Vaccinate or not

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Supafreak started the topic in Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 at 6:20pm

I was a little shocked at Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) announcement that international travelers will be required to have a covid 19 vaccination in order to travel on Qantas flights . The government wanted to have mandatory vaccination but after the bumbling of its release ( it was painful to watch the delivery of that announcement ) they withdrew the mandatory part but it seems Qantas and other business may demand a vaccination in order to use their services. I’m not anti vaccine by any means I just don’t trust this government or a vaccine that has been rushed through. A jab followed by another jab followed by yearly jabs doesn’t sit well with me as I have never had a flu shot or the flu for more than 20 years. Plus I don’t want to give this shot to my healthy 4 year old daughter. She is up to date with all her vaccinations but this covid vaccine is new and not being around for decades like the others. Tuberculosis remains the number one as far diseases go and you don’t need proof of vaccination to travel so what is going on ?

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Supafreak Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 4:21pm

TBB I looked on Australian government site dated 16 December and couldn’t see ivermectin mentioned anywhere , it’s not in the not recommended list which is where I thought I saw it when looking before , maybe I’ve gone bat shit crazy or it’s been removed from the list since NIH in the US changed its position on it .

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Supafreak Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 4:30pm

That link with the history of ivermectin was great TBB , I had forgotten about it , to much reading lately , time to give the brain a rest .

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velocityjohnno Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 8:33pm

Crew this article is really really good:

"Researchers say their clinical trial using a cheap asthma inhaler to prevent COVID-19 patients developing severe symptoms has produced “incredible” results.

The results give hope the worst effects of the virus can be contained by the easily accessible medication, as the world waits for viable vaccines to be rolled out.

Patients in the trial, conducted in Britain and led by researchers from Australia, were given simple over-the-counter steroid inhalers when they presented at hospital with symptoms of the disease.

QUT associate professor Dan Nicolau, one of the lead researchers on the trial at the University of Oxford, said the results showed the method was extremely effective at preventing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

“When we first began the trial back in March [2020], we were hoping for 50 per cent reduction [in risk of developing serious symptoms], which itself would have been very high,” he said.

“We got 90 per cent, which even with only a few hundred people is off the charts.

“And it’s not just the overall result - their temperatures are less, they get less fever, and they recover faster.”

Professor Nicolau said they realised in the early stages of the pandemic that people with asthma were under-represented in severe and fatal cases of COVID-19.

They hypothesised that the use of steroid inhalers, which suppress immune response in the lungs, could have a beneficial effect on COVID-19 patients who often suffered lung damage due to overactive immune response to the disease."

I've quoted at length because of the importance of this find.

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Supafreak Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 at 9:10pm

Very impressive VJ , I was actually reading a article on this the other day ( can’t remember where ) hope it gets up as the more weapons we have to fight covid the better especially for the poorer countries and for those that can’t use vaccine even if they wanted too . This type of thing needs to have money behind it , but unfortunately if there’s not much to be made the big pharma companies aren’t interested. Governments need to distribute money evenly not just throw billions at vaccines and a few million at treatments . From memory the US so far has thrown 10.5 billion at vaccine research . Here is a report from July 2020 on money spent and where it’s been directed.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 1:00am

Here's Oz 4th & current Covid Rollout (Note we can & have changed it often)
It's likely to flex with Vax availability & logistics like all worldly rollouts
Current Vax rollout smells of bushfire season...(Scomo : 'Just duckin' out for a bit!')
PM could openly address rollout to take out some heat before a vax meltdown.

tbb's hypothetical rollout will address the bully politics & Juggles a few Phases.

* PM can reassure by promising nothing, but the best deal on the table.
* We know Phase 1a Rolls out the fastest with Hospital / staff on hand
* We know Aboriginal Rollout out will be slow but that can be a plus if timetabled.
* Oz PM demands UK to slot a free Booster Vax into Oz original, or no Approval.
* PM can argue Oz is not mixing vaxes as AZ 21 is a Frothy Top Up...(Cheers!)
* Oz puts up hand for Day 1 Mutant Booster Vax Trial Rollout ...(Ahead of EU) D'oh!
* OZ PM can Poker Face a free Mutant Vax trial (vs) AZ Ultra Needy Oz Approval.

*Triage of Allergies / Heart Conditions / Cancer Patients / CPAP.
Oz needs to advantage the new Vax time delay with tricky patients on our time.
Failing Triage sees very same patients shutting down Full flight Rollout ($Millions)
Being ill-prepared & short staffed will risk lives for no reason.

These patients must be engaged & slotted by need, for any hope of smooth rollout.
CPAP Tuesday / Allergy Wed ...this saves 20% staff and buys 2 precious days off.
Why slave our ICU day after day to get further & further behind...(We triage! Now!)
These patients should be optioned - group call ups that benefit medical staff.
tbb is such a patient and is fine with delay- to group book similar patients...Just ask!

tbb's alternate / Hypothetical Rollout will rescue Oz Vax...

Late Feb 2021
Phase 1a Most exposed to new South African Strain needs a proven defence
This stays the same, as Pfizer is best of a rugged batch to scare off Mutants.
Note: 30 min patient hold time is very expensive in Hospitals / Care Centres.
(Pfizer x 2)-Border Hotties / Frontline / Aged Care Staff-Residents

(Phase 1b) Most exposed to (Original Strain) needs 2 doses of (AZ 20 Vax)
PM can have & will win this argument as Aussies see it makes sense.
Regional rollout of (AZ 20) kills time waiting for UK (AZ 21) Mutant Vax
(AZ 20) x 2 - All remote + Aboriginal / 80+ / At Risk / 70+ (Least exposed to SA )
These groups rarely sniff a Mutant & can best wait 3 months for AZ 21 booster.

