Vaccinate or not

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Supafreak started the topic in Tuesday, 24 Nov 2020 at 6:20pm

I was a little shocked at Alan Joyce (CEO Qantas) announcement that international travelers will be required to have a covid 19 vaccination in order to travel on Qantas flights . The government wanted to have mandatory vaccination but after the bumbling of its release ( it was painful to watch the delivery of that announcement ) they withdrew the mandatory part but it seems Qantas and other business may demand a vaccination in order to use their services. I’m not anti vaccine by any means I just don’t trust this government or a vaccine that has been rushed through. A jab followed by another jab followed by yearly jabs doesn’t sit well with me as I have never had a flu shot or the flu for more than 20 years. Plus I don’t want to give this shot to my healthy 4 year old daughter. She is up to date with all her vaccinations but this covid vaccine is new and not being around for decades like the others. Tuberculosis remains the number one as far diseases go and you don’t need proof of vaccination to travel so what is going on ?

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Supafreak Friday, 26 Feb 2021 at 7:44pm

Expect a decision from WHO next week possibly , or week after , they like to drag the chain a bit.

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Supafreak Friday, 26 Feb 2021 at 7:50pm

Bali getting closer to reopening. Not sure about this story , I don’t know anyone that’s received vaccine yet .

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indo-dreaming Friday, 26 Feb 2021 at 8:17pm

Hmmm highly sceptical 75% already vaccinated?..sounds like BS, maybe its meant to read 75% of those in tourist industry?

Articles I've read in recent days on indo vaccination is they are at the stage of vaccinating school teachers and religious leaders.

Everyday people even in Bali you would think would be down the list.

Here from ten days ago.

"Civil servants, religious figures, journalists among groups set for 2nd phase of COVID-19 vaccinations in Indonesia

The Health Ministry said the second phase of vaccinations — set to follow immediately after the first phase for health workers — will mostly target groups in the public service sector.

“These include educators, market vendors, religious figures, people’s representatives, state officials, regional and central civil servants, security personnel, public transportation employees, and athletes,” Siti Nadia Tarmizi, the Health Ministry’s COVID-19 vaccination program spokeswoman, said this morning.

“Journalists and media workers are also included.”

Nadia said the second phase will begin as soon as the ministry receives authorization from the Food and Drugs Monitoring Agency (BPOM).

The ministry has identified 17,857,157 people to be vaccinated for the second phase, the majority of which consist of educators (5,057,852 people) and market vendors (4,014,232 people). Around 5,000 journalists and 1,175 athletes were also included in the list.

Indonesia began its COVID-19 mass vaccination program in mid-January, with health workers the first in line for jabs. As of Feb. 14, the country has administered the first dose of the CoronaVac vaccine to 1,068,747 people, 425,578 of whom have received their second of the required two doses of the vaccine.

Indonesia aims to vaccinate some 180 million people to reach herd immunity against COVID-19 by early 2022. At the current vaccination rate, Bloomberg has projected that it would take Indonesia at least 10 years to achieve the feat, though the Health Ministry is adamant that the rate will soon pick up."

And a related link to Bali vaccination/tourism from today

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Supafreak Friday, 26 Feb 2021 at 8:28pm

Yeah not 75% yet indo , article is poorly written , 75% needed before opening to tourists is what they meant , my comment was that they have started vaccination but I don’t know one friend who has been vaccinated and some friends are frontline. First we have to have 75% of the population vaccinated, and especially tourism operators and workers,” he said. According to him, the complete vaccination of Bali as quickly as possible is now the priority of the government, and especially within the tourism sector. “For that I have asked the central government to set Bali as a priority

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Supafreak Friday, 26 Feb 2021 at 8:34pm

With a population of roughly 4 million , 3 million getting vaccination is going to take some time . If they could manage 50,000 a day they could do it in 2 months .

