COVID-19 Health System Overload Forecaster

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Craig started the topic in Wednesday, 18 Mar 2020 at 7:44pm

I've created a spreadsheet forecast which I'll update as we go..

There's also a website with live running data..

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san Guine Monday, 1 Feb 2021 at 3:30pm

WA could always secede, there is provision in The Constitution for that to happen (oh and for NZ to be annexed)

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velocityjohnno Monday, 1 Feb 2021 at 4:42pm

They could have a quokka and a chuditch on their coat of arms.

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san Guine Monday, 1 Feb 2021 at 5:38pm

I've never seen a chuditch, but quokkas are very cute.

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seaslug Monday, 1 Feb 2021 at 6:45pm

Firk oath, I'm all for secession, and while we are at it WA passports with immigration clearance, we don't won't east coast riff raff over here, enough of you lot already

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seaslug Monday, 1 Feb 2021 at 6:46pm

All hail the quokka and chuditch

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Supafreak Tuesday, 2 Feb 2021 at 6:47pm


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truebluebasher Friday, 5 Feb 2021 at 3:56pm

Scomo runs National Quarantine & tells each state how to do it.
This allows Scomo to open a backdoor entry for his VIP - NT club.
Camp Scomo grows to City Size with zero Covid emissions or Lockdowns.

Scovid's Hot Hotels are running below cap' due to their leaking CBD lockdowns
Epidemiologist prefer Dongas to Mobster's Crawl Space Quarantine.

Scomo " No! States can't have Dongas!
Lib Donor's Hotels need more renters... Ok!
As Libs have always said 1,000x over & over...
Wouldn't know or even care if China decides who comes to Australia...
Govt's job is to ensure Hot Hotels are leaking enough to force ALP CBD lockdowns.
I can't make it anymore clear than that!"

Crawl space Mutant farts are watering the eyes of half awake Hotel Guards.
Mask pulls down on eyes then shitty air con sprays Mutant breath & in their eyes.
tbb has already labelled 2021 as Year of Goggles / Eye Shield.
Epidemiologists call for an end to Scovid's super spreader reign of terror.

2021 Scovid's Hot Hotel Team Outfits

Oz Quarantine Choice :
Note : (2) PM's option only (3) Backpackers Only (Aussie trespassers will be shot)

1) States =$3,000 Lib Mobster's Crawl Space is Airtight no UV + (CBD Lockdowns)
2) PM's Camp = $2,500 (Pool / Balconies / Jamborees) > (Wotz a Lockdown)
3) [457] Q Farm = Earn $1,000's performing favours for Farmers + (Crawl Space).

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Supafreak Friday, 5 Feb 2021 at 6:54pm

Nice one TBB , where can I buy one of those team outfits , do they come in green ? Plenty of people on here have said quarantine needs to be moved from CBD , there must be some mining camps that aren’t currently operating that could be converted , many had there own airport , or maybe Hamilton island ? When I worked on barrow island it had a massive camp , not sure how big now . If we were at war the army would build something pretty dam quick . So many options.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 6 Feb 2021 at 1:44pm

Thanx supafreak.
GCB (Today) 'Quarantine Story' gets 1,100 comments (200 triggers *StarShots* *)
tbb was gonna jot responses & share insightful Aussie Q Tips...( Plan fell to bits! )
Sadly 99.9% of comments are of no use...'that bad huh!'
Group A - Played Dumb / Group B (larger) - were Party Political blame gaming.
Almost cried reading GCB braindead reader's dross...tbb blames the media!

OZ media is depriving education on Pandemic to Polarize / Divide & cast blame.
Cue News Slayer Malinda...who can best explain this technique in song.

Timeless etched in stone Media Formula is why we're fed bullshit & wanna kill.
{Keep it Simple Stupid} Control the Narrative...evokes a Ruddy wake up call.

Perfect example is Craig Kelly...
No one from any Party likes him or thinks he's worth listening to...their kind words.
However! Aussie mantra says he's allowed to have a crack...All say Aye!
Media excuses themselves for mutating lefties into Craig Kelly groupies...(Mental!)

As Oz Vaxes are killing 100's + failing to lower cases in a 35% vaxed nation.
(Mindful) You won't / can't read such honest review outside of these forums.
Then why not promote approved safe drugs that are delivering frontline results.
We already know that answer...It's not in their best interest to do so!

PS: OZ media are getting paid $24m to sell the Vax Rollout.
Be like Bouncers acting dumb, tellin' tall stories & turfing a few out the door.

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happyppl Saturday, 6 Feb 2021 at 4:52pm

Goodonya tbb, the hotel fiasco just proves the incompetence of our ruleing class top beauracrats, you think after ruby princess mass confinement spread of covid they'd learned by now?
From the beginning of hotel i knew from working in construction it would fail, and was amazed that no aircon engineers were not yelling from rooftops, media etall advising so and at least recomending uv lights in ducting and hallways.

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Supafreak Sunday, 7 Feb 2021 at 12:21pm


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velocityjohnno Monday, 8 Feb 2021 at 3:56pm

Curious corona number crunching:

August 2020:
Still 18,000 Australians trying to get home

About 1/3 of the way down, Vic to lift to 1310 a week, NSW to lift to 3010 a week, QLD to 1000 a week. Wait, what? 52 weeks of that kind of flow is 276,000 per year - surely the 18,000 would be home if we were going even at half that rate?

Jan 27:
So there's still 39,000 trying to get home? When there were 18,000 before? OK.
And then
"More than 450,000 Australian citizens or permanent residents have returned since March 13 last year,"

So there's been a lot more Australian citizens/residents coming home than those '20K, or 40K waiting to get back' articles have implied. Checking emigration figures:

2019 emigration: "298,200 overseas migrant departures, which was 8,900 more than during 2018." - so there is certainly a large amount of Australian citizens overseas, to come home.

