Swellnet Dispatch


Stu Nettle

Based around one of the most spectacular days in surf history, June 8th 2012, when a massive swell hit Cloudbreak in the middle of the World Championship Tour event, 'Thundercloud' is a 60-minute documentary that tells the story in full.

Nicolas Risch
Wave of the Day: The march of the sugar ants - Western Australia.

Quiksilver's crucible of debate

Phil Jarratt

The head of Quiksilver recently questioned whether the long-running brand should continue supporting the ASP. As ZoSea prepare to assume control of the World Tour this is the first sign of a fracture between the ASP and the surfing industry.

Clash of the Legends

Let's hear it for the old boys! The Reef Hawaiian Pro hosted the Clash of the Legends yesterday; four surfers on the cemetery side of forty had Haleiwa to themselves while the young crowd ogled.

Ed Sloane
Wave of the Day: Unlikely lines in Victoria
Leroy Bellet
Wave of the Day: Kye Hoole gives the lip a hefty headstart. South Coast, NSW.
Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Blake Thornton, casual on the Solander dance floor