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Cromwell started the topic in Saturday, 18 Apr 2020 at 8:24pm


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indo-dreaming Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:49am

This is a great read on that Plandemic movie, last half of article is experts in their field debunking it all..

"The coronavirus pandemic has brought out a whole slew of interesting human tendencies, including a veritable tsunami of conspiracy theories. Like, holy cow, folks. When did everyone start pulling out their tinfoil hats?

There are several reasons for this, from the emotional and psychological needs that conspiracy theories fulfill (especially during such an uncertain time), to the intellectual habits that enable people to fall prey to such theories.

And of course, there's always a shred of truth in any conspiracy theory, which pulls people in. But just as a shred of fabric doesn't make a shirt, a shred of truth in a conspiracy theory doesn't make it credible or true.

By now, you've undoubtedly seen or at least heard about the Plandemic video making the rounds. YouTube keeps taking it down because of its policy against spreading harmful misinformation about the coronavirus, but that of course just fuels the fire of conspiracy theorists who think the truth is being silenced. The good news is that the claims in the video have been debunked many times over at this point. The bad news is that the people who need to see these debunkings have probably not even read this far into the article, and are definitely not going to take the time to read and process what we share past this point.

But we're gonna go ahead and share these well-cited debunkings anyway, because facts matter, sources matter, not all opinions are equal, and we can't keep letting paranoid theories that don't hold up to scrutiny and can't be backed up with well-done science go unchecked.

(And yes, there is such a thing as well-done science. The scientific world has spent many, many decades improving and systematizing processes for checking data, replicating studies, peer-reviewing findings, etc. so that we have a good idea of what science we can trust and what science is not credible. The only way to refute well-done science is to toss the entire systematized scientific process out the window and instead listen to random individual scientists who refuse to accept that their work was shoddy. Not all scientists are credible, and if a scientist is publishing their opinion outside of the scientific community—especially via YouTube—you should immediately be skeptical and look for whether or not their claims have been debunked by well-done science.)

Case in point, Judy Mikovitz, the scientist at the forefront of the Plandemic video.

Since there are so many clear refutations of the claims in that video and there's no need to reinvent the wheel, we're just going to share a bunch of them with you. Off we go:

- Here's an explanation from Kat Montgomery, a surgical pathology fellow in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center."

Then click the link, for various experts in their fields debunking all the crap in this video.

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shortenism Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 12:22pm

Thanks for sharing Indo, interesting.. Here's a lite hearted one for everyone. Good for a laugh 8mins


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shortenism Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:28pm

So what did u think of that last vid Indo, thermalben, stunet, AndyM, JQ et al. Pretty funny ei....?

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saltyone Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:36pm

Ha! Shortenism this made my night ! Cheers mate

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thermalben Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:42pm

Nah, didn't find it funny TBH.

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indo-dreaming Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:47pm

Honestly i found it pretty boring lasted about 2 minutes and flicked through the rest which was all just so blah, all i saw was some guy trying too hard to build up his very low (373) subscriber list, i mean just his channel name "the Truth" screams desperation.

I didn't even find it funny, so please dont tell me this is you and your channel?

The tittle was the funniest thing though and 20 seconds in

"What It's Like to Believe Everything the Government and Media Tells You"

Firstly it's not governments and media we believe, it's experts in their field that we believe, governments and media are just the messengers.

And well it kind of makes more sense than blindly believing random dudes in Youtube channels or guys that think the world is controlled by lizard people, or washed up quacks with very dodgy past that are easily debunked..

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AndyM Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:47pm

That fella's done some funny stuff before but that vid's missed the mark - too obvious, not funny.

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indo-dreaming Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:54pm

Was it suppose to be funny?

OMG he posted the same video in another thread from what looks like his real YouTube channel and he has over 1 million subscribers.

Fuck the internet sucks, its crazy the crap people follow or things that get popular.

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shortenism Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 7:53pm

hahaha yeah saltyone, still laughing he's a classic.

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saltyone Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 8:08pm

Shortenism I watched it twice pure GOLD -“when my kid gets sick I don’t take him to the doctor but to the Apple store “ haha classic

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shoredump Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 8:12pm

Shorteniism, why do you listen to a naturopath if you know what’s best for yourself already?

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mikehunt207 Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 9:19pm

Sorry for your loss SA, nothing hits s a bloke like when the old man goes, mortality becomes a reality , all the best for the next stage mate.

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zenagain Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 10:02pm

Look after yourself Wetdog and those around you.

My condolences to you.

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I focus Saturday, 9 May 2020 at 10:50pm

Deepest condolences Wetdog losing our fathers is a life milestone no one wants take care.

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truebluebasher Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 12:31am

That's a tough blow to share SA Wetdog...along with the crew I feel for your loss!
Plenty of reasons to cast doubt, but be mindful to keep focused & stay healthy!