May 2021 (Govt 2a) Rollout
June 2021
(AZ 20) shot in June improves efficacy until 12 wks.
This perfectly timetables with Sept (AZ 21) Mutant Booster (re: Above match)

(Phase 2a-AZ 20) Are next most exposed to Mutants & best suit (AZ 21) Booster.
Vax order radiates from Quarantine / Mutant Wormholes & CBD Transit
(AZ 20) x1 - Healthcare / Emergency Services / At risk workers / 60+ / 50+

June / July > Sept / Oct (UK said Mutant Vax is ready by Fall)

Sept (AZ-21) New Mutant Vax Trial Batch arrives. (Hopefully for Free!)
(Phase 2a-AZ 21) Emergency Services loop as 1st to receive (AZ-21) Booster
PM can Promo the Cops / Ambos to boost confidence in new Mutant Vax Trial.

(Phase 2b) Will travel the most & need AZ 21 x2 if only to clear o/s entry ports.
Scomo has upper hand & Oz could wave the 1st { Full Strength Mutant Vax PASS }
(AZ 21 x2) Opens up Australia to Mutant Students + Mutant Surf Safaris.

recap : PM must withhold approval for dud Vax to seal our Free #1 Mutant Trial.
UK sold us a pup-EU tried to drown it & now WHO fit up OZ for the Pandemic.
PM has to man up...No shitty Vax approval until Oz gets a free Mutant top up.

(Phase 3) 1-18yrs will have Kids Mutant Vax approval in Most Nations by this time.
Just in case PM got more 16+ Pfizer if Big Kids need a Vax for Maccas / Uni

They said it couldn't be done but tbb breathed new life into the Oz vax rollout
Survey Says:
[ Mutant rollout sample stays well & truly anchored to rock bottom Vax enthusiasm ]
Yes! Finally tbb delivered some Happy Vax News!

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Supafreak Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 1:16am

TBB here is the Australian guidelines for treatment of covid 19. 6.7.22
Not recommended
Do not use ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 outside of randomised trials with appropriate ethical approval.
Ivermectin should still be considered for other evidence-based indications in people who have COVID-19.

Trials are needed in special populations, including children and adolescents, pregnant and breastfeeding women, older people living with frailty and those receiving palliative care. Until further evidence is available, do not use ivermectin to treat COVID-19 in these populations unless they are eligible to be enrolled in trials. Here is the full list of recommendations.

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truebluebasher Friday, 19 Feb 2021 at 10:11am

Vax News ...
South Korea approve AstraZeneca
This includes Elderly but with precaution.

South Africa wants to Sell or Swap AstraZeneca

Pfizer (tbb noted quite a few Israel Covid infections after 2 Pfizer shots)
US Doctor is seeing a few more of the same...
Doctor attends 7 Hospitals & noted 7 Covid cases in 3 weeks all 2x Pfizer Shots.
He said he wasn't surprised...All different timelines...("Gonna see more of it!")
It may be possible that Pfizer 2nd shot also shares an infectious Day 1 - 8 phase.

recap (Pfizer Full 2 shots > Covid Infections)
tbb has got a Universal stat on this now (Source 5 Israeli counts + 7 US Hospitals)
Israel - 1 / 2,854 + US - 1 / City Hospital (That's looking like a pattern)1 / 2-3000
Oz could do well to learn from that for Airports & Malls & Transit Hubs.
tbb: No one is saying that yet, but boy it's ringing out loud...

More on that...Vaxed infections are rising (Stats show 200% increase)
17th Feb update : Israel revised 608/ 602k or 1/1,000 (was 1/2,854)
Fully Vaxed Covid Details : Mostly Mild symptoms-580 / Hospital-21 / Severe-7

Yes supafreak ...I understood those same precautions are defaulted by all.
The fact the sources are time poor & varied + mixed drugs make any outcome suss
Mould is like Fungi or Magic Mushies > Pupils Dilate (Fight/Flight nervous response)
Stupor weak stoned effect leads to loss of appetite stunting growth.
They're most fearful of underdeveloped effect near the fetus! (Not 100% proven)
You might have read that Ivermectin is in Ant stuns them

Elderly & infants have a thin Blood Brain Barrier and vulnerable to Covid Poly Vaxes
Also Collies & a few breeds can't go near Ivermectin for same reason.

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Pops Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 9:21am

VJ, very interesting, definitely one to keep an eye on.
Given the run-of-the-mill puffers seem to show promise, I wonder if there's been any studies looking at prednisone/prednisalone (stronger steroidal treatments used to treat severe asthma episodes/chest infections in chronic asthmatics)?

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Supafreak Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 10:36am
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blackers Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 12:10pm

What? Andrew Bolt thinks the ABC has a bias? Wow, there is news.

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Hiccups Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 12:14pm

Andrew Bolt has pro-pedophile bias.

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Tony Jack Clancy Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 12:15pm

Hi..I've no time for Joyce, he's a self serving obsequious crawler to government and the rainbows but a complete knob to staff. II held Qantas rid of them when they hosities had to do the cleaning as well. All my research records in folders left on my seat whilst we had a short stopover...(for fuel) were removed and dumped. I have not travelled Qantas since then.

Virgin, in my opinion, is too easy going with "last minute" passengers bringing huge weight on board to avoid and using mobiles whilst nailing some of us for a tad-over.I also found them stonewalling when after several moves around the airport I finally forgot my coat and cards and cash...the coat alone was over $500.00.

