COVID-19 Health System Overload Forecaster

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Craig started the topic in Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 7:44pm

I've created a spreadsheet forecast which I'll update as we go..

There's also a website with live running data..

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Blowin Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 11:39am

The world was shut, grandparents weren’t allowed to see their grandchildren, families told not to hug each other for a virus with a 99.97 percent survival rate.

It was an overreaction.

Obesity kills far more people than Covid was ever going to kill. Obesity has far more consistent and detrimental side effects than long Covid. Did the world get shut down over obesity? No. Did the WHO , National governments and global leaders issue strictly enforceable rules and laws to eliminate obesity? No.

But but.....obesity is a choice, catching Covid isn’t a choice! Yes, catching Covid is a choice. If you don’t want to catch Covid then isolate yourself. There is no reason anyone else should have to do the same.

It was illegal to leave your house due to Covid but it’s not illegal to feed your child chocolate and Coca Cola for every meal. Why the difference?


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Supafreak Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 11:42am

What would you like to see happen blowin ?serious question, I would like to hear your thoughts on this , I have my own views on how the Australian government has handled this and what they have chosen to ignore .

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JQ Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 11:51am

Obesity isn't infectious though is it Blowin, and 'shutting down the world' would be a useless response to it. Obesity is (mostly) a choice, getting infected with a highly infectious deadly disease (mostly) isn't.

What's your source for your 99.97 figure?

The ABS does not agree, granted the figure they are quoting (Case fatality rate) is not quite the same as what you are saying.

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AndyM Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 12:07pm

When you combine this -

"72.7% of people who died from COVID-19 had pre-existing chronic conditions certified on the death certificate."

with this

share images free

then the claim that COVID is a "deadly" disease starts to look a bit like hyperbole.

I'm not saying let 'er rip, not at all, but it seem like the current blunt measures are an over-reaction.

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Island Bay Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 12:17pm

What's that 'Group Sex' thing on the x-axis? And are the oldies really having that much of it? And how come men are having more?

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Supafreak Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 12:40pm

I put this on a thread in January 2021 here’s the latest and it is active , sad thing is there’s not much of a reaction at all .

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Supafreak Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 12:41pm


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Blowin Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 2:23pm

I reckon there should have been way more onus on self responsibility as there is with any other health situation. The blanket government intervention was extreme to the point of ridiculousness.

If you were vulnerable or felt at risk you should you should have taken protective measures for yourself alongside way more moderate governmental assistance. If you felt you weren’t vulnerable- as is really the case for the vast, vast majority of people, life should have been not far from normalcy.

More along the lines of the AIDS crisis. No one forced humans having to stop sex during the AIDS crises, it was more self preservation and education. Preventing the willing unification of relatives because of Covid was extreme . Curfews and lockdowns are outlandish.

Zero reasons a bunch of healthy young people can’t go about their lives.

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Supafreak Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 1:42pm

I think initially the lockdowns were necessary as to avoid overwhelming our hospitals , more should have been done to protect the vulnerable as in aged care . Then ignoring Professor Borody was a mistake and going with the “only a vaccination can save us mentality “and not putting as much focus and money on treatments was a huge mistake. Today we see the blues festival canceled as a result of one person testing positive in Byron, businesses have just lost jobkeeper and to get kicked in the guts again with the losses they will receive as a result of cancellation is in my view a over reaction . No doubt lockdowns will continue this year and probably into next as the government drags the chain. Mistakes were made early and they continue to be made.

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sypkan Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 2:52pm

soooo much in that meme above in current times supafreak, ...maybe you should offer guidance on hard hitting pertinent memes...

"I think initially the lockdowns were necessary as to avoid overwhelming our hospitals "

agree, with the initial goal, and that was the initial goal... fuck knows what there goal is now...

they were also neccesary to get an understanding of the virus. now we have a basic understanding... but not much is changing... seems some big interests are way too invested...

"...more should have been done to protect the vulnerable as in aged care ."

absolutely, but to be fair, many countries were having trouble just staffing vulnerable settings, ...with little warning, the characteristics of the virus, and the fear... oz not so much, it was a bloody disgrace

"...Then ignoring Professor Borody was a mistake and going with the “only a vaccination can save us mentality “and not putting as much focus and money on treatments was a huge mistake."

absolutely again, it seems once big money makes it's choices, there's no turning that tanker... it also seems there was/is also more than a bit of tds, as the whole media entertainment industrial complex continued their ridiculous plight to not accept anything trump says of having any value... triggggeerrred, ....many red faces, ...well there should be... but the hubris and righteousness runs thick...

"...Today we see the blues festival canceled as a result of one person testing positive in Byron,"

ya gotta wonder how long they can keep this shit up. you've also gotta wonder how long the public will accept the hypocrisy of sports events and associated international travel being all cool, with no shortage of quarratine places etc., all whilst travel for the little people being deemed unacceptable, still..., with oz people STILL stuck overseas. the whole shitshow defies belief and any semblance of logic

belief that crew are just 'sucking it up'

"...businesses have just lost jobkeeper and to get kicked in the guts again with the losses they will receive as a result of cancellation is in my view a over reaction ."

all with the big business little business inequity and rorting, another that defies belief and logic

"...No doubt lockdowns will continue this year and probably into next as the government drags the chain. Mistakes were made early and they continue to be made."

for how long? seriously?

the lockdowns, and mistakes...

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sypkan Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 2:12pm

"I reckon there should have been way more onus on self responsibility as there is with any other health situation. The blanket government intervention was extreme to the point of ridiculousness."

absolutely, if not then... most certainly now...

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indo-dreaming Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 2:48pm

Problem is it all became political very quickly, and any government state or federal that now took a more relaxed approach and put an onus on self responsibility would be setting them self up for political suicide.

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sypkan Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 3:11pm

but would they indod? aside from the ruby princess debacle at the beginning, from a management perspective, I know where I'd rather have been over the last 14 months re. syd versus mel

"Problem is it all became political very quickly,"

yes that is the problem...

the politicisation of a virus!! (...fuck knows how that even happens...) was off the charts, right from the begining, starting at the very top with the WHO and the US shitshow

I think it's no coincidence that developed countries that ignored our traditional leads, and largely got on with doing their own thing fared best

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indo-dreaming Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 3:45pm

I just think it is what it is now, it's not avoidable.

For example if one state leader said, enough is enough no more lock downs, people need to take responsibility, although a percentage of people would be happy many would not and the opposition would also use it against the party that made the call.

And if latter an outbreak did happen, then OMG the opposition in that state would just flog them over the head big time.

What sucks for us Victorians is other states can handle things in a bit more relaxed manner having quick lockdowns and moving on, but in Vic Dan has to take a much more cautious approach because of previous outbreaks, he cant afford to have another major outbreak.

Only lockdown i think we can complain about in Vic though is that last one, to lock the whole state in stage 4 restrictions was way over the top, it made no sense, i think it ends up being counter productive people just stop taking things seriously.

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freeride76 Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 5:42pm

We’ve done better than just about any country.