PS: It's not unusual to question the health system! Families feel similar many a time!
Relative wore out all, twice around-10 years later...acknowledgement, no admission.

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saltyone Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 7:29am

Very sad wet dog sending condolences to you .

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SA Wetdog Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 8:36am

Thank you all very much for the kind messages. I'm not sure why I decided to share it on here, was laying awake early in the morning reading some swellnet forums and decided to write what I was thinking. After a brief couple day bender I've decided to stay off the beers for a while and keep the fitness up and be stronger better version for my kids. I enjoy reading the views and priceless experience of many on here. Thanks again.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 14 May 2020 at 1:27am

[ Public Notice ]
13th May CovidSafe App relaunch with all States approval.

Note: At time of Launch 'only' SA Health has a hurried Covid Safe app link
Rest of Oz couldn't give a shit about the app!

Health Minister Launch : Claims a Test/s of actual tracing ?...SA we presume.

Here's how it works (Very simple)

tbb will explain how your govt's app is corrupt & sold out > Not secure!
In fact lets follow the money trail...right now.

Basically all Hospital / Health correspondence is pushed via the app / phone.
There is nothing suss...perfect way to start the game with trendy cartoons.
Only now yer Doctor-Patient privacy has been sold out by Govt > Telehealth.

From here we are directed to use phone Contact.
All former confidential Oz Health is now via Telehealth...sounds trustworthy.
Only it's not Govt Owned & was recently primed by PBS to the tune of $500m.
Telehealth is owned by Corps - Mining /health insurers/Chemists/Apps/ Security.
In fact HCF/China boast 30% of Telehealth BloodTest results.
Telehealth need access to My Health to provide all current results & Appointments.

Are we all up to speed...MY Health sold Your Health to Telehealth Tubbies Ok!

(Warning this Covid Safe App sellout only gets more sleazy...)
Only if you wish to proceed...Now click yer test on Govt Web Page
Note you must select from (Designated regional Respiratory Clinics) Got that!
Now! What do you see, all Clinics use [ Hot Doc ] Telehealth Results/Appointments.

Not Oz Govt...(Zero Security) These guys feed PM's AWS State Health Units.
Hot doc is an Australian "Start Up" but funded by a US Billionaire.
Ok tbb! Who is this mystery CovidSafe app go between Spy Billionaire.

His name is Tim Draper!
(The Bit Coin Guru)
Ancestry Dot com > He needs you to donate blood?

But our Govt swore it would be 100% Covid Safe?
tbb explained...Govt must lie about security or face 10 years jail. It's the law!
It's never been an option for a Minister to divulge what we openly share here.

Any fool can see the corruption & gaping holes in the Covid Safe app.
None of this here info is downloads,passwords,apps,subcriptions.
Media would take an hour to expose the Govt...but Govt are now their #1 clients.
tbb is not saying Govt paid BitCoin Guy $500m to Spy on you! Govt are advertising it!

Q: So what is the true State of Oz Cyber health, as if it mattered? (Glad you asked!)
A: (Here's that report you never asked for!)
Apparently they can now either add cancer or rub it out.(Both if you like!)

Here's an encyclopedia on how Govt can track yer app. (How many is that now?)

[Disclaimer] tbb never owned or knows nothing about mobile phones or apps!
So don't go thinking any of this is half of what you think it's much worse.

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saltyone Thursday, 14 May 2020 at 5:17pm

Jeepers tbb it does get worse . ( not that I wasn’t expecting it too with the current shitstorm unfolding )
Read this today . Dutton dressed as lamb . They need to get him out now .

In mainstream news too .

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truebluebasher Friday, 15 May 2020 at 10:38am

August 2018 Dutto fitted Biometric truancy Cams in Kid's Classrooms.
Note: AWS amazon as the spies...
These mass perverts still hang around schools peddling these pedo cams...
Spying for Dutto & crew to cease paying DV victims their Family allowance..
Dutto: "What's yer excuse for being late little girl?"
Little Girl: "PM gave my STFAH dad lots of beer money so he punched my face in!"
"Then had to buy some more make up on the way to school, so sorry Mr Dutto Sir!"

Qld schools allow seniors mobile phone use...yeah! Qld?
Dumbass Dutto rubs hands & set the app target age to pedo.
Durr! Other states ban mobiles due to bullying + Qld kidz phones are set to off by default.
As a result! No Teachers instruct 15+ Seniors (schoolies) to engage with the app
This half arsed Govt app disease spread to all State Health...'App! What app!'

Strange how Govt's highest paid covid prostitutes(The Media) whip up frenzy.
Recap: All State's Health & Education & GP's have never ever mentioned Covid Safe app?
That screams Volumes of apathy...think what you like but that is the dead set truth on the app.

