Vaccinate or not

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Supafreak started the topic in Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 at 6:20pm

I was a little shocked at Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) announcement that international travelers will be required to have a covid 19 vaccination in order to travel on Qantas flights . The government wanted to have mandatory vaccination but after the bumbling of its release ( it was painful to watch the delivery of that announcement ) they withdrew the mandatory part but it seems Qantas and other business may demand a vaccination in order to use their services. I’m not anti vaccine by any means I just don’t trust this government or a vaccine that has been rushed through. A jab followed by another jab followed by yearly jabs doesn’t sit well with me as I have never had a flu shot or the flu for more than 20 years. Plus I don’t want to give this shot to my healthy 4 year old daughter. She is up to date with all her vaccinations but this covid vaccine is new and not being around for decades like the others. Tuberculosis remains the number one as far diseases go and you don’t need proof of vaccination to travel so what is going on ?

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shortenism Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 at 12:21pm

Healthier than the virus hahahaha.. 'Don't worry' hahahah 'we will do the hard work for selfish pricks like you' hahahahah. This a joke shorepump? You wouldn't know a hard days work if it slapped ya in the face. Wake up Australia. Bending over for an instant fix injection is what I would call the opposite of hard work.

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shortenism Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 at 12:38pm

The hard work we all need to do is untangling inter-generational conditioning based on limited snippets and contortion of truth. I accept in the scheme of things to not know much but I do know a big pile of bullshit when I see it and this whole COVID & Vaccination play is about as big of a pile as I've seen...

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freeride76 Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 at 12:43pm

do your own research eh Shorto?

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Vic Local Sunday, 27 Dec 2020 at 1:21pm

"I accept in the scheme of things to not know much (about vaccinations) but I do know a big pile of bullshit when I see it..."
That's so Trumpian shortenism. What is it with people who's default position to complex issues, is to instantly dismiss things they don't understand as bullshit?
And you bang on about people doing the opposite of hard work. Oh the irony, it burns.

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Distracted Monday, 28 Dec 2020 at 11:25am

What I don’t get about the Pfizer vaccine is that it is just reducing the impact of the symptoms. You can still be contagious and spread the virus but probably spreading less if you’re not coughing, spluttering etc. So it’s not going to work like these older vaccines which can eradicate a disease, it will continue to exist and evolve like the flu.

So if you can still spread it despite being vaccinated, what’s the point of getting the vaccine before jumping on a Qantas flight?

Edit: I thought I’d read that the virus could be transmitted despite the vaccination, however, it appears that no one actually knows whether it can be transmitted despite vaccination .... which is a bit bizarre at this point.

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evosurfer Monday, 28 Dec 2020 at 8:54am

I smell a RAT and its China and now Trump gone we are doomed.

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Vic Local Monday, 28 Dec 2020 at 9:10am

Should we do our own resurch evosurfer?

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JQ Monday, 28 Dec 2020 at 9:35am

What a disturbing window into the delusional and conspiracy addled brain of Shortenism we've seen here. It's what I'd term 'professional stupidity'. Your stupidity is no longer just a danger to yourself, but it's a danger to the rest of us.

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Blowin Monday, 28 Dec 2020 at 9:54am

How old are you JQ ?

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truebluebasher Monday, 28 Dec 2020 at 3:03pm

Pfizer or WHO or no one are tracking these reactions.
Just stick out yer Tongue / Arm / Neck ...Wot ever!

Ironically Oz isolation saved us but we're most impacted by Vax side effects.

EU roll-out vax from today..

Pfizer Vaccine Alaska...
2 Bartlett regional hospital workers reactions from 144 shots...

Mid age Woman (rash/short breath) spent 2 nights / 3 days on 'Epinephrine drip'
(Med Director: Fine / released (vs) [+] said nope ..staying another night.

Male went to emergency for (Puffy eyes / Light head / Throat)
'Epinephrine / Pepcid / Benadril'...treatment worked fine.

Vax Reaction % as reported by Med Staff.

UK - 2 / 100,000 (50,000 / Day 1/2)
US - 6 / 272,001
Alaska - 2 / 144
Total 1 / 37,215 (vs) (Standard Vax reaction 1 / 1,000,000)
You can't not notice that?

26th Dec Boston Dr > (1st Moderna Vax emergency reaction)
1 / 40,000 (Day 1 of Predicted 120,000 shots over a 'few days')
Can see a pattern of around 1/45,000 in both Vaxes is now accepted as a pass.

tbb is no medic but can pass on that all are concerned but not enough to halt vaxes.