So what we’ve done has largely worked , has largely been based on science and a strategy of suppression and now elimination.

I think it’s notable how we’ve largely escaped the politicisation and partisanship of other countries, eg USA.

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indo-dreaming Friday, 2 Apr 2021 at 6:16pm

Yeah true, it hasn't been politicalised as much as the USA, i guess due to our success.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 17 Apr 2021 at 2:08am

Medical Bodies fear Worldwide Health Crisis suppressed by Covid.
TB : Treatment down 1.4m > Indo-42% / SA- 41% / Philippines-37% / India 25%

Australia -
Feb-March - Emergency Departments down 30%
April 2020 (Health Checks down 50%)
50% Cancer (Less Prostate / Cervical / Breast screens)
30% Heart / 40% Pathology ( 60,000 / day)
March - June (GPs - down 24%)
Pregnancy support down 4% /
April - Cervical Cancer checks down 67% / Surgery down 70%
May - Cancer Tests Down - Cervical 49% / Prostate 60% (Diabetes + Asthma down)
June - 145,000 fewer Mammograms / Surgeries down 10%
7,000 Extra Oz Cancers will likely be diagnosed post covid

Note the 50% -100% drop in Oz Health then note 300% increase in MyHealth Data.

June (My Health > 22.78m) - 100% less Patients but [WR] Data breaches
All Health 90% + Data 2x (Here's what Robo is Selling off to Big Pharma!)
Pathology 4x > Drugz -3x > Jabs 3x > Xrays 3x > Organ Donors 1m to 1.5m
Hospitals - Viewed 271,000 Up (300%) > Uploads 300,000 Up (300%)
GPs - Viewed 416,000 ( 250%) > Uploads 187,000 Up ( 165% )

Explanation: [ TELEHEALTH ] is not Aussie & can breach Doctor Patient confidentiality.
Telehealth Medicare Codes invite TELEHEALTH o's Corps to access & raid MyHealth.
CEO's (30% Chinese) Own Phone Billing / Scripts / Bookings / Pathology / Sex -Tests
The info is sold on to Employers to out Gays & hold it over business rivals...etc
Councils / Unis / Insurance / Debt Collectors ( Millions of hacks we're talking about!)
Was Your Health, now accessed by Corps thru Telehealth / Vax / Passport Jab checks.

Aug - Cervical Cancer Screening down 38% > by Nov- down 60%.
March- Sept Mental Health & Support lines up 20%
Govt Future Fund has major Shares in Pfizer > Their new Drug Zolft blasts into Top 10.

Women's Study highlights Oz Disabled / Rural / LGBTIQ as lacking a further 10% care.
Dec - Oz Women 33.2% Anxious ( re: US women) / 28.7% Depression 18-24 yrs
25-44 y'o busier & struggling to cope! (All agree these next stats are alarmingly high...)
'Intimate' Partner Violence # 23.9% # / Emotional Abuse 19.5% / Controlling 11.1%
............Line is left free to think about that number........................................................................
Infertility 23.4% > (36.8%) > GP vs 21.7% Disadvantaged sought no help.
Maternal Health- 60-70% who suffered Miscarriage / Still birth got little support.
33.6% Women (25-44) say health was worse / 50%+ Pandemic cut off health care.
24.1 -32.7% Couldn't get appointment when needed most + 31.7% 24-44 No Time!
20- 39.1% can't afford Healthcare
18-24 y'o 27.6% didn't know where to access Health...13.3% no Health info?
Dr found this unusual, we thought we were giving good service ..My Gosh she said.
Pre 2000 as one! (www 100 sites = Psycho Maps / Phone/s / Address/s all wrong! )

Oz Women's Top 3 Anxiety / Weight / nutrition 30.9%
45-64 - Menopause 43.5%
65+ Bone Health / Osteoporosis
75+ Dementia / Incontinence -Bladder.
April -Flu Jabs down 50% due to cross Vax rollout

US - March 2021- Cancer Screenings down 48% ( Breast -85% > Prostate 74% )
Cancer Predictions :
Next 5yrs - Lung Cancer extra 16.6% / Lung 4.8%
Next 10 yrs - Breast / Colon extra 10,000
April - Kidz Vax down 60% / Mammograms + Pap Smears 80% / Colons 90%
Nov-Dec - 3-10% Women missed the Pill.
(Skip Tests / health ) Unusually flips to more Women than *Men (race : AHWB)
Yrly - 46% AHWB v *26%
Referrals 23% vs *15%
Tests- treatment - 32% AHWB vs Insured 21%
Cut Meds -18% HBWA vs Insured 8%
Women Denied Health - 40% HBAW > vs Insured 29%
Women denied a Covid Test - Young Poor 11% AHBW 5% White Senior
Poor White women were most concerned with 'Major' Covid Mental Health.
Mental Health (order) > Anxiety / Mood Disorders / Drugz / Insomnia (34% ICU Covid)
Poor 27% worse health vs Ins 12% worse health
Tele Health - (March) -Youth 11% > (Uninsured 20%) > 44% wealthy seniors.(Dec)
Around 10% rate Telehealth Poor ( Standard ) tbb's health suffered with Telehealth.
Telehealth studies are half dead > No Wellbeing / Booking / Tests / Scripts / Mix ups.

Dec- Tests - Breast / Cervical down 94% / Colon 84%
40.9% Delayed Med Care / 31.5% avoided GPs / 12% avoided Emergency care.
46m couldn't afford care (18%) > (35%) Mid income skipped care > Rich (7%)
Note over half of US couldn't afford health care in 2020.
UK - April -Cancer screens down 65.2 % +
Cancer deaths rose 4.8% lung > oesoph' > Breast > Colon 16.%
Jan - Sept - Heart appointments down 22% > (resulting in backup!)
March-June -Heart helpline ramped > 2019 -7,000 > 2020-17,500

Obviously there are Covid illness & increases in Dental & Eye issues with Masks...
Sorry the list was a bit scrappy - ABS cuts Health off Mid Year so tbb tried to wing it!

ABS can be forgiven as they finally released 2020 Covid year {RIP}
2020 - (ABS) 141,116 deaths or 28,185 less deaths than 2019...won't surprise crew!
Covid rewinds Oz death rate back 11 years to 2009 - 140,800 deaths
Oz figured on previous extra 11,000 deaths, so it's actually 40,000 lives to the good!
Who's gonna tell the World that Covid saved 40,000 Aussie lives in 2020...Shhh!

2020 States - Qld 1,180 less deaths / Vic 2,797 less deaths / NZ 1,647 less deaths
tbb nodded the big call, never doubted blowin & slowly unravelled his anomaly.
Well the day of reckoning is here!
tbb is still shocked how many less deaths there are...this is really good news isn't it?
(Class A misinformation) [Censored]...just how can our Govt & Oz Media spin this lot!

ABS have stretched base Line & Historic averages to talk it's not working!
Cherry pick maximums x highest weeks from 5 years & 2020 Covid year aces it!
Was 2020 the best year ever & is Oz too embarrassed to spread Joy over the World!

