Vaccinate or not

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Supafreak started the topic in Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 at 6:20pm

I was a little shocked at Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) announcement that international travelers will be required to have a covid 19 vaccination in order to travel on Qantas flights . The government wanted to have mandatory vaccination but after the bumbling of its release ( it was painful to watch the delivery of that announcement ) they withdrew the mandatory part but it seems Qantas and other business may demand a vaccination in order to use their services. I’m not anti vaccine by any means I just don’t trust this government or a vaccine that has been rushed through. A jab followed by another jab followed by yearly jabs doesn’t sit well with me as I have never had a flu shot or the flu for more than 20 years. Plus I don’t want to give this shot to my healthy 4 year old daughter. She is up to date with all her vaccinations but this covid vaccine is new and not being around for decades like the others. Tuberculosis remains the number one as far diseases go and you don’t need proof of vaccination to travel so what is going on ?

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Craig Friday, 19 Mar 2021 at 9:02am

Thanks Supafreak, keen to see the results.

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Supafreak Friday, 19 Mar 2021 at 8:18pm
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truebluebasher Saturday, 20 Mar 2021 at 4:11am

Headlines never waste time linking Israel's covid case drops to vaccination.
tbb & all want to believe them but as always it's just fake news + now they bank the vax as proof!

We all read from the same charts & a child can do this exercise. (Correct!)

*Vax Rollout 19 Dec > 4th Jan peak Rollout > 20th Jan Peak Covid. (Magic!)
19 Dec > 1,874 cases > 4th Jan 9,304 cases > 20th Jan 10,213 Peak cases. (Check!)
[Factcheck] Increased Vaccination to peak = Rising Covid Outbreak to peak (Double Checked!)

tbb: If that is correct then the same principle would equally apply in reverse!
We can easily do that! What if it proves beyond doubt that the vaccine causes covid.
Relax! We all know it's impossible to reveal that!...All say Aye...would be too freaky if it did though!
Why are the crew shaking!
Are we ready!
* Vax peak 4th Jan 1.5% pop / day doses > Vax low point 17th March 0.2% pop / day doses (Magic!)
Cases Peak 20th Jan -10,213 cases / day > 18th March 1,384 cases / day (Check!)
Peak rollout drop to lowest point = Cases plummet from peak to lowest point (Double Checked!)

Damn you fucking set us up! ( tbb: Blame the Health departments for the charts! )

The more you vax > the more Covid Spikes = Once you stop vaxing > the Covid drops off!

Australia was flat lining now the cases are slowly but steadily rising with Rollout speed.
4 local cases > 16 cases in last 24 hrs > Currently 129 active cases on the Frontline
No trick about it! Vaxerz are virulent for 8 days & fool Tests so a faster rollout naturally spikes cases..
Also note that vaccinations press communities to queue & crowd our most "vulnerable frontlines".
Think! Mass vaccination where sickest of society that best Health practice.
Due to suss vaxes Oz must cling to ICU wards. (In Qld now for twice as long.)

No! tbb doesn't think our Govt are smart enough nor care enough to warn of the dangers.
tbb doesn't need to example that, as Govt show they care less about Oz Rollout truths each day!
Israel example this but none are observing that their WR Golden Rollout has died in the arse.
Consider also that Israel is Top 30 density (vs) Oz 191
Base level should spread covid 6x more than OZ + Israel rollout should be 6x easier than Oz.
Just saying, we all see how strict the Top 30 easiest vaccinated Nation has become! (Wake Up call!)

Super easy to strap down elderly (No notes) just stick 'em but now they got mandates to go on a hunt.
Govt's here & everywhere will clamp down hard once Rollouts fade at 50%...(Vax or Stoning!)
tbb always said the polls showed 55% (vs) Scomo's fake 75% TV polls..(More feel good fake news)

Speaking of Polls...
As with Israel the (50%) mark ties in with Oz election & pits Divisive Pro vax demands upon Anti vax .
Libs have 100% control of [Q]+[L] Vax to deny or pork barrel & fuel a Hot Spot at any booth anytime.
States have monthly caps but need to win control of daily/weekly [Q] numbers & vax supply from [L].
Labor are sitting ducks with zero control on any Vax or Q pedals...they're currently [L] Slaves...shh!

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truebluebasher Saturday, 20 Mar 2021 at 2:09pm

Ten Pandemic Commandments { Impartial Lockdown Weekend Edition }

1. WHO claim Pandemic originated everywhere else on Earth but their [DO NOT ENTER] "Pandemic" Lab..
2. Mutant Airline Ltd claims a plague of Negative Test results is wearing out their turnstyles.
3. VIP's exempted pet goldfish droppings far outweighs the benefit of bothersome Repat scheme.
4. Incoming virulent Mutant strains are brewed in burgeoning CBD Quarantine humidicribs
5. Covid outbreaks naturally spike in aged care Nations with the highest death tax inheritance
6. The faster that we can rollout worldwide vaccines...then the sooner our vaccine supplies can start to dry up.
7. Emergency humanitarian killer vaccines spike Big Pharm CEO windfalls!
8. Healthiest population must crowd virulent cities to queue for vax, superspreading our vulnerable frontline.
9. The faster we vax the more covid we get > Very minute we slow the vax the covid goes away again.
10. Misleading Pandemic Commandments are being trowelled over in

( Wotz new in Police State Censorship this week )
* Bunnings ban the sale of Karen's 'tuff az' masonry chisel sets.
* Dutto is sucking all the ink outta yer Biros for much needed dead space vax needles
* tbb's hydraglyphic wavy hands have been hung out to dry." (Sad but True!)

* avagoodweekend

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Supafreak Saturday, 20 Mar 2021 at 4:21pm

Where do they get volunteers that are 6 months old to trial these vaccines ?

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Supafreak Saturday, 20 Mar 2021 at 6:36pm

On February 15 , WHO stated they would make a decision in 6 weeks on recommendations regarding ivermectin . Here’s another Dr personal experience , there are many the world over with the same testimony.

