Kingscliff Boardriders win first Surftag title in eighteen years        

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Kingscliff Boardriders Club have won their first ever Surftag Title defeating Snapper Rocks, Burleigh Heads and D’Bah in the Men’s Final of the FISHBOWL Surftag QLD Championships at Duranbah Beach. Kingscliff’s second surfer Mitch James was the standout in the one hour final scoring 21.10 that included a 7.33 Powerwave.

Mitch James – Kingscliff Boardriders (Adrenaline Shots)

Competitors made the most of the clean one meter A-frames on offer with Snapper Rocks opening surfer Max Kearney locking in a near perfect 9.5 on his first wave in the decider for three huge backhand snaps. The Kingscliff team of Wesley Christian (12.40), Micah Margieson (13.63), Ruben Brinsmead (19.43), Brad King (11.13) and James surfed smart against the more fancied teams with all five surfers scoring double figures.

James was ecstatic with the win referring to the fact the club had never won a team event, “This is the first time we have ever won anything and it’s good to beat Snapper as well”, James said. “We only entered the event at the last minute as we were struggling to put a team together so to come away with the win is pretty special. We’ve being doing the Surftag for so many years and never done any good so to win in really good waves is amazing”.

Micah Margieson – Kingscliff Boardriders (Adrenaline Shots)

In the Women’s Division 4 x Australian Champions D’Bah Boardriders dominated the four team final from start to finish with Amiya Doyle (12.80), Grace Styman-Lane (13.30), Brodie Doyle (17.43), Freya Prumm (20.27) and Audrey Styman-Lane (18.87) winning by over 38 points. D’Bah finished with a team total of 86.67 with North End finishing runners-up on 48.07 ahead of Cabarita (44.67) and Burleigh Heads (30.90). North End’s Sayaka Muramatsu posted the highest score in the Final – 20.80 that included a 7.07 Powerwave.

D’Bah Women’s Team – L to R - Grace Styman-Lane, Amiya Doyle, Brodie Doyle, Audrey Styman-Lane and Freya Prumm (Adrenaline Shots)

D’Bah’s Amiya Doyle was thrilled to accept the winner’s trophy, “We love competing in the Surftag Series and today was one of our best wins, all the girls were ripping”. Doyle said. “It’s great to have all the other girl’s teams in the event and especially for Cabarita and Burleigh who were competing for the first time”.

With the top eight Men’s team’s qualifying to the FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Championships, North End, Palm Beach, LeBa and Kirra will join Kingscliff, Snapper Rocks, Burleigh Heads and D’Bah in the heat draw at Queenscliff Beach in May.

In the Women’s Division D’Bah, North End, Cabarita and Burleigh Heads have qualified to the Australian Championships.

2019 FISHBOWL Surftag QLD Championships

  • 1st – Kingscliff 80.70
  • 2nd – Snapper Rocks 74.87
  • 3rd – Burleigh Heads 69.23
  • 4th – D’Bah 59.40
  • 5th – North End
  • 6th – Palm Beach
  • 7th – LeBa
  • 8th – Kirra
  • 9th – Cabarita
  • 10th – Veteran Surfers

2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Women’s QLD Championships

  • 1st – D’Bah 86.67
  • 2nd – North End 48.07
  • 3rd – Cabarita 44.67
  • 4th – Burleigh Heads 30.90

The 2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series is a proud supporter of Lifeline. Lifeline provides all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series

  • NSW Qualifier - 9 & 10 March – Wollongong (Woonona – Stanwell Park)
  • QLD Qualifier - 14 April –  Duranbah Beach, Tweed Heads
  • Australian Championships – 10 & 11 May – Queenscliff Beach, Sydney.
    (WA, SA & VIC Boardriding Clubs invited to compete)

The 2019 FISHBOWL Surftag Australian Series is proudly supported by Swellnet.


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Erik999 commented Friday, 19 Apr 2019 at 11:41am

Where's th actual surfing clips ? U know surfing involes more than just Newton 1st law of physics ie. A stationary body will remain station stationary unless moved by an already moving m ( a wave ), or something like that !
p.s. i just love th music, can anyone tell me who these exceptional muscian's choice of this particular song are ?

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truebluebasher commented Friday, 19 Apr 2019 at 1:29pm

Formguide is poetry in motion on song everytime.
tbb salutes the extraordinary level of detail from local comp to WSL decider.
Never has any seen such 100% commitment to reporting surfing events.
tbb will go on saying it forever...Formguide is the greatest there ever was & will be!
All Hail...Formguide!

Gold Coast congratulates NSW winners & don't D'bah pair of sisters look happy.
Adrenaline Shots sure did capture Kingy's Wildside.

tbb Salutes thoughtful 'swellnet~Lifeline' Crisis care & Suicide Prevention

Yes! swellnet can grant all Easter wishes. First make room in your Easter basket.

Easter wish #1: Here's that Actual 2019 Swellnet Surftag D'bah Video
Easter wish #2: Yes! Actual Soundtrack is by Numbskulls (song: Alfoil-LP Pizza Box)

Bumper Easter basket of swellnet Surftag formguide highlights.

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Bonus Surftag vid with equally grouse instrumental + more D'bah Album/vid (Source)

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