At 450,000 from March 20 to Jan 21, and a flow rate in NSW/Vic/QLD alone of 276,000 p/y now, we're looking at about 3% or more population increase with no/very few emigrating over the two years. This might explain a bit of the real estate pricing boom. 'Overload forecaster' indeed. ABS states

"Overseas migration to and from Australia in 2019, resulted in a net increase to Australia's population of 239,600 people:"

So we're actually running at a higher rate than this with Aussie citizens coming home! I do wonder how many % are coming from well paid finance jobs with cash for a house...

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Pops Monday, 8 Feb 2021 at 3:58pm

VJ, I wonder how many are coming from Hong Kong?

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velocityjohnno Monday, 8 Feb 2021 at 4:02pm

Pops, a trip to flightradar is the next step...

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Pops Monday, 8 Feb 2021 at 4:13pm

Only reason I ask is that there was some chatter last year about encouraging HKers (particularly finance & tech types) to move here after Beijing took full control.

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velocityjohnno Monday, 8 Feb 2021 at 5:03pm

This would probably be a good thing and give Sydney extra depth as a centre of finance. Also you would think some HK people would value the freedom/legal environment. Going from their tax rates to ours, maybe not so! UK has given a mass offer to HK dual citizens to resettle, and at last reading a minority said they would do this. Moving country/culture in the midst of a (non-international) professional career can be a bit of a risk though. We will see.

Also, those numbers above on Oz arrivals, there is absolutely no way you could do this remote. It has to be CBD hotels just for the sheer number of arrivals. I can't imagine any of the mining camps I went to getting a throughput of 250,000 to 500,000 people per year.

Do people pay the Government for this? Is it 3K for a quarantine? That's a lot of 3K if so...

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synchrodogcal Tuesday, 9 Feb 2021 at 9:54am

momentum slowly building for scott no mates from the marketing mail room to take responsibility for quarantine

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 8:48am

WHO : "Not our Bat Lab or Chinese Wet Market > Blame Aussie Beef for Pandemic."

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zenagain Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 2:15pm

The report by the WHO inspectors was preordained and no surprises that the blame has been deflected to the origin of the virus being anywhere other than China. It was a forgone conclusion. It doesn't matter anyway, they've had over a year to destroy evidence, embark on a PR campaign, to discredit anyone that may have gotten too close to the truth, to stifle debate. Whitewash is exactly what it was.

History has shown the source of every major worldwide pandemic (is that a tautology?) including the bubonic plague, originated in China and spread west.

As an aside, I've been to a couple of wet markets in China and the first thing that hits you is the smell. It's not a rotten smell but it's indescribable. It envelopes you and coats you and you taste it for hours afterwards. Initially it's hard not to gag but somehow the pure freak show value draws you in. They're not friendly places either, they don't like westerners looking around.

To discount the origin being a lab offhand is disingenuous to say the least, to say it was unlikely to come from a wet market moreso, to state that it was more than possible to come from imported frozen food is laughable.

Call me what you want but in my opinion, the whole WHO inspection of the origins of the novel corona virus has been one big crock of shit.

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Supafreak Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 12:39pm

Have to agree zen , I haven’t been to a Chinese wet market but have been to them in Indonesia and I know what you mean by the smell , I couldn’t get out of the place fast enough, the crap dripping from cage to cage and the blood everywhere was fking horrible.

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Optimist Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 3:32pm

Reports show a massive spike in internet searches regarding covid like Wuhan months before it was officially reported. Aussie virologist lady way back in the beginning said this virus had to be engineered due to the cell entering grabbers being added to it.

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shoredump Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 3:43pm

100% Zen

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I focus Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 4:49pm

Fair summary Zen the investigation at this point was always going to be a charade and to be honest summary the calls for an investigation so long after the out break started.

Chinese authorities were never going to be open to meddling from foreigners

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blackers Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 1:40pm

Vicco back in lockdown everybody. Take care.

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GuySmiley Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 3:06pm

As someone in Vicco now back in a 5 day lockdown I'm pretty pissed off, however, the premier is now hinting he wants to permanently shutdown hotel quarantine except compassionate grounds and to me that's a good thing. It's time for Morrison to get off his arse and to accept his quarantine (remote) responsibilities.

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velocityjohnno Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 3:11pm

Agree. Federally run, actually quarantined from major metro areas.

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synchrodogcal Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 3:42pm

i have it on good authority that the prime minister for announcements will announce this announcement within the next 72 hours, this announcement may or may not be a non core type announcement, further announcements will be announced to clarify the original announcement

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Supafreak Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 3:53pm

What about some of the outback ghost towns ? Woomera would have airport and hospital, I think population today is about 150 odd ? Army could upgrade hospital , each state surely has a remote town or island with required needs ie airport and hospital , or build a temporary hospital for covid patients, it’s just an idea , CBD is not working

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truebluebasher Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 5:02pm

Optimist is spot on, with both searches and ugly beast with a perfect human furin.

Oct: Military Games
Wuhan PPE Masked Airport staff took Temps of 11,000 Competitors
Welcomed Athletes to abandoned cityscape (Reported on varied media)
Virus Outbreak of 400 competitors approx...blocks of 6 athlete units infected
Medical supplies ran out as athletes suffered horridly for '2 weeks' with a Virus.
Doctors have since said it was Covid (World military banned all Questions)
Military media. ("Don't know what Mega Event your talking about, see ya!")
Note US team (Upper Rank) Stayed in City not far from Wet Markets.

17th Nov - China's Case 1 - (Hubei man 55y/o) This is widely Reported...
We Chat searches soared for Coronavirus / Sars ...(just as Optimist said )
All Above > Wuhan knew of Coronavirus / PPE -Airport / News / Online searches
1st Dec - (Alzheimers Man 70's) He never left his house. (Carer!)
Local Doctors - Virus spreading 1 > 5 cases / day prior to Wet Market Cluster.
9th Dec - Total 28 cases
(Important!) Not one case above this line had visited or associated with Markets
10th Dec - Case 29 (Shrimp Lady 57 y/o begins Wet Market *Cluster).
20th Dec- 60 cases
Syndicated lazy Media annoyingly keep branding 1st *Cluster as 1st Covid Case...
Oz PM actually read Page 3 Ladz Magz as gospel...go figure...