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Supafreak Saturday, 17 Apr 2021 at 6:42am


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truebluebasher Friday, 30 Apr 2021 at 2:46am

tbb went off grid spying on WIV Lab logo's [ MVCC ] ...[ google search led to this News Letter ]
Highly unlikely it's even related...but still mindlessly clicked as tbb was runnin' short of results...
Utica Phoenix...(a Publication for the Good)... An Independent News Magazine.
(Page 3) "Is Covid-19 an Offensive Biological Weapon?" (Warning! tbb unleashes an Evil Oz Link )

April 2020 Professor Francis Boyle (Oz link Sample only...for the crew!)
"....The Final Article Prof. Boyle cites is { Archives of Virology 2010, Volume 155 }...
This is research done with an Institute ("tbb: CSIRO?") in Australia working with Wuhan Scientists to DNA genetically engineer SARS and HIV to make a weapon. The Australian Institute was awarded a grant from China to do this work with their scientists. Here again, Boyle asserts, they bought the Technology, they didn't steal it.

Prof.Boyle's interpretation of these three articles is the Wuhan scientists took these viruses from North Carolina and Australia back to the BSL-4 in Wuhan and tried to genetically engineer it all together as potent Biological Warfare Weapon. This would be a combination of SARS which is already a weaponized corona virus add to that GOF properties and HIV."

Continues with India...but tbb adds both France & Israel also identify the HIV chemistry in Covid!
You won't get a better conspiracy paper on the net ...
Early call & buried in an independent low key news mag ....found by accident, only wins more cred.
Well written & not too sciency & straight to the point...presents as a revved up V8 research paper.

Conspiracy Nutters have gotta get outta the way for this run at the Lab of Origin Series win.
Not even us Aussies are bloody double dare they...Yep! WHO & Nazis get a good run.
Off the charts...yet you can't help but believe every emphatic word...tbb was & still is, blown away.
Note: tbb had earlier linked China / USA / OZ defence Viral project but not as up front as this.

Any doubters...might wanna bookend this one...
24th Feb 2018 : CSIRO plans US Military funded Genetic Extinction Experiments in WA.
Yep! That's us...unleashing more biological warfare with Covid's bigger brother.

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Friday, 30 Apr 2021 at 5:49pm

That last link was disturbing TBB , you gotta wonder wtf are they thinking

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 15 May 2021 at 11:48pm

12th May ~ Covid -19 breakthru on why it makes us so sick, so quickly.

Covid uses a 3 pronged attack to prevent cells from recruiting immune system to fend it off swiftly.
Trio of methods keep infected cells quiet to stop them from messaging immune system.
You'll feel well for days then by the time your body notices Covid it has already greatly multiplied.

3 Pronged Attack...(The 1st one is known to Scientists > 2/3 are new discoveries)
1st > Reduces the Cell's capacity for translating Genes into Proteins.
2nd > Actively degrades Cell's messenger RNA (Molecules instructing proteins > DNA > Ribosomes)
3rd > Prevents the export of messenger RNA from Cell's nucleus to Main Chamber.

All 3 tactics harm Cells ability to produce proteins needed to communicate immune system defence.
Understanding this Molecular level reveals why we can't mount efficient anti-viral response.

More Israeli News...

Israeli inhalant Covid Drug EXO - CD24 (Phase 2) coincides with this News...
Again yet another half baked Cancer Drug that also coincidentally miraculously cures Covid...
If covid is GOF cancer spike experimental drug outbreak then just say so...looks more like it everyday.
25th September Phase 1

Israel is in the news for obvious reasons & none are surprised...
Slow coach Japan's Olympic Rollout has just overtaken former front runner Israel..
Israel Rollout hit 60% and that's where it froze in time...
22nd March 60.2% > 15th May 62.75% ( Now flat lining beneath 1%'s dying dead done. )
World's strictest coercion has run outta muscle power...short of the finish line.
Without incentive or rewards it's unlikely to hit 70% until mid 2022 or a year from now.

Flat-lining Rollout + Lowest Testing rates for 7 months = Record Low cases.(What to make of that?)
So each time Israel stops Vaxing & Testing their covid disappears (A very affordable Miracle!)
There is mention of an uptick in cases but stats will show's a Vax Thang!

Just as other Nations we can easily example how Israel's Miracle Vax Cure works it's magic.
Actually tbb decided to go one further this time...see below pre/post vax stats.

Dec 2020 -Whole world sees vax ramp into outta space > cases 1,874/day also ramp skyward.
End Jan Peak vax > End Jan peak cases 10,213/day (More Vax = More Covid) No media says a word!

Meanwhile in the background...tbb sees the ramp & soon after it's verified by inhouse study/s.
eg: East Anglia Uni "Warns" 2x Israel break thrus but up to 7x is possible in lowest immunity Phase 1.

Early Feb Vax Rollout plummets > Early Feb Cases Plummet to 3,756/day (Less Vax = Less Covid)
8-22-27th Feb Rollout rises/plateaus/slight fall > cases rise 5,913 (yo yo) 5260/day

Vax keeps dropping (month) & Covid disappears as fast as vaccine dries up. (Less Vax = Less Covid )

29-30th March Rollout rise > Cases rise from 29th March 201/day > 31st March 466/day (Magic!)
This shows that even on a massive Rollout backdown any Vax can ramp cases as if on Auto pilot.

Vax Rollout dies some more > Covid dies some more...

3-4th April Rollout rise > Covid cases rise 4th April 177/day > 5/6/7th April 300/day
Vax Rollout fades to oblivion > Covid fades to oblivion...
19-22nd April Rollout rise > Covid cases rise from 21st 135/day > 315/day
End of stats...

Note even Phase 2/3 small amounts share very consistent 2/3x Vax reaction Covid breakthru ramp
2/3x min. was also recorded in EU nursing's real alright but Big Pharm denies ADE.
Yet the world sees it in every can't be hidden... > day 10 infectious vaxers invite covid.

tbb has shown the same Worldwide "Miracle cure" Faultless blueprints for every nation's rollout.
Covid vaccine ramps the pandemic to a peak then world is weened of miracle Vax to cure itself!
More Vax = More Covid ( Note you can order your covid script by exact doses ) > less Vax = less Covid
Today! Israel has lowest Vaxing & Testing = lowest cases yet still not as low as a year ago...
Just saying that's a pretty lousy ad for a vaccine...yet all brand it a miracle or a Pandemic Scam.
tbb has yet to see a Rollout ramp Vax to produce a drop in cases...does not exist in science either.

Israel vax /100
Israel Cases/day

tbb : Every Nation's Script infects/cures Covid with same predictable results...they're all hooked!
Obvious to all is the fact that each Nation was in a healthier state before the Vax infected them!
What's even weirder is simply pointing out obvious facts in 2021 is branded misinformation.

tbb has no issue with vaccines used safely...this is about rolling out Pandemics for profit.

