Jordan Barta
Wave of the Day: Humping dry

Missing in Bocas del Toro

After a quiet word with Kelly Slater the name Bocas del Toro - Spanish for the mouth of the bull - was thrown about. So, fresh after escaping the horns of the bull in Pamplona, Mick Fanning ran straight into its mouth.

Dean Cady
Wave of the Day: Leonard Rawlings flying through the minefield - South Coast, NSW

Pipeline Masters: Day one photos

The first day of the Pipe Masters hummed along just swimmingly - coupla barrels here, coupla barrels there - as Pipe and Backdoor put on their friendly faces. Any drama came from the qualification shuffle as surfers fought for the last few places on next year's tour.


Apartheid and human solidarity

Liam Neame

With the passing of anti-Apartheid revolutionary Nelson Mandela, it is worth thinking about some of ways in which the surfing world has been entangled in apartheid.

Ted Grambeau
Wave of the Day: Mick Fanning grabbing the bull by the horns