Here's another Media anomaly...
No Aussie has been infected with Covid by a Chinese...Oz 1st cases were from Iran!
Again! Don't expect News to calm the waters > (Oz abused & spat on Chinese)
In return China says Aussies started Pandemic by baiting Frozen Lamb Chops.
(Choose) Sickly Sloppy Wet Market (vs) 6x Glad Wrapped Toxic Styrofoam Market

Covid: "Thanks but no thanks, not fuckin' desperate!" Now bosses VIP quarantine.

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Optimist Saturday, 13 Feb 2021 at 8:40am

I know Asio has a presence in Beijing as they all do. But what were our guys doing during the start of the plague...No reports...nothing...I think I found out what they were doing...

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truebluebasher Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 1:01am

The School Bully, Horse, Dog, Bitch, Cow, Ratz, Cockroaches & Mutants.

Firstly! Qldurrz alongside all Aussies thank NSW for bringing Aussies Home.
All notice the high cost of Flights & Quarantine & Qldurrz Hot Hotel tab.
So much for the Hotel Bill.

tbb first thought Qldurrz should pay NSW Quarantine Bill but is that fair?
Qldurrz will still likely pay... but not in kind + deserve to put the story straight.
Here's a Qldurrz reasoning behind very believable Political Stunt.

Lib/Feds choose sites, Hot Hotels from Lib NSW Donor operators
Feds deny any State from bumping Lib Hot Hotel unrentable crawl spaces
Qld have been trying to dump Jerry & Jamie's Hot Hotel Crawl Space Chain.
End the CBD lockdown but Bully Scomo won't dump his donors plush deal.

Few realise that NP Deputy PM 'administers caps' to ghost or Outbreak Quarantine.
NP Mobster flies in Farm Slaves & fills Lib Hotels when they need more rent.
His State bitches job is to wipe up Fed run outbreaks & look guilty on evening TV.

Feds ONLY provide NSW free of charge > AFP, ABF, ADF, Red Cross to cut costs.
Feds order NSW to bill all states for their residents bludging in NSW hotels..
Feds exempt NSW from paying costs of NSW residents in other State Hot Hotels
Feds deny Other States from billing NSW residents in their care.
Qld must provide free Hospital Care to NSW > Far greater value than Hot Hotel Bill.
Wind up Scomo bullied That Heartless Bitch Anna everytime North NSW got sick.

Qld Hot Hotel base cost is $2,625 / person & charge $2,800

NSW costs are cut down by Feds paying for all civic operators, includes tests.
NSW Hot Hotel base cost is $1,760 / person & charge $3,000 + $500 / window

Balance Sheet...
Qld 8,000 Aussies base cost = $20m
Qld Hospitals freely service North NSW > $20m Wot cost for healthy neighbours.
Qld have never hinted billing NSW Quarantine or NSW Outbreak Controls.
Border Patrols / Bubbles don't come cheap & cost Qld trade. (No Outbreak billing!)

Scomo/NSW bill for 8,000 Qldurrz = $30m (NSW own base cost = $14m)
Here's a reality check....

18 July 2020 (NSW $3,000 start) - 20 Nov 2020
NSW Quarantine payments > 4,156 / 43,684 (Only 10% paid)
$31m Exempt includes free NSW ADF (PM supplies Gladys with everything!)
48hr Flybys >(No address) NSW bill all these foreign travellers to other States.
$27m Unpaid / $8.5m Not Billed /
$10m Payments made.
Total 90% have not paid for NSW Quarantine.

7,112 Qldurrz x Cost $1,760 each = $12.5m (NSW > Qld residents Quarantine Bill)
6,000 NSW x Cost $2,625 each = $15.75m (Qld > NSW residents Quarantine Bill)
Gladys ramped 100% Mark Up...$30m (That's why it got torn Up!)
NSW owes QLD $ 3.25m for Hot Hotel...tbb just tore it up...forget it!
Qld also covers NSW medical, outbreak border bills worth more than double that!
All in this they say!

Why should Qldurrz pay this snotty Lib bitches' blatant criminal pandemic rort.
If NSW Premier promises the $30m into Health...tbb is happy to pay his $6.00.
Qldurrz are fine with sharing border Health...chip in tbb's share for Tweed Hospital.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 12:40am

US cases drop but not due to vax ...says everyone!
1 Seasonality 2x Late Record Freeze isolation-Texas 56% down + on set warming.
2 Holiday's Peak time has ended as Towns grow quiet
3 Lockdown / Transit restrictions
4 Record Immunity cases
5 Tapering down of Tests (Extreme Winter closed / cut off testing) 13.5% down
6 More / double Masking
7 Social Distancing
8 Vaccines Were ruled out - It's too early to tell, Maybe by Fall

US White folk get vaxed 2x more than Blacks + 3x more than Hispanic.
Many states were called out for not recording race to further hive allocation.
Pregnant Women are written out of half of the States.
Pregnant covid infection rate (Priority) 13.9 / 1,000 (vs) Same Age 7.3 / 1,000

Case numbers are rising in 84 countries (11 Nations doubled their cases)
Australia is one of those countries on the rise...note since rollout...(Now standard)

Israel case "Spikes" have doubled from (28 Feb 2,472/day) to (2 March 5,260)
Active cases (*Lowest) 28 Feb-36,645 > (*Highest) 3 March-42,515
Case rises are very much being avoided & played down as election draws near!
All were quick to claim Covid Miracle but same crew have lost their tongues! Shh!
Elephant is not yet in the room but is casting a shadow.(Another miracle please!)
Health Official ...Israel heading into another Covid Vax lockdown before election!

So if vax is meant to give you a double dose of Covid...then it's working just fine!
Which Oz TV Station is running this program...Just a joke! They'd lose their License.

