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Paddle out for Graeme K. Bronner, Cronulla Point, 7/12/13

Stu Nettle

In June of this year long-standing Cronulla Point regular, Graeme 'GK' Bronner, passed away after a battle with myeloma. Graeme's family extends an invitation to all those who knew and surfed with him to help celebrate his life by joining them for a paddle-out and ashes scattering ceremony at Cronulla Point

Julian Wilson, late afternoon oop, Sunny Coast

Sitting in sixth spot on the 'CT rankings and first in the One World system, Julian Wilson had no need to go to Hawaii early and fight for qualification. Following Portugal Jules had an extended break at his Sunshine Coast home, where a lack of swell meant plenty of small wave practice. 

Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: Darren Wilcock time travelling in Victoria



It is a rare thing in our age to run the daily risk, however small, of being attacked and eaten by a wild animal. And that is at the core of our fear. It is not the risk of dying as such, our odds of drowning are orders of magnitude higher, it is the nature of the death that appals us. Our fear is built into our bones.

Bowls and boils

Ryan 'Wanga' Waine and Kerry Langdon Down trade waves at an East Coast reef. The depth of the water betrayed, not only by the shape of the waves, but also by the ever-present boils in the water.

Ian Tyley
Wave of the Day: Kerry Down, blue sky mining - East Coast NSW
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Ezekiel Lau wins Vans World Cup of Surfing

Hawaii's own Ezekiel Lau posted the largest victory of his young career today by winning the prestigious 39th annual VANS World Cup of Surfing at Sunset Beach. Lau's win earned him $40,000 and sees him close the year at 35th position on the ASP world rankings.

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Phil Myers: Channeling a past master

Stu Nettle

"The channel bottom has its rightful place in Australian surfing history. It's easy for a lot of shapers to dismiss them as a fad simply because most modern boards come out of a machine and is all too easy. They fit perfectly into today’s high performance modern surfing."