet Crew best realize the ramifications & pitfalls of broadcasting an Unfolding Live Crisis!
No one wishes for Mass devastation playing out in yer living room! Oh the Humanity!
Real Time Rescue TV slays Ratings but ...who can survive the ordeal of broadcasting Death...Forget it!

#5 Linkedin
Qld Ed / Health / Nat Parks browse this but often Extorts Subscription Access ...can click [X] to access!
Becomes more active in Council review...(See Below)

Govt Disaster Web Page + Get Ready www.
Links to 78 Council / Shire Dashboards...(Review)

43/78 Wealthy Councils run state of the art Get Ready Dash Models with similar inhouse layout / links.
Risk Ratings / Alerts / Interactive Transit Map > Flooding / Closures / Hubs + Radio Stations + Links
1 Indigenous Mob extends Cairns' Flash Seaboard Dashboard
17 Regions hobble makeshift Disaster Updates with various Social Media.
8 Indigenous Mobs hobble Makeshift Disaster Updates on Scant Social Media.
4 Indigenous Mobs have Zero Social Media Links / Dashboards
2 Small Shires have Zero Social Media Links / Dashboards
3 Shire's Links failed to operate....Bye Bye!

Council's Privatized Covert Messaging (vs) Premier's Open Alert Access

67 Facebook Fake Extortion Threats > 1 being real (No access until ya Subscribe Punk!)
Reminding that [All facebook Alerts still lock out End Links / Updated Comment access]
33 Linked to Insta > 10/33 'Regionals' Prohibited Alerts by Extorting a mandated Subscription!

26 (#1 Example) Linked to YouTube > All 26 (100%) Full open access to Govt Messages!

24 Linkedin > Most faked a Subscription Demand > 5/24 Blocked Alert without Subscription!
20 Councils Still run [Twitter] Links > [X] Only 2/20 permitted Access to Alerts
9 Sites bothered to upgrade to [X] > Only 2/9 permitted Access to (Often 5 years old updates)
5 Accessed Vimeo / Apple / Google Play / Flicker / Pinterest

108 Extortion attempts to sabotage Premier's Alerts to ransom Subscriptions!
41 of these Extortion demands were mandated with no rogue doggie door allowed!
tbb has long reported worse Extortion Demands to Govt for over a decade...
Govt say Majority of Qldurrz subscribe to Facebook > Can do wot they like with Premier's Alerts.
Just 77/185 Govt sanctioned Attempts were allowed to freely reach the desperate frightened masses.
Ya may have read the News : " We never received any alerts...We never knew...(So now ya know why!)
Govts mandate > No longer get Alerts for free...Sign first...Wake up Qldurrz!

Were talkin' about Govts outsourcing privatization of Who Lives (vs) Who Dies (That Simple!)

Govt / Media Magnate's Message is Loud'n'Clear...[Subscribe or Die]
No indigenous or poor shire folk have info or Maps to reach Evacuation Hub Access
Poor folk / Disabled / Children are prohibited from accessing Subscribers Evacuation Shelters!
Like disaster movies where Little Jimmy's crutch fouls the Escape Pod door! "Extra Baggage...Bye Bye!"
Kick him in the face...Doors slam Shut...[X] Rocket Ship Touches down on brave New World! Hurah!
All know the Story...all know it's not Science Fiction! Very real deal already playing out in Qld! Now!

Poor wretched Souls pray their Govt BOM Alert Review will dig even out these Monsters!
We decide which non subscribed wretched heathens get evacuated from facebook's Tax Free Shelters!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 18 Feb 2024 at 2:56pm

2024 BOM Alert Review (Continues)
Qld Mayor complaints

*No Warnings / Late Warnings
*Warnings were too little & too Late
*Downplayed the serious nature of Weather Events by as much as 4x.
*Becoming a regular Pattern of unreliability during peak weather events.

Resulting in urgent meeting of minds over matter!

Wow! BOM is copping a lot of criticism and it keeps coming.

Ok! tbb spared time to review each'n'every ground level Disaster Dashboard.
This next level review is of each individual Qld BOM Radar "Peak Weather operational records".
Why Qld...Coz you'll quickly find it's nearly always a Qld the hassle!