Australian impact from reactions.(As said, has massive logistics)
Oz Population / projection > 555 mRNA Emergency Reactions.(Anytime/where)
Consider this Drug needs Freezing at -70 degrees + now also needs ICU rooms.
Oz is looking at CBD only access to mRNA vaxes. ( No Regional ICU + Cold Rooms)

So wotz the big deal tbb?

Scomo prides Aborigines in Tier 1...Dose of Downtown Dreamtime at yer local ?
Desert Storm ADF troop carriers raid ice cube trays from Flying Doctors beer fridge.

Scomo waits for more Oz friendly vaxes or downgrades Aborigines > T3 (WHO?)
Does Chemist Warehouse Queue Jumper Jab have an ICU in the unboxing Bay?

Worldwide Icy ICU Pfizer shock therapy is not cheap & will ask for U50 tin rattle.

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 1:42am

Medicos are "Tasked with Filling Out" Cardboard Vaccine Cards.(Pen / Pencil?)
Apparently worldly apps struggle with translating Doctor's handwriting.
Pretty sure Qld Anna is gonna tear up tbb's score card...[ Censored ] Need an app!

Pfizer gets frozen in time.
Special Temp-Flex vials were made for Icy vaccine
1,000 - 5,000 doses (Anti theft GPS) -70* Freezer equipped Army Trucks
California US -80* Army Stock had to be thrown out!
Japan bought 10,500 freezers

Tier One Venues - Hospitals > Gyms > Aged Care > GP's
Soon > Germany Indoor stadium + Typical UK Hall Pop Up.

Pfiizer Vax Procedure

Staff unlock -70* then have up to 3.5 days to use up the 2c-8c Fridge vax
Each daily Saline dilution brew lasts 6hrs.
Military- like operation to ensure no vax goes to waste.

Pfizer Vax 5 doses or 6 ? Is the 6th dose a bonus or waste?
After adding saline dilution an extra '6th Dose' becomes apparent.
UK & US asked Pfizer about #6... ("Don't know?") Naturally the Labs threw it out.
Now Pfizer say the 6th dose is good! ( Oops! "You Didn't press full flush did you?" )
17% of precious Vax goes down the drain! ( It's not Pandemic Science is it! )

Each patient is given a 15min prime vax spot + a recovery (Waiting) TV area.
That's 4 in the hot spot + 4 in the TV room.
Staff are on call to swill the dregz so none goes to waste.

*Recent Changes
Smaller UK GP's / Chemists can no longer participate due to (Pfizer reactions)
Now 8 prime vax Bays/Emergency Staff (8 x 4m2) = 32m2 SD prime response site.
Also rules out Aussie closet GP Pathologies ( State Health as min SD requirement )
One can see the vax has fast become an additional State Health nightmare!

This now corrupts all 1st shot local Vax ID cards...less secure / brews / stats.
This also renders Pfizer's vax near useless for (Legal) Queue jumpers.
CEO would be suss to pay $500 for rancid Hot Shot from a Chemist's Bar Fridge.

Pfizer now jab healthy folk in Euro/US hospitals that are needed for growing Covid Crisis.
A thoughtless uncaring wasteful Pandemic Plan...(Vax Health Crisis mid Pandemic)
Seriously! WTF does WHO / Media do as Big Pharm boss Covid drenched hospitals.

2nd Dose..(Above) Pfizer Brewer is worried about immune reaction.
Testing shows more side effects are expected with 2nd dose.
Other doctors feel many won't return for their 2nd shot!
More again feel a 3rd shot is needed.

Pfizer overview...(Guide)

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Sickaz Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 5:07am

Keep it up Tbb. Some of these numbers regarding short term effects, particularly the Alaskan nurses, are concerning. 2 out of 144 people to receive the vaccine requiring emergency treatment is not a good figure.

The unknown mid to long term effects of the Pfizer vaccine on the immune system are very concerning to me. No amount of expertise, good will, money and boots on the ground can account for the unexpected, or unknown for that matter. The long term effects ON HUMANS of the new rMNA vaccine are unknown. How could they be, the data, specifically for the Pfizer Covid vaccine, is only a few months old, (plenty of research has been done on SARS vaccines granted).