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Supafreak Sunday, 21 Mar 2021 at 1:32am
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truebluebasher Sunday, 21 Mar 2021 at 1:58am

supalink that one...we can now further examine the new born immunity.
It's very much no mans land in every way!
Given that Mothers are most at risk...reckon we can give them the time of day!
(tbb was shocked at lack of info!) We make up for that here we will.
Let's get crackin!

tbb 5th Feb ~ Vaccinate or Not [ Page 6 ] Children's Vaccination Links

re: (Emergency Law) "exempts all age vax Trials / Rollouts".
Infants 1 -12 are exempted via (At Risk) scenario. eg: (Race / Locality / Seasonal / Pop'/ Variants)
Meaning Big Pharm will profit from infant trials while Emergency continues!
Even reckon they'll push for Mandatory Birth School Work Death Vax.

"Younger" Kidz Vax recap.

28th Sept 2020 China 3-17 y'olds
11th Dec China x 2 Pharms > 3 y'olds
Moderna Trial (soon) > 1 -11 y'olds (changes) 23rd March > 6mths -12yrs)

15th Jan 2021 China Sinopharm 3-17 y'olds "Emergency Trial approval"
26th Jan Israel Pfizer 'At Risk' under 16 (Minor's Medical 'Data Share' sold off.)
23rd March Moderna (6,750) 12y'o (1st) > 6mths (last) > re: Dec 2020
March-April- AZ 5-18 y'olds
May- Pfizer 5-11 y'olds (Fully enrolled)
May India Covaxin 2-12 y'olds

2021 Australian's are on [P]rovisional Vax so can't undertake Kid'z Trials
2022 Oz Vaxes are mandatory for Under 16, once approved > No Vax / No Pay.

Moderna lowering age from 1 year to 6 months is unusual as Vax Mums pass on immunity.
This could mean that Moderna believes vax immunity only lasts for 6 months in newborns!
Despite no tests showing if hereditary vax efficiently provides efficacy or immunity at all?
The 6 months approval reflects known immunity from original pfizer Trial at time of request.

Pregnant / Mothers
1 in 10 women revolving hospitals contract covid (Priority Vax has been considered)
Ethnic Women present more but less said, present longer in hospital frontline)
Deaths are + 1% but breathing & early births lead to intense ICU / Neo natal resource
Any swelling of umbilical chord can block lifeline & lead to infant brain damage.

May 2020 - Sad (Early) case of prem baby born suffering with covid...

Some babies are born to non covid mothers (Father transmission is unknown)

Covid babies immunity. (Covid cases passing on Antibodies) Very few speak of it!
Roughly 6% pass on the antibodies & 87% of those transfer enough (same) for immunity.
Basically only 5% immunity is achieved by natural means...(re: Attention turned to vax)
Extra Research will verify that similar or same transfer covid thru breast milk. (Seems reliable)
Further research tip into Mother's natural Covid transmission :
Covid Blood Type A with low Vitamin D & Zinc 'may' infect the covid to a helpless baby.
Covid Blood Type O with high Vitamin D & Zinc 'may' likewise birth a baby with immunity.
tbb is not a woman so can only assume such...but few are saying much at all, so it's a start!

Covid Vax / pregnancy
Interestingly the first Vax Pregnant tests were not intentional & didn't end well.
No! These stats won't tally in any of those Posh vax Studies.
4th Jan - 7th March 2021 (AZ vax UK Rollout)
(Pregnancy Conditions 25)
Abortions 5 / Still born 1 / Labour & sickness 17+ Related Urinary 43

(Unintended Vax reads - the not so bad stuff- similar to Trials > below )
Vax thru - pregnancy 50 / Fetus 9 / Breast milk 5 / Breast Feeding 109

Note: UK pregnant / mothers were likely (exempt) inhouse frontline nurses.

20th Jan Israel Starts Pregnant vax rollout > bans 1st trimester vax
1st Feb pfizer approved for all Pregnancy stages > fetus > Breast Milk (ok!)
WHO: Moderna is not approved for Pregnant women
Feb study on Pregnant Woman (see- 16th March)
18 Feb Pfizer 4,000 Global study into pregnancy.

9th March -Mothers pass vax thru Milk.
16th March -re: Feb Trial - Mothers pass on vaccinated (antibodies) immunity to new born Babies
The umbilical chord contained antibodies indicating Fetuses are absorbing the vaccine
No virus immunity or efficacy has been established as of this time.
18th March US mother passes on Moderna vax antibodies to Baby + (Placenta & umbilical chord)

Again if babies are born with immunity then 6 month trial is purely for additional immunity.
In itself hints at a future strict vax policing of Mothers & infants in care or in transit.
Why else be bothered if a baby is on the plane unless it was considered a flight risk.

So yeah! That 1 year > 6 month y'old trial says a lot about our new (US vs Them) world!
We could yet see Mothers with 6-12 mth y'olds babies being denied admittance & care.
Big Pharm are banking off Emergency to boss 1st mandatory world wide jab with extras.
Mandatory 6 mth Booster needing Vitamins A-Z + 1 >10 of those for show..$ Trillions!
Australians know this world as No Vax / No Snack Pax...
Straight after half time the Rollerball Ref comes out waving his Yellow Vax Card...
The Game has Changed!

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Supafreak Sunday, 21 Mar 2021 at 6:29am

Good stuff TBB , extremely interesting how some mothers have passed on antibodies while pregnant. Hard to understand why they want to push to vaccinate 6 month old babies surely the risk outweighs the benefits and we can reach herd immunity without doing this.

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Supafreak Sunday, 21 Mar 2021 at 7:56am
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Supafreak Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 6:32am
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Blowin Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 11:57am

Here’s a tale in three articles. Anyone notice any discrepancies in the narrative?

Articles are in chronological order.

Here’s a hint : Article 1 by the SMH is about the spread of fake news, how dangerous it is and how the government is cracking down on it. Article 2 is the head of the stroke unit at Royal Adelaide and a global expert saying that AstraZeneca blood clots are fake news and the result of random probability. Article 3 is scientists explaining how the AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots.

So basically the message is to believe what the government tells you - even when it’s fake news itself.