(Recap) 3rd Feb 2020 East Anglia University [Warned] of 2x Covid case spike in Rollout...
With stats...we should be able to openly measure this ADE effect for world to see & share. (No lies!)

(Israel Covid Cases average /day)
Pre Vax Israel = 1,507cases /day + 10 deaths / day (No science or Masks, just keep yer head down)
Post Vax Israel = 3,180 cases /day + 22.5 deaths / day (After applying $b's best Science has to offer)

World claims a vax that kills twice as many as virus is a cure ... Man! This World is fucked Up!
Can we just press stop for a sec...coz this is not right people! It's actually Upside Down & back 2 front.

(Warning!) Misinformation Motherlode!
Israel paid for a study that "Fucking (Warned) Them" of 2x Vax Rollout Cases & Deaths"
Whole world can read that Vax Rollout spikes 2x as many Cases & Deaths. (Coincidence?)...well durr!
Global Vax Rollout killing spree is peddled out daily courtesy of Big Pharma Scamdemic profiteering.

Just like cigarettes all over again.
"Yeah! Can see yer problem need to throw another bucket of Vax on it!"
"Ya might wanna stand back a bit sport...a bit more ...maybe try the full 2m" & Whoosh -> *Kaboom!**
"Oh Fuck! Think yer gonna need a bigger Bucket ... we can sell ya one of those as well... Just Holler!"

No! The crew are right...It's not funny...{RIP} 3,281 Israelis that have died of Covid during Vax Rollout.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 4:53pm

Frontline is dying off...{ Emergency } there a doctor downunder ?
Student trade collapsed as Oz held peak supply of Medical Students
Mid Pandemic Oz can no longer afford them as Nations outbid for Med Staff.
More Oz trained Med Staff are deserting Oz more than Oz can replenish them...

That's dire enough but now 50% want out as it's too dangerous to nurse.

Ramping Med wages to unsustainable proportions...

Everything is ramping beyond Govt control as they now ban ABS Monthly stats...(Too Hot!)
tbb showed how Global Stats - Vax Rollouts < > Covid Cases (Quarterly curbed to construe stats)

ABS is likewise under the pump to Quarterly Construe Data as the shit hits the fan.
List of soon to be censored Oz Monthly Stats....(Election Issues)
Regional -VISA Migration / o's Arrivals-Departures / Mortality / Trade / Labour Price Index / Income /
Housing / Business Conditions / Retail -Trade...(Can time [L] Poll off the back of framed stats.)
All on fire & all hosed down long enough to rid nasty surprises mid Electoral campaign...(Sorted!)
In otherwords ...Nothing to see here...we're not hiding anything....(Yeah! Right!) Media's reaction...?
So just what are the Govt hiding...

Daggy Dad Polls : [ STOP THE PLANES ] [ Save Aussies ] = win the Election
Reality Check is opposite of The Hillsong Scriptures

Obvious arrivals > NZ Bubble > China / India > UK/USA / Philippines are Locked in solid.

o's Arrivals have soared to 54,800 / month... up 66.6% ( 64% are foreigners ) Temp visas in 25%
Monthly caps smashed - NSW 22,510 Qld 12,610 (Vic 10,610 in > up 467.5%)

o's Departures have soared to 65,100 / month... up 100.9% ( 63% are foreigners) Perm visas out 51%
Monthy Exodus has ramped more -NSW 27,820 Qld 17,290 (Vic 14,820 out > up 256.6%)

Oz trained Med Force is shipping out to much higher paid now "SAFE" Vaccinated Global Work sites
Covid Free Oz has created it's own Medicare Crisis & trying every avenue to hide it!

Those 10,000 Oz trained Woolies Nurses he boasted are queuing up to jet out in lure of bigger bucks.
PM is scrambling to wing in Sub Asian replacement Health Staff to patch up our ailing frontline.

tbb got onto this as local GP Clinic is a case in point of hiding fake - low key VISA Stats...
ABS are only counting " ID" VISAS not the mothership of Duttos "Illegal Plane People" Smuggled in!
2 months ago our GP Clinic Sign Posted Immigration Jabs...4 / hr x 10hr/day = 200 immigrants /wk.
tbb is well under 15 or more sit waiting all day / every day...Yes! That many!
Often see VISA applicants swing whole family over as quick as ya like...for Photo IDs.
Local patients are jealous of the rapid turnaround at the foreign wing Waiting Area.
No - Elderly / Lame / Wheel chairs only the young Asian families are ever seen gathering in droves.
Many young Philippines etc..but Some have no ID / Passports & pay $500 for Oz ID / jab Kit!
None ever query the price as many can't speak English... as if the inflated process cost is rebated.

Get what tbb is saying...No accom / 20km from Airport & clinic is pushing out 200/wk migrants.
tbb can easily vouch 1,000 migrants have entered Oz processing thru local Robina private Clinic.
Almost forgot...The first questions they're asked is medical related ...."Do you wanna work in Health?"
These aren't Patients attending a GP but a sub class of unskilled medicare work force being processed.
Often the immigrants breach into our GP service area & we're delayed for appointments.
PM is runnin' Helloworld Hot Hotels firstly to snare VIP Mutants. (re: Oz Quarantine is forever mutated)

tbb is saying the Airlines > Quarantine > Hot Hotels > Hospitals > GPs are all prioritising migrants.
Turn on yer TV people ...Revamped plush hospital wings cordoned off for o's VIP Covid Mutants.
Aussie patients are being Ramped for Hours / Outpatients booked quarterly now Yearly Telehealth.
Very few Aussies will ever see the inside of Hospital anymore & likely won't for years time to come.
You think tbb is runnin' a scare the current Oz Hospital prescription dosage.

Exactly like one of them Dr Who episodes...Floating VIP Quarantine Hospitals with secret Code entry.

Oz wide Health Review is well overdue... { Warning! } [ National Health Crisis ]

17th Dec : ACT Hospitals lag behind Nation
Vax Rollout killed off Oz health, now too ill to nurse itself back to health.

18th March : Oz 58% aged care homes are running at a loss > 65% predicted for next year..
Fed Govt gutted $10b in funding & costs run over double of what Feds contributed over last 4 years.

24th March Tasmania " Surgery Waiting Times the Highest Ever

23rd April WA Health Worker Crisis

19th-24th April - NT pause Military / Quarantine expansion due to Health / Staff resource limits.

27th April Qld Health crisis
Police / Clubbies are now Ambos
Qldurr personal level - tbb (Sleep Clinic) From start of Covid > 6 Appointments cancelled.
Yesterday 3pm Hospital booked in tbb for Tonight ...just now as tbb writes... they cancelled it again.
5 Hospital departments have constantly cancelled tbb's Outpatient appointments...bit late to cry...
tbb never complained but it examples Oz patient setbacks of Covid & Rollout on Health System.