All that said, I don't know that the 'jab' will stop and spread....say you get it at 11 and flyout at 4...? I think there's a lot of fantasy being used to buffer between the people and the 'experts'...and Trump was no expert, he was a total dropkick...even here in Australia. The airline can however demandand require what it pleases of people wishing to use it. Some might be happy to travl on an airplane with the unjabbed in the Punjab ...not I but than as aid is "here's my jab certificate' really protecting anyone else. Inclosing I see that at the tennis almost every spectator was breaking CV19 rules but the sports peanut "PK" on ABC claimed they were all complying....b/s and misinformation prevails but if you want to live, take the expert's more likely to be right than someone of social-media. I'm not a "vacciner" (an this covid is not the 'flu' and will wait and see with this one,. I am at risk with injuries, asbestosis and calky heart arteries but... I have however had as risky a jab as yellow fever...and hate tetanus shots...however sometimes one has to take guidance in risk management not denial of risk. If you don't want the jab...don't fly. ...don't use pulic transport...give others a chance.

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Tony Jack Clancy Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 12:35pm

I don't agree with Hicups view....I detested Bolt for a long time.....much as I detest Alan Jones...."Regav" and any number of other loud mouths with damaged brains....Bolt has not been arrested for masturbating in London toilets as had the old school master however in the last year or two Bolt has become more rational. Presuming you are speaking of Pell, Bolt very correctly analysted the situation. I don't say I believe Pell but the evidence was hopelessly inadequate for conviction. On the subject of paedophiles and paedophila. There is a 'hush system' I recall many years ago Socialite Maggie E protected an escaping, large scale drug dealer.I received one news session and then was gone. No follow through on why she did it....some of us know but it was all hushed-up. A couple of years ago the Feds here managed to break a security code but only after a paedophile homosexual male gave it up'. Exposed was a world wide organisation of male homosexual paedophiles adopting children and babies for grooming as 'sex swaps'...when travelling for example. The material discovered was apparently utterly appalling and many Australians were involved. It was hushed up...why? in my view the 'exposure of the religious paedophiles ( very few were prosecuted...that was largely reserved for catholics and that was the opportunity for the homosexuals to strike on 'marriage' which a poll ended as a referendum and the bias 'pro' was massively disingenuous and media one-sided. Be that part as it not even raise the massive-scale world wide, highly organised homosexual male grooming protected by security not even our best 'hackers' could crack in Parliament or in the newspapers in my view says 'conspiracy'. Perhaps it was to protect 'pillars of society' judges politicians various Board members, teachers....and a litany of others one might suggest. I didn't read or hear of even one prosecution of those Australians (or anyone else) who adopted babies and children (from Russia and such areas for example) for the evil purpose. of training them to do what they do.

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Hiccups Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 9:01pm

I'm glad I didn't have to read all of that block of rambling text TJC. This quote, "however in the last year or two Bolt has become more rational" meant I got to hit eject early.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 3:58pm

Pell never quarantined leaving prison & media filmed his live interstate spreading.
Preordained Godlike exemption by default. Why did cops/media excuse breach!
Crew knows media outs past breaches & Pell can be charged...mates club!

Note he even did Bolt TV interview during Fake Exempted Quarantine.
Same here...never agreed with Bolt but do on this occasion...
Medicare approves GP scripts for Ivermectin as Covid prevention & treatment.
Dumb Pollie & most bombastic Jock knows this yet whole Oz Govt/Media deny it!
Man that is some fucked up shit...we all saw this day comin' but never at this level.
Where do we go from excuse dumbarse Oz Pollies check this shit...

It's a Pork Barrel Pandemic & not just here folks.
UK Health Minister is also UK's most Corrupt & brain dead Minister of all time
Signs up his old Serco (Oz Detention Mob) $200m UK 'Trace' gig with no tenders.
He was just kicked off Live UK TV for being too stupid & knowing shit about Covid.
Bully TV presenter told him fuck off to do his Homework then come back...OMG.
Where talking Prime sleazy $Gazillion Lib Rorters searching for their pea brains.

AZ Prof Sarah Gilbert :
"Our current vaxes have a reduction in efficacy against some of the Variant viruses."

Switching to auto Lawyer syndicated Covid Pandemic speak...
[ Memo ] Insert this Earworm into every Nation's Health Minister's Gobs.
Variations on the theme are fine & ...3/2/1

"There is currently no evidence or appears to be, to indicate a reduction of either the Astra Zeneca or Pfizer vaccines of possible hope at preventing moderate to severe disease, hospitalisation or death, which is the key thing the vaccine is mean't to tackle."

Nobody said : 'Say, isn't that a direct rip from the side panel of the Panadol Pack!'
From Nobody's Dictionary : "Vaccine" (Definition) To provide Immunity... WTF.

[f] AAA Auto Delete Service { Free Trial } [ Press Now to Delete Nobody ] 3/2/1...

Big Pharm : We no longer Bully C...d + we eased the Pain of your Demise.
100% clean up rate with no complaints!

Somebody said : "Say, wasn't that a line from -(So long and thanx for all the Fish!)"

[f]....3/2/1....[ Deleting Somebody + Everybody + swellnet crew just in case... ]

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Supafreak Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 5:38pm

TBB what gets me the most is no media besides unfortunately sky news seems to be interested in why Professor Borody was ignored back in August and September when he wrote to both Scott Morrison and Dan Andrews with his findings and what needed to be done . There is a vaccine rollout coming and a election and this is the last thing both governments wants broadcast . Scott no friends no doubt will play his get out of jail free card with “ we were acting on medical advice at the time ‘ . Australia certainly does have some of the best science and medical minds in the world , unfortunately they aren’t the ones advising Scotty. If I had relatives in aged care that were locked away to isolate until they got so sick that they were hospitalised and then died , I would be extremely angry . Only history will judge these actions.