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Blowin Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 12:01pm

“Wear a mask and stay 1.5 metres apart or you’re an anti-science racist transphobe Nazi”

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memo... Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 7:33pm


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groundswell Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 8:57pm

Jim Banks posted something worth reading on facebook but i dont know how legit it is ill come back with the wordy post.

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groundswell Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 8:59pm

This is a letter from a Doctor to his patients, explaining why the vaccine is unsafe. It’s a wonderful explanation that is easily understood. A good one to keep in your file for future reference.
Copied and pasted from a friend:
Letter from Dr.Frank Shallenberger, regarding the Covid 19 Vaccine
Dear Patients and Friends,
Last week I must have been asked 20 times about the new COVID vaccines. Here are my thoughts. Please pass this information onto many as you can. People need to have fully informed consent when it comes to injecting foreign genetic material into their bodies.
1. The COVID vaccines are mRNA vaccines. mRNA vaccines are a completely new type of vaccine. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed for human use before. In essence, we have absolutely no idea what to expect from this vaccine. We have no idea if it will be effective or safe.
2. Traditional vaccine simply introduce pieces of a virus to stimulate an immune reaction. The new mRNA vaccine is completely different. It actually injects (transfects) molecules of synthetic genetic material from non-humans sources into our cells. Once in the cells, the genetic material interacts with our transfer RNA (tRNA) to make a foreign protein that supposedly teaches the body to destroy the virus being coded for. Note that these newly created proteins are not regulated by our own DNA, and are thus completely foreign to our cells. What they are fully capable of doing is unknown.
3. The mRNA molecule is vulnerable to destruction. So, in order to protect the fragile mRNA strands while they are being inserted into our DNA they are coated with PEGylated lipid nanoparticles. This coating hides the mRNA from our immune system which ordinarily would kill any foreign material injected into the body. PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been used in several different drugs for years. Because of their effect on immune system balance, several studies have shown them to induce allergies and autoimmune diseases. Additionally, PEGylated lipid nanoparticles have been shown to trigger their own immune reactions, and to cause damage to the liver.
4. These new vaccines are additionally contaminated with aluminum, mercury, and possibly formaldehyde. The manufacturers have not yet disclosed what other toxins they contain.
5. Since viruses mutate frequently, the chance of any vaccine working for more than a year is unlikely. That is why the flu vaccine changes every year. Last year’s vaccine is no more valuable than last year’s newspaper.
6. Absolutely no long term safety studies will have been done to ensure that any of these vaccines don’t cause the cancer, seizures, heart disease, allergies, and autoimmune diseases seen with other vaccines. If you ever wanted to be guinea pig for Big Pharma, now is your golden opportunity.
7. Many experts question whether the mRNA technology is ready for prime time. In November 2020, Dr. Peter Jay Hotez said of the new mRNA vaccines, "I worry about innovation at the expense of practicality because they [the mRNA vaccines] are weighted toward technology platforms that have never made it to licensure before." Dr. Hotez is Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, where he is also Director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.
8. Michal Linial, PhD is a Professor of Biochemistry. Because of her research and forecasts on COVID-19, Dr. Linial has been widely quoted in the media. She recently stated, "I won't be taking it [the mRNA vaccine] immediately – probably not for at least the coming year. We have to wait and see whether it really works. We will have a safety profile for only a certain number of months, so if there is a long-term effect after two years, we cannot know."
9. In November 2020, The Washington Post reported on hesitancy among healthcare professionals in the United States to the mRNA vaccines, citing surveys which reported that: "some did not want to be in the first round, so they could wait and see if there are potential side effects", and that "doctors and nurses want more data before championing vaccines to end the pandemic".
10. Since the death rate from COVID resumed to the normal flu death rate way back in early September, the pandemic has been over since then. Therefore, at this point in time no vaccine is needed. The current scare tactics regarding "escalating cases" is based on a PCR test that because it exceeds 34 amplifications has a 100% false positive rate unless it is performed between the 3rd and 5th day after the first day of symptoms. It is therefor 100% inaccurate inpeople with no symptoms. This is well established in the scientific literature.
11. The other reason you don’t need a vaccine for COVID-19 is that substantial herd immunity has already taken place in the United States. This is the primary reason for the end of the pandemic.
12. Unfortunately, you cannot completely trust what you hear from the media. They have consistently got it wrong for the past year. Since they are all supported by Big Pharma and the other entities selling the COVID vaccines, they are not going to be fully forthcoming when it comes to mRNA vaccines. Every statement I have made here is fully backed by published scientific references.
13. I would be very interested to see verification that Bill and Melinda Gates with their entire family including grandchildren, Joe Biden and President Trump and their entire families, and Anthony Fauci and his entire family all get the vaccine.
14. Anyone who after reading all this still wants to get injected with the mRNA vaccine, should at the very least have their blood checked for COVID-19 antibodies. There is no need for a vaccine in persons already naturally immunized.
Here's my bottom line: I would much rather get a COVID infection than get a COVID vaccine. That would be safer and more effective. I have had a number of COVID positive flu cases this year. Some were old and had health concerns. Every single one has done really well with natural therapies including ozone therapy and IV vitamin C.. Just because modern medicine has no effective treatment for viral infections, doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.
Yours Always,
Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD

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Westofthelake Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 9:31pm
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indo-dreaming Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 9:36pm

Dr.Frank Shallenberger is one of those Doctors with a super dodgy history, actually he is not even a doctor anymore..

"In 1994, based on its investigation of several extremely serious complaints from his patients and their loved ones, the Medical Board of California found that Dr. Frank A. Shallenberger was subject to multiple disciplinary actions due to "gross incompetence," "repeated acts of gross negligence," and "acts of dishonesty and corruption which are substantially related to the qualifications, functions, or duties of a physician and surgeon." In response, Dr. Shallenberger chose not to contest the Board's findings, but to surrender his license to practice medicine in the state of California.

After losing his license in California, Dr. Shallenberger moved to Nevada, where he now runs the Nevada Center for Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine in Carson City. "


And on Covid

"Fact-checking Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s COVID Vaccine Letter
December 31, 2020

There has been a letter circulating written by Dr. Frank Shallenberger emphasizing the uncertainty and alleged danger of the COVID vaccine. However, much of the information is either blatantly false or taken out of context. Below is a point-by-point response to the claims of Dr. Shallenberger, including sources."

