The Hook Up

The water photographer hook up... Unless the wave is a compact and predictable reef hooking up with a well-ridden barrel is one of the hardest things a photographer can do. For his part, Darren does his best to stay concentrated on the job at hand, knowing all the while that Steve has hooked him up on a screamer. Sequence by Steven Arklay.//STUART NETTLE

Shippies All Over

From up there it's like watching over a massive arena with the guys tackling these massive slabs in one of the most beautiful places on earth. That said, about 95% of the time when i shoot I'll be swimming on the shoulder getting in on the action myself.

Status Update: On The Road

Fair to say it wasn't your typical package holiday. He's back home now yet the all-hour spontaneous updates have barely slowed: last-minute dashes to Moonlight Head, overnighters upcountry, or in this instance, a pre-dawn 200 kilometre hit out with his running mate, Todd Rosewall.