One of the main ways of testing the long term effects of vaccines is on lab animals with short lives, to see the vaccine’s effects on them as their system deteriorates via natural senescence. This only INDICATES what could happen to humans. Yes I have some understanding of telomere length and its importance in these tests. Some humans have been tested with these vaccines and some data on the short term effects are coming in, again thanks tbb for your work detailing some of these results. Finding the true human mid to long term effects will only be properly understood in the mid to long term of a human life.

I am not suggesting that the vaccines shouldn’t be deployed en mass, I am not qualified to make that call, Covid is very dangerous for older people and people with health concerns after all, and we need to protect them. I understand the power of safe vaccines and the need for a large percentage of the population to be vaccinated for a vaccine to control a pathogen. I just hope the results come in as planned/hoped considering the amount of humans involved in this massive experiment.

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shoredump Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 6:05am

“The long term affects of the vaccine on humans is unknown”

True, and it’s a bit scary
But that’s been the case with all vaccines right? It’s our turn in history now

These are (were) cosy times

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shortenism Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 9:29am

You said it Sickaz in your last line ‘in this giant experiment’.

‘A bit scary’ - Shorepump you’re really owning this pro vaccine thing.. Go on then be the big man, do the hard work and line up your family for the shot... just like all those slurpy sipping overweight crew seeking saviour in a diet pill.. A bit scary or a lot stupid...?

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Vic Local Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 9:40am

Diseases for which vaccinations form part of the NHMRC Standard Vaccination Schedule
pertussis (whooping cough)
poliomyelitis (polio)
haemophilus influenzae type b infections
hepatitis B
pneumococcal infections
Other diseases where a risk may arise for a particular person or group of people in specific situations:
hepatitis A
meningococcal disease
bat lyssavirus
yellow fever
Japanese encephalitis
Q fever
varicella-zoster (chickenpox)
Just imaging a world if the anti-vaxxer fucking muppets got their way.
shortenism, you're a dickhead mate.

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AndyM Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 9:57am

What does the Australian experience reveal about the success of vaccination? The results of the national campaigns are shown in Table 1 and Table 2. It can be seen that soon after community-based campaigns were introduced a dramatic reduction occurred in the number of deaths resulting from the common vaccine-preventable diseases. In the decade in which public vaccination began in Australia 9,292 children died from these diseases where only 29 deaths occurred in the past decades.

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JQ Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 10:01am

It really takes a unique kind of moron to go against this stuff, such huge numbers of lives have been saved and many more prevented from a lifetime of suffering with the after effects.

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evosurfer Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 10:16am

Seriously is the vaccine going to be any worse than it is with the Chinese virus
the world is forced to live with now. I doubt it very much ,I dont believe it will
turn us into brain eating zombies or the CIA will have control of our minds it
might actually help getting our lives and finances back in order and even get us
international travel that we all crave for to find the perfect waves. Really what
sensible other choices do we have. But make no mistake The red RATS China
will have phase two ready to go.

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shortenism Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 11:07am

To clarify and for VIC’s health and well-being, my comment(s) are specifically aimed at COVID vax.

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 1:18am

Thanx this space....

Pfizer Recap:
17% of rich nations vax was flushed down the drain
1/ 50,000 vax reactions as to 1/1m (standard) > Vax = Now Emergency procedure!
Tier 1 healthy Medicos must now front-line as patients in their own Hospitals.
2nd/ 3rd Shots are in doubt but needed to gain immunity.

It was becoming clear that after Alaska the US was fast gaining a new record.
Vax Doctors on death beds handing out lollipops to kidz.." You have to man up!"
Take one for the Team advert even shocked Pfizer.

Yes tbb is being serious, so what's being done about this unfolding vax crisis.
Crisis! Yes! As many of these ill folk have both travel / Vax exemptions by LAW.
So it's pointless to continue with proposed travel restrictions without guarantees!

Crew are free to explore the overt push for costly total vax compliance.

US NIAID Allergy,Asthma, & Airway biology branch (Study)
Includes several hundred patients of Severe Allergic Reactions.
(Note: Law forbids these groups from primary vax tests)
Consider this as a high risk "Emergency Study" in keeping with "Emergency Vax."

It's also vital that tests begin sooner to cast a net over these yet vaxed subjects.
All are hoping study will begin in a matter of weeks.
mRNA (PEG) Pfizer/Moderna vaccines are the main focus of study.
Don't expect this to make the news...this is FDA approved but on the down low.

