While the webcast cameras were trained on Sunset Beach, which was hosting the World Cup of Surfing, the photographers were burning up the megapixels down at Pipeline. 

World Cup of Surfing: Day Two

"I just stood up and looked down the line and I just saw this thing that was perfect. I just stood there and kind of looked at the scenery. It’s one of the best places to be on earth, in the barrel. I’m just living in the moment."

Mark Croker
Wave of the Day: Running from the paparazzi - South Coast NSW

How to prevent shark attacks

Stu Nettle

In light of the most recent shark bite fatality in Western Australia last week, there have been renewed calls for a cull of large sharks to protect ocean users. Environment minister Greg Hunt has said he wants to reduce the risk of attacks. So what is the best way to reduce that risk?

Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Matty Cook fitting a square peg in a round hole - Cape Solander

Dog-bothering with Body Glove

Stu Nettle

Body Glove, the first wetsuit company in the world, who count Pipeline charger Jamie O'Brien in their stable of surfers, has just released a new range of products. Titled Body Glove Pet, the new range includes wetsuits for dogs, floaties for dogs, and little beach tents for your dog to sit in while you're out surfing.

Cameron Staunton
Wave of the Day: Slotted and besotted - South Coast NSW
Talking Heads

Jim Banks: An evening with an enduring legend


From a Cronulla grommet to a Top 16 professional, an acclaimed designer and shaper, and the ultimate explorer of the Indonesian Archipelago, there is not much in surfing that he has not experienced.