First up!
Are Liberal Mayors simply ramping the undermining of Authority with local elections underway!
Exploiting power base to counter lowest Local Election Voter Turnout Apathy!
Fed Pollie Katter constantly undermines BOM to ransom more Radars for Cockies!
Qld has many more Radars co aligned with ADF priority ( Eg : Offshore / Horizon Radars )

tbb did check on back history and no shortage of complaints about BOM Radar being Offline.
10's seemingly now 100's of said Radar failures Often joked about by Farmers & Pilots...

Award winning typical BOM Radar fail (Qldurr Classic)
Dick Smith Pro Pilot Blog : [ Comply with CASA Frequency and Die ]
15 March 2016 Aerodynamisist : "What side of Charleville were you? I routinely get 124.8 within 70 or 80mm at 7000 or 8000 without having to resort to the Squelch. The Warrego Weather Radar Installation that Craps Out every time it Rains is a far greater concern. The only real Danger is going to the wrong Bakery once ya get there!

If one reviews BOM you best be prepared for high level (60-70%) Spam in Google search!
ADF / Govt / BOM do not wish to draw attention to precise Install, Maintenance, Repairs of Radars
This review was conducted over a month/s as searches often lead to dead ends.

What amazed tbb the most is how little respect a Town pays towards #1 Iconic Utility of Importance.
Extremely rare for a Town / BOM / Wikipedia to reveal any install date of Iconic Radar Installation.
Seldom if ever is a Weather Radar included in any Town's History...amazing kick in the teeth for Science.
About as popular as a Vax Booster Hub on 100th Anniversary Covid wave!
Extends to Iconic Observatories / Bio Labs...(All these Boffin HQs fly under already invisible Radar)

Fact : tbb has much trouble convincing any / all residents of his Town's awarded Reedy Ck Observatory.
Never met one resident who believes Observatory ever existed let alone awarded Shoemaker Prize.
Reedy Creek suburb name The Observatory escapes them & developer's context...Wot! Dunno mate!
Sorry about yer lack of Emergency Frontline Review options!
It's sadly only tbb or none conducting a vital real time BOM Radar Review...

Radar Installation Date/s (Firstly near impossible to search, only then find 50% offer differing dates!)
BOM (Listing of all Radars but No install Dates)
Wiki (Listing of all Radars but No install Dates)
Tropical Globe (Lists most Radars with generic 1/1/....Calendar Year Install Dates) Please don't do that!

Credits : 30 year retro blogs / Sketchy tawdry guesswork BOM archives / Local News
Confirm all install dates were eventually established for purpose of review...simply request fav or all!

Goes without saying that BOM ain't sharing Logs of each Outage as many are Automated.
BOM Research starts 2006 -2014 (Extremely limited) 2015-2024 Outages increase each year!
Mostly due to Radars being fast tracked to now frontline real time public scrutiny.
Fair to say that Public are offered tier 2 Level access...not the whole show!
Research indicates 100's of outages but BOM usually only share CBD outages.

10 year (approx) Qld BOM Increased Outage List / Description
Day/s = Lightning Prevention+Strikes (20+) Peak Summer Season (Current)
Weeks = Repairs + Maintenance (10+) Many New Radars unplug as Cyclones approach
2 Months = Covid Delay (Set Period)
3 Months = Test Period (New Standard)
3-4 months = o's Parts / Expert Delays (eg: Seasonal / Flight Transit restrictions!)
3-6 Months = Combo Upgrades / New Radar (10+)

Notes : Common Complaint of outages times with onset of Rain Storms (Radar Offline)
We're talking same day prevention outage prior to approaching Storm. (Sure : Load sharing / shedding!)
More often the case with New Systems...that seems odd!
But it's most likely that new systems are not yet fitted with additional Lightning protection!
A good many have limited range by Directional Degrees or need to be narrowed.
Sure ...Coastal Radar have higher Sunrise-Refraction-Humidity-Hail-Bushfires-Migrations-etc

Feb 2018 #1 Bne BOM : String of Stormy Days > Outage > New Radar can't Complete Scans...
We're concerned with Frequency & recurrence of these outages & incomplete scans
o's dudes can return to fix it! ...goes on to say > Jap Sat is useful...(Pretty much sums it up!)