Developing News...
Covid changes (14 mutations ) 7 mutations in the Spike.
(More contagious ...not more Lethal)
*Questions over new strains evolving in City Scapes
*Will we need further new Vaccines to defend new Covid Strains.
*Virus will likely change enough that our Anti bodies won't recognize virus.
*Are mRNA vaccines more adaptable to best respond to changing virus.
*mRNA multi Spike will cover most strains...(note: Flu Vax needs to change yearly)
*Covid Vax will change a little less than Flu Vax.
*Antigen Tests (Rapid Tests) will need to be constantly binned

*Antibody "Alt Home Brews" will need to peddle a new miracle cure each season.
tbb can hear the crew sniggering...
Steady on! Covid has proved a hard sell with Interpol Anti Pandemic Fraud Squad.

Speaking of fraud - tbb has updated 2020 COVIDSafe app / QR CodesTimeline

NYE Fireworks to go ahead as Govt Planned..(Wot?)
1st Jan 2021 ~ Cop a $5,000 fine for walking thru a door without myGov implant.
Conspiracy Nutters screamed "Cybermen!" a million times already & you laughed!

I don't want it, the things you're offering me, symbolized bar code, quick ID, oh yeah

Scientists prove Covid Safe era as root cause of self satisfying door depression.

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shoredump Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 3:07pm

The science doesn’t say to rush kids into this Shortenism, so I won’t.
In fact no one will be rushing kids into this because they won’t be allowed.
They aren’t at high risk and it’s untested on them as of Dec 2020.
Myself, my wife and both our parents will be ready to go get a jab in Autumn, unless something significant pops up in the science that directs us not too.
All about risk verse reward.
And that’s your argument too and fair enough. I just wonder how you can think getting 100% covid is better than getting the jab, building your immune system, then getting mild, or likely immunity from covid.
Herd immunity is inevitable, says science
Think of it like insurance. I just paid $850 to insure my car. It stung a little bit but I’m ok. I’ll almost certainly not need it too. Now if I didn’t insure it, and my car is stolen, it’d be a completely fucked situation that would put a big dent in my decade.

1/50,000 adverse reactions to the vaccine?
How do those adversity numbers compare to those that just get covid?
It’s 1/20 right?

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Sickaz Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 5:26pm

My comments are directed entirely at the Pfizer rMNA vaccine due to the entirely new way in which it works/interacts with the immune system. I am pro vaccine, all of the benefits they have provided are not news to me.

Shore dump you make good logical sense and I generally agree with what you say. The risk vs reward analysis is pretty heavily weighted when we are in the biggest pandemic in centuries, which backs up your position pretty forcefully.

I guess when you said about increasing your immunity against such pathogens by taking a vaccine, I am not an expert but I have done some research and listened to some learned people about the rMNA vaccine and perhaps the main issue with it, besides the <-70degree storage temp, SEEMS to be that it could possibly give rise to auto immune conditions or have otherwise adverse effects on the way the immune system functions. I would personally feel much more comfortable taking a vaccine that was not an rMNA vaccine. Not saying rMNA vaccines don’t work, I hope they do - one more board in the quiver, just the fact that it is brand new technology makes me more hesitant about it considering how fast it has been developed.

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Sickaz's picture
Sickaz Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 5:22pm

Also the rMNA Pfizer vaccine is far more suited to rapid, mass production, which is great if it works, but it would also be a highly tempting commercial factor for these pharma companies trying to win the huge $$$ available, including pushing it through to take their position/stake in this super competitive market, that they could potentially miss out on completely if they took too long to get a vaccine out no matter how good, or bad, their vaccine is.

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Blowin Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 6:06pm

Someone please tell me this is a hoax. The chief scientist at the WHO saying there’s no evidence that the COVID vaccine prevents transmission.

If this is true and we are still mandated to get the thing it’s out of control.

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indo-dreaming Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 6:43pm

Although I'm not sure if WHO is still regarded as a reliable source of information on anything to do with Covid, but yeah i think that might be true from what I've read from other sources.

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shoredump Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 8:02pm

I was shocked at that at first too Blowin, but I think it’s the abundance of caution thing for now

ie there’s no evidence yet it doesn’t, either

@sickaz, sounds like you’ve looked into it far more than I have. Sounds like reasonable concerns. Thank god we get more time to assess it all. If the science tells us (Australia) to steer clear of it, I think we will.
No mandate here so you’ve got no worries there if you can take the one you feel comfortable with

“Seems to be that it could possibly”
....Let’s see what time tells us

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Westofthelake Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020 at 8:11pm

I always thought the Covid vaccine was kind of like the flu vaccine in that it won't stop you from catching the virus (and sharing I presume), and will only lessen the severity and impact on the patient (?).

