South Coast over coming days, Mid Coast Friday and Saturday

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

South Australian Forecast (issued Monday 9th June)

Best Days: Tuesday, later Wednesday, Thursday down South, Friday both coasts, Saturday Mid Coast


Saturday was poor with an onshore wind and building swell down South, while the Mid Coast was workable with 1-1.5ft of swell.

Sunday was better down South with a peaky swell under light NE winds best suited to Goolwa and Parsons for experienced surfers. The Mid Coast continued in the 1ft range with the odd bigger set in the mix.

Today the swell is a lot straighter but smaller on the South Coast, with Waits and Parsons offering the best of it under fresh N/NE winds. The Mid Coast is tiny and only really for beginners.

This week (Jun 9 - 13)

Waits and Parsons will be the only real options tomorrow and Wednesday with small levels of background SW groundswell and fresh to strong N/NE winds tomorrow and N/NW winds on Wednesday.

A late increase in new W/SW groundswell Wednesday should see a touch more size down South but not above 2ft at Middleton and 3ft to nearly 4ft at Waits. The Mid Coast should see a late kick in size to 1-2ft but conditions will be terrible with that fresh to strong NW wind, and a small NW windswell will also be in the mix.

From Thursday onwards we'll see medium levels of W/SW tending SW groundswell as a strong node of the Long Wave Trough moves in from just under WA this evening, through the Bight and then over Victoria on Friday.

This will steer a series of strong polar fronts up through our western and then south-western swell window, with the first swell arriving later Wednesday, peaking Thursday ahead of a stronger swell Friday.

The strongest swell will be generated by a broad polar front pushing from the south-west of WA up towards and then through the Bight on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.

This swell should peak Friday to 3-4ft+ at Middleton and 5ft at Waits, with 2ft sets on the Mid Coast. Winds on Friday are luckily looking favourable as deepening mid-latitude low moving in from the west, that could of spoiled conditions, stalls over the West Coast, with offshore NW winds due Friday morning instead (NE on the Mid). There is still the chance of this, but check back Wednesday for a clearer idea on Friday's winds. The system is due to move in later in the day bringing freshening S/SE winds and these onshores will persist into Saturday.

This weekend onwards (Jun 14 onwards)

While winds look average for the South Coast Saturday, the Mid should be cleaner with an easing 1-2ft of swell under S/SE winds.

A slightly more southerly pulse of groundswell is due through Sunday before backing off slowly Monday, but this time from a front skirting the polar shelf. There's still some movement regarding the timing and size of this swell but winds look to favour the South Coast over the Mid with a general westerly pressure gradient.

Longer term we may see a temporary downwards trend into the middle of next week and Thursday, but we'll review this in a couple of days.