Yet Govt say State Public Health Units are the prime movers of the APP.
Govt pre paid media advertising app has no State Govt Health/Education backing.

NZ PM / WHO - Oz #1 / (Apple/Google) all reckon the Oz Govt app is shit!
In fact Oz Govt said they will dump the stupid app when adopting the new app.

The App the [ PIA 3.19.4 ] fine print!
*It's not compulsory to download the App.
*However you may be required to 'run' the App in this Store & in that work place!
You see how the App Robots reverse the non compliance onto the human beings.

Here's another example of Covid doublespeak.
PM: 'Australian Currency remains legal tender throughout the Lockdown.'
Govt grants the right to every Council, Bank, Store to refuse Legal Australian tender.

Govt grants the right to a nondescript 3rd party to deny entry to Public Utilities!
*First Display intention as a [Condition of Entry] Who reads Car Park Conditions!

eg: [ No Admittance ] Footwear requirement, Child's Bus Pass, Surf Club Sign in!

*Employees are empowered to require you to assist in displaying personal items.
Private Hand Bag or unwrapping food even uncapping a drink for inspection.
Only rule being they must not touch you unless provoked.
If you refuse, the Employee has power to evict you or fellow employee. (No Return / Sacked)
As we see throughout covid ...complete nobodies are bossing every town.

Store employees have long 'accessed' & tracked customer's phones thru stores / malls.
Public/Store/Gigs Security reports illegal Photography / Voice recording.

[Condition of Entry] Cam zooms to non compliant app phone > inspection > you're banned.
A close neighbour of mine was [banned from local shop!] Never charged of a store crime.

In other words...shoppers are to openly comply or accused as guilty by indiscretion.
Guilty by Cam was outta control with Covert lockdown & heaps were found innocent
No law about making customers 'feel' oppressed to admit Guilt over an app or cam.
Fact: Police are taught > No mobile phone >[ code red ] > tbb & mum run & faster.

tbb has had Airport pat downs/luggage searches in US,Haw,NZ,WA,Tas,Nsw,Qld
Funny as family see tbb as a hoodoo & dump me at the gate #...see ya onboard, loser! 'MUM!'
Break souvenirs & lose luggage ...Consider tbb had all pre approvals & transit paid.
Fed Airport Police have exclusive powers insisting display of phone & passwords.

Bully PM held Oz to ransom with his fake Covid app cure claims (see: 10yrs jail) Seriously!

Companies now mandate PM's 'lawful direction'. Yet another Power breach by Bosses.
Strathfield Council: "You are required to download the app to speed up the process of loosening covid restrictions!"
Business Council will encourage staff to "download the app to ensure workers & customers are safe!"

Expect 1000 more Kings'n'Queens parroting Bit Coin blood tests.
Their loyal subjects are little more than canapes...daftest thing tbb has ever seen.

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shortenism Friday, 15 May 2020 at 10:56am

The totalitarian tip toe in full effect. What we really need passed is investigative powers or a royal commission into secretive groups in Australia like the Freemason Demolay, to protect 14 year old's not harass them.

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truebluebasher Friday, 15 May 2020 at 6:28pm

Clearview AI have been sneaking under the covid radar to now be in our faces.
tbb admits to knowing nothing about this covert covid Police pitch ...
Put together this Police identikit on Clearview AI.

23 Jan -Aussie Clearview AI (Old School facial Recognition)

29 Feb -Apple bans Clearview AI

9 March OZ Police hush on Clearview AI

14 April Oz Fed Police trial Clearview AI

8 May - Clear view Cam covid APP

8 May -Clearview steals the internet & offers it to Police to win a pardon

13 May - NZ Police trialled Clearview AI facial recognition without clearance

15 May NZ seem happy with tech..if it were NZ focused!

Seems Oz / NZ like Clearview - Brit / Asia Cam Style...
Possibly waiting for AWS to buy them & re gig it for Australasia Security Grid.

Note: This cop beat stuff was linking China social Credit wi-fi until Corona Row!
Once the Oz cops enter inside the Car or Transit system it all goes French.(Next)

tbb ran this Profile as it shows Oz Police mindset during Covid Lockdown dystopia.
NSW / Qld did quite a few Cam facial recognition / timed raids during lockdown.
With the streets quiet..(No Traffic) Cam Surveillance trials were the norm.
Gold Coast mounted 1000's of sensors / cams everywhere...(Resembles a Prison)

13 May Qldurrz Doin' the Dutto Dance (Back to French Thales Transit Bio Metrics)
tbb earlier reported Thales do Oz Transit Biometrics (Cars,Trains, Airports,Subs)

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truebluebasher Friday, 5 Mar 2021 at 9:27pm

Last Lap for The App
April 2020
20- Barnaby Joyce

26 - Soft Launch (Fail with sign ins)
27- Pauline Hanson

27 - 1 million downloads
28 - Confusing Covid infected message frightens users (Never Gets fixed)
28 - 2 million downloads
[Song] 'll Always keep my Bluetooth on for Buster J

May 2020
-1- Stick yer app #1 Rant has so much fucking swearing > ad

-1 - COVID Safe App Ad

-1 - COVID Safe App Ad

-3 - 4 million downloads
-4- Bolt : Emotional Blackmail to download the app.