Even so, my conservative parents are straight up against getting in line to receive it, and they're close to 80 years young. However, I do wonder if their mind would change if they were in an actual hotspot with some of their friends/relatives infected and in hospital?

Since this year it has become a requirement to have the seasonal flu vaccine before visiting aged care facilities, it wouldn't be too hard to imagine a covid vaccination becoming mandatory as well?

Like Shorey points out, everyone's circumstances are different. And to that, each to their own.

I reckon social-distancing, hand-sanitizer, and mandatory masks (situation dependent) are here for a while yet...

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 12:56am

Oz Covid arrivals...
As it stands Oz can't touch [457] or FIFO crews nor o's kids until 6months.
Yet this is long reported as the constant source of the virus...
Only Vic can vax 'up to' 12y'o [ 457 ] kidz (Later Covid vax 'from' age 12 only)
There is no doubt that Victoria would have the most vaccinated populace.
Perfect Storm for vaccinated Oz...[ We don't decide on next [457] outbreak ]

Vax is no short term answer as crew says! (Oz version)
400 Aust medics: "Oz initial vaccine rollout unlikely to stop Covid transmission"
Trial never tested for Vax passing on or receiving Vax Transmission
Emergency Drug is still under 2 months Phase 3 trial in real time.

Herd Immunity without the Herd?
Govt's are mostly covering State Workers, Health, Prisons, Outpatients, Education.

Kate Bingham : UK Vax Boss: "There are no plans for U50 to "ever" get vaccinated."
UK > 10 Tiers > Tier 11-U50 > "Majority of those U50 incl' Kids won't get a Vax!"
OZ > 12 Tiers > Tier 6 - U50 > Tier 12 School Kids (Last of all > Class of 2022)
US > Phase 1 a/b/c/d > 2 > 3 > Phase 3/4-(2nd last > Kids) > Phase 4/5-Under 50

Clearly Govts least care for how or when U50 > kids get a vax. (For now that is!)
Herd Immunity will likely be mandated by Captains of Industry + Pay Vax.
Special favours return the Govt outlay.

Note: Under 50 Tier timetables with Mid Year Tax (Suits traditional Lib Govt policy)
30th June - (tbb "Example only")
Covid Emergency is declared over! (Govt rolls out next Tier of "Free Vax scheme")

Targeting U50 vax = (UK Tier 11)= (Oz Tier 6) = (US Phase 4) -varies by state.
"Free" Covid Vax Rebate for U50 work/school/travel related expenses..(Blah! Blah!)
Star Chamber rolls out rebate for CEO Airlines > Mining > Resorts > Unis / Colleges.
Something like that...crew know all of this & expect no variation to age old scheme.

Kiddies formula.
Pfizer suckled 12 y'olds + Moderna gave sips to 18 y'olds.
(No Kidz will get a vax from these baby bottle formulas)
It's most likely they'll need a much lower dose or mix to better suit kidz immunity.

re: Dec' US Pfizer/ Moderna Trials of 3,000 strong New Kidz Army 12-18 y'olds
(re: Note this companions current Pfizer/ Moderna Allergy Trials - see tbb above)
Consider Big Pharm surfs 'Covid Emergency mRNA Kid trial'. (Covid vax sideline?)
Ok! Who here never thought of mRNA side project! "We're doing it for the Kidz!"

UK/OZ prioritize kids last > US has kids ahead of the non essential trailer park U50.

Crew can see that once Private schools get a sniff > $500 wonderdrug enrolment.
"We're the only Covid free School that guarantees a 100% covid free family tree!"
(Reality Bites)
"Mum! Why can't we be a COVIDSafe family...our retard public school germs suck!"

Note how UK openly declare No Kidz vax + No Allergy vax + No U50 vax.
Tests push 12 y/o > Allergy Vax..+ US/OZ are spruiking VIP U50 vax..

Obviously this wild vax rollout will flip & flop with each new jab of ungodly Side FX.
Uncertainty being the only certain thing...let the good times roll.