Another fact check on the above covid vaccination claims.

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groundswell Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 9:38pm

yeah i suspected it was fake news. Jim Banks is a tripper. I dont feel like buying his boards any more even though i like his fishes and had about 5 of them.

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udo Monday, 22 Mar 2021 at 9:50pm

Basic Logic Banks has a surfboard sale on atm with some reasonable prices
And yes he's off his head with his conspiracy stuff whats Jimmy going to when Indo Govt demand he gets Vaccinated ?

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 at 7:05pm

"Recognize the possibility that development of a safe vax is yet unknown and may not be possible!"
Oz Govt / AztraZeneca Vaccine Letter of Intent.
Dated 18th August 2020
Stamp Here { Australian Health Minister }
Sign Here ....x Greg Hunt..................................................
And Here .....x On behalf of the Australian Govt ......

Oz Govt / Media : Vax is safe / No shortcuts were taken! (World Champion TGA : Trust Us!)

Australia has No Legally binding partnership to produce provisional AstraZeneca Vaccine.
AstraZeneca only signed a Letter of Intent "Partnership" which expires on 1st of July 2021.
Both Parties need to sign for any continuation of Partnership for the majority of Oz Vax Rollout

(3) Letter of Mutual Intent securing early AZ Access.
(5) Parties commit to take all steps possible to make AZ available in Australia.
Principles of Co-Operation
(7) (Concise) May also read AZ equal 'partner access' entitlement to broad equitable Oz made Vax.

Italy was intent on punching holes in our non legally binding Letter of Intent.

Oz will owe WHO an almighty favour to amend greedy Oz contract to include Covax.
You know! To make it look as though we cared about the neighbours when signing AZ deal.

EU already made light work of Letter of Intent to confiscate any Oz partnered AZ Vax deal.
Repeating that Oz Partnership is not legally binding...
EU will note this & try to shop out out any Oz made Vax from 1st July 2021.
Our Govt will be too stupid to check on any EU pure evil intent.

EU recently audited Indian AZ vax. (Precise reason unknown?)
EU would need to approve o/s site & change marketing authorisation for export!
UK wasted no time securing AZ vax thru Indian production...
Oz made 'unsecured' Provisional AZ could well be sanctioned under Emergency Act!

Tip for Scomo...(Just legally sign any possibly safe unknown vax contract or kiss goodbye to it!)

Here's how your fake ABC reported on Oz / AZ non legally binding Letter of Intent.
*Oz Govt amid rising pressure locks in secure early access to front runner vax.
*Reality Check...EU continues to block Oz Vax & neighbour PNG can go World. (Kiss!)

AZ (Euro -Oz Update):
CMO "Australia received 700,000 doses / 3.8m Europe Made AZ doses!"
"Australia doesn't expect anymore doses any time soon, from AZ Europe to honour Agreement."

This could mean OZ made vax is needed to supply PNG.

23rd March (Late Evening) CSL Australian Made AZ vax (Approved)
24th March Australian Made CSL / AstraZeneca vax is Rolled Out.

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Quint Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021 at 9:05am

Just remember that Carbon is the perceived enemy and that all of us are Carbon.

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stunet Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021 at 9:18am

"We are all carbon"??

Yeah, carbon is one of the six elements the human body is made from.

But if you're gonna chuck out that argument, then you can also say "we are all nitric acid", "we are all sulfur", or "we are all chlorine", which are other elements that also naturally occur in humans.

But if those elements get out of balance then that human won't be healthy for much longer - and nor will an environment with excess carbon.

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Supafreak Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021 at 6:16pm
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indo-dreaming Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021 at 7:11pm

Vaccine rollout must be going along okay in Indo, father inlaw is getting his shot tomorrow (Sinovac Chinese one)

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etarip Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021 at 8:05pm

It’s all good Indo. Global times says CoronaVac is great!

There’s some varying reporting on the efficacy of SinoPharm, with different countries reporting different figures (Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, UAE)

In the UAE it appears that some recipients are needing to go back for a third shot to get the required levels of antibodies.

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truebluebasher Tuesday, 23 Mar 2021 at 10:52pm

Yes! Buy shares in Carbon...Govt are Full Page Redacting every sheet of A4 paper in the land!
Get in now, before Govt sells us back Boxes of unused Black Paper as Covid Recovery Plans!

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truebluebasher Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021 at 12:17am

No sooner the EU Ref clears the brain drain then AZ kicks another own goal....OMG...WTF.

US busted AZ filling up vials from last seasons failed urine tests...D'oh!

Teacher : 'Ok class! Any questions about our Pandemic Profiteering Drug Cheats.'
"Sir! Sir! Not even I'm that stupid, am I Sir... & could ya tell my Dad that please!"
"Sir! Is that like when we got busted with that last minute Exam Paper switch trick!"
"Sir! Just wondering how many times can you jab yerself in the foot before it falls off."
"Sir! Will the AZ CEO get rewarded with another $27.5m package for extra lazy cheating!"
"Sir! How do evil Big Pharms keep playing with our lives as if they just don't care!"

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truebluebasher Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 at 1:25am

China Sinovac (Inactivated Virus)Coronavac (Longest immunity + Efficacy- 79-86%)
Trials reported zero severe side effects & less reaction than Big Pharm (1 Brazilian Death)
WHO recently reported it's weak link appears to be NY/Brazil P1 Strain's reinfection.
23rd March / China - Kids (Mid way Trials 3-17y'o )
550 subjects (3+6 y'o contracted fever) Rest were mild reactions!

Vax 4 Arms deals
Delivering continuous free goodwill Vax locks in years of ongoing free territorial Port/s Access.
Media bury this but tbb translated the 100's of letters that are well onto these deals.
Chinese are Donating 2,000 vax for each Territorial Mooring (42 nations & growing)
400,000 free vax...coughs up 220 military fleet moorings (March : 1 billion doses)
S/E European borders Ukraine / Hungary / Serbia / Turkey / Iraq / UAE / Egypt / Jordon /Bahrain
China's territorial > Sth American / Asian + now includes the South Pacific missions!
(Oz new mate Chile / Indonesia / PNG Territorial Vax 4 Ports are tightening the screws on Oz)
Oz whitecoats call for PNG to sign away their Ports for Vax Warships.