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truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 9:06pm

[L] Vax Phase 1 Rollout strictly for VIP Liberal Party Donors Only. (Not for You)
Labor voterz must cop a dose of [[ Liberal }----; if they wanna see Jobseeker again.

Oz Health Minister : "Entirely within the rules, Entirely appropriate & I win the Bet."
ABC Guy : " Yeah! Well yer not sticking yer [L] in me you diabolical dementor."
Oz Health Minister : "All of the world knows your a Leftie Michael ...admit it!"
"C'mon Michael, a quick little [L] Jab & you too will see the Scomo way!"
ABC Guy: "You really are too sick in the head to be our Health Minister, you freak!"

ALP / Greens can HelloWorld $10k to Xmas Island for vax phases 2- 25m by 2525.

Scovid : "Pandemic Profiteering is shit easy, you have a Go & rorts land in yer lap!"
'Would yer daughter like a [L]olly pop & Bal[L]oon after her [L] Vax...nothin' creepy!'

Soon have the [LNP] Cow Cockie Vax to ward off those pesky Extinction Mutants

Crew can now vote for Evil Twin Brozxit Liberal UK / OZ Health Ministers
Neither can master a mask or a TV interview nor count past $200,000,000.00

Liberal's Covid Vax Spin Cycle drains into the sea of rorts that we're up to here in!

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troppo dichotomy Thursday, 11 Feb 2021 at 9:24pm

Shirley at some point the majority of people are going to become disenfranchised with this charade.

Inept amateur leadership,unreliable medical advice from WHO and the feds,censorship from the media/internet,questionable vaccine efficacy, ruby princess/hotel quarantine resulting in co$tly lockdowns and closed borders.

Corporate cock sucking to a modern day pharmaceutical dick-tatorship.

History shall and will judge.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 13 Feb 2021 at 1:20am

troppo dichotomy has a way with words..pick any or all no better way to put it.
Corporate crimes feeding Govt rorts feeding Closed Shop Media Monopolies.
Not sure if it's the lies, the money laundering or plain stupidity but covid wants out!
Who will our Evil Leaders prey upon once the Covid Fountain stops flowing. (As if!)

Classic Hollywood knows how this ends!
Cop: "Well Professor! Vaccine # 423,987 sure did pulverise them Mars Mutants."
Professor : Oh! No! It Wasn't Vaccines. It was Greed that killed the Virus.

tbb: 'Even Humans wouldn't be so stupid as to send Covid infected probes to Mars.'
Please no! No tbb! Don't you dare say that's what our species just did...
Think we just rebooted the Galaxy with some Bat Lab droppings...It'll be fine!
Anyone think they never sent Covid samples to Mars? Not one hand went up!

Ok! Crew wants tbb to hand over his X Files Conspiracy...(Crew can't handle it!)
Seriously tbb blew his own tiny mind with his Martian Mutant Sci-fi!
Oddly enough, once you join the dots it seems more obvious than a conspiracy...
Pretty sure most of the crew will nod, as if it is happening & say that's typical. Yep!

Q: How cold does Pfizer vax need to be stored to maintain it's longevity.
A: Minus 70*
Q: How Cold is Mars
A: Average Temp is minus 62* (Poles minus 107*) Polar Circle is perfect for Pfizer.
Now with the Virus + Vax + Galaxy's most advanced Rovers.(Helicopter)
Rovers don't (Promo) bio Labs but tbb has read they do microbial Life forms.
Q: Was the Pfizer prototype Vax tested in time for US /China / UAE (Orbit) July Missions
A: Yep! 2x Dose Pfizer Data + US contract ...Ready for July 3x Mars Cargo Launches
If only one of 2 Rover's virus / vax set survives, then we have a Mars Humanoid virus Lab!
Note how the virus forever changes...perfect to create Infinite Martian Monsters

US / Chinese ever morphing Martian Pet escaped the Lab..
Everchanging Spike Virus - Cold Climate Vax, Launch timeline fits Mars Mission/s.
tbb thinks this Virus / Vax were central to Mars Missions hence the race & mishaps.
It also explains the Sci-Fi Spaceship Fleet to colonise the new world. (Does it not?)
This highest level secrecy combo WHO / US / China ...must laugh at us...
It also explains why every single Leader & scientist is told to shut the fuck up!
It's more about the Lab leak being traced to Mars link.

The main reason being that no one on earth would agree to contaminating Mars.
Well! Nobody would ever permit a virus being sent to Mars...only evil GOF bastards.

[ Freaky Factcheck ] Radiation-resistant bacteria could survive journey from Earth to Mars
Nerds reckon Life on Mars could have hitch hiked to Earth.
In fact it has rocketed & survived 3 years attached to the Space Station...
Earth life Forms now return orbiting Mars for 3 years linked to craft components.

Inside / Outside Life Pods with virus & vax for every occasion.
New Form > New Virus > New Vax > New form > New Virus > New Vax > infinity.
Mars as a 24.39 / 7 GOF planet with no belief system or core values & no rules.
Planet of Dr Moreau Mutant droppings claim Chinese citizenship to ward off (US) Aliens.

Once we arrive at this point, this is beyond Humanity...tbb can't continue!
This seriously tests tbb's core beliefs & shudder to think Humans would do this!
tbb wants no part of it & apologizes for such tormented ramblings.
As such the crew deserve to craft their own happy ending to the story...

