Large swells to end the week with average winds, improving over the weekend

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Hawaii North Shore forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Wed 18th December)

Best Days: Early Thursday, early Friday, Saturday afternoon, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

This week and weekend (Feb 19 - 22)

The swell has really bottomed out into today with generally favourable winds, but from tomorrow we'll see the first of a series of strong groundswells impacting the North Shore.

As touched on Monday, a large but actute W/NW groundswell is due to fill in tomorrow, rising quickly through the day and reaching 10ft+ by dark at exposed spots that like west swells. Winds will be an issue though with an early light S'ly due to strengthen from the SW through the day.

A peak in size should be seen Friday morning with waves in the 12ft range but a secondary larger NW pulse is due through the afternoon before peaking overnight.

The size of this secondary pulse has been downgraded a touch with the fetch of W/NW-NW winds being projected towards us today and tomorrow not being especially strong.

What we should see though is wave heights pulsing a touch to the 12ft+ range Friday afternoon/evening before easing from 10ft to occasionally 12ft Saturday morning, down steadily through the day and further from the 6ft range Sunday morning.

Winds look to ease off from the W/SW Friday morning before tending NW and then fresh N'ly towards the evening, while Saturday should see improving conditions with fresh NE breezes. Sunday will be much cleaner but as pointed out, smaller with fresh E'ly trades that will persist through next week and strengthen into Wednesday.

Next Monday onwards (Feb 23 onwards)

As touched on above, the swell will continue to ease into Monday becoming small to tiny into the evening.

A small to moderate and inconsistent W/NW groundswell is due to arrive through Tuesday and peak Wednesday morning from a slow moving but relatively weak low pushing east from Japan.

Size wise we're only looking at inconsistent 5-6ft waves later Tuesday and Wednesday before easing Thursday under strengthening E'ly trades.

Longer term there's nothing significant at all on the cards so make the most of Sunday.

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