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Sickaz's picture
Sickaz Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 1:07am

My apologies for consistently writing rMNA instead of mRNA, I gotta proof read my posts. Or just say messenger RNA.

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Blowin's picture
Blowin Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 11:46am

The vaccine sounds amazing.

Apart from the fact that it doesn’t prevent you from catching Covid and doesn’t prevent you from spreading it . Probably not the best that it doesn’t prevent symptoms either.

But at least there’s the potential for side affects when you take the multiple and ongoing doses and by taking the vaccine you only have to test negative and quarantine as normal if you want to travel.....WTF !?!?

PS This data is no longer accurate as it’s from June 2020. Survival rates across the board are now much better ....

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 2:32pm

NRMA is fine also.

Ok! So the Vaccine is useless, but the Vax cards can still fool the sniffer dogs.

Vaccine Cards as Passports or is it just one last 2020 Covid media frenzy stunt.
Crew notes each Nation / State have different Contact / Vax Cards for added drama.
Like Marine debris cards with no hint of collaboration apart from the cool shirts.
Are these Vacuous Cards nothing more than trophies for courageous Pollies.

UK / NHS Vax card : "Make sure you keep this record card in you purse or wallet!"
US / CDC Vax Card : " Please keep this record card which includes medical information about the vaccinations you have received.

Wow! Record Collecting of Cards in Purses & Wallets...tbb is in heaven.
'Starting to smell like a feel good boomer trap!' really think tbb is that weak!

Will ABF stamping 150 different Covid Vax Passports speed up Air Travel?
But cards are just important enough to run off some time wasting impressive fakes!

Public Health England :
The card is to record 2 doses & not intended for any other purpose
It's not even compulsory to bring it it along for the 2nd vaccine.
There is no requirement to present it to medical staff upon a reaction.
There is no requirement for people to carry the card or show it at any other time.
It is not the plan to introduce a Covid 19 "Vaccine Passport."
Not an ID card as it has no security features.

So! Does every Airline mandate the Covid Vax...
(No!) "They can't & won't ...only an Australian CEO would enforce such a thing.
Oddly Qantas is not advocating vaccinated UK/US travellers to fly to Oz?

So what about Australia! ("You mean Robot Social Credit Spy Capital".)
Fines for flashing yer Paper Vax Card at the Southern Mission Camp.

Oz States (Pubs / Clubs / Restaurants) $5,000 for 1st pen & paper offence
Airports ( Crumpled Vax Card -no app ) $3,000 > Air tight no sunlight Quarantine
Transit (Trains-Trams-Ferries-Buses -Uber ) All Ban cash & Paper ID > Ding! Ding!
Councils -Ban Paper Transactions + will fine you, if you ask again... Never asked?
Maccas / H'Jacks - Ban Paper transactions, but will wrap yer Burgers in paper. Huh!

Can flash yer Covid Vax Card or tits at the next Greyhound / Taxi driver. (No Fines)

Despite media frenzy over crumpled Vax Cards flapping as a set of wings...


COVID : (Germany) Special privileges for the Vaccinated? (Us vs Them)

Hospital Rollout sees Managers /CEO's getting the Jab first but not the frontline.

Good to see it's all going to plan...none would expect otherwise!

Fed Govt Petition closes tonight. (Stop greedy CEO's buying & selling MyHealth)

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GreenJam's picture
GreenJam Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 2:45pm

careful there Blowin - raising those legitimate concerns will have you branded and chastised as an anti-vaxxer.

can't be too long now until that vicdick chimes in on that

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shoredump's picture
shoredump Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 3:36pm

For the record my vaccine stance is that of a regular garden variety type. One that gives immunity and stops the spread.
I’m still unsure what information is true.
The Pfizer trials say 95% effective for example, which is great.
From what I can tell, it’s just WHO and government warnings of caution to act like it doesn’t work properly for now. This caution is causing rumours to start that it doesn’t work, when in fact there’s nothing yet to suggest it’s different from the trial results.

There’s genuine reason for concern if all this doubt becomes fact. What’s the point if it barely works. Need some reward for the risk

If that’s the case, let’s suck it up and wait for herd immunity

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 3:35pm

GreenJam is setting up Blowin real nice for this next one...

US - ER Nurse tests [+] for Covid 19 (some 8 days after he had the Vax)

Wait for the kicker... Vax takes 10-14 days before it starts to kick in...(Bummer!)

Message: Pays to jump the Vax Queue in a Pandemic ...Outta my way you!