Graphs also show UK/Israel 1st Doses fuelled Covid Outbreaks & rocketed cases!
Each Phase that hovers around 1st Dose unleashes "Bullet Proof" Vax Godz.

Watch how EU best vaxerz record highest covid cases & Anti vaxerz keep neutral.
tbb is not saying that slackers are immune to Vax superspreaderz.
Just important to point out that the Anti vax Nations are not spreading covid!

tbb didn't do all this research to prove any point...had no idea cases were up!
Read above...this report was meant to see how vax is reducing Covid.
Sorry that it turned to shit faster than any thought...tbb will fake a happy ending!

Never expected to reveal fucked up vax anomalies...they just keep attacking tbb.
What's that World Media sees it, but refuses to call out! (Repeat cycle)

EU vax ranked (Country) > Covid rise...5/3/2021
(1) 32% UK x 2 - worrying as Israel (Ease lockdowns cases rise) No vax miracle!
(2) 23% Serbia x 3 - Leading Anti Vaxerz prove that Vax gives you Covid...D'oh!
(3) 20% Malta x 2 - Cases are actually soaring with vax since day 1 (Alarming!)
(4) 12% Denmark x 2 - VIP {POV} Pushers + wannabe Olympic Vax cheats. Fakes!
(5) 12% Hungary x 6 (Due to rollout hitting gear) Like Malta > needs Vax iso' laws!

EU stats clearly show the faster & more you rollout > the more Covid Cases.
Knock yourselves the stats whichever way you like...that's wot it shows.

Nope! You won't be seeing this on heavily censored Oz communist TV or [f].
In fact a [f] user was booted for pointing out that Deaths climbed with Vax...Shh!
tbb can't share that link as it was disintegrated by [f] Big Pharm Bullies.

Probably best to keep this to yourselves...don't wanna have yer door kicked in!
Anti vaxerz France couldn't be obviously records neutral case rises.
Germany have tried their best to spit out shitty vax to record slight rise in cases.

#1 vaxerz Oz slack-arse snail pace may yet save the World from reinfecting itself!
* *Daggydadpollskyrockets** ..."Did I do that?"

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 6:57am

TBB will fake a happy ending , that’s classic mate lol , how long before oz has another lockdown ? Better start looking for plan B I reckon , maybe treatment for virus needs to be investigated ? The rest of the world is looking at it but our experts are very confident vaccines will save the day . Hope they haven’t fcked up again.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 1:24pm

Here! Here! Superfreak...maybe the virus origin investigation needs to be less fake.
tbb's mentors Ebright, Petrovsky, Butler & McFarlane hint WHO are imposters.
Least suited for their self trumpeted red carpet Rock Star Welcome.
Scientists say WHO never had a mandate nor independence to whitewash the Lab.

WHO interim report into Origin was recently scrapped...from Sold Out to pure evil.

Good Guys want to re-examine Dr No's "Dr Moreau Junior Play Set Lab"
GOF Overlord DASZAK claims the 26 rebel lab ratz are politically motivated...

Pretty weird as Oz Pollies cuts out funding & tongues of anyone whispering WIV Lab.
All Oz politicians / Media / Anti vaxerz are too scared to go down to the basement.

These esteemed dedicated honest 26 scientists are last hope to save earth.
Super Hero Ebright needs a team...proud to see brave Aussies goin' next level.
Restores faith in science..take a bow Rebel Alliance...we don't deserve you!

Scientists remind that Oz Govt pushed for an 'independent inquiry'.
Scomo says that was before the Mutant Invasion...One Of Us One Of Us One Of Us.
World clicks vials & swigs more Aussie Vax. "Onyastraya" Besties! Cheers!
OMG! We're dead to the World...aren't we!

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 12:56pm

Vaccination > {POV} > Shielding...Oops! forgot my Covid shield.
That's right! After yer double dose you enter the Shielding Phase.
Despite Phase 1 immunity UK has gone next level lockdown > Feb 25 - March 31.
Odd that BBC only reported on Shieldies law on March 5.

Post Vax World Lockdown is more restrictive than Pre Vax.
Response is to widespread UK cases rising...

Are You on the Shielding List?
Don't worry as you soon will be...with a new data set added daily.
Elderly, immigrant, homeless, Fat, imperfect, Pill popper, Down Syndrome, Pregnant, asthma, immuno-transplant-kidney-cancer-Heart-Lung-Blood patients

Shieldies are priority & were 1st to be vaxed so should have greatest immunity!
Right...Well obviously not! Govt must hold serious doubts with vax immunity?

4m UK Shieldies have become prisoners in their own homes at all times.
No one shall visit a Shieldy...not now, not ever!
Not Mandatory....[*Everyone in UK is expected to follow Lockdown Rules*].

Interesting as the only group that is completely vaxed is only group to Lockdown?
Want Weirder?
Remaining 820,000 unvaxed Shieldies will be prioritized Vax...(Despite Isolation?)
Once vaxed & immune...will promptly be poked back into their crawl spaces.

Shieldies must stay 2m from others in Household at all times.
No going to Work / Chemists / Shops
Exemptions for Med "Appointments Only" & Exercise therapy!
90,000 kids can only be removed from list by specialist Medical / Family meet.

Welcome to yer post Vax World of even stricter outbreak response lockdowns.

Note: These Shieldies are the priority VIP {POV} community.
Hate to think what happens to poor bastards that are not a Shiedly?

san Guine's picture
san Guine's picture
san Guine Thursday, 11 Mar 2021 at 8:31pm

Couldn't find the vax thread so will post here.

Got my Pfizer vax today.
Its brilliant. With my new 5G connectivity I got the extras package which includes the complimentary tour of Vlads' dacha on the Black Sea. His dungeon is amazing, very 60's Soviet chic.
Apparently, when I get the second jab in 3 weeks, I can get the "full Monty" package which includes VR, of Vlad sans shirt.