7th May -Victoria to Spend $800m on Health Crisis (Longest Ambo wait times ever)
13th May -Victoria "State of Emergency.Extended"

16th May - Oz National Health Crisis declared by all States

18th May ANMF apply for 25% Aged Care wage increase

18th May NSW Health "System in Crisis" (5 hr wait for Ambos)

18th May SA - Shortage of Ambos / 8-24hr ramping / Record Emergency Crisis /

Many Oz frontline Health Jobs $25/hr or 30K/yr are surprisingly advertised no experience needed.
Cleaners / Caregivers / Sitters / Aides / Support / Assistants / Secretaries / Clerks / Billers / Technicians
Govt have thrown out English Test as is not essential for Health Frontline

Comments are running hot to stamp out all heartstring Family Repat reunions.
Essential o/s VIP bratz boost our economy (Not!) (vs) o/s Grandma baby sitters sponge off Medicare.
Our Hero! **Daggydadpollskyrockets* * Defender of Oz economy.
PM: [ WE STOPPED THE NANNA PLANES ] We decide who is [+] or [-]...(No ABS Stats No problems).

Too for the bonus point score round...
[How to Hijack the Teenage Mutant Indian Medical Students Charter Flight]
Pretty sure there's an instructional Vid for that...bit disturbing for a cartoon ...crikey!

Can always put it to the Vote...crew do know how to vote...we got a video for that!

Glad that's all sorted!

batfink's picture
batfink's picture
batfink Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 7:09pm

Happy to say there is much here that I agree with, and much that I disagree with, but everyone is entitled to a go.

TBB, am I reading you’re extensive coverage correctly, you have been posting much about rising Covid numbers coinciding with vaccinations. Tell me if I’ve been reading that wrong.

So Oz has been vaccinating for what, 6 or more weeks now. We don’t seem to have had a rise in Covid numbers here. I suspect same in NZ. Do you have a theory? Do you think there is a direct connection between the rising numbers of vaccinations being followed by rising Covid numbers, or do you suspect this is just correlation - unrelated coincidence of numbers?

Have you ever thought that the vaccination actually leads to Covid, or leaves you weakened to be susceptible if it is around? Any theories?

Supafreak, doesn’t seem to be much point to Oz spending much money on treatments for Covid. We don’t have any cases to try on, hasn’t been a death for I don’t know how long, and the rest of the world is getting a few hundred million goes at trying treatments. We would have nothing to add to that. We haven’t missed any boats, anything that is shown to work overseas will be used here. No need for us to spend a cent on it. If we wanted to spend some money on anything useful, I’d go for vaccines and for real quarantine facilities.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 7:42pm

Just a question for you Batfink , if ivermectin is shown to work as a treatment do you think the Australian government was foolish to ignore, ridicule and silence Professor Borody ? The lockdowns may have been avoided and lives saved . Last time I asked why weren’t trials run when Victoria had 800 cases a day you said maybe everyone was too busy .

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 8:49pm

@batfink , do you believe Australia should have a treatment plan for covid once the international borders are open ? The vaccines aren’t 100% effective and some cant be vaccinated so what treatment would you recommend ?

indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming Wednesday, 19 May 2021 at 10:39pm

Interesting that they are working on Covid treatments here in Australia

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 12:07am

That was awesome indo , hope it goes all good in trials , could be the game changer the worlds been waiting for .

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 12:49am

@indo , quick search and this article says possibly ready by 2023 , bit late for many but who knows when Australia borders open . I know Merck have been working on a new drug that reduces viral load for awhile now , funny how Merck are trialing a drug that does what ivermectin does, difference is ivermectin is off patent. Is a new race on ?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 12:52am

batfink thanx for that, it's getting late but tbb will example the Oz Vax reaction.
It's really tiny but still presents eerily similar...weird thing is it's not supposed to be so definite.
Oz has been too lazy & slow so it registers less...but it should micro blip more of the same.

Perhaps tbb should first need Covid, to then twice easily infect lesser immune vaxers.
With so many vaxerz being infected it starts an Outbreak, as in Nursing Homes or Frontline.
The effect is often measured as 2 / 3 x...even as high as 7 fold depending on Phase & venue.
More crowded cross utility points revolving resident patients would fire up an Outbreak.

True example: A Church lady was exempt in aged care & shares her plate of scones...Kaboom!
Oh Dear Lord, what have I done! That simple! Always ever we never expect the obvious!

Oz has clean isolated clinics with no Covid...but Frontline Quarantine can & has spread outbreaks
These are what we can tally as to Rollout...thankfully not much, but the same timing should apply.
o/s Cases provide the Covid for freshly Vaxed Frontline...but rollout was we'll see.
So we're not focusing on o/s cases but the simple spread on a collected timely vaxed frontline.
I'd say it would be a minimum case study & less reliable as an example...but we'll give it a go!

NZ ...have no idea...tbb is up for the challenge with small samples...can only learn from that.
Experience shows we might get more longer flat waves over a year for smaller nation read outs.
So less definition but same underlying pattern would evolve with adjusted timeline as to others.

Holy Grail is More Vax = Less Covid....tbb seeks validation for the troubled vaxers.
Once we find that, we can focus on better outcomes for all...but it must be genuine, not fake news!
Truly be stoked if Bradbury could claim another win...slack arse Aussies Rollout a cure...FFS...Wot?

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 20 May 2021 at 2:56pm

Aussie Rollout
Australian's were often offered a hollow promise of real time Covid data (but?) 2-3 day delay. OK!
From CovidSafe onward this promise was broken and shattered.
The complete opposite became the norm & Covid data is hidden to manipulate cases & media.
Oz pollies regale in this guilt trip paranoid trait of being weened on mother Britain's sour teat!
Yes! EU often accuse UK of delaying / hiding / Corrupting Covid deaths & Data for financial gain.

Firstly Feds twice delayed bundles of Aged Care Covid death stats by up to 3 months
tbb has pointed out Vic Govt recent estate inheritance > restricted relatives / time / means / access.
The lockdown prevents real time relative notification affording Govts to initiate inheritance scams
tbb 19th March
This corrupted the daily counts as "Fake Clusters" > Testing Ramped > More Cases > Dan's fault.
Oz Boss Halton's -Vic brother in Law was in on the act of Mystery cadavers piled into Glad bags.

NSW 2-3 day Covid Airlines seating Hot Spots were blown out to 6 month snapshots..(Phew!)

ABS monthly morbidity (December) was withheld 4 Months...(Paranoid) 30% less deaths in 2020.
Just how the fuck to you tell Oz that Covid reduced death by 30% + Vic saved the most lives. Wot?
Deadly Dan is World #1 Lifesaver...never a truer Headline & you wouldn't read about it! Never!
17th April it was finally revealed...

NSW new fab weekly Wastewater readouts also boiled over to monthly servings.

Qld Health monthly stats blew out to Quarterly Snapshots.
Quarterly Transit (Downfall) now Whenever most likely never ever see the light of day again!
As reported Fed Govt is banning ABS Monthly Stats to Quarterly to deaden caretaker sidewinders.