[Breaking News] is hysterical...check the UAE Starfleet crew.
UAE Star Trek Bridge looks super Hot ...cue (Old school Ring tone...Fark Mum! gonna kill you!)
10th Feb Update: UAE Hope in Mars Orbit > Commence Covid Misting...

11th Feb Update: Chinese Tianwen 1 in Mars Orbit > Covid Misting engaged.
Viral Comments feed a Creepy Ad for [ Gene Tex - Covid Research]

YouTube "China spreading Virus on Mars"...(Back off!)...that's tbb's Conspiracy

{NEWS} Life on Mars
{NEWS} Last of the Martian race is killed by Rover's Covid contamination.
{NEWS} New GOF Mutant Lifeforms (II) (III) (IV) (V) survives on Mars...
{NEWS} Mining CEO delegation beams down on surface
{NEWS} Mars Mutants ban Aussie Live Sheep Export Shuttles.

tbb: See! Told you it would end fine...sorted!
[ Disclaimer ] tbb is half mental & this is Covid not ever doubt that!

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 10:19am

Have a look at where this country went from in January as far as positive cases to where they are today , some crap testing I would assume. If the governments don’t control treatment in some sense people get desperate and the results are blackmarkets and animal products not the product intended for humans . Even Bill Gates is getting on board.

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velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 12:11pm

Think we're about to get a lockdown hammer of some sort in Vicco today

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goofyfoot's picture
goofyfoot Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 12:27pm

Yes not looking good is it. Fuck

Pops's picture
Pops's picture
Pops Friday, 12 Feb 2021 at 1:04pm

You poor buggers. Hopefully just a short one with excercise allowed!

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 9:16am
san Guine's picture
san Guine's picture
san Guine Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 9:21am

Back in an N95 at work...F##K!

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 11:09am

san Guine , how long are those masks effective for ? I’ve heard various reports from frontline workers and that they aren’t issued enough of them .

san Guine's picture
san Guine's picture
san Guine Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 11:33am

Hey Supa,
My personal experience of the N95 has shown it to be very effective.

1. I have been "fit tested" for mask I wear.

2. During the middle of August last year, I was in full PPE taking an ABG (arterial blood gas) from a COVID positive patient who directly coughed all over me- and I still remained negative.

3. As a result of point 2. I now feel very confident in my use of PPE, the caveat being that it is very much procedural with respect to donning and just as importantly doffing my PPE. Doffing incorrectly I believe is very high risk.

4. There is no shortage of PPE in my health service and we are very strict in our use of it, but it is readily available.

5. Ultimately you have to remain extremely vigilant in your use of PPE and also I try to minimise the risk of exposure, that is, only going into a SCOVID (suspected) room if I have to (ie. the patient is totally compromised and in a potentially life threatening situation). At the moment we have no COVID positive patients in the hospital.

6. I'm obsessive about hygiene, especially, changing out of scrubs and showering at work when we have positive patients in the hospital. Wiping over my shoes and removing them before I drive home etc.

7. Most importantly, my wife has a heart condition, and if I bought this thing home and infected her, it could be potentially fatal for her. I could never forgive myself.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 11:55am

Thanks san , would a N95 mask be effective for your whole shift ? I have heard complaints from other frontline workers that the type of mask they were using ( not sure what type ) were only good for so many hours ? And that they weren’t issued enough for their roster , this was last year when Melbourne was getting big numbers.

san Guine's picture
san Guine's picture
san Guine Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 12:26pm

Sorry don't know the answer to that, we change N95's every 4 hours in the ICU to coincide with meal breaks. Plus I must sanitise my hands at least 50 times per shift.
I change my N95 as required, there is no restriction on how many I use. For example, I doff directly before leaving a SCOVID/COVID room, or as is usually the case, change the N95 after a couple of hours when I've been wandering around the hospital but not being in contact with SCOVID/COVID patients.
They are certainly uncomfortable to wear continuously!!
Try not touching your face for any amount of time, and in MET calls, man, do you sweat.
I really feel for health care workers in the thick of it overseas.
As is my oft repeated mantra, we are so lucky here in Oz.

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indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 12:58pm

"Love to hear people’s thoughts on this report."

The link was paywalled, but im guessing this is the same deal

I watched the video and the best evidence in the video is the quite recent clip of a WHO spokesperson clearly saying although they havent yet decided on a recommendation for the use of Ivermectin they agree the numerous study results look promising.

To write off Ivermectin as a possible treatment at this stage is pretty irresponsible especially coming from the ABC, why not just say the truth? that it hasn't been officially decided either way, even if they want to leave out the fact that studies show promising signs.

Otherwise if it is a safe drug, for those that already have Covid and are high risk why not provide the option as a treatment to help prevent the spread to the lungs?

Surely if there is no negative side effects and its safe its worth a shot?

If my my parents were in that situation id at least want them to have that option and information available and not just write the option off because of negative media

Just seems like ABC and other media views are getting tainted by politics (which is no surprise)

Only other negative/danger i can see is, if people think there is some type of preventable cure that they dont need a vaccine.

BTW. as you know im a conservative but im also 100% pro vaccination, so i think in this case my view is a pretty neutral one.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 1:36pm

@indo , the fact that ABC says ivermectin is a head lice treatment ( which is one of many things it’s used for ) to have people going “ wtf head lice treatment , must be quack therapy “ They fail to report its on WHO essential medicine list or that it’s contribution to the health of many 3rd world countries won it a 2015 Nobel prize and how many people have safely been treated with it since the 80s Vaccination is very important but the government seems to have put all its eggs in one basket and if the vaccination doesn’t pan out as well as we hope it will , what’s their back up plan ? Do they have one ? I believe the scientists will get on top of the mutant strains but realistically we are now looking at anything from 2. - 6 years to get the world vaccinated . There is so much political bs happening around the world over these issues and people’s health has become secondary. It’s a case of never let the truth get in the way of a good story and the good story is to hang a politician rather than what’s been a view of many scientists, doctors and researchers

indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 1:52pm

Yes like i just said in the other USA thread, there really does seem to be a big change in media reliability of late, which is the big problem here.