Why was Oz AZ deal so careless to ignore PNG + neighbours to let China thru the Front Door?
Why are EU / NATO denying Oz 2.1m + 1m Vax to secure PNG from Chinese Port Invasion?
Why do WHO Oz whitecoat spies demand China to vax PNG !
Oz vax now weaponized & deployed by RAAF to the Frontline...Ma! We gotta ourselves a Vax War!

Sinovac Coronavac Rollouts
Chile is the Poster Child with rapid Rollout Speed & high confidence in Chinese Vax!
However tbb can't get any stats only "Fake Chile Movie Posters & pinups!" (Like early UK rollout.)
No! It's not right to give a rain check on Red Hot Chile Vaxerz! But they'll slip up & tbb will pounce!
These guys are hiding the Chinese frontline weak link & China are milking Chile's Star Power!
Note Oz cut out China on the Chile sea cable to Japan so China now exploit Chile via Vax Port.
Oz military are cringing over Chile / Chinese Interstellar Rollout...(Full on Cold War here!)
tbb can at least model Chile's strategic (insane) Vax spike anomaly ...alongside Sth seas Chinatown
9th March / Note: Chile surpasses 10-20x over Israel or any other rollout pretenders by Pop/density.
As tbb said ...Oz are perving on Chile for every possible reason & we're getting too good at that!

So what's the Catch?
Chile are recording their longest climb of high Covid cases during Pandemic?
Govts order whole world to Quarantine / Test / Vax in City frontlines fuelling Outbreaks...well durr!

(Day 1) 756 doses 13 adverse reactions
240,297 Mixed doses (Reactions 7,469)
Sinovac (Coronavac 1-4 wk doses) -167,798 (3,700 reactions 2.21%)
Allergic 32 / Respiratory-Cough-Nasal 46 / Neuro-Headache 31 / Pain-Chills-Fatigue 28
Other Body-Gut Pain + Heart / Severe 83 / death 1

AZ - 72,499 (3,769 reactions 5.19%) Severe 54
Full Reactions : (Both)
Allergic / Site Pain / Chills / Nasal Congestion / Chest Discomfort / Fatigue / Headaches / Dizziness /
Blood Pressure / Nausea / Rashes
Regional Booth Reactions

Malaysia (Petaling Jaya) Govt Health Minister
Backing confidence in Sinovac Vax
$3.2m Vax Reaction Compo (National Disaster Management Agency)
$16,000 Severe reaction / Long term Hospitalisation
$160,000 Permanent Harm / Death

Didn't mean to end it there!
tbb did check & (25) modern countries offer Vax Compo & Oz health bodies campaigned for Compo!

Oz Govt.
"Recognize that the possibility that development of a safe vax is yet unknown & may not be possible!"
"It's your right to choose! Govt will never pay out any Vax Compo. Sleep it off in the Emergency Bay!"

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Supafreak Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 at 6:38pm

Don’t know what Australian stance will be on this , if we reach herd immunity is it necessary ? Will airlines make it compulsory for kids ? We don’t have moderna vaccine in oz so will this be introduced ?

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JQ Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 at 7:34pm

bb, care to enlighten us as to what Mr. Schneiders qualifications and experience are? Also, where did you first come across this?

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truebluebasher Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 at 11:56pm

Salute! bb for diggin' deep into our Vax Vacuum.

supafreak ...Australia Kidz Rollout (Govt info) + Moderna / Trials

Phase 3 Children (U18) 2.354m Doses (If recommended) (Word is, once passed it's on, as shown)
"If vaccines are licensed for Kidz > State School could Rollout for Wide Coverage!"

Schools are already Vax Centres...tbb's kids were vaxed in dodgy makeshift Classroom (It's not ideal)
School Nurse sets Up > nominating teachers with ice-cream buckets for vax...(Covid Safe?)
Where school Vax Classroom is cleaned each should be fine!

Oz Kidz that can & soon will be vaxed...are as follows.
Phase 1a -Aged < > Kidz vital frontline Health Partnerships were noted.(Not sure of Exemption!)
Phase 1a - Frontline (info) Dog breeders vaccinate for (Human) Covid! (Govt don't share such info!)
Phase 1b - Younger Adults with underlying medical Conditions, including disability are being vaxed.
Phase 3 - Youth / Detention Kidz will be vaccinated 18 >17 > 16 > Possibly continues...
Note : PM ruled Correctional Facilities are exempt from Emergency & are a Law unto themselves!
Recall 'Pell' left Prison Court (No Quarantine) > interstate Easter safari on Bolt TV / AFP...(No rules!)

Kidz Vax Trials..
US either Pay or throw in freebies but seldom advertise the fact (Hence more kidz trials)
Parents can parade their nerdy Princess to bait Badass Covid crew over for Play Dates.
Obsessive Parents view Lucky Dip vax as shot in the arm equalizer (In your Face Bitches!)

The Kidz are mostly exploited as bait to fine tune expensive Adult drugz & doses.
Very seldom if ever it's for Kidz drugz. Only the Governments fund Kidz Drugz otherwise it's suss...
1996-2002 ( 730 Kidz Trials - 523 / 71% reactions - 13 / 2% Safety Committees)
Total Kids trials / Pop % - 2007 - 8.2% / 2008 -49,000 / 2009 - 9.4%

Big Pharm...
1) Emergency affords Huge Kids Exploitation Trials - 6,000 + kidz
2) They'll fox Govt money but usually secure any decent kidz vax within Company...(Won't share!)
3) They don't need to reveal whats in the Placebo/s (This is their pot'o'gold kicker!)

Moderna Kidz Covid Vax Trial doses / Example: Each dose rationed per age/weight class.
Section 1 - (750 participants receive 2 x 28 day Moderna doses) in order to Fast Track these results.
Ages 6 months - 2 yrs = 25 mg
Ages 5 -12 yrs = 50mg
Age 12 -Adult = 100mg
Note kid'z efficient Immune system produces more antibodies (Less doses are enough)
Some confusion! (Company says Less side Effects) Kinda true but with more Fever.
Ok! Just checked on that...(Kidz Vax Fever response lessons yearly to elderly, that don't raise a sweat)
Read above 71% reactions is well high! Meaning Moderna Trial kidz will mostly contract fever!

