Lots of swell from tomorrow


COVID-19 is changing the way we think about surfing. Travelling to the surf now means you're putting an unnecessary strain on the resources of small regional communities. So, please stay home. If you live near the beach and want to surf, please maintain a healthy spacing in the lineup, don't hang in the carpark, and keep your surf sessions shorter to allow others the opportunity to get wet. Above all, stay happy, healthy and look out for one another.

Eastern Tasmania Surf Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 31st January)

Best Days: Later Saturday, Sunday, south swell magnets Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning


Tiny waves both yesterday and today.

This weekend and next week (Feb 1 - 7)

From the weekend we're expected to see a lot more activity on the coast with a developing and strengthening fetch of N/NE winds down the southern NSW coast to a position just north-east of the state this evening and tomorrow morning.

This should produce a building and strengthening N/NE swell through tomorrow, peaking later in the day to 3ft+ across north-east swell magnets. The morning will be smaller but at least 2ft.

The swell is due to ease back in size Sunday from 2ft to possibly 3ft across the north-east magnets, tiny Monday.

Winds tomorrow won't be ideal for the north-east magnets most of the day and N/NW, but the S/SE change due later afternoon is still on track, creating great conditions in southern corners.

Lingering S/SE winds are due Sunday morning, though shifting W/NW through the morning and holding from the NW into the afternoon.

We then look to the S/SE swell event from Tuesday through Thursday and a good fetch of strong to near gale-force S/SE winds developed south of New Zealand yesterday afternoon.

The strongest and best fetch of winds should develop early tomorrow, persisting before shifting away from us Sunday, generating the best spike in size for later Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, likely to 3-4ft on the sets across exposed breaks, easing Thursday.

Winds on Tuesday will be offshore in the morning ahead of NE sea breezes, W tending E/SE on Wednesday and SE on Thursday as the swell eases.

Some small S'ly swell may be seen Thursday as the S/SE swell eases, but we look to our north-east again late week, with a meandering low off the southern NSW coast due to shift south into our swell window.

This looks to generate large building surf from next weekend but with onshore winds.. more on this Monday. Have a great weekend!