BOM do occasionally mention lightning damage...but more often state generic reason for repairs!

Install Background : Radars are often set on higher coastal ground & Towers rise higher upon that.
Coastal is 50% higher lightning risk now add above 60m = 150% more Cloud to ground lightning.
Class 1 : Lookouts > Skyscrapers (Weekly) > Wind Turbines (Monthly) > Radar > Telco 3/4/5G
Class 2 : Planes > Ships Ports-Marinas > WW- Utility Plants > Poles > Chimneys > Air Con

Many BOM Radar towers are 100-650m metres high + Tower / Mast height rises
New Vert Laser pulses now penetrate Storm clouds....lightning traces these Laser paths
New experiments are now directing Laser pulses away from Radar utilities
Whatever Skyward Cloud breach needs offset grounding but Qld top soil soon hits Basalt Boulders.
Best plans of new extensive grounding is these frontline sentinels are sitting ducks!

New Radar Installations heavily rely on Surge Protection + Auto Power back up to prevent outages.
Where new or frontline Radars have less less Protection they'll need to shut down as last defence.
So we ever get pre storm data but then back up data...Explains the local data disconnect.
Alternatively all City Triangulation needs to unite to reveal Frontline Radar Shadow
So we see 40mm Rain Storm ramp to 200mm without exacting local frontline Radar to gauge it!
Also note most Capital Cities or ADF rely on triangulation + Dual Dipolar during Storm events.
By Triangulating Towers + adding US / Jap / EU sat sweeps BOM can auto fill in real time gaps!
16th Feb 2004 Seems like perfect timing that Qld / Bom just signed to Euro Copernicus Sentinel Sat.

As said...BOM ain't sharing premium only need to keep the freak show going during Storms.
Any lightning prevention > Results in less exacting real time Storm Data for Public radar & Alerts.
If ya all want real time Qld Storm Radar then be prepared to foot the bill for smoking Laser cannons!

Sure...any are free to dream up near impossible expansive grounding for Cloud Zapping Lasers!
Not gonna happen so...BOM need to protect most expensive vulnerable gear during peak Lightning!
Only they're obviously not obliged to hint of doing such as National Security demands Secrecy.
More so as BOM now engage EU / Japan / US sats.

Basically Qld Tropical Lightning Storms strike mostly BOM Radars so wot ya gonna do about it!
Most Radar Towers are being Automated with LPS surge protectors + Power Back Up...well durr!
Hot Tip...check Ham Radio blogs for grounding of Lightning Mast Strike disintegration...{Kaboom}

You start prodding lively Clouds with Lazers then expect a positive reaction...time to go! Outta here!
This should answer why this being primarily a Qld BOM cop out as you would...

Do any of the Mayors wanna play musical chairs with a real live electric throne?
Then why expect any fellow human to shield off Lightning bolts...not gonna happen! Get outta there!
World's #1 Air Force bases shut down during electrical Storms...
Ask! Why should only Flapping White Coated BOM staff fly Kites during Electrical Storms!

Anyhow the new Sat back up deal may have saved BOM from Mayor's Wrath.
So we Got Mayors / State / Federal Review of BOM...
Now with inclusion of big international players guarding frontline Space weather intel for our local.
Not much more tbb can share as it flies well over head by the minute...
tbb has no mobile phone so crew will need to review BOM apps...this be tbb's limit! Happy to share!

Pop Down's picture
Pop Down's picture
Pop Down Sunday, 18 Feb 2024 at 4:22pm

Great work again True Blue as hearing that Farmers are furious in Northern NSW as crops have been stuffed by inaccurate Long Term weather forecasts .

Apparently the Rain Fall monthly predictions. have been completely wrong for 6 months !

It does seem a strange Weather Pattern with a switch from El Niño to who knows what .

The BOM should NEVER withhold or manipulate/manufacturer historical data .

Why would they want 2 ?