-5- PM - 5 Million

-5- [Song] Download The Barry Moore

-5- [Sketch] Dr Clark ...Spoof App...

-6 - Senate looks at future apple/Google API upgrades
-8 - Source Code (Partly revealed)
11 - PHU Testing
13 - Operational (Dept' reveals No Tests had been done?)
14 - DV advocates reveal many track options (Not Safe)
14 - Tech gurus say phones crash rather than handshake.(Please Update)
19 - Govt "App is not operating as it should!"
19 - NSW Health : "Not getting any Data"
20 - Vic Health: We got one hit..(sounded forced) Likely the partners phone!
20 - Fed Health Minister still maintains it's operational.
21 - 6 million downloads
21 - Apple/Google Covid-19 app will fix iphones app fail + (No central databank)
24 - App is near irrelevant >(1) Bastardize dud original (2) Run 2 apps side by side
26 - App Security Update
27 - Scotty from marketing, get me The TAB : 'Requiem for The App'
{ No App No Play! } "Genius Mr PM" Oops! > [ No Jab No Play ] Are suing us!
27 - Apple update won't fix COVID Safe without a 'Complete Overhaul'.
28 - ABC App'le Coronacast

June 2020
11 - 6.2m downloads-Health Minister > 1/4 of smart phones +/- (Work Phones?)
12 - [Let us Play] Cashes in on Govt Health Tool as if it were Betting slips!

17 - COVIDSafe app works as few as 1 in 4 times on some devices.
Refusing to Handshake + 30 Data downloads > 'No extra Traces' to Public Health Units.
FOI 'officer' refuses info why? re: 4 Govt agencies + 80 businesses (PM > "Strictly PHU")
Fact remains, o/s secret IT agents share OZ App data more than OZ State PHU.
Govt committed upgrading to new App..[ Govt want API Cloud ] > Explains catatonic Tracing !
20 COVIDS apps > Lib Party rort (DELV) C -$3.8m /CS $2.2m+ 64m Ads

24 > 8 Aug App update requires location sharing [ON]
25- (9) COVIDSafe app takes another hit.

26 - "Covid app fail revealed"
Of 568 Vic cases only 30 had the app (Vic/nsw/SA/Tas NO extra app tracing)
Qld / WA > No cases downloaded the App.
26 - Visit the App' Isle Tas.
New Oz States ID entry App complimented by a manual system.
No response from PM of Fed Govt on (New State App compliance)
28 - Much Hyped Contract Tracing App a terrible failure.

July 2020
-8- COVIDFail- Oz Coronavirus Tracing App that can't find anyone.
-8- It's time to give COVIDSafe the flick
13- (9) COVIDSafe app labelled as failure (Report is scathing)

13- Health Minister has enough trouble tracing his unmasked face!

14- Govt's COVIDSafe app a $2 million failure

15- How effective has the COVIDSafe App been so far...(Short ABC vid)
15- [Let Us Play]-(12 June) COVIDSafe app is now a political football for Sports Bet.
[ Let Us Play ] Bribes Tik Tok teenies to push OZ Sporting Hero's {meal ticket}
$600- Nikita Kostoglou + Roryeliza + jheuston.(Fountain of Youth taps into Medicare)
20 COVIDSafe app could have cost $70m
Scomo: 40% of Australians download Barnaby & Pauline's Home School app. Well Durr!

