Leroy Bellet
Wave of the Day: Russel Bierke goes down fighting
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Surf Cinema Re-Vision

Stu Nettle

Recently the organisers of the London Surf / Film Festival tasked a selection of the UK's leading surf creatives to reinterpret and redesign poster art for iconic surf films. However, it's up to the viewer to decide if the reinterpretation is an impovement on the original.

Daniel Sykes
Wave of the Day: Simple pleasures - Victoria last month.
Swellnet Dispatch

Matt Scarff fundraising appeal

Stu Nettle

Matt Scarff is a Byron Bay surfer who has run a surf school in Bali for the past 14 years. On Saturday morning he was king hit outside a nightclub in Seminyak and suffered severe head trauma. Matt immediately underwent surgery to remove a blood clot and release pressure on the brain and will shortly be medi-vacced to Australia.


Australia and Indonesia: The long view


Australia's relationship with Indonesia has been characterised by long periods of indifference punctuated by occasional crises. The recent incident in which Australia has been caught spying highlights the lack of understanding that has characterised our politicians. What might this mean for travelling surfers?

Cameron Staunton
Wave of the Day: Anthony McDonald, lounging at Shark Island lefts.