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truebluebasher Friday, 26 Feb 2021 at 9:42pm

{Digital Tracking}
Oz mint prints Money to be used as legal tender throughout Australia.
Govt law allows anybody to legally refuse Australian Currency.
Transit bans Currency to the City, venues & transactions + Govt tracks large notes!

(Contact Tracing)
All Venues are via digital Entry Only ....Fines for Paper > Hand signed Vax Cards
Digital Vax / app / payment is Mandatory to & from city by default.

1st May Govt mandated Flu Vax in Aged Care > already Nursing/Child Care
Biological (Disease) spreading sites can deny visitor entry unless Vaccinated.
Medical / Physical reaction or illness is exempted.
Human / Religious / Philosophical Rights are seldom ruled as a defence.

Digital Transit + app / Vax entry to Child / senior / Venues / Payments by default.
Govt track your finances & every train & bus to each corner & doorway in the City.

{POV} Health setting.
Prof Offit : "Should a vaxed Mutant enter a Hospital we need to worry more so!
We need to keep Vaxed patients away from Hospitals!"
*Hospitals vaccinate staff who automatically become undetectable viral risks.
Hospitals then waste untold time on re testing Staff & patients to find the Mutant.
Qld Govt is right to get Quarantine out of Cities before Vax Hoaxes runs riot.

{Mutant Booster}
Oz Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky :
Pool efforts around most likely Mutants + Masks & SD until Global Vax effort.

{POV} TimeTable

May 2020 Pfizer Phase 1/2 Clinical Trials as the Longest immunity start measure.

6 months from trials is also from Natural (approx) 6 months Immunity from Covid.
6 months = Israel {Green Badge} was then guaranteed 6 months from Pfizer Trial.

90 Days CDC {POV} is from Pfizer second Dose Trials (10 days clear > 90 days)

Feb 2021- Booster Shots Trials from 6-12 months May Pfizer Phase 1/2 Trials

Pfizer : 6-12 mth Booster Shot likely. (100 days ready for any variant response)
Moderna : 3rd Shot expected + (Promise to update to any Variant response!)
Johnson : Single shot (Variant Response brew also but takes longer as with AZ)
Qld Health : Annual Booster Shot is envisaged.

3rd or Annual Multivalent Booster is essentially Original + Mutant brews as one hit.
Booster Shots require less vaccine than original brews.

How to give our {PM} his 3rd dose Booster before many have yet to have one!
PM must decide to rule himself out of Footy Finals or Queue Jump a 6mth Booster.
Unsportsmanlike Pollies may fast fake a 12 month {POV} just to save face.
No! There is no proof that Pfizer May Trial Vax will last 12 mths...plain to see!

Salute our Leaders for sacrificing their Footy Finals to take one for the team...
1) {6mth Booster} involves PM's VIP 3rd Dose Queue Jump...(That's not Cool!)
2) {12mth POV} involves approving Vax immunity to obscene bullshit proportions.
3) The PM changes the Date on his invisible Vax Card for his Fake Vax.
4) PM delays Oz {12 month POV} until May to win his Footy Finals Ticket...Bingo!

Nuthin' Suss with any of those bully options...all bog standard Lib PM rorting.
Scomo : "How good is this Fucked up Corrupt Rollout...did i do that."(Is he asking!)

Be cool if stressed out PM could just take a couple of Vax Pills & have a lie down.

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truebluebasher Saturday, 27 Feb 2021 at 2:52am

[L] Vax Bungle Tracker
[L] Donations by Healthscare / Ass'pan Australia
[L] Vax Bungle is Administered by Qld Dr Jaynat Patel [457] Vaxerz