Only fair to point out that all Oz Govts are aiming for least info share in the history of Data.
Be thankful this batch is not censored...China / Techies paint Oz as #1 State Censors of free world.

Oz Vax Rollout > Covid Cases
18th Jan Covid cases were falling from Sydney clusters to one cluster of 10th Feb 11 cases /day
Covid was flat-lining with one cluster all but beaten....until miracle Vax serves up it's daily covid.

16th Feb Rollout begins > cases slowly rise & plateau from 26th Feb 11/day
25th Feb Rollout slight rise > cases to 2nd March lock in plateau of 11/day as a constant (Hook)

Note: Each rollout can reach a low sustainable high point of slow mild increase to plateau cases
Many times this is tested up front or @ Peak / Like a clutch pedal to gauge Vax response...(True!)
Keen observers will see Nations toy with the clutch peddle to adjust least fatal Rollout Dosage.
Well let's just hope & imagine they do...hate to think otherwise!

12th March Rollout ramp > cases ramp to 17th March 17/day
19th March Rollout dives > cases dive from 15th- 26th March from 15/day- 0 cases
22nd March Rollout spikes > cases ramp from 27th -30th March 17/day
27th -2nd April Rollout plateaus > peak > cases plateau 27th 11/day > peak 30th March 20/day

[ fasten seat belts ]
We are surfing thru a rough patch of bitchy Vax lulls...hang on tight as we ride out the chop.

2nd-9th April Rollout drops & levels > Cases drop from 1st 13/day to 11th April fades to 0/day
10th -13th April Rollout ramps > cases ramp to 12th 18/day > 19th 24/day
14th - 18th April Rollout Drops > cases drop to 21st 19/day
19th - 24th April Rollout rises but slows to peak > cases 'slow to peak' on 23rd April 37/day

Next Anomaly shows as a sustained plateau with rapid drop off (37>19/day as exaggerated glitch)
Basically all beds empty in unison on same day Anzac day weekend > OK!

24th-(Anzac Day)-28th April Rollout drops > High cases 'already slowing' drop on 24th 19/day
29th April Rollout Rise > cases rise 28-30th April 24/day
30th April - May 3rd Rollout drops > cases drop to 4th May 11/day
4th -5th May-Rollout rise > cases rise to 6th May 21/day
6th May -Rollout drops > cases drop 7th May 15/day
10th May - Cases stats level at 15/day & end reflecting current lowest Vax climb in Rollout..

tbb never expected a perfect Vax = Covid graphic display on such a micro scale.
Stats clearly show that haphazard Rollout > Lowest Covid rates can decimate a Health system.
Vax Rollout constant Covid ramp triggered stats hiding our current National Hospital Crisis.
Vax Rollout has decimated Oz Health...plain as day for all to see. Media are blind to this fact.
Only Stopping the Rollout will cure the Health Crisis...that's what innocent chart screams.

Nation salutes batfink for timely request...bang on Cue...batfink answered his & all our questions.

Thanx Stats : Vax 1/100 (vs) Daily Cases

tbb must honestly admit to not seeing the serious damage of a humble lazy crazy rollout...Wow!
The stats only show mild response but it's the constant default drain on Health resource.
Oz & world can clearly learn from such a nondescript subtle Rollout...history will record our Crisis!
Sure, Ok we again see worldly Vax Rollout peddle Covid cases up/down & around
Sure, Ok we again see wordly Vax Rollout decimating Hospitals to Crisis point.

However! Covid Vax has also wiped out Flu Vax to create other Vax shortfalls
20th May 2020 Over 65 y'o Flu Shots at 90%
20th May 2021 Over 65 y/o Flu Shots at 66%
Vax Jab is knocking out the Aussie Flu Jab > increase in Flu impact / deaths in 4-6months.
In otherwords the Covid Jab has now extended Oz Health crisis thru Xmas to 2022 recovery.
Essentially all Oz Hospitals are now locked out! (Yellow - Amber Alert ) thru whole of 2021.

2 year old Kid Vaxes are falling well behind in every state & o/s ...Rollout comes at a cost...
Covid Rollout winding back Child & Elderly Crisis to 5 -10 years blowout (No Health management!)
So what news does our ABC report...'When can Oz Kidz get a Covid Vax' ... OMG news is dead.

Again! tbb never thought that a Mild Vax Rollout could delay a Health System from 4hrs to 5 years.
That is very serious & Oz has an Epic Crisis of it's own making...tbb is least happy filing this report.
Been bumped a dozen times over last year & again yesterday, can now see Vax = No Hospital care.
But also see Covid Vax = More Flu Deaths...that needs attention .
tbb has previously called for Health to frontline Flu Vax over Covid Vax to gain confidence.
Aussies say > No Covid Jab so No Flu Jab / Oz (Safe) Vax rank fell highest in World pre Covid.
We now see Covid Vax unravelling Vax trust thru whole system...World #1 Vaxerz self destruct.

Virgin CEO (Flight Policy) : Some people may die but it will be way smaller than the Flu...(*Crisis*)

Media complain of 30% OZ vax refusal
Speedy Israel (Fully Vaxed is maxing out at 58%) Rollout speed has tanked > .04/100
Oz "Slow" Rollout speed is flying 6x faster at .25 /100 and has Rolled out 30% of Israel vax .
Given that stats show 70% uptake (Doubtful) & with minimal Vax Deaths then why the panic?

Today we see calls for Mandatory spread Covid further & faster to annihilate Oz Health.
Today we see Business-insurance ban spreading vaxerz until clinical trials are complete in 2023

Qld State Covid Hot line...Q&A (Actual Govt Policy)
Will vax grant admission without QR code Digital compliance ( No )
Can venues deny a real Proper Authentic Vax Certificate (Yes)
Must business self record entry for non digitised patrons (Yes)
Will Govt make or fine Business that defy or block entry conditions... (Unlikely)
Karen vs Karen

[L] Vax + [L] Telehealth vs { Medicare + Hospitals + Aged Care + NDS }
Crew can easily pick that winner....Mummy! "Wotz a Hospital & Why are there no Old people!"

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 1:22pm

State of Emergency Covid Overload Forecaster
Note States vary in allotted time constraint in declaring Emergency End date.
Longest set date presents as soonest Australia will end State of Emergency

Aust - 17th June 2021
WA - 18th June 2021
SA - 26th June 2021
Qld - 29th June 2021
ACT - 16th Aug 2021
Tas - 31st Aug 2021
Vic - 16th Dec 2021
NT - 23rd Dec 2021
NSW - 25th March 2022

NSW Premier bullies girlie Lockdowns & lazy rollouts but is least willing to open NSW to the world?
Feds <(9 months)> NSW are polls apart on (#1 Policy) Zero Leadership! **daggydadpollskyrockets * *
Interesting that Media turn a blind eye to #1 Pandemic fallout of opposing Oz [L] reopen dates..