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Thursday, 11 Mar 2021 at 9:00pm

Congratulations san g , I was reading on a indo law and order forum that even though vaccinated you still must do 5 day quarantine on entering Indonesia , do you know if vaccinated then going abroad from Australia do you still have to do 14 day quarantine on return ?

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 7:57pm

3 million masks discarded every minute ? If those are correct figures then the environmental disaster on our oceans will be enormous

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 17 Mar 2021 at 10:29pm

Comment / 2019 > 2020 Stats
blowin questioned that 2020 fatalities might well lower here & there...

From an isolated nations & Australian perspective he's more than right.

Australia in Focus
Less Aussies died during 2020 than 2019 (Stats to Nov. all but verify such)
31st March - Official Oz Death Stats for 2020 (Delay!)

Following stats are tabled monthly...tbb recalculated & double checked Toll. {RIP}
NZ - *2019 - 34,260 > *2020 - 32,613 (1,647 less deaths )
Victoria - *2019 - 43,944 > *2020 - 41,147 (2,797 less deaths) Undertaker's Inquiry blames Dan.
Qld - *2019 - 33,190 > *2020 - 32,010 (1,180 less deaths )
NSW- (Need help here!) NSW with Feds stall & hide 2020 stats. Anyone got these?

* Fed Govt can legitimize slowing Vax Rollout / So what other reason to bury Good news?
* Labor Govt's openly share death data on successive monthly > basis.
* Lib's have delayed dumps to exploit stats for a reason ( Govt's Pandemic windfall)
* Did Lockdowns work too good? (NSW stats may be hiding an awkward truth?)

One needs to turbo back-peddle the Daily Doomsday Dirigible to come back down to earth.
All news wants more death more more...less death is simply not an option...
credit to following for kinda bucking the trend...

Isolated nations reversing their death toll during Pandemic...(*Indicated - Not Verified )
Baltic States
Iceland / Finland / Norway / Denmark / *Latvia

Iron Curtain ( Let's just agree to disagree to agree or die )
*Georgia / * Turkmenistan / *Mongolia / *North Korea

Asian Islands
Japan -2019 - 1,393,917 > *2020 - 1,384,544 (1st death toll drop in 11 years)
South Korea (Bordered by sea & Giant Border Wall)
Taiwan - 2020 - 173,156 ( 1.8% less deaths than 2019)
*Singapore + *Philippines
*Thailand ( Appears land locked but is bounded by NP Ranges / Mekong River / Gulf)

*Costa Rica ( recall UA [Fake Tests] Outbreak)

*Pacific Islands (Info is hard to get on these smaller islands) re: WHO cases.
Australia / New Zealand

Africa (Stats are near non existent or dodgy)
Covid was confined to S' Africa + Mediterranean Ports -Morocco / Tunisia / Egypt
The rest was near Covid free
Note! SA countries are still wary of mass outbreaks of Ebola / Malaria + Mutants.

Bonus... goes undercover deep into Iso'

Lowest number of Cases in remote locations.
1 - Vanuatu

Outpost Contagion
Antarctica-58 Covid cases
International Space Station covid from the top down.

2020 Super duper Intergalactic pandemic spread missions
Moon - China Covid Contagion > Propagating in Moon dust?
Mars - China / UAE / US Covid contagion > Multiplying in a Mars Lake bed?

Andromeda Strain (Revisited)

swellnet crew's (Bonus Sci fi variant)

1971 { The Andromeda Strain } ...Enjoy!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 19 Mar 2021 at 1:06pm

Japan head the list & were long framed for elder abuse to gain inheritance.
Western Countries with High Death Taxes also share highest Aged Care Outbreaks.
Not surprisingly these outbreaks were Govt orchestrated by sacrificing lowest paid slaves.
Immigrants over represent + earn only 50% salary fighting on World's Age Care frontline
Immigrants infect Rich White Elderly (Racist Conservative Greedy Govts = Game set match -Win Win)
Modern conservative Nations expect to recover faster with 50% less elderly + inherited portfolios

Even more sinister was Govts delaying & hiding deaths in order to drip feed their inheritance plague.
Lockdown! Bummer! Better keep well clear of our all Age Care for a Month > now 3 months > Year.
Note: Age Care catch cry! "I must've phoned 100x times or more & gave up in the end!" ( No Accident!)

Consider also that these Govt orchestrated plots targeted wealthiest Age Care clusters.
All fingers point to Govts home shopping for #1 Covid Property inheritance to cover losses.
Sure! It's a big claim, but separately almost all of these nations were accused of much greater evil.

Compiling a list of Highest Death Tax nations corresponds with Govt Age Care Covid Outbreaks.
A stark reminder that elder abuse is alive & kicking & by only the greatest pretenders of all (Us!)
Welcome to yer worst nightmare...your Govt are the ultimate grave robbers.

Introductory overview is oddly by an innocent bystander, namely NZ ?

{ List of Death Tax Champions with their favoured Aged Care kill plots }.

55% Japan ( It's fair to say Japan we're a massive Elder abuse Target & can come good in a crisis!)
One could paint an equally bad (Non reporting) to Response was better than many here!
Knowing what we know! Any Covid Elder Abuse would need to be targeted. (We would know little about)

50% South Korea - Age Care being Cohorted to Death

Notes: Both Japan & South Korea reported less deaths (Whole) in 2020 than 2019.
Sure! They had the most inheritance to gain but had limited opportunity (see: Australia)

45% France "Only half report Age Care deaths to ministry"

40% UK- "Covid Inheritance Windfall" + "Govt accused of Age Care Human Rights Abuse"
"UK refuses to publish Age Care Covid Deaths"

40% US "Official claims NY Governor to blame for Age Care Deaths"
"NY Age Care deaths 50% higher than reported."

34% "Spain left it's elderly to die"..."No way will one Sick senior go to hospital"

33% Ireland (Health Officials) "Stay away from Blame!" ( [f] Covid friendly headline was in May 2020)
"Age care incidences were 45x higher yet State Health Crisis Teams were denied." [ wow ] Die! Die!

