Average weekend better options next week

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Craig Brokensha (Craig)

Eastern Tasmania Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Friday 12th December)

Best Days: Saturday morning south swell magnets, later Sunday, later Tuesday, Wednesday morning, Thursday morning, Friday morning


Small levels of NE windswell continued at 1-2ft yesterday but besides light winds at dawn, a fresh S/SE change moved through creating poor conditions. Today a small cleaner 1-1.5ft of leftover swell was breaking but a slight increase in new SE swell should be seen late today.

This weekend and next week (Dec 13 - 19)

Tomorrow is only due to offer a small and inconsistent SE swell to 1-2ft across open beaches, from a fetch of SE winds off the tip of New Zealand's South Island. Conditions should be nice early with a N/NW breeze ahead of strong N/NE winds into the afternoon.

A small NE windswell may show late across the coast generated by the fetch of NE winds, with north-east facing beaches coming in at 2ft to sometimes 3ft through Sunday. Conditions will be less than ideal at these spots though with a N/NW'ly. We may see a late S'ly change though, so keep an eye on things for the late surf Sunday.

With later Sunday's change being weak we're expected to see a fetch of strong NE winds redevelop through our swell window on Monday and Tuesday kicking up some NE windswell again, reaching 2-3ft into Tuesday.

Winds are expected to be from the northern quadrant again for the most part ahead of a late W'ly change Tuesday evening.

This will kill the NE windswell but some better E/NE groundswell is due into Wednesday afternoon and Thursday across the coast.

This will be generated by the low that's currently pushing up the East Coast, moving over to New Zealand during the weekend and aiming a fetch of strong to gale-force E'ly winds through our swell window Monday, persisting at lesser strength through till Wednesday.

This swell isn't looking as tasty as it could have been with only inconsistent 2-3ft sets likely from Wednesday through Friday and early Saturday. We'll confirm this on Monday though once the fetch actually starts to develop off New Zealand's West Coast.

Have a great weekend!