Roxy Pro France: Finals Day

Overnight Sally Fitzgibbon won the Roxy Pro France beating Tyler Wright in a close-fought final. Wright nabbed a Perfect 10 midway through the final and looked to have it sewn up needing only an average back up score. However, she didn't find it and Fitzgibbon prevailed taking the title and jumping to third in the rankings.

After the Roxy Pro France Wright is just a few hundred points behind ratings leader, Carissa Moore. The Women's WCT title will come down to the last contest, next month's EDP Cascais Girls Pro at Portugal.

Cloud Nine, Day Two

Day Two of the 19th Annual Siargao International saw a number of Perfect 10 rides. Indonesia's Dede Suryana scored the first 10. In the very next heat Filipino local Osot Alcala took off on a thick-lipped beauty that stayed open an impossibly long time before ejecting him into the channel.

Dominic Dixon
Wave of the Day: Barrels among the brambles

Cloud Nine, Day One

Living up to its reputation as one of the world's best righthand barreling waves, Cloud 9 delivered solid 5-6 foot perfection today to start the ASC 6 star 19th Annual Siargao International Surfing Cup. To read a full report from the day click here.

Photos ASC/Tim Hain.

Harley Kingston
Wave of the Day: Cody Robinson and a high speed rail carve
Mark Croker
Wave of the Day: Rhys Bombaci is perfectly slotted
Dominic Dixon
Wave of the Day: Weekday suburban perfection
Nicolas Risch
Wave of the Day: Tom Carroll turns back the clock at Padang Padang

Revolution Undermine

Stu Nettle

When Curren surfed 12 foot waves on a bizarre 5'7" board it sent metaphorical shockwaves around the world. In the recent Surfline feature, author Marcus Sanders, called it 'The Quiet Revolution' attributing the session to the subsequent resurgence of fish surfboards and a wholesale reduction in board length.

Powered Up

Ronny 'Skull' Hill drops the throttle during a motorised surf session at North Cronulla yesterday. With the advent of motorised surfboards and their movement into the marketplace, will this become a more regular sight on our beaches?

Progress, eh?

Photos Darryl Menzies.