No longer in this Together on Emergency & mix'n'match Rollout Vax-Mandate-Dose-Age-Priority.
Quarantine is now politicised as Polls are brewing...soon be time for the [ T Shirt Captions ]

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 1:44pm

Did someone say T-shirt captions ? C1-BEECF0-B35-D-422-A-B095-E14-DB992264-B

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 2:11pm

@megzee , just wondering if you’re the same megzee from the Gold Coast who moved to WA in the 80s ? The picture of the bluff had me thinking ? Are you a tall goofy footer ?

megzee's picture
megzee's picture
megzee Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 2:17pm

The very one Supa........
For you to know suggests you are a true Snapper local.......correct?

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 2:26pm

Haha , we didn’t get along on the goldy , I was originally from south oz , hitched to Byron when 17 then parents moved to kirra , mainly surfed dbar kirra and burleigh, we both had the look of what the fucks he doing here when our eyes met surfing the bluff in 82 , we decided to bury the hatchet then and you , doc and eggy passed the big cave on to me when you left , good times back then aye mate ? Are you in Kalbarri still ? Say hello to lumo and the boys .

megzee's picture
megzee's picture
megzee Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 2:44pm

Geez mate, sorry about the old goldy attitude......Yeah the run in at the Bluff, 5000k's from D'bah was a surprise for both of us.....Didn't take long to forget the past and move on did it?........coupla fish barbies and sharing great waves sooths the soul.....
Great times back then for sure Supa and handing over the cave was a rite of passage mate .....Built the rock shack overlooking the point in 86 as an upgrade from the cave....
Not in Kalbarri anymore mate......almost 20 years was my limit.....But still in touch with the old boys...
Strange old world these days though Supafreak....very strange indeed...

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 3:02pm

Strange indeed , I will always treasure the bluff days , you blokes never warned me about moving to higher ground on full moons with big tides and swell , I found out the hard way waking up in my sleeping bag by a torrent of water lol I hear Les Norrish has passed on and last I heard Phil Kimberly was a school teacher in the Pilbara , anyway mate hope you’re getting waves wherever you are .

megzee's picture
megzee's picture
megzee Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 3:33pm

Sorry about that high tide thing mate.....I'm sure we mentioned it during the handover!.........Yeah, any cave dweller had those moments where all your food and gear is floating the dark as well....
"Old Spice" [ LN ]passed away a few years ago now, while surfing Jaques...R.I.P Les......Sadly a few of the boys have passed on as well......Last time I ran into Phil and the Carnarvon lads was 97....ish...
Still surfing Supafreak......albeit, not as much zest in getting to my feet these days.....But found my own little bit of uncrowded paradise......

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 3:41pm

Good on ya , uncrowded paradise’s are hard to come by , enjoy and don’t let the bastards get ya down. Getting in the water and forgetting about all this shit that’s going on is important for mental health , nothing beats a uncrowded surf .

megzee's picture
megzee's picture
megzee Sunday, 6 Jun 2021 at 4:00pm

Too True Supa....too true...
There's a lot to be said for "burying the hatchet" as well mate.....whether it's 40 years ago or tomorrow......It's good for the soul...

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 28 Jun 2021 at 12:09am

Hot 100 Covid-19 System Overload Exclusive to #1 Swellnet...
No more guessing Wotz Hot or Not > Maximum % outbreak case file.
Chart is way too long for Links...just holler for particular outbreak case reference...

0% Mars / Moon / Eastern Block / A few Pacific Islands with Locked borders report Zero Covid
Outposts > Space / Antarctic Stations / Lighthouses all risk Covid with Staff change
Pools were closed apart from (Therapy-Prisons!) see Oz Kiddies Crypto + Swim Squads!
0.5% Cabbies > 1% Dentists were both earlier rated high > Extreme Covid Risk (100%)
2.5% Mall Shops (General) + Fuel Bowser Handles > (Staff : [7/11] clean/log 2x/day vs [Shell] Never)
5% (Part Closed) Cinema / Galleries (secret cases) / Libraries (Staff) / Laundromat / (isa) Comp Surfers
Laundromats (Frontline) service Flight Crews / Hospitals ( Others Halved Staff / Opening times )
City Trains/Buses stops refresh air often ( see Notes + Railway / Charter Bus )
10% Stadiums (Large) / Sports Leagues (General) / Unis / Office Buildings / Bowling (Staff) / Salons
15% Indian Railway Workers (Testing / Medi / Suites) / Liquor Store Handles
20% CBD > (High % spread Exposure) Theatre / Quarantine
25% High School spreads to 90% contacts / Football Team / Skate crew / Trash Can
Aged Care residents Die directly after vaccine...( Worldwide reports of similar > Higher %)
US Children's Covid soared from 2% > now 24% of all Cases.
30% Pre School Kidz + Oz Crypto / Meatworks (Frozen) / Vaxed Covid Hospital Death Rate (Elderly)
Kiddies Oz Covid as worst Crypto ever (6mths Oz wide) Easter Pool Chem War Zones / Hazmat Ambos
35% Airlines also > False [-] / (2hr) Charter Bus / Sport 'Teams' Season / Ballet Class
40% Surfing (isa) 'Teams' Comp / Rowing Team (Standard Training)
45% Live Gigs / Aerobics-Zumba-Gyms-Classes / Call Centre General (Same Floor)
50% (Extensive Spreading >300%) Cruises / Weddings (Kissing) / Church congregation / Cafes
55% Prisons / Wrestling >100%
60% Funerals (Embrace) / Boxing Camp / Beach Party (Jocks) / Wrestling Comp / Naval Frigate (Large)
65% Hospitals / Emergency Call Centres (24/7 Tight) / Karaoke / Ice Hockey / NFL Team
70% Work Hostels / Glove Factory (Possible "Hands on" Production Line)
75% Conferences / Casino Dealer infects 3/4
80% Fulfillment Centres "Wot" (Amazon Rapid Packaging) [ I'm not a Robot] (Oh Yeah...that!)
85% Vaxed Aged Care Staff / Vaxed Basketball Team / Swim Team Camp
Covid (re: Waste) can spread a Clinical Area within 10 hrs & will infect 86% of nearby within 3 days
90% Choirs (Notably grouped & elevated in Churches) Mostly Banned! (Very Deadly!)
95% Dorm Workers (re: Sweat Shops)...Mostly Tight Quarters!
100% Restaurants / Naval Vessel (Avg) / Basketball Teams (Several) / Rowing Camp / Squash Court
Restaurants seem odd but the whole duration is open mouth Face 2 Face shared table top exchange!
Immediately After Vax > "Whole Large" Aged Care Home > Test [+]
Aged Care -Health Frontline ( Vaxed now present > 300% more [+] than unvaxed in Phase 1 settings )
Med Waste Handlers / Waste Pickers would likely figure in (100% private off-grid outbreaks)
Library turns Vax Centre >100% Combined Staff- Test [+] Library Closed > Town in Lockdown.

