Status Update: On The Road

Fair to say it wasn't your typical package holiday. He's back home now yet the all-hour spontaneous updates have barely slowed: last-minute dashes to Moonlight Head, overnighters upcountry, or in this instance, a pre-dawn 200 kilometre hit out with his running mate, Todd Rosewall.
Swellnet Dispatch

'Immortal' Art Show by Ben Brown

Stu Nettle

Ben Brown is a modern day Renaissance Fella. Over the years he's been the lead singer of the Hellmenn, an in-demand illustrator for gig posters, he's the current cartoonist for Stab magazine, and all the while a high-end doodler of macabre imagery.

Brown is putting together a show for Friday December 10th and it's that last feather in the bow - the mordant images of skulls and skeletons - that will be hanging from the walls.

A Measured Response

The scientific answer, I guess, is nothing, or next to nothing, the small array of digital bits which compose an electronic file are barely measurable by scientific means. But think of a good image, or take a look at these ones by Che Chorley.
The Depth Test


Stu Nettle
Badlands vividly captures that wild nature in images and recreates it in words


Uncomfirmed reports say that the first sequence (the fella eating it) is Laurie Towner, the second sequence a paddle-in. All shots by Namotu's Scott O'Connor.//STUART NETTLE

Huge Surf Tests Fiji Decree

Stu Nettle
The symbolism of free surfing in Fiji seems to be of more importance than getting over there and experiencing it.