Guy Dixon

Solid pulses, with light winds due mid-late next week

Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa forecast Guy Dixon (issued Thursday 28th April)

Best Days: Monday and Tuesday wind permitting. Otherwise mid-late next week

This week and weekend (Friday 29th - Sunday 1st):

Wednesday’s swell came in on forecast, plus some. Solid options were breaking in the 6-8ft range with reports of triple overhead sets breaking at exposed bombies. The size has subsequently eased back through today and will continue to do so in the coming days, slowed only by reinforcing energy produced by continued, weaker frontal activity southwest of WA.

We are still on track to for sets in the 4-5ft range on Friday, easing further on Saturday from the 3-5ft range, before becoming small and playful on Sunday.

Light/moderate east/southeasterly trade flow looks to persist on Friday and Saturday, before weakening and becoming variable for much of Sunday.

Next week (Monday 2nd onward):

The lull into Sunday will be short lived however, with Monday looking to kick back up to the 6ft range generated by a frontal progression which has been moving up from waters south of Heard Island to inevitably impact southern WA today.

Continued activity over Southern Ocean will provide slow an otherwise easing trend on Tuesday, with options fading from the 4-5ft range, however energy building from swell sources much over southwestern parts of the Indian Ocean look to in on Wednesday and Thursday, increasing to a peak at around 6ft+.

Easterly trade-winds will develop once again on Monday and Tuesday, but remaining light. Mid-late next week, this airflow should ease and become variable, with good timing for the peak in swell.