Stats show Vaccine forever ramps covid cases...further examples below!
Sport Camps are notorious for pooling Hot Spots to infect 100% fittest Team in hrs > day! ( Vanished! )

Plane / Ship Handrail { The Hottest Spot } is stowed away escaping Cleaning Check Lists...(Confirmed)
Boarding a Ship requires hand rails & Thru-out swaying Voyage...the Rails are constantly shared
Plane Passengers clasp "Mushy Covid rail" > headrests with Crowding Passengers @ no Aircon stage.
Whereas Train/Bus Stations have level-Step entry with built in stairs that are centrally often cleaned
Buses introduced Non Contact boarding > Windows were opened > Interstate Lockdowns

Tip! Grocery Divider Bars { The Hottest Spot } Not on Checkoutchix Cleaning Lists...(Thanx Mate!) D'oh!

At Risk Sports : ( Note Olympic breaches) Track Lanes |< sd >|
Wrestling ( Sweaty Manhandling )
Boxing ( Face 2 Face Spit Swaps )
Basketball ( Rapid exchange of Hard Slimy textured ball + Groping in Singlets )
Rowing ( Oar Swaps / Deep Exhaling over Team Members )
Squash ( No air con in a Slimy Sweat Box - Open the door for a covid rush ) ( Often Closed )

Seasonal Graphs reflect Northern Winter Festive Holidays
(Peak Covid) Christian Calendar > Xmas / Easter (World Transit is run to Christian Timetable)
eg: Oz Howard Springs Quarantine Travel Cases rise Xmas > Easter + ( Oz Winter Community Cases )
Covid peaks at each National Religious Celebrations > Colder Season.
Extreme Hot Weather crowds people indoors to best Air Con & but it's the transience that spreads virus.
British Columbia Ski Resorts superspread as one by same cross path indoor transience

Covid by degrees ( Inert > Active )
40` Liquid (inert form) > 33`Body || Nose (Colder) > 21` Lipid Form > 5` Ideal > 0` Peak Cases H'days
Constant shared indoor Transition / Temp change Points that brew Covid Fog for infections
More to the Point...if you can feel & smell trouble in the air then you're in the Covid Zone.
Windows > Exhaust fans are recommended before opening Doors.

Highest Vaccinated Covid Spikes
UK daily Vax Data Dates have been censored due to horrific Vax ramping of Covid Cases > RIP.
9th Dec-10th Jan 2020 UK 2.68m Vax Doses > (+14 days ) spiked 1,873,999 covid cases
World sees UK Vax success but it's a lie...reason why Boris hates Vax & Govt is eating itself alive.

Israel (Daily Vax Data) Feb 3rd Study pointed out 3x Vax spiked Covid ramp above standard Covid.
19th Dec-25th Jan 2020 Israel 4.02m Vax Doses > (+ 14 days) spiked 323,632 covid cases

Both Nation's Graphs share an instant massive drop in Vax resulting in equally massive drop in cases.

Bonus Covid Survival Guide
Throw in a Temp Guide (Bank Notes) 40`-1 day > 30`-1 week > 20`-2 weeks
'Surface Virus' is OK for wash but need Washing Temp 67` to inactivate a 'Soiled Frontline Virus'

3hrs Aerosol / Paper Tissue
4hrs Copper
6hrs Poly Cotton
8hrs Aluminium / Latex
1 day Cardboard / 100% cotton (Can include Plant fibres : Silk / Wool / Hemp / Bamboo /Canvas etc)
Note: Natural Fibres are not suited for Frontline > (Soiled materials need Heat / UV Sanitising @ 67`)
2 days Cloth general / Wood (Raw - Stain - Varnish - Paint - Laminate Types > 5 days)
2-3 days Stainless Steel
3 days Poly-Cotton / Polyester / Vinyl / Polypropylene
4 days Glass / Paper -Polymer Money avg (see Above)
5 days Metal / Ceramic
7 days Surgical Mask (Outside surface)

Half decent companion should steer ya clear of them hot spots...Happy to share..

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Saturday, 7 Aug 2021 at 7:13pm

It's been a long while, but the health system overload is looking like beginning to occur:

"Unions representing nurses and paramedics said healthcare staff were under immense stress with the added pressure of staff furloughing at western Sydney’s hospitals due to mandated isolation after COVID-19 exposures. Almost 1000 healthcare staff were on leave in the fortnight ending July 18.

Health Services Union boss Gerard Hayes said the state’s health system was now in a “chronic situation, not an acute situation”.

“Delta is different from what we saw last year and this is added stress on a system that is already over-stretched. The next four to five weeks will be crucial for the health system as a whole.” "


"Three staff members at the hospital – two nurses and a student nurse – worked in the geriatric and vascular wards while infectious late last month, resulting in at least nine cases in patients."

This is probably the saddest part, for no matter how much you try to isolate the vulnerable, if it's widespread in the community workers will catch it in their daily lives and then be infectious in these settings before they know they are.

Patrick's picture
Patrick's picture
Patrick Saturday, 7 Aug 2021 at 7:28pm

The hospital system is also clogged with people with preventable lifestyle illnesses. I'd like to see fatty boom bahs quarantined and priced out of returning to Aus and all junk food advertising censored. Anyone eating ice cream can be publicly shamed on social media too. Mandatory meditation for everyone.

"In this cross-sectional study of 540,667 adult hospitalized patients with COVID-19, 94.9% had at least 1 underlying medical condition. Hypertension and disorders of lipid metabolism were the most frequent, whereas obesity, diabetes with complication, anxiety disorders, and the total number of conditions were the strongest risk factors for severe COVID-19 illness."

That's USA data fron the CDC but we have similar processed food eating populations and high stress behaviours in Aus.

Patrick's picture
Patrick's picture
Patrick Saturday, 7 Aug 2021 at 7:34pm

Edit - VJ, I don't know how it would help someone in a situation like yourself, being immunocompromised, but it would free up beds.
What I'm saying is, I wasn't taking the piss out of your post.

groundswell's picture
groundswell's picture
groundswell Sunday, 8 Aug 2021 at 11:07am
Supafreak wrote:

Good on ya , uncrowded paradise’s are hard to come by , enjoy and don’t let the bastards get ya down. Getting in the water and forgetting about all this shit that’s going on is important for mental health , nothing beats a uncrowded surf .

Ill say gday to Lumo for ya next time i see him, will probably be tuesday or wednesday next offshore day, whats your name if its not rude? should be 8metre swell on tuesday.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 8 Aug 2021 at 12:11pm

@groundswell , I don’t even know if lumo would remember me , we turned up at the same time in 82 at the bluff. He was staying in the little cave and I was eventually in the big cave. He lent me his 6’10” gun a few times and we had a ball for 6 months. Haven’t seen him since then , my names Mark you can say hello from me anyway . Cheers

groundswell's picture
groundswell's picture
groundswell Sunday, 8 Aug 2021 at 1:10pm

Ok no worries SF will ask him about the cave and let him know you say gday, top bloke lumo has time for everyone, maybe except johnny junkyard