30% Belgium (Amnesty): " Govt abandoned 1,000's of Elderly (61.3%) cases died in Age Care!'

30% Germany " (Criminal indifference) There is no official Statistic for Covid Cases in Age Care"

25% (Under) Considered less incentive therefore likely less a Govt fuelled Outbreak. there's heaps but neither tbb or crew have time to dwell on endless pandemic death scams.
In order to address this shortcoming tbb thinks it only fair to include our own WR anomaly.
Mostly to rule in or out any Govt led Age Care Crisis...(Most would say yer clutching at straws tbb)
All the more reason to have a crack...& we'll never know what turns up! (tbb had a hunch is real ugly.)
Interestingly Australia has 'No Death Taxes?' 'but' it secretly claims the #1 highest take of all.

95% Australia ( Victoria ) Intestate TAX. Age Care Minister "Nope! No idea how many died?"
Fed Govt withheld Age Care deaths by 2mths....These bodies ramped Vic stats > Testing > Kill Dan.
Feds dump the bodies onto State Tally only after inheritance legals are gained. (74.6% of Oz cases)
Now before you all start picking sides! Dan was perfectly fine with this, counting his 50/50 windfall.

( Important ) 50% of Aussies have no crew can see Govt's rubbing their Covid hands.
Vic is Multicultural Hub & as so increases restrictions on Claim options & reduces next of Kin status.
Along with Tax nations deploys standard Lockout / Body reporting delays / No phone answering.
Employ a dopey Aged Care Minister : "Wot bodies! Never saw no bodies! Did I die or something!"
The minister is a stooge! To throw everyone off the scent..."Just how many bodies did I lose again!"

Govt returns only 5% of estate or $500,000....a livelyhood goodwill gesture or the worth of a House
But! hang on for a Aust Govt is so nice to hand back 5% of yer inheritance...In yer dreams!
Govt intestate billing don't come cheap, try $500,000 or just give them your new house back. (Fair!)

100% Australia will take the bloody lot thanx digger...can they be 100% evil?
tbb's lawyer : "You don't have to answer client will instead issue a [f] Flashy Yuppie Warning!

(tbb says sorry to trouble you with a smug "one of those" leading question thingies...)
But crew can now see why....
...Dan / Scomo needed a new inner city land release Property Portfolio Age Care inheritance Crisis? are just paid off dopey pricks that do what our Govt says?
...them there fake hollow retarded Inquiries are a farce before they begin?

Is it time to Tax Big Inheritances?

Cries for help to stamp out this Plague of Idle Rich Covid Billionaires

Wot about Me Too...poor folk want equal rights to ripped off by Big Corp Govts as well.
Really weird that Gates has US # 1 Governor Unis during Covid.
Even weirder that they run all Govt Covid incentives
Still weirder how he wants to test World of povs in order to win a Gates ID credit card food hamper!
No! Doesn't sound that weird after all...luv to be a Gate's Global nerdborg banking prisoner!
Oldie but a Goodie...seems to be climbing the charts.

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Supafreak Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 at 5:51am

Updated history of pandemics. Interesting website , everything from greenest countries to billionaires

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Blowin Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 at 6:15am

Oh, oh. The poor Snuffy Smith might find his lonely old brain cell flummoxed in this situation

How to label some people who protest the shitful workings of the CCP as Anti Asian if they are Asian themselves? Confusing!

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Snuffy Smith Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 at 8:49am

They are coming for your chainsaw and your mangoes.SMH told me so

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Snuffy Smith Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 at 8:52am

Oh and your silly poetry.

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truebluebasher Sunday, 28 Mar 2021 at 2:06pm

Qld Govt info (Pre - Easter Holiday Alerts & Lockdowns)

ABC Pre Easter Interstate Covid Travel Blog (News) is up to speed as of print.

Qld Health Alerts Coronavirus (Covid -19)
Alarming it is...22nd Feb 2021 - Qld Vaccine Rollout Day 1 spiked Qld's 2nd covid wave of 120 cases
Premier : We're running close to 1st wave peak Covid Hospital Capacity

Bne River -Luggage Point Wastewater has been flowing Covid non stop since Rollout.
All Qld Cites (excluding Townsville) have been detecting Covid in their Wastewater.

Current cases soared to 71 > hospitals cases 62 > Bne Nth 37 -Sth 8 / GC 15 / SC 8 / Cairns 2 / TS 1

Greater Bne Contact Tracing Alert
24 Exposure sites contact Test stations (6 high risk) + Testing Clinic Rates have Tripled
Greater Bne Restricted Areas - Hospitals / Age Care / Assist homes / Prisons
600 Hospitalized Elderly are locked out of Age Care > $15m - 130 extra Beds > $25m announced

Add 11.5 % increase Emergency patients all leads to extra wait & ramping of Ambulances
Outpatients are shunted out to Telehealth + appointments rebooked weekly & last minute!

Qld Policy is to hospitalize all o/s Covid Cases to isolated them from community.
New RBWH Covid Quarantine Hospital Ward has come online to better contain mix of variants.
Qld had too many Mutant outbreaks so Hospital a/c was only option! + (Visitor Arrangements?)
Qld Premier : Quarantine getting 5-6 [+] cases daily for weeks or (Since Vax Rollout)
Premier : More & More arrivals are returning with Covid
Frontline Q/flight vaxerz are ripe for 8 days + o/s Oz can't get jabbed & hemmed in by a rise in Day 8 vaxerz.
Qld Premier requested PM to halve 1,300 weekly arrivals to 650 / week (PM just approved)

On top of all of that Qldurrz are now priority vaxing in Torres Strait & PNG ahead of Qldurrz.
While Qld is hospitalizing PNG covid cases for PM who refuses to host emergency PNG Quarantine Camp!

Qld Health redirecting emergency patients to GP's & PM is pressing Mass labour migration Vax upon GPs
GP's get little to no extra money + inadequate Crawl Spaces for surgery & Pathology.