1 Aug - (7+ [NEWS] half story) NSW Health app promo > "app helps to detect 2 cases"
(Guardian/9) run full story > app [2+] Names & addresses were already on RSL list?
4/6 - Regulating an army of Venue Contact Tracing apps
(Why Code = APP) 12% digital / 10% QR CODE
10% lie / 50% Pen germs / 45% Privacy fear / 27% Open List stalk fear /
20% Spam concerns / 30% Data issues.
QR Contact Codes (States / Pubs / Woolies ) Everyone wants your [ I.D ]
8- App upgrade points to ramp in Govt tracking
12 - Just another expensive fail.
17 - Feds urge Vic Health to give App another go...(Mop up tool for extra staff)+ Language issues
24 SA override Covidsafe with Salesforce Digital Contact Tracing
27 Stuart Robert argues Sovereignty over Google/Apple app.
31 NSW Bus Pass / CCTV traces 13/14 bus passengers to shame lifeless COVIDSafe app
1-Sept -Oz Govt $1m Boston Consult Group rid ANU Dr Dev from App Panel.
1-WA override Covidsafe with Salesforce Digital Contact Tracing
2 - Recap on gaping hole between now different Oz apps
2/8 Google/Apple roll out their app in Australia
8 ACCC Review Google Apple app.
8 Vic override covidsafe with US salesforce digital contact tracing (OZ made?)
18 National Cabinet agrees on interstate (US Hosted) contact tracing
The Salesforce Digital Contract tracing sparks States COVIDSafe app promo resurgence.
20-Govt:"Releasing app numbers could risk public safety & harm comm-state relations."
21 NSW Taxi Firm covid / venues dates & times outed in News (Is this legal or safe?)
PM says app + NSW contract tracing was why the need for Business News Column?
22 Vic Premier says CovidSafe app is identical to sewage testing?
Not so good in Lockdown but good for commuters...he downloaded it.
25 COVIDSafe app ID's 14 cases (total) none in Vic!

7 Oct -Vic app / lockdown Survey
20 ALP COVIDSafe app $5m/contact

21 WhatTheFuckHappenedToCOVIDSafe app > $750b Launch
26 Qld Health Minister: "Coz it's Useless, Yep!"(Laughs!) ..Talk to him about it!
28 Tassie QR CODE privacy concerns
29 Qld (No QR Check-in) Govt outsourcing private apps (NZ 40%) .

3 Nov- SA QR Code privacy Concerns
4 SA Police Chief "COVIDSafe App is of no 'material benefit' to contract tracing!"
14 Auditor General could examine COVIDSafe
20 QR CODE / app Review of Private (vs) Govt
23 IGS incidentally collected data in first 6 months
23 NSW Covid safe app
26 ACT app
26 Check in Tas app
26 Safe WA app
30 Vic QR code
30 NT app
30 What can marketers learn from COVIDSafe app
30 COVIDSafe app overhaul ahead of XMAS campaign (Bluetooth Herald Update)

1 Dec- my SA Gov app
1-Experts: " Upgrade is outdated + Rearranging chairs on the Titanic."
13 - [ You Must Use Covid 'SA'fe Check-in ] S'markets / Dept' & H'ware Stores
14 NZ pop the Bubble app Question.
15- Just 21% of NSW Covid patients used app from May-Oct
15 Calls for app Inquiry
18- Covid health ads $47.8m + Covid Economic Ads $17.7m (2013-20 Libs $913.3m)
19 Govt DTA Herald Promo & info of upgrade
Note: Media chorus runs down app then flips to Promo Herald (Sign of the times)
23 Qld > No QR code / No Print Template > Now No Pen & Paper (Ban)?

2021 Continues below....

For NZ crew's app...tbb recommends University of Auckland timeline
NZ Covid-19 tracker app contact tracing...interviews
13 Dec NZ Covid Tracer adopts Google/Apple GAEN.

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saltyone Thursday, 28 May 2020 at 6:30am

As Edward Snowden said recently and succinctly -

“ If you ever wonder where we're at on the dystopia scale, consider that it's normal to believe the government is spying on you, and crazy to believe that they're not.”

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indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming Thursday, 28 May 2020 at 8:35am

Ha ha governments couldn't care less about spying on everyday peoples boring life's.

Corporations though, different story the internet and in particular social media are, constantly collecting your data with everything you click and type so they can try to make more money from us all.

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020 at 11:05am

(What's New) Visit App Isle + Vic's Border Force virus is mandatory for OZ arrivals.
All this & more in updated App Timeline.(Above)

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 10 Jul 2020 at 9:36pm

Universal Maps & Live o/s internet police warn of o/s code violations.
2020 New Universal Law...Nothing shall plug into anything, even with a pay wave.
Up to 80 lone Covid App Headstones made rumbles & all fell by the way side.

Headlines now get to the pointy end for Oz Govt's COVIDSafe app.

"Much -Hyped contract-tracing app is a terrible failure."
"An effective app could combat outbreaks. At the moment Oz doesn't have that!"

COVIDFail- The Australian coronavirus tracing app that can't find anyone.
Several Unis say COVIDSafe app is unlikely to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Crikey: " It's time to give the COVIDSafe the flick!"
$m's down the drain for an app that barely works-

Boris is dumping UK app

Centre Alliance Sen Rex Patrick (IT background) :
'Oz Govt were dishonest launching an app they knew didn't work.'
Sen...then rolls out Fed Govt gallery of IT disasters.