Im sure there has been issues in the past but 2020 is like the year where petrol was added, and like i said its not just restricted to the left or right or mainstream or alternative its everywhere, sometimes blatant lies and misinformation but also as you note just subtle things leaving out important information or including factual information that change peoples perceptions (like the head lice treatment thing) in a sense this is more deceptive because its often so much harder to spot and media organisations don't get pinged for it and still keep their perception of being reliable.

And then you have so called fact checking organisations etc that can or should help but often are often linked to political organisations etc so are often bias in themselves.

udo's picture
udo's picture
udo Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 3:09pm
Optimist's picture
Optimist's picture
Optimist Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 3:28pm

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are apparently good and harmless drugs immediately after first infection according to a top virologist on ABC radio the other day...Had a skeptical me and the presenter convinced to use it. After the first few infection days not much good ,but still should be an essential early treatment to stop the virus spreading in the body and not to replace mass vaccine.
They are probably trying to stop confusing people by avoiding the issue of using it which is pretty stupid as people are not that dumb surely..?

Optimist's picture
Optimist's picture
Optimist Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 3:57pm

This link explains easily how the mRNA vaccines actually work. They are not that new an idea and have been developed to fight cancer already. Its a very good read from last year and its good to understand how they do their job.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 4:13pm

Yeah optimist it is baffling to me that from the beginning the recommendations if you test positive is to go home and isolate , what diseases that are possibly life threatening do you wait until it progresses before doing something about it . If you were diagnosed with cancer and your doctor said go home and wait and see what happens, would you seek a second opinion ? Borody said from the start early treatment is the key , if you don’t treat early you have missed the boat . FLCCC have had some good results with late treatment but only with about 46% of patients. Again these reporters aren’t looking at the whole treatment which involves zinc and different vitamins and drugs depending on the patient and what stage of disease their in . This is a quote from Herbert Spencer “ There is a principal which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance- that principle is contempt prior to investigation “

Sickaz's picture
Sickaz's picture
Sickaz Sunday, 14 Feb 2021 at 8:08pm

mRNA vaccine tech has been developing since the 90’s but I think, (I am not sure) the LNP Lipid Nanoparticles delivery mechanism is the brand new part of the mRNA Pfizer vaccine.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 15 Feb 2021 at 12:56am

Covid Vaccines Tracker (Nuthin' Suss)
Emergency units have been deployed to allay the hosing down of concerns.

tbb wishes to share a letter by UK Medical Freedom Alliance.
Addressed to Boris Johnson...(re Vax Deaths in Age care Homes)
5th Feb 2021 The deaths are alarming but the Vax Outbreaks..why hide that?
Extra to Age care : Spain 9 deaths in one centre rollout.

You'll read more below of Vax Rollout Spreaderz.
Vax Deaths {RIP} Pfizer + ( Moderna +AZ as shown).
tbb thinks these {RIP} news reports might shock so ...{warning} .

7th Feb US - 1,170 (Moderna presents higher than Pfizer from 18-20th Jan)
24th Jan UK -143 + (1-AZ) This is the first UK data since rollout (credit WP)
Recall tbb saying UK must be hiding a lot of deaths...{RIP} reflects World rollouts.
5th Feb Germany - 113
Norway - 33
India - 23 (AZ)
27th Jan ( EU ) - 46 additional to {RIP} shown here

The Jabz protect us from Covid's harm. [ re: US FDA ]
They are not (Vaccines) to slow death rate or stop infection! [Fact]
Scientists have no clue on Jabz longevity / protection / infection or spreading. [Fact]
Faster rollouts with more fully vaxed with more questions & none like the answers.

Q: Can you catch Covid after being Vaxed .../ A: Yes
A Virus can infect then trigger your dormant covid form to overwhelm your system.
It only minimises severe Covid...( 5% + more & immuno' can contract it.)
Moderna 94% effect after ( 2 weeks -See CDC ) Pfizer 95% effect 1 week after.

59% cases are from non symptoms, Vax blocks symptoms & spreads it to others.
Science has no answers on Asymptomatic transmission post vax. (Never a clue!)
Read above- Vax was never designed as a Vax...(That's now the mantra)

Fully Vaxed Infections (Samples) include US Pollies / Sportsmen
Israel- 1 / 2,500 (Infected) approx 10 days after Full Vax
US - 7 / 7 Hospitals (1 doctor's rounds) (Infected) approx 10 days after Full Vax
US - 4 cases in Oregon test [+] 14+ days after Vax
Germany - Nursing Home (14 patient outbreak) approx 10 days after Full Vax.

Note these are mostly lockdown figures...
Dr Paul Offit (US-FDA) : 1/20 vaccinated will still get moderate to severe Covid.

Vax hides Test symptoms making Vaxerz high risk carriers of deadly pathogen.
Knowing this & seeing Nations promoting [VAX Pass] is just plain Alarming.
We need better Sciency answers....

Q: Can the crew test [+] after a Covid Vax (vs) Question is not if Crew has Covid!
A: IGH Prof Murphy: "After the Vax, it really doesn't matter whether that Antibody
Test is [+] or [-] It doesn't help you at all.
A: (CDC) > No! (A Previous Case...Possibly?) Experts are looking into it!

tbb wore himself out to dig out those two vax world is pretty vacant!