8 Germans OD on Vax..( 6 x doses give them no more than flu symptoms) Bummer!

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Vic Local's picture
Vic Local Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 3:47pm

Hey blowin you dopey fucker. Start multiplying your non-survival rates by 82,000,000 (a figure that is bare minimum and rising fast) and get back to us.
The reason why I'm so pissed about you is I have family and friends who are front line medical professionals in Aus, UK and the USA. The complete shit you come out with re Covid is absolutely contemptible, and would earn you a punch in the face if you said it to people on the front line in hospitals.

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 3:54pm
shoredump's picture
shoredump's picture
shoredump Wednesday, 30 Dec 2020 at 3:56pm

Our government are still using the word immunity today

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 1 Jan 2021 at 6:01pm

Great link Superfreak

AstraZeneca ( Approved in UK )
1st Shot (after 21 days protection) > 2nd Shot TESTED to 4wks...But

UK suspend ALL 3/4 week (2nd shots) & delay them for 12 weeks

Pfizer : (2nd) Shot is only tested to 3 weeks (Not 12 weeks)

WHO : Pfizer Vax Approved!

4th Jan 2021 - 2nd dose of Pfizer shots were to begin in UK...(Now postponed)
500,000 (1st shot) vaccinated Med/Elderly must now wait 12 weeks for 2nd shot.
Vax numbers will be further huddled into that very last week of 12 wk time cycle.
This indicates (Massive Govt Venues) queuing & Prime recovery Aid for 2nd shots.

Medicos : "Untested delay will create anxiety to a fragile community / staff !"
Calls for Army to assist in vax roll out.

UK are now running thru the all the 1st Shots for max coverage
UK : All 25 million to (Tier 9 -50+) vaxes by late Spring.

Pfizer (Freezers / Emergency Jab Staff + reaction drugs / now > 3month Storage)
Crew can see that soon only a Hospital or Govt venue can administer Pfizer vax.
"12 week Pfizer Vax" will suck emergency staff / resources dry.
Also a Massive Mobile effort to tour Country 'twice over' rather than Team based.
Also hampered by Hot Spots...hoping for a lull will only add to insecurity!

Pfizer Reply
Protection comes after 12 days from 1st Shot
Pfizer has no data on (One Shot) Protection after 21 days
In fact both doses were only tested within 21 days. (Not 12 weeks?)

UK medicos are fuming at losing trust of dearest lifelong patients.
Also the small practices that must re-book over months are counting Labour Costs.
UK Doctors demand to see the science behind the 12 week delay in Vaxing.

Lab Coats (vs) Stethoscopes (Vax Wars / Game on!)
Vax Labs (vs) Govt Health (vs) Doctors are at war over Vax roll out mid Pandemic!
Poms can choose from untested 12 week (Vax A) or untested 12 week (Vax B)
Each come with authentic 4 week use by date certificate to fool Border Security!

Anti Vaxerz are suing UK govt for stealing their Evil Plan.

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upnorth Friday, 1 Jan 2021 at 10:13pm

Mrs volunteered for the Oxford trial in April, she didn't know if she'd had the covid vaccine or the meningitis vaccine. Found out recently she had the covid vaccine after it was approved for use. She's been ramming tubes down the throats of covid patients for most of 2020, sometimes with little in the way off PPE due to the urgency of the situation. Been swabbed every week and had no signs of the virus, she's had one dose. If its available to you id suggest you get it, particularly if you are high risk or in contact with elderly/high risk friends and relatives.

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Supafreak Friday, 1 Jan 2021 at 11:35pm

WOW TBB , KAOS rules in UK , what a head fck for all involved.

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Supafreak Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 4:39am
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channel-bottom Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 8:17am

Blowins mortality rate is positively impacted by hospitals. Once these are overwhelmed like is happening in the UK or US right now, the mortality rate increases.

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vladalotovodka Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 10:03am

Better is when tomtit in soup than crane in sky.

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happyppl Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 11:40am

I don't trust any vax out there, i am high risk; age + recent health (allfixed? now)
Wash hands heaps and gloves at bowser etc.
The govt are liars, and royal commisions are a whitewash (propaganda).
Antibiotics if they don't work can make the virus(?) immune or harder to kill is it the same for covid vax? is this why more virrulent strains have popped up where the vax is trialled?
Anybody know anything etc?