Govt Attorney General won't guarantee Oz legislation overrides invisible US Cloud.
Govt paid Boston consulting group $885,000 + Amazon $710,000 to steal Oz data

2018/19/20 Scamazonian outsmarts Dutto + 5 Eyes + Boris + Bezos + FBI
tbb: 3-5 calls a day, please taser the rude Amazonian bitch & restore World Peace!
Kill the Scamazonion & save the World...then you can blind us with yer shiny apps.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Mar 2021 at 9:45pm

2021 The POV / App

1 Jan NSW joins Qld Cyborg Entry Only...Disintegrate all Pen/Paper/Books
7 NSW Heroic Pen & Paper proves mightier than another Lib app crash
NSW Revisit to Day 1 crash of service app + see March crash again....
18 Jan NSW Govt want's to ban all scum without {POV} (Not Mandatory or suss!)

1 Feb Vic realtime transit / Pass' / seating app (re: Vic oct '20/ NSW may '18 trials)
4 Oz Govt AIR vaxes (i) transfer from Health to services (re:1 March > Mandatory)
7 Feds - Medicare -MyHealth Vax > AIR > MyGov Ebay > {POV}> Travel Pass
9 Vic COVIDSafe generic Promo is possibly a desperate attempt by Feds...
18 Facebook Faceoff extorts Covid Health info.
25 Dan's Conehead Daleks are ordered to exterminate pissheads (No Joke!)
26 Vic Traffic Light Permit
27 Check in Qld (Last Aussie State to release a Contact Tracing app)

1 March AIR is Mandatory..Report all Vax MyHealth History to CEO shopfront
2 Google are gobsmacked by China's oops! Oz Govt sweeping www censorship.
3- NSW 2b Flight / Q families jump to >1a (see : March / April Travel Pass Trial)
4 NZ Promotes Flight / Q Families jump to priority (see: NSW/NZ Travel Pass Trial)
11 NSW (app crash again) City Entry / Drivers Licences wiped as usual.
27 Vic contact apps must assimilate with Leader Davroz brain or be exterminated

April (Test Month) Quality Jobs own boss - suit Surfies with Lockup mod cons.
Census Field Manager $36.90 hr +25% loading/Supa.
(679 nationwide > 7-50 jobs on Surf Coast)

April-Vax Test Passengers for Mygov Travel Pass (VIP Hyperjump from 2b > 1a )
NSW> NZ - IATA Travel Pass Trial...need to be dating a frontline Mutant to board.

May-Feds launch GOVDXP [ Digital Experience Platform ] Crashes the Next Day!

Aug > Election Jobs
Aussies who can flatten & fold voters then slip them into Laptops.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Mar 2021 at 9:32pm

NSW 40% of NSW Drivers again pullover to avoid unlicensed app crash fines.
Drivers were stranded until driver licences were re-administered, well after dark.
Gladys : "VIP Driverless cars are exempt from having their engines immobilised."
As last time, no eating or drinking or dancing until we wind up the www again.
NSW will soon buy a double adaptor & this monthly crash test will end, maybe!

Gladys: "We plan to smash yer {POV} & crash yer app into the one train wreck."
" warbling for Carrier Pigeons or we'll squish you like bugz!"

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 28 Jun 2021 at 2:14pm

Backtracks + NSW App Crash Tour Dates + CovidSafe App (Mid 2021 Update)

Backtracks cover fast expanding access of Contact Tracing....needed a backtrack to check this..
Concerning that mandating store entry is becoming everything to all in a real hurry!
In short...Govt mandate expands with app accessibility...100% big brother cityscape soon?

Jan - (Backtrack) "Handwritten > QR Codes > CovidSafe app." Great Contact Tracing article.
Jan - (Backtrack) Woolworths Reward Cards used by Contract Tracers?
Feb - (Backtrack) Melbourne Uni...(Privacy and Health) Apps Review / Polls + Great oversight.

[ Breaking News ] Even the NSW crash app has to Sign in...

18th April Service NSW weekly app crash > No Licenses / No Contact Tracing
20 May Service NSW app Cyber Incident (Attack)
NSW post out repeat letters to verify signatures to come & collect their NSW app entrails from Oz Post.
Latest greatest fuck up requires a brand new NSW Hypercare crosswire Oz post / NSW app.
3rd June Service NSW weekly app crash > No Licenses / No Contact Tracing
17th June Qld / Vic Police States hand over QR Codes to RoboCops

QR apps Mid Year Lockdown Sale mandates cyborg upgrades for Toilet Roll rations.
Spend $100 for digitzation & sign a contract for a Loaf of Bread...No Borg Upgrade > No Bread...sorted.