CDC says NO...[ VIP Vax Flight Pass ] goes in the bin! (But Wait!) Sound of Money!
"Firstly, I essentially urge people not to travel, but Airports can be epic test centres."
"Can sniff out Mutant vaxerz at Airports to mitigate risk!" cue: Heavens opening up!
"Domestic Tests" from 14 days after 2nd Dose > 90 days deemed Quarantine Free.
See below how Oz instantly backed up CDC Post Vax Interstate Iron Curtains.
Dr P Hotez : "CDC Guidance makes no sense & was curious about CDC evidence?"

If CDC are so sure they can skip quarantine then why do Vaxerz need Masks? Liars!
tbb: (Think the Doctor is saying- CDC may have sold out to IATA.)- Joycey! Mate!

Phase 1 Pfizer (Dose 1) > 8 days Vax spreads Covid faster by false confidence.
(revist the Nursing homes to verify that fact.)
Phase 1 Pfizer (Dose 2) >10 days Vax spreads Covid faster by masking test reads.
(revist the German Nursing Home to verify that fact.)
CDC (Dose 2) 14 days Fly to 90 days (review) >> 90 Days? [ Nations 6 mths Pass ]
Tests can ID covid in non vaxed. Tests can't ID covid in vaxed. (Choose flight risk!)
Just imagine if 1/20 infected vaxers onboard went undetected > No Quarantine?
CDC is claiming all unknown vax spreaderz can skip Quarantine! (Dodgy science!)
Note: Germany- 14 Vax spreaderz in Age Care Quarantine ( CDC are Corrupt.)
As Dr Hotez said, "it makes no sense" just wire the Cheque to CDC Cayman Islands
He's right as it contradicts what they were saying...up until..well you know!...Shh!

Govt approves (Old covid) 3 day Tests (vs) Genome Sequence (Mutant) 5 day Test.
Oz states lockdown for 5 days on a $2 test..Lockdown Ends > [ Mutant result] Wot?
Again, bend over & smile, no one cares or asks why... just make it up as they go!
It seems as if Oz will be locked down more & more in a post vax world!

Crew can see OZ Govt must share stats in order to bridge our post vax gaping hole.
Govt & Big Pharm have their head in the clouds while stompin' ours into the sand!
(Sciency Plan) Soon as we get the planes spreading again Covid will die off. Right!

What price a vax?
7,000 Brazilian Law makers are licencing VIP Clinics for their $260 vaxes.
Judge's Verdict : Outta my way little people...Splat ...Road kill! Hands off my Limo!

US grow more Happy to be vaxed but also more pissed off with being bumped.

Oz [L] DHL Vax mate! (Advertise Here!)
Note: (Oz Vax certificate may be needed for "interstate Travel" > same as CDC US)

happyppl's picture
happyppl's picture
happyppl Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 7:18am

Vax must be kept at -70 dgrees celcius?
Why when unloaded from plane no steam of dry ice escape from cargo area or pallets??
Then loaded into unrefrigitated container for transport?
Looks to me like our uni degree rulers showing their incompetence yet again?...again and againetcetc trust your mechanic, gunna rip u off!!.... jello biafra a.k.a. D.K's
Hope i am wrong. ppl

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 7:39am

They're not gonna just be in boxes. Would expect them to be in some sort of specially made, cold sealed containers.

udo's picture
udo's picture
udo Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 9:19am

Ol Jimmy Banks latest post on facey still going down the there is No Virus road
its all a Fraud - FFS !

happyppl's picture
happyppl's picture
happyppl Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 10:09am

Saw on newz vaxes are phizer type not the icycold type, me thinks?
Msm very confuseing reporting, anyone know the facts of transport and storage of whatever vaxes??

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 10:16am

Jimmy has had a few mushies in his time , still shapes a good board though . My wife’s village up a mountain past kubu on the north east coast of Bali have had some covid deaths , all were elderly and had pre existing condition . Bigger problem up that way is people suffering with malnutrition from poor diet and nearly no income at the moment . It’s a very dry part of Bali and no running water . They build concrete catchments next to their houses and gather rain from what falls on their roofs . The guttering is very basic . Not much government money filters up that way .

seaslug's picture
seaslug's picture
seaslug Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 2:50pm

Yes most people don't realise how arid and poor it is up in that area Superfreak, schooling facilities are very basic if at all

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 8:36pm

It would appear to be full steam ahead for AZ roll out. Seems some Australians are a bit hesitant though . With so much misinformation and distrust these days it was always going to be a hard sell . https://m.

indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 8:57pm

Im honestly looking forward to the roll out, you should too Supafreak, the sooner people get vaccinated the faster we can both get back to Indo, my wife is missing Indo so much she is now getting nostalgic about the smell of weird shit like rubbish and exhaust fumes saying it reminds her of home and i came home the other week and i kid you not she had clothes hung out drying on my tree fern fronds.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 16 Feb 2021 at 9:38pm

A friend sent me a video from CBN breaking news, I won’t be posting it as it was the biggest load of crap since the plandemic video , what concerns me is he is a intelligent guy normally but has been sucked in by the bs that gets peddled these days . As soon as I heard the speakers voice I new what was coming. I hope this AZ works out indo , after watching the address from scumo and the health experts there is still a lot of unknown territory as far as length of immunity and if future boosters will be needed . It’s still a wait and see outlook but it was a good to hear a lot of positive things being said about AZ efficiency being 100% , I didn’t expect to hear that , it’s a big statement. The travel thing needs to be sorted , I’ve been making enquires and so far the only hurdle is getting back . Business class seats may be the way to go as cattle class seems to be the ones getting bumped off flights which sux. I have heard a rumour and it’s only a rumour, that Bali international may be open in May so that would suit me as wasn’t looking forward to 5 day quarantine in Jakarta. Anyway good luck to all and hopefully we turn a corner with this rollout.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021 at 3:09am

Vax Rollout...
Who operates the Vax rollout?
Who contacts Who & Why & by What means?
Can VIP's jump the Queue & if so How?