Section 2 (4,500 - 2 x 28 day doses )
Placebo/s (1,500 - 2 x 28 day doses ) Presents similar but 0.9% Sodium Chloride Solution.
99.1% Solution can be 1 - 1,500 exclusive Adult Drug trials...They don't need to reveal lucky dip.
So the 'Covid safe' 750 + 4,500 vaxes mask the evil 1,500 (Blind) Placebos pay dirt Lab Ratz
'Randomized observer -blind placebo' means exactly what you think it means! (Drug Experiments)
AstraZeneca (Adult) [ Blind ] Trials > Meningitis / Septicaemia Vaxes as the Placebo.

tbb dug out the Moderna Kid Cove STUDY but it stops short of revealing Mystery Placebos
Parent's Promo
Press / Investors
Study / Evaluation

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 1:33am

Thanx again bb...much appreciated & yes, it does add up...very much reflects tbb's research.
Have previously estimated & reported here that the vax deaths would be in the low 1,000's.
Interestingly! No one here flinched at that call...deep down we all know what's goin' on!
Numbers be 'estimated' from many loose knit Vaxes / National tallies...tbb is not shocked!

Excellent work bb & well scripted & laid out....really do thank you for sharing your valued insight.
Go as far to say it's the best tbb has read on the matter...without a doubt, it's easy to say that.

Also thank swellnet & supafreak for giving the crew a fair go at this! Not many would!

Plenty of Govt's have been accused of coincidental wealthiest age care vax inheritance grabs.
China is swapping Vax for War ship Ports / IOC hook up Chinese Vax as Japan's Olympic Sponsor!
Lab Rat Kids are blindly rolling up sleeves for mystery Placebo Vax.

Govt order crowds into Quarantine City's Vax Dens to QR this or Test that, then Lockdown. (Repeat)

As with many here...completely aghast at Oz Govt / Health / Media's plain criminal.
Next Pandemic we can save a quid by printing Emergency Govt Policy on Toilet Roll Sheets.
No one would fight over that shit!

Billyw's picture
Billyw's picture
Billyw Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 3:15am

still have not heard a logical argument as to why a healthy person of say 40 years would take this vaccine. the answer is always herd immunity, but if a person already holds immunity through demographics and health then that argument is nonsense. no proof anywhere in the world that the vaccine stops you spreading the virus so if you are at risk, get jabbed, if you are not, leave that dose for someone who needs it.

shoredump's picture
shoredump's picture
shoredump Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 7:02am

3% of climate scientists disagree that climate change is mostly man made

What percentage of virologists world wide disagree that vaccination is the best way forward, and discuss the reason for your confidence in these minority opinions as apposed to the vast majority that support vaccination

Call me a sheep, but I just follow the experts advice. I do it at bunnings when they tell me it’s in isle 37, I do it at the mechanic when they tell me it really needs replacing, i do it on the aircraft when the captain warns of turbulence, I do it in surfing when they say it’s an all day offshore coming

Curious to know what makes someone want to go against the grain so badly. Do you love circular architecture too and live in a round house?

JQ's picture
JQ's picture
JQ Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 4:38pm

There seems to be a common theme amongst the contrarian 'experts' that BB has cited.

And Billy, what on earth is 'immunity through demographics and health' doesn't sound like a real thing. Don't be an idiot, get a vaccine, contribute to herd immunity.

JQ's picture
JQ's picture
JQ Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 5:39pm

Sure bb, they are allowed to have what ever opinion they like. You should think about canvassing a wide range of experts and take a summary of their spectrum of positions. I suspect you'll find the vast majority of experts are of the opinion that the best course of action is to get a vaccine.

What you've chosen to do, by cherry picking an expert who says what you want to hear, is not being 'informed', it's conclusion shopping.

Seems what one can't do is question your conspiratorial narrative...

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 6:44pm

I personally will be getting vaccinated but I don’t see the need for my 4 year old daughter to get it . I also don’t see the need for people who have had covid and now have antibodies to get vaccinated or let’s face it be penalised in some way . I understand many people don’t trust the speed in which vaccines were made and long term studies won’t be known for years . Let’s not forget these vaccines were introduced as a emergency response by UK and the US . It’s a shame more focus wasn’t on treatments as then more time could have been taken with a vaccine and more lives would have been saved . The government has made assurances to us , let’s hope they are right . And here’s a earlier post

and bb this doesn’t line up with the theory from your post.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 9:46pm

You have some valid points bb and I encourage you to explore what opinions doctors have , there is definitely a smear campaign coming from big pharma against cheap , safe and effective treatments . People’s health is secondary to wealth , sad but that’s the world we live in . If governments really cared about people we wouldn’t have poverty, hunger or people dying from curable diseases.

Rabbits68's picture
Rabbits68's picture
Rabbits68 Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 9:46pm
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 10:16pm

bb , you do understand that the AZ vaccine isn’t mRNA ? And where are 80 % refusals for vaccination ? Just curious. I had 3 health care friends say they wouldn’t get it but they have changed their minds now. Trust was the issue for them .

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 10:25pm

Good link Rabbit 68

Rabbits68's picture
Rabbits68's picture
Rabbits68 Friday, 26 Mar 2021 at 10:47pm

Cheers Supa. A fairly rational view point I thought....

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 27 Mar 2021 at 1:07am

Olympic Games presents as Largest multi Variant / Vax Tournament.
12,000 x Days 1,5,9,13,17 Tests can future proof Covid Vax / Variants.
Olympics are the Ultimate one chance Science Experiment in a Locked down World
Japan did employ Pfizer for current 20,000 trial / survey but not Olympic 12,000 o's worldly Trial?
Olympics could host Largest mixed vax / variant trial to prioritise Athletes Vax Worldwide (Sorted!)

2021- 12,000 Olympians = WR exhalation Covid Cloud...(Keep clear!)
2019- 11,000 World Forces at Wuhan Games viral outbreak ran short of Med Supplies.
Returning home spreading what doctors diagnosed as Covid -19.