CovidSafe app
5th April "Why the CovidSafe app Failed"(The Australian) needs search.. sourceCode=TAWEB_WRE170_a_GGL&

16th May "Zero complaints made about CovidSafe app" (Govt Report)
Sure! If you count being denied entry & Bullied by boss as enquiries ...then all 14 replies point to a win!
31st May (Vic) Reporter : "Has CovidSafe been used at all during this outbreak?"
Vic Health Minister : 'Wot!'(Cringes with a twisted quizzical face!)
Reporter Repeats...
Vic Minister : 'NO...! Not to my knowledge!'
'And I'm sure that such a rare event would've been brought to my Attention!'
Gallery: Pissing themselves with Laughter!

1st June CovidSafe app is just another expensive fail"
2nd June "CovidSafe hasn't found any any Contacts this Year"
Report argues over how few cases the app snatched...(Spoiler!) Not many...closer to Zero.
2nd June 'Oz has all but abandoned CovidSafe App in favour of QR codes'.
4th June. "$8m ticket to the Pub that has barely been used"
17 June "Privacy Concerns with App use"

CovidSafe app Mid Year Review...
$7.75m app + $7m ads + $5.2m (17 upgrades) + $100,000 month to run.($60,000 1st July)
Latest user app Updates % > iPhone 63% / Android 74%
Scorecard = 17 hits / one location or Zero (Most Say)

1st July "AWS drops Cloud costs for app from $100,000 to $60,000 mth"

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truebluebasher Monday, 22 Aug 2022 at 9:05pm

The App : Continues > "Mid 2021 - End 2021"

5th July Privacy Concerns impact app use.
21st July DV survivors to flick the app.

9th Aug NSW New check in card
21st Aug NCDS Report : Use of Covidsafe app limited .
27th Aug : (International Student Resource) Links All State / Territory Check in apps (Salute!)

29th Sept app nears $10m

5th Oct : CDSA Administrator > DTA relinquish control of Data to Dept of Health.

15th Nov : Covid Safe app OAIC report

16th Dec Call for app to be scrapped (2 contacts in 6 months)

Continues with 2022.....

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truebluebasher Monday, 22 Aug 2022 at 9:07pm

COVIDSafe App continues > End Aug 2022

21st Jan SEQ Mayors call for end to QR codes
26th Jan Global review "future of Contact Tracing apps"

7th Feb Qld Uni Covid safe app review
7th Feb Syd Uni "Broad-Focus" concise app review
8th Feb Croakey Health Review > Contact tracers app!

29th March Govt : No immediate plans to unplug app!

April : Final Parliament Review

May OAIC review (Nov 2021 - May 2022)

Election > Change of Govt...COVIDSafe app ... begins being wound down.

30th June Qld QR code ends

28th July Updated VIP Check in...( Lists decommissioned Qld app ... confusing?)

9th Aug Covidsafe app is dead - but was it ever really alive?
10th Aug 2 years + $21m the app is dead > Colossal Waste of Money!
12th Aug "CovidSafe app is Dead. What can we learn from this failure!"


19th Aug Govt: # Warning # [ Please Uninstall this Device from your Phone ] 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1 .... #


COVIDSafe app Timeline exclusive to #1 swellnet ... happy to share.

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monkeyboy Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022 at 10:10am

I know its reported as a 2 million dollar failure, but not if you were the company building the app....thanks for coming.

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Supafreak Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022 at 10:47am

The former Government wasted more than $21 million of taxpayer’s money on this failed app. This failed app cost taxpayers more than $10 million in developing the app, a further $7 million on advertising and marketing, $2.1 million on upkeep and more than $2 million on staff. Remind me again who were the health and finance ministers ?

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DudeSweetDudeSweet Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022 at 11:00am

Blindboy: Wrong about everything.

You’d get far in life by simply believing the opposite of anything Blindboy ever stridently declared as truth.

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burleigh Tuesday, 23 Aug 2022 at 11:11am
shortenism wrote:

Thanks for sharing Indo, interesting.. Here's a lite hearted one for everyone. Good for a laugh 8mins

A video posted over two year ago by a comedian is full of truths. No surprise AndyM is in there saying it's not funny.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 29 Sep 2022 at 11:41pm

Oz Govt sells out Licenses & Passports to Optus - GBG that both lose & resupply licenses for reward.

[ Disclaimer ] tbb is neither an Optus customer or Mobile phone user nor MSM subscriber!

Oct 2018 : GBG acquires OZ Govt Driver Licenses Passports from VVG for $38.3m

This is to upgrade to Bio Scan

Optus pay GBG to lose their obsolete OZ Govt Driver's Licences & Passports.
Meaning Optus employ the exact same GBG that Oz Govt hired to steal then lose our very same shit!