Masks are now mandatory on Transit / Theatres / Venues / Crowds (Slow response)
Varied Strains + now Community transmission but still No Lockdown...(On everyone's Minds)
PM + Premier are riding their luck with this new open style lockdown so to not spoil Easter.

Obviously States don't buy it & all rightly lock out Qldurrz & we'd do just the same! Happy Easter!
PM's good news is Fake News each & every time...(Not one State buys into Fed's Fake Health Advice)
Qldurrz will be the 1st to back any & all states override of PM's "Gotta Lotta Faith in Qld!"

Good Friday Match Fixtures are "Up in the Air & Under a Cloud"...Luv to get a ticket for that Round!
To everyone who said Qldurrz were too stupid to launch a 2nd wave! Better late than whatever dude!

Interstate / Greater Bne Lockouts...
*Note Gold/Sunny Coasts- re: [+] Hospitals / Wastewater (Stats run constantly high since Rollout)
Qldurr tbb is saying SEQ is to rethink traditional Qld Easter Holidays.
If yer still coming then cover all refunds, backtrax, Testing Queues & return lockouts beforehand.
Our PM & Premier are playing this down (Again) Recall Scomo's 2020 Easter's stalling tactics!

Qld Covid Test Centres (Just in Case!)

Stick to yer own State's advice...all reckon we Qldurrz a risk & they just might be onto something!
WA : Qldurrz (Interim Border Control) 2 days Test [-] or 14day Quarantine.
WA has 10 active cases.

Vic : (From 12 March) 16,000 Hot Spot (Orange) Qldurrz booted out of Stadium + Test Isolate >[-]

Tas / NT / ACT (1 case) Warm Spot Qldurrz must seek permission to Enter before Travelling

SA - Hot Spot Qldurrz 2 day Test Isolate [-] > Open Tests Day 5 > Day 13
SA currently has 14 active Covid cases

NSW Contacts Banned + (Qld Hot Spots) 2 day Test / Isolate for result.
NSW has a healthy 59 active Covid cases

PM : Havago at this hippity hoppity Covid trail...How good is Qld!
Qldurrz wish a Happy Easter to Me too Mr Prime Minister.

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velocityjohnno Sunday, 28 Mar 2021 at 1:29pm

Good post tbb. Relationship between administering of vaccine and spikes in cases?

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truebluebasher Monday, 29 Mar 2021 at 12:56am

thanks crew ...Yes Exactly!
Israel Prof's. Paul Hunter / Dr Julli Brainard..
"Warn" the risk of Covid infection doubled in the first 8 days after Pfizer Vax.
Fastest Rollouts magnify this effect but show vaccine ramped covid cases faster than they fell.
tbb reported on this often...plain for whole world to see...The vaccine Rollout spikes Covid.
Pause: Include Rollout in mind when Vax is has a lot to do with Rollout!
19th Dec 2020- Israel Rollout 1,874 cases
15th Jan 9,304 -cases + Record peak doses / day > intro 2nd doses
20th Jan 10,213 - Record cases (Exactly) allowing 5-8 days for 2nd dose Pfizer 2x Vax spreaderz
18 March 1,384 - Vax Rollout bottoms out so to does the Covid Cases.
As Israel Vaccine Rollout dies in the arse then so too the Covid perishes

Covid Vaccination Rollout certified standard protocol.
( tbb compiled this basic list of how Vaccine Rollouts spread Covid )
Basic as list can be as long as you like...easily!

*Scientists still don't know if Vaccinated can spread Covid
* Vax increases covid infection two-fold for the first 8 days after both 1 + 2 doses
* Immunity doesn't kick in...until 2 weeks after 2nd Vaccine ( 6wks min )
* After vax Outbreaks CDC increased start or Immunity from 10 days to 14 days (Post 2nd Vax)
* You can have Covid but vaccine doesn't cure it, so you will unknowingly spread it!

* Negative Weaponized Frontline presents as it's own mystery plague mid Pandemic
* 2x Infected Frontline reinfecting all travellers recycling max frontline Covid
* Community vaccination swarms the 2x infectious Frontline that cure us!

* Covid Rollouts call on 'largest simultaneous pilgrimage of world populous' ever in history.
* World Rollout by default 'Crowds most people' in 'shortest space of time' ever in History.
That's a Super Duper WR Spread that no one ever cares to logistics?
Vax Card could legitimize a free return transit home.
Sounds goofy but Hospital / Doctors [P] is most expensive & premium. (Win! Win!)
(10th August) Vote'n'Vax'n'Census (Trifecta Jab) ...tbb sorted that one for free!

* Prolonged vaccinations in Nursing Homes start 100's of onsite outbreaks.
* A Covid Case still requires Vaccinated Age Care / centres to Isolate & test for 14 days

* Vaccinated people should delay domestic Travel, Medium Crowds & Isolate if Symptomatic
* Vaccinated must mask & keep min 6ft apart & avoid non vented spaces.
* Bulletproof vaccinated immediately boycott masks & Social distancing
* Vaccinated Frontline can unsuspectingly shed virus daily over non vaccinated passenger / patients.
* Vaccinated Frontline Covid worker would pass Daily Tests unknowingly starting an outbreak.

Note this is just baseline safety for a Rollout...All agree there is nothing Costly or Tricky here.
Seriously crew, this is just standard Heath practice & acting responsibly for one another.
You would expect junior staff to implement this during a Rollout!

Name one World Rollout that complies with just one of the above certified Vax Rollout precautions.
Then if not...All Rollouts are openly defying Vax safety to dangerously spread Covid. No ifs or buts!
Please! No one defend any of these's not worth yer breath.
The system is not just broke it's been flipped upside down...a rare few must be pedalling real hard.

Most countries...namely Australia openly gloat defying all of these basic Rollout precautions.
eg: PM fights states over (No Vent) Quarantine + SD is 20% less + TGA clears Immunity after Day 8.
Oz Govt are least compliant with basic Vax Rollout guidelines on all above mentioned.

