Bells Easter Saturday 1981 video

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crip started the topic in Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 at 12:50pm

With all this recent swell activity down in Vic, it made me think back on past winters and past epic swells. And whenever I do that, I always remember Easter Saturday 1981 at Bells. We rocked up to Winki in the half-light pre-dawn, wondering how big it will be. We must have been there between the big sets, because it was just big, not monstrous. We ended up going out at Steps (paddling out from Boobs and taking 10-15 minutes to get through) and getting the biggest waves I've ever ridden, even to this day.
Epic stories, epic wipeouts.
Anyway, enough misty-eyed reminiscences.
Soon after that event, we saw a video of that day's surfing at the Bells contest, including a wave by Gabe Callaghan (?) that he rode from Bells past the Button and down into Winki.
Unfortunately, I can't find any decent video of that day now, except for a few painfully short clips here and there.
Does anyone know of this video that I speak about? And where I can get hold of a copy? Or any other footage of that spectacular swell?

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stunet Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 at 4:27pm

There was a fair bit of footage in Jack McCoy's 'Storm Riders', you might wanna check that first. Also, Tim Bonython filmed it as a green teenager and has lots of footage from the day. I've heard him jokingly say he's holding onto it for his retirement.

I know the wave of Gabe Callaghan's you mention, I've seen a still shot of him straightening out and going prone after it was over. Think it was in an SW.

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crip Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 at 5:13pm

Yeah, Storm Riders: great film. I remember frothing watching it at the Brighton Town Hall with a bunch of mates.
That vaguely rings a bell (if you'll pardon the pun) that there was some footage in it of that day, but I was quite sure that there was also another vid floating around - I think it was quite a bit lower quality and less polished, but great nevertheless.
I might see if I can dig up a copy of Storm Riders anyway.

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udo Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013 at 5:24pm

stormriders was transferred to disc a few years ago and avail from jack mcoy, try his site......that grab rail cuttie of fallanders at lagundri was awesome.

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crip Monday, 26 Aug 2013 at 12:34pm

Had a look at Tim Bonython's site and think I found the vid - "All Time Bells". Tim apparently took it on the road showing it around the traps. I've emailed him to see if it's still available somehow.

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ColinT Monday, 10 Aug 2015 at 10:05am

Tim Bonython DID NOT produce "All Time Bells" although he apparently took the credit for it. I filmed, edited and produced "All Time Bells" in 1981 when no other notable surf film producers turned up that year.
This followed my earlier surf flick "Ecstasy" in 1971 filmed at Bells Beach and Johanna withal the legends of the era. In 1982 I produced "The Legend of Bells" which covered the history of Bells Beach with Doug Warbrick, Owen Yateman, Peter Troy, Vic Tantau, Joe Sweeney, Al Reid and other all describing the early years and the very first competition. This is great historic value for older surfers.
In 1981 whilst filming from the cliff top, Doug Warbrick from RipCurl was standing on the cliff beside me jumping up and down and calling out "This is All Time", "This is All time", and that is the origin of the name of the surf flick that was then released on VHS and Beta.
I am about to re-release on DVD for the first time before the end of August 2015 all three productions.
I can be contacted direct at [email protected] or on mobile 0433 877 766.
Colin Turner.

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crip Monday, 10 Aug 2015 at 10:11am

Thanks Colin.
I'm so pleased that you've surfaced.
I had posted a question on Surfd on an article about this a couple of years ago asking how I can get a copy. I noticed in another Swellnet thread that you've responded on Surfd, and that there were quite a few other people after a copy.
Yes, I'll order one, but a bit short of time before going off to Indo for 2 weeks, but I'll definitely order it when I get back.

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ColinT Sunday, 6 Dec 2015 at 4:14pm

The surf flicks described earlier are now available for the first time on DVD. "ECSTASY", "ALL TIME BELLS" and"THE LEGEND OF BELLS" are available as a historic set direct from me for $60.00 au plus $7.00 au postage and handling. I can be contacted direct on 0433 877 766 or by email checked daily
'[email protected]' Thanks for your interest.