Scott Punch
Wave of the Day: Close encounters with Scott 'Whippy' Dennis
Elliot Gray
Wave of the Day: Beware Cam Lamperd, he's coming for a hug
Swellnet Analysis

South facing vs north facing: what is your beach?

Craig Brokensha

In the coming days the East Coast will be bathed in pulses of southerly swell, and this means there will be a lot of difference in wave size depending on where you surf. It's a perfect time to make sense of our new forecasting system.


Peruvian emigre, Ignacio 'Spud' Salazar, recently flew back to Peru to compete in the Big Wave World Tour contest at Pico Alto. The comp was cancelled due the lack of waves, but Spud manage to find some fun waves along the north coast of Peru.

Mark Croker
Wave of the Day: Pressure drop on the NSW South Coast
The Depth Test

More Stoked by Bob McTavish

Stu Nettle

Bob McTavish writes like he speaks. Short, rapid fire sentences are often interspersed with one word exclamatories. Understand? Cool!

Hydro Majestic

While a behind the scenes shot of photographer Warren Keelan would likely show him rolling around in a shorebreak, camera in hand, sand in every orifice, the work he creates conjurs more than mere levity or amusement.

Warren Keelan
Wave of the Day: Framing the vision splendid
Talking Heads

Garry Loveridge: Australia's most successful shaper?

Stu Nettle

Garry Loveridge is a remarkably obscure figure in the surfboard industry. For nearly forty years he's operated from his NSW Central Coast base, quietly shaping boards for the hardcore local crew, yet he's also the designer of one of the most popular surfboard models in recent history.

Form Guide

Tyler Wright talks titles, triumphs and being world number two

2013 was a breakthrough year on the Women’s World Championship Tour for Tyler Wright with a runner-up finish in an epic title race that came down to the final day of the final event. Tyler spoke to ASP as she was boarding a plane to the US for an end of season Californian vacation.