Oz Fed Govt (DVS) + Optus (DVS) = Same Company Same Service Same Licenses / Passports

Govt pays GBG to update clients with New Licenses & Passports.
Just enough to trigger 50% Mandates in lagging market gaps.
GBG / Govt Global Compliance targets are met...all good little corporate citizens.

tbb is saying...those getting a letter of breach are more than likely in need of (DVS) upgrade.
GBG & Govt are rewarded for each " Breach" that leads to an upgrade that would've taken years.
This fast tracks States to hit their 50% Mandate trigger for DVS compliance.

Note The Optus breach has Customer's License Numbers less so > secondary License Card Numbers.
Govts refuse to assist with New License No. (Unless Criminal) People only get New "Card" Numbers.
Scammer don't give a shit about yer Card Number & Govt don't care if scammer got yer Licence No.
Govt only wish for yer new Card DVS when yer breach is called > don't disappoint them!

Here's the Back Story & Timeline Targets for Sept > Licences Oct > AEC (Yes! As in right now!)
Crew can read the current compliance Green ID Timeline & Number layouts needed for mandates.
GBG Promo + Forum Tour Dates to milk their own double Whammy.

In closing...the licensing compliance goes back 30 years to Firearms / Old Passports / Trailers / Boats...
You can source this Extra Long list...tbb read it and lost is on a GBG page. (Not Hidden!)
Goes all the way up to O/S Passports & Student Visas.

In short...The deal is that many "Number Sets" Don't comply for International Checks.
So Govt pay GBG to mop up the Mess. ( Extra Number / Letter here/ there or shift from Rear / Front.)

GBG tap clients Optus to access Massive client base of all odd ball licences to meet 50% Quota.
eg: NSW Monthly Crash Card has 70% Quota but some states have none or need to lift 30%...
GBG need to target easy pickings & their Oz client Golden Goose Optus spits out Golden Eggs.
Old School Boomer Drivers Licences & Passports or Students will do the trick!
Again! GBG / Govt aren't greedy! They just need to clock over the 50% for Mandated Rollout rewards!
Optus don't do security but are helping GBG the best they can...see: All ends well!

Fully endorsed Scam: GBG fail to secure Optus customer's GBG Govt Licenses!
Double Dip Fix: Govt re-employ GBG to secure Optus customer's New GBG Govt Licenses.

Please say that sorta shit would never have happened in front of everyone with no one sayin' shit about it!
(Tick! & Tick!) No, you wouldn't read about it & tbb can't text it can't be happening...can it now?

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 13 Jan 2023 at 3:01am

2023 Covid Safe app Legacy.
Aust Fed Govt thought to draft an Obituary!

2023 is not the end of the apps...there are a few Nations expanding app options!

Recapping > 4th April 2022 NZ ended Vax Passes & QR Codes...
NZ kept their Covid Tracer app operating & it keeps being upgraded
15th Nov 2022 NZ Opened the release of source codes for Tech heads to inspect or improve!
13th Dec 2022 Tech upgrades
Tracer Booklets
By all accounts this Tracer app is still running fine...

NZ recommend to keep app in readiness for any new VOC.
NZ are also cleverly testing the Tracing app as a health tool...
Requesting RATs / Recording RATs / [+] Info / Contact info / Booking Vax.

High Risk Asian Countries tried quitting but require apps for verifying Pre Flight test results.
Some of these Nations also offer Fast Track Travel apps!
Crew might be right in thinking High Risk Nations might revisit apps...don't rule it out!

Indonesia could well be engaging apps for fact they are locking them in.
This nation alongside US still locks out Non Vaxed while China accepts all no matter!
They have plans to link app to Post Pandemic Health System for Blood check results etc...
No reason to think it's overkill but can't ya just sniff out the WHO / Gate's Welfare Card
Crew might recall Indonesia were also the first Covid Vax test Nation of sorts!

But is there any real Dodgy Stuff going on...(Hell Yes!) Closer to Home in yer own back yards.
In fact tbb is warning to take care as [Nat Cab Xmas app Scam is still ripe]
Dec: All states are scamming your Medicare data to fast track Interstate Go Gov digitization
(Please! Let us help sort thru yer Covid Recovery)
This is real subtle but highly suss...tbb advices to steer well clear of Natcab's merciful Mass Mop Up!

Classic Nat Cab ... Silly Season assault on yer senses...counts on the dazed signing away their soul.
*WA : Import your Digital Certificate to us!
* SA : Link your Vax Certificate to Us... (We'll save you!)
* Vic : "Looks like yer having trouble sharing yer Certificate!" > We got an app for that!
* NSW : How to dump your shit on our app! ( Free Monthly crash repairs thrown in...sign here X )
* Qld use subterfuge > Donate yer Medicare account to Qld Govt app appeal ...(That's real classy!)

2023 Silly Season is showering us with a highly polished Shit Show...tbb is not buying into it!