Design Outline

Whatever happened to the Lazor Zap?

Stu Nettle

The Lazor Zap has a chequered history; born from a period of great experimentation but largely forgotten in favour of the conventional thruster, its popularity mirrors the success of its most famous pilot - Cheyne Horan.

Under the Big Top

Cory Roberts shines a clear light on the Snapper circus in this series of photos. From full-tilt action at the tip, where the performers make it appear so easy, to sublime moments down the point that almost appear contrived ("Tell the dolphin to jump now!"). All photos by Cory Roberts.

While We Were Sleeping

Way back in Easter...yeah, a whole two weeks ago...the East Coast was lumbering under a solid flat spell replete with persistent onshore winds. To make matters worse WA, SA and Vicco especially, were pumping during the five day break. Rather than hit the highway south or west, Pete Crichton jetted to Fiji and scored Cloudbreak in all its thunderous glory.