Olympic Vax Timeline

Sept 2020 : IOC President "No Olympian Vax Queue Jumping"

5th Jan 2021- IOC Dick Pound : "Olympian's Vax Priority...When do you want it! Now!"
20th Jan- 80% Japanese don't want Olympics
20th Jan- Japan - No Olympian's Vax Mandate
23rd Jan - IOC + WHO aim to vax all Athletes to save Olympics.
25th Jan - WHO : "Oops! Almost forgot...No Queue jumping!"
25th Jan - Japan : [-] Departure Test / 4 days (14d Bubble) No yelling, singing, chanting only clapping

25th Feb - IOC Vice Prez - Vax Encouraged - Oz Olympian's > Vaccinated by June at the Latest.
Oz Phase 2b Starts in June at earliest ( 2x AZ doses over 12 weeks!) Vice Prez jumped Oz Athletes to (1a).

11th March- IOC sanction + cover costs of 'Chinese sponsored Olympic Vax' via aligned nations.
12th March - Japan instructs Athletes to boycott Chinese Vaccines.
13th March - 91% of Japanese don't want Olympics (Non Essential for Olympians to attend)
20th March - Foreign Spectator Ban only...(Bummer for Locals)
22nd March- 500-2,000 (o/s Skilled VIP's with certain language skills) Tough gig for CEO's

Guess crew noticed WHO / IOC mandating Japan into hosting games & vaxing everything

2021 "Throw Grandma Under a Bus to get my Gold Medal fix!" Olympic Tally Board

Dual Nationals (Will jab the IOC / Chinese vax as a Chaser)
Class A Drug Priority over all citizens.
Hungary, Serbia, Mexico

IOC sanctioned & Paid > Republic of Chinese Flagged Naval Fleet
These nation's Athletes Queue Jump to Train under Chinese *IOC Flag
*South America -Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Dominican Rep', Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela
*South Eastern Europe- Azerbaijan, Belarus, Jordan, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine
*Asia -Bahrain, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Malaysia, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, UAE.
*Africa - Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, Seychelles, Senegal, Zimbabwe

*Australia - IOC Vice Prez mates rates Priority Phase 1 Drug Deal) AOC confirm 100% Vax policy
Sponsoring AOC [[ Dead Space Needles }-- recovers 28.5% of (unaccounted) wasted vaccine.
Without queue jumping you can vax Team Oz with shots 6/7 each day or just keep flushing it is fine also.

Olympians so significant to the National Interest they deserve a priority fix. (*Deciding!)(**Depends on Sport)
Belgium, Denmark, *France, Greece, India, Israel, Lithuania, **New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea,

White Flag...Olympic Whatever Vax.
(Hardcore Drug Cheats) Whatever ya got mate...just give it to me Now!
Team USA (Note US Surfers W/2 + M /2-3 all prolonged US stays) Hawaii W/1 + M2 in Oz?
Could be the 2 US lads are nursing injuries & getting vaxed in case more Outbreaks arise!
Team USA vaxes are being squeezed & any (rare few) out of the Loop may miss out!
Airline Lockouts! (Hawaiians on Oz Tour do not have Olympic's Vax in mind + can't vax here!)
USOPC : We will consider buying Vaccines for our Olympic Athletes (Nothing locked in?)

Fake Anti vaxerz wearing a Fig Leaf for protection.(Politely forever wait their turn!)
*Will swap shitty Vax for Olympic Ideal & Sportsmanlike gesture Award.
Britain, Canada, *Germany, *Italy, *Japan

No Cheating with COVAX...lucky if they get a sniff of any vax.
(Next to no chance of these 92 Dreamerz getting stoned)

Athlete's ethics

Dopey Antidopes
UK Rollout - WADA acts all dopey like...I dunno? (mRNA Gene Cheats / Death or Wot?) FFS!
To be clear! Nope! World Dopes never knew what a vax was...(All say Aye!)
Signed a Non Conflicting MoU (Exemption of Sorts) A Ripe Vax is OK in yer Boogie Board bag!
WADA - Vax [+] doping result = 1/1billion > ( Postpone Vax 48-72 hrs prior to event )

Anti Vaxer Athlete
These pure Athletes are anything but Dopey, they live & breathe the Tokyo Olympic Ideal.

Last Word ....(Govt / Airlines) Are fast forwarding Athlete's vax to mandate [ Exit Vax ]
Athletes get free Flights but ...Vax? [Headline] Airline's unleash Athlete Village outbreak.
The calls for mandating Athlete Vax are getting savage...."Kick them outta the Squad!"

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 27 Mar 2021 at 5:30am
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 29 Mar 2021 at 4:01pm

WHO: Top 10 Threats to Global Health in 2019
Nothing more evil than Fragile Settings + Vaccine Hesitancy
WHO won't hold back on jabbing some lost tribe in deepest undersea cave.
Nothing personal...yer just a minor speed bump for our World Domination Plans'

Centre for Countering Digital Hate...(Posh 5 eyes comic strip)
Made even nicer by fully naming & shaming the Guilty Dozen on a Post Office Wanted Poster.
Counter Hate (Olive Branch) xxx ooo
Say hello to your new www Post Pandemic Nice Guys!
OZ/UK/US Govts back this mob ....Vid is Vicious on Social Media lads!
Never seen Govt go this level before...(TODAY!)

Anti Antivaxxerz get a much needed booster shot in the arm from Pfizer / Bigpharm'

Social Media peddle (Big) Anti Vax Media to attract Big Pharma Ads.
[ i ] 200k + [f] 500k members buys into online High Rollers Anti Vax Club...the rest get burned.
Pandemic = Vax and naturally 75% of smart money clicks Anti Vax...(Bigpharm' Drools).

Bigpharma couldn't wait to dunk their nerdy Lab Rats down at the Wet Markets.
Fetch me my Lab coat...we gotta find this lost tribe that think we're relevant.
Bigpharma know if they're to stay relevant they need to capitalize on Antivaxxer'z Bigpharm content.
Well, not just bigpharm, CDC + 4,315 brands / 105 hospitals are bankrolling BigAV monthly.
Millions or 10's of millions supporters donating & waving tirelessly ... "We Love you Anti Vaxxerz!"

