Ted Grambeau
Wave of the Day: Mick Fanning grabbing the bull by the horns
Nick Hollman
Wave of the Day: Hayden Blair, outstanding Sydney, yesterday morning
Ted Grambeau
Wave of the Day: Mick Fanning footloose and fancy free in Mozambique
Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: No pigdogs allowed, Boogs Vandepolder, Cape Solander
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Dion Atkinson: Seven years and seven days

Stu Nettle

After seven years of tenacious competition, South Australia's Dion Atkinson is oh-so-close to realising his ambition. Atkinson sits in 30th position and technically inside the cut-off for next year's WCT. However, there's one more contest on the 'CT calendar - the Pipe Masters - and a reshuffle of lower ranked surfers could see Dion on the wrong side of the ribbon.

Swellnet Analysis

Billabong Pipe Masters 2013 Surf Forecast

Craig Brokensha

Last week the North Shore lit up under a large north-westerly groundswell. Sunset Beach pumped for the World Cup of Surfing while second reef bombs unloaded at Pipe in preparation for the Billabong Pipeline Masters.

So what's in store for the waiting period?

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Green Cathedral Surf Swap

Stu Nettle

The Green Cathedral Surf Festival Surf Swap Meet is locked in for Saturday 14th December. Part of the Green Cathedral Surf Festival, presented by Wollongong Art Gallery, the surf swap is a chance for keen punters to buy, swap, or just tyre kick a huge selection of pre-1990 sleds.

Grant Molony
Wave of the Day: Six up, two down with Ryan Waine somewhere in the middle