Sun: Vax Matinee PM forgets his [ Vax Card ] & Lolliypop & Wastes Vax!...D'oh!
Sun: Rollout Booing Grand Final explodes mercury on Vax Tracker Gauge.
Sun: Wooden Spoon vaxerz France 7 doses/vial (Defeat) #1 vaxerz Oz 5 doses/vial.
Sun: #1 Oz got no decent Rollout Needles & have to toss out 28.5% vax
Mon: WA ban Media from Hyatt Fortress Rollout...
Mon: Dutto imports hitman Doctor Patel to inject truth serum into Soviet Spies
Tues: Doctor Patel shoots 4x lethal Pfizer into spies & waves [Vax Pass] VIP jet.
Tues: Hunt says Doctor is Fully Trained for Vax...(Coughing! Real fucking Loudly!)
Wed : Qld nursing home gives Soviet grade Killer VAX a rest for a while.
Wed: Werribee Agecare get extra pack addressed to another. Fuck them, let it rot.
Wed: CMO spins "unmixed" raw serum OD to nicer multi dose "measured" trial.
Thurs: Female Spy returns from Emergency Ward...Senior Man Spy is in Surgery?
Thurs: Hunt says Callous HCA are one [X] [X] [ .] away from a torn up contract.
Fri: Qld / NSW Vax Lotto..."Elderly wheeled out each day but dealer never comes.
Fri: Hunt lied about Lib rorters Aspen binning Vaxes on Friday...
Fri: Seems Werribee got 2x lots & Ballarat were left high & dry.
Sat: NSW Aubrey Downer Age Care rolled up arms everyday for mystery Vax hit!
Sat: Meanwhile Aspen tossed 25 x 7shot vials in the bin...'That was ours mate!'

Doctors Notes :
Tassie sticky Label contamination scare, more of an incident, gets a mention...
Sonic Healthcare get off the reserve bench for a Jab.
Dan Copped the Blame Again..."It wasn't me for 1000th time!" Sure Dan!

Govt just blew all 12 points & now must surrender VAX [P] Plates
Pete Evan's tribe walked & awarded Hunt as new Oz #1 antivaxer Messiah!
Hunt & [L] Mobsterz lost 100% of vaxerz in just the 1st week of Rollout.
After losing Vax, cards, needles, doctors & Patients Hunt now lost Vax [P] Plates.
TGA must never let these corrupt idiots near a vaccine...ever again.

110 / 240 Nursing Homes target (Hunt says mid next week or week after!)
Less than half...the Libs have gotta be stoked with that!

Hunt : "Great Week one...plenty of Teething & Hiccups without consent."
Scomo: Just gotta iron out some wobbly bungles...

Hunt Lied about both senior Qldurrz going to Hospital
Hunt never told Qld Premier that his Patients were dying in a Qld Hospital
Hunt lied about Dr. being trained for Vax.
Hunt lied about Qldurrz long stay in hospital
Hunt lied about Lib Donors Aspen tossing Vaccine away
Hunt's Rollout went backwards & left elderly on the curb in every state.

[ Why doesn't Scomo get his vax card in the video ? ] Note Gloves / Masks
That counts as a Fault... less so a Promo! So...the Vax Cards are Shit then?

UK/US Emergency Vax cards give patients a copy of Batch / Lot number.
Note Oz card below gives no receipt of Batch No. should a reaction occur. (Suss!)

Oz Provisional Vax Card has no Batch Number...meaning we have zero record.
If we get a reaction we can't ID the batch to Authority..Oz Govt will hide the fact!
Please lets hope the reverse side of Oz Vax Cards have batch No...or we're dead!

Gonna need to check on ZERO Vax ID batch cards...this might be a breach!

Victoria vax card is different to NSW cards in Vid but has no Batch Number.

Canberra (Albo) goes for the natural Jab (No sissy Mask & Gloves)
Greenie Adam goes Maskless & Gloveless.

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Supafreak Saturday, 27 Feb 2021 at 4:16am

An article from July 2020 , funny if it wasn’t so serious .

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indo-dreaming Saturday, 27 Feb 2021 at 9:37am

Argh okay yeah that headline was misleading and i just skimmed the article.

Okay that makes sense.

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Supafreak Saturday, 27 Feb 2021 at 11:51