Bigpharm stops bankrolling Big AV & the Vax Misinformation disappears...( All know it's Impossible!)

BigPharm brewed up their own Misinfodemic

Bigpharm avoids getting it's hands dirty by injecting innocent Adbots to take the Heat.
Hiding behind Google's adbots DV360 / DoubleClick 67% + Trade Desk 30%.

Naturally Big Anti Vaxerz won't bite a Corporate fist whilst it's punching the air with brothers.

Will our topsy turvy world ever correct itself.
Tech heads Verizon, AT&T, Boost, Motorola are paying AntiVaxxerz to unplug their 5G network..
Had to draw the line when AntiVaxxer CEO got busted taste testing Stevia Sweetner..."He did Wot!"
Biggest joke comes when these creeps pardon themselves by blaming clanky misinfodemic spybots.

Credit to Misinformation Cops (''')NewsGaurd
(re: Revived Wiki > now Traffic Light Venture) No shortage of Jewish internet Cops...just saying!

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Monday, 29 Mar 2021 at 5:36pm

This Lady is throwing some serious accusations at big pharma , pretty radical what’s happening in South Africa.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021 at 2:07am

Leave Qld Alone...AMA misinformation Dobber Alert.

AMA Victoria President Associate Professor Julian Rait.
tbb doesn't know much about this chap, if any know why he dislikes Qld Health?
Do know that (Costello Media) has been busting & squishing Qld Health like Bugs!
tbb is getting sick of this shit...Qld Health are the hardest working exhausted crews in Oz.
Costello is trying to split crews to undermine Qld Labor from the Covid Frontline Poll Vote.
Nightly Personal Stories of Ambo Ramping / Slow Vax / Hospital Crisis...never our PNG assist.

(Lie 1) "There was no excuse for Healthcare Worker Infections."
Qld Frontline mop up Fed Age Care > Vax Reacts > 2x Hospital Yellow Alerts >1 Hospital Lockdown >
SEQ Floods > Qld Vaxing PNG & Torres Strait + Quarantining PNG > 2nd Wave > Bne Lockdown.
PM: "PNG has more urgent needs!" #1st Oz / Pacific Crisis rollout > #2nd Qld Frontline rollout
All of Qld understand & say nothing about our long term Health relegation behind our neighbours...
Qldurrz have yet to complain of PNG majority Covid care in Qld Hospitals! (South Pacific is our Crisis!)
Qldurrz are having a chat with the neighbours right now so just rollout yer thingy without us...all good!

(Lie 2) "Rollout is nowhere near fast enough."
Qld : Gets NSW Vax dregz -(2x Vax shortage) > AMA: "Feds to do Better" > Hunt: "It's not a race."
PM wants to control "Roll Out Poll" [Vote 4 Vax] Qld will finish exactly when & where PM orders us to!
So AMA previously acknowledge Qld Vax shortage...which addresses their own speed factor!

(Lie 3) No excuses as Phase 1a should have been completed by now
Qld: 22 Feb > 21 Days + TGA 10 days min or + CDC 14 days = (35 days from [Day 1] is Today)
23rd Feb Qld were mopping up Fed's Overdose ( Just how to 1st Dose all of Qld Phase 1a on Day 1)
tbb doesn't need to ask the same stupid question as to why Vic or any State missed today's deadline.

(Lie 4) Transmission to Health Care Workers is NOW "Completely Preventable!"
Firstly! As of now only PM & those hot Blonde VIP Nurses from Day 1 Promos are Fully vaccinated.
Qld: Pfizer peak Vax immunity isn't reached until day 35 day considered min vaccinated,
Fully Vaccinated is 90 days > 6 months + (Vax is not mandatory)
UK : CMO (Deputy) Prof Tam :"After 2 doses one can still contract & transmit a Covid outbreak.
Given UK Health are a long way ahead of us, it might pay for AMA to stop spreading misinformation.

[Factcheck] No Hospital crew completed all Phase 1a doses on day 1 so none are 'vaccinated.'
Any mention of Qld's slower Rollout triggering a Lockdown is Fake News & seen as Political.
Again! Ask how many States have frontline in PNG / Torres Strait or supervising Scomo's fake vaxerz.

Professor Mary-Louise McLaws -Rollout wasn't good enough...
tbb: Fine! We'll include Fiji & NZ & Tonga into our rollout...Happy!

Professor Peter Collignon - Dreams up a pretend Royal Princess & pretend Hospital ...No idea?
Can only assume Scomo has him on a lead most days. He reckons our Lockdown is too pissy!
Says we gotta do a proper NSW / Vic Lockdown of don't even bother...(So! Qld are Cowards!)

To track Mutant Transmission others argue to stop the spread...but there is an overriding local reason.
Qld Hospitals rolling Lockdowns & Alerts Crisis has surpassed 1st peak Wave & need to take Stock!
Premier only needs to say that & all would understand to lock down for a week! Do it in a heartbeat.
Others don't see most Qldurrz are busting for just one Hospital appointment, for now over a year!

How is it we got these rabid Doctors bullying their worn out Qld Health Colleagues...don't get it.
Pollies won't fire one over Anna's bow. C'mon, this is suss...Wotz the story!
Aussies must be really really pissed with Qldurrz slack rollout...give us a break...bloody tough gig!

Qld Thanx Norman & Raina for sound Lockdown least they're still cool with Qld.

Greg Hunt : " Vaxes are considered a "Critical reason to Leave Home in a Lockdown!" Got That!
He was asked about (Ring Vaccination) eg: Lockdowns around Hot Hotel Burbs.
"There are very significant vaccines already, prepositioned with Qld and they have a large inventory that they are capable of drawing upon."
What do the crew make of that? Qld does boast a Shit Hot fully stocked massive Drug Warehouse!
Are we talking 'bout a double Hit or a SupaVax with instant (3 day) immunity?

Might be reading too much into that...but Qld Health is known to drop a clue on future Covid plans!

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021 at 5:52pm