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channel-bottom Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 11:53am

Antibiotics don't work on any virus, only on bacterial infections.

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happyppl Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 12:24pm

Thanks cb, my sceptism of covax is antibiotics are overpresribed, eg...whitetailed spider bite, totally risky trtmnt, in fact there is no vacine or antidote for that spider( spiderlady, yankallila) yet most gp's prescribe antibiotics?
Soo if ab's are wrongfully prescribed why put ones faith in the unproven vax?
PS not an antivaxer.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 1:33pm

UK : Update - BMA want 2nd jab respected to patients. (Then play the 1 vax game)
There is no way Doctors will break their Patient care oath & it's unfair to bully this.
Doctors also remind that this is a breach of Consent without patient permission.
Yep! Too bloody right....crew can see a class action ahead.
UK Govt undermines frontline & elderly with flip flop untested on the run vax plans.
Crew can see that UK Govt are inviting Emergency Vax re-deploy Strikes.
( Just let the med staff finish their vital Tier 1 commitment as World has promised )
Creepy how JCVI YouTube allstars wave their Harry Potter wands about.
Untested / Uncosted twice around the UK 50+ Village Roadshow on 12 week loop.
Carnival of Freaks comes to Town with a pretend 12 week Vax Voucher (Winner!)
Wot excuse when the Freak Show doesn't return! Vax has gone mouldy?

Antivaxerz need not get outta bed (Yawn!) UK just set back Vax trust by 50 years!
Helluva plan to kick frontline knee caps then shoot yourself in the foot.

US : Moderna Vax Sabotage by Pharmacist. (Can of Worms)
Wisconsin [+] Pharmacist intentionally removed 500 doses from fridge to spoil vax.
Both nights of Xmas Eve & Xmas Day the doses were 'left out'...but no tampering!

The Hospital had in fact administered 57 ineffective contaminated doses.
No plans of how or if to re-vax said patients? (Holiday hrs - likely Medical Staff)

At first Hospital said it was accidental then Pharmacist admitted guilt?

(Pharmacist who was not named is in Jail.) + Motive is not clear?
(Sabotage needs to be considered in secure environment!)
1. Pharmacist was trying to 'expose' (Bully) co-workers to the virus?
2. Bully co-workers are using nerdy Pharmacist as fall guy for poor vax practice?

Now next level frontline security concerns with extension of vax roll out stock.
Govt's must prepare for Hospital / GP / Chemist vax raids by (inside) gangs.
(Laugh all you like) #1 US stock has wide open access all day...(Hat / Fluro Vest)

Millions of Dollars of Covid Drugz are opened by a flick of a handle by pizza boys.
Not joking! They even show the World where the freezers are. (Yep! That secure!)
Never once is security shown as a feature. (World vax stock is at risk)
US #1- 1st vid [6:30] + 2nd vid [7:00] (Neither Truck supplies or Stock is locked?)
Possibly because Vax is on the move all day the security is non existent.
Again! No Army as said nor Cops'n'Guns,locks,Keys,Codes (Just flick the handle)

tbb is not trying to undermine the Roll out, quite the opposite!
Grocery divider Bars / Ship-Plane Stairs & Freezer Vax Handles fly under the radar.
Qld / NSW bio security border was ever unkempt & labelled [ No Man's Land ]
All shared priority "Transition Points" go unattended by derelict of duty.
These $m Vax Handles may never appear on a Covid Security / Sanitary list!
These Pro Hot Spots simply stare right thru you as if you weren't even aware!
Just imagine if & when #1 Vax Delivery Guy gets Covid...(A Vax Pandemic?)
Does the Nation bin $millions of Stock? (Do we then leave a Key on the fridge?)

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truebluebasher Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 2:25pm

upnorth might wanna share this Oxford Trial with dedicated frontline saviour.
Describes US Trials that were cut short due to some reactions in UK.
2nd Vax was cancelled & left trial patients unknowing!

Never heard of (STAT) & lost their link & wasn't easy to find again but worth it!
6th Oct 2020 Article makes for a good read on Cancelled Trials...& very timely.
STAT has a lot to offer for those seeking less reported cross covid news. (Keeper!)

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Optimist Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 2:55pm

Upnorth thanks for the advice and good on your wife a legend. That is the one I was hoping I would be taking so cheers.

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Supafreak Saturday, 2 Jan 2021 at 4:01pm

So much controversy, hopefully we get some answers not just “ it should be ok “