Australian Immunisation Register AIR ( Was health now on Robbo's Ebay)
AIR records {Post Vax} sells My Health access to Passports / Council / Unis / Debt

Govt need to cash in on (Pre Vax) All Corp's trough access to screen My Health
National Booking System NBS...Automation decimates Dr.-Patient Confidentiality.
"Mandatory" for Vax Providers to allow My Health Record bingefest
Foreign Telehealth / Hot Docs apps affords Big Pharm to screen My Health for Vax.
These are likely open ended access rorts to all Oz Patient's My Health (Gold Mine!)

So can Robbo still knock out another rorted gem on the Lib Tech Crash Rollout.

So wotz in it for the little guy or Vax Bully...
NBS is Voluntary for Vaxerz but their is a sweetner...Ok! Bait if you like.
Govt is holding off for this reason as up until now (Still is!) a VIP rort loophole.
Simply put! It's a Meat Tray Raffle that only Fuckwits can Win. (One of those!)

tbb is not making that up...
TGA head Prof. J. Skerritt "We live in a free market economy, there's nothing stopping medical companies from selling additional vax doses as long as they have TGA approval."
(Scomo ALWAYS says we take advice from #1 TGA regulators!)
Crew are all on board with Oz Pro Vax Queue jumping.

Here's how that works...
NBS is voluntary but self regulating (Assessable) You grade yourself as High Risk!
Then your Mates at the Lab save VIP doses & swing you in as priority...MATE!

"VIP Doses" (C'mon tbb! You're takin' the piss...)
Pfizer is sneaky as it lists regulation 5 doses but charges for 6 now 7 doses.
Technically doses 6/7 aren't prioritized on the Vax Rollout Diary. (Shh! Got that!)
With Dead space Needles Hospitals can score 2 extra doses for Hospital Donors
{VIP Dose/s} are #6 + #7 left over & saved at the end of the day for {VIP Vax} Duty.
tbb is not making this up...this is a legitimate worldwide VIP Govt scam.
Yes! Bloody hell Yes! That's what they call them 'VIP doses' ...Not for You or tbb!

OK! How did they find out about this rort...Who dobbed them in....
Game was up when app Yuppies from 50km away were rockin' up for Grans dregz.
"Me arthritis is killing me Nurse, I need a Vax!"
Vax app Yuppies are Mutant Hyenas that sniff & lick Vax off Hospital Staff's Shoes

Do you get fined for that?
Here's the thing...No one has ever been they just keep dosing {VIPs}
UK Pollie Chick went as far as saying "They'll be dealt with appropriately!"
So Scomo had better watch it Hey!

Here's the Top VIP Queue Jumpers + * those praying to be VIP Queue Jumpers
OZ - NBS Priority at Risk gonna die VIP Vaxerz should read something like this....

Generals, Majors, Clergy-Bishops-Vicars, Diplomats-US / Japan / France, Judges, Lawyers, Red Cross -Family members, Pollies, Police, Fire Fighters, Casino mobsterz, Execs Paypal-Warner-CNN, US Media, industry Big Wigs, Bankers, Millionaires, Actors, Celebs, Olympians, Nat Sport Teams - Can. Hockey -*Cricket - *ARL, Hospital Donors - Board Members-Administrators-Families-Children (Not Approved)- PR Executives-Suppliers-Volunteers-Cleaners-security-Cafeteria staff-Caterers-House Keepers, Mayors-Town Civics book appointments at VIP vax hour, Teachers, Pro Yuppie Vax app Club Raiderz, Travel Clubs, Pollies - Families - Security Guards -*Drivers,

(You know the type!) > They prefer to be called [ Morally Reprehensible ] Thank You!

None are in Phase 1 & Doctors & Nurses are still waiting months for their vaxes.

Scomo's Hillsong are #1 priority as they smuggle bibles in scones for age care.
A designer VIP priority rort for whole Hillsong reserve grade knitting club.
("The Vax was goin' to waste, so I took one for the Team...I should get an OBE")

Lear Jet Vax Tourism is floating on Cloud 9....
UK 65+ VIP travel Club popped in to visit the UAE Bingo Hall Vax.
Snowbirds flew into Sunny Florida to roll up their sleeves...Ouch!
Beverly Hills best offer for a Vax - $32,000

Vaxletes race ahead of queue to lead Olympic Medal Tally...
1 Israel 2 Denmark 3 Belgium 4 Greece 5 Hungary...all at highest risk imaginable!
US / UK / Germany say Olympians must wait their turn...very kind to say so!

#1 Creepy Vax Mobster & Actress crash an Indian Agecare in their Lear Jet!..."Wot!"
They got fined $2,300 ...but for Quarantine Breach as they flew out too early!

7,000 Brazilian Judges certify Private Clinics for their own $260 Vaxes.

Can a vaccine just fall from heaven and land in yer Lap or arm! ...Hell yeah!
Josephine County Oregon Snowed in on the Road...Vax use by was running down.
Walking from Car to Car vaxed all drivers & Passengers in the Snow (In the Snow).