Oz watched PM + 80-100 media trample breach medicos SD in Frontline workplace
Health MP No arm sterilisation / soiled needle / cover delay+ NSW Premier + Health MP Test breaches
Oz Rollout denies patients their [Batch Number on Vax Card] hence no receipt! (Govt > No Compo!)
Most other countries offer Batch number & Compo without saying...not [L]Vax...Suck it Up!

Since start of Rollout tbb has written 3x to Qld Health sharing baseline Rollout mop up!
tbb's main request was to consider rostering 8 day rotation of vaccinated Frontline.
tbb noted Rollout led to Covid Wastewater Rises then Doctors then Quarantine staff cases > Crisis

UK Rollout day 1 -172 cases/day > UK peak Covid 1,820 cases day= (Peak 1st Doses)
25th Dec Chile Rollout > > 366,490 extra cases > > 27th March (#1 fastest Rollout / pop density)
Note : Israel / UK / Chile WR fastest Rollouts perfectly partnered WR Fastest Highest Outbreaks

Qld Rollout spikes 2nd wave Covid (Reportedly overwhelming 1st wave Hospital Crisis)

Not sure how many examples are needed to example Vax is World Record Covid spreader!
supafreak's #1 vax site will show tbb has chipped away at this & thinks it's most serious...
That's why tbb thinks it's worth sharing the above Rollout Vax Guidelines.

tbb last advised Qld Health 2-3 weeks our 2nd Wave is at Crisis point.
Proud Qldurr played his part...if tbb thinks of another answer...will submit that also.
Actually wrong to say tbb has any answers, may kinda look like that!
Can't hide the fact that commonsense shines through to steamroll tbb!
If the bone is pointing at us Qldurrz then we lay all cards on the table...all in
We walled ourselves in & now we wait for the Wave.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021 at 2:20am

Qld Flight Club Vaxxerz

March 2020 Qatar begin daily repat flights to Brisbane
23rd June - Qatar repat package pricing
22 Dec 2020 Bne South Africa Mutant

5 Jan 2021 -Melbourne Qatar Crew Test [+]
Late Dec - 8th Jan - UK variant > Greater Brisbane Lockdown
9/10 Jan- Bne Emirates Crew [+] Flight Cancelled & crew Repatriated
15th - Qatar Sky Fleet begins AO Covid Bombardment of Melbourne
15th - Emirates Flights Suspended on East Coast Oz.(re: 50% caps) No mention of dodgy AO Tests
22nd - Denmark ban Dubai Flights over suspicious Covid Tests.
25-28th Emirates resume Flights resume to Brisbane - East Coast

*4th Feb - Temp / Bridging Visas, Refugees, Asylum Seekers to get Vax (Not listed in Phases)
17th Feb -8th March Qatar Airways Russian Mutant spreads 6 onboard cases > Hot Hotel
*28th Feb - Emirates delivers Oz AZ vax

5th March - QOC surprise Oatar with Qlympic Re-Bid!
10th March - Qatar serious Covid spike 4x from Jan > More ICU required
*15th March - All over 18y'o can book vax equally in Regional Towns. (Vax tourists less Welcome!)
15th March - UK red list Qatar
17th March - Oz get desperate for a less infectious Mutant Turnstyle...Singapore says No! (Bugger!)
*17th March - Qld has a ready pool of Standby Vax recipients for bonus 28.5% vax with LDS 6/7.
Ready Pool is not advertised to Public's prioritized for (PM's off grid VIP's / Slaves / Visas)
Qld Rollout is likely slowed to Timetable daily Flights to vax VISA's with unphased LDS 6/7 doses.
Feds ordered Vax waste reports- LDS 30% Pricey vax save, explains why they're laying off Anna's Rollout.
In other words...Feds slow rollout by 30% in order to Vax the slaves & the LDS would part pay for it!
18th March - Migration (English TEST) Torn Up!... PM: All are welcome...
18th March - Joint Standing Committee prioritize Migration Flights, rooms, Quarantine > dump Repats.
18th March - Legal Migration Deregulation...anything goes...send more slaves NOW!
24th March - UK Strain triggers Qatar 2nd Wave > SA strain takes Hold
Surgeries now dedicated ICU Floors > Outpatients to Telehealth
40% cases are under 50 y'o / 58% increase in Hospitalisation / 82% ICU + Daily deaths
27th March - All Qatar Airlines are sick of reading the Local Paper for their Flight Schedule.
26-27th March- Qatar Mutants / Bne Lockdown Jobz Jobz Jobz
Qatar Airways Brisbane Services Duty Officer
Qatar Airways Brisbane Services Supervisor
Qatar Airways Brisbane Airport Services Manager
29 March (22nd Feb Rollout) Qld Cases > 143 - 5 Quarantine cases / day from #1Covid Turnstyle Qatar +(PNG)
29th March - Qld 2 wave proves more strain on Qld Hospitals resulting in Lockdown
31st March - Emergency Visa Renew (Expiry date is ramping Visa Vaxes for Uni / employment )

PM has flooded all end / new VISA intake medicals with Easter Long Weekend Lockdown

Qatar Airlines are growing to 71% capacity to 130 countries ( re: Each flight is ramping more cases

HUMAN RIGHTS ~ World Cup Boycott Qatar Slaves (vs) Team Australia < > Qatar Slave Trade.

Scomo's CEO's Slave Trade has infected frontlines & Closed Hospitals in both Qatar & Queensland.
You lie down with the Dog you get fleas!
No Scomo! Of course you don't get another Slave Outpost.
If whole World has the guts to call them out, surely we can jump off this Qatar Mutant Turnstyle...

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b.b.b Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021 at 4:03pm

Wow!! Seems censorship and blocking of factual information is the New Normal.

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udo Wednesday, 31 Mar 2021 at 4:21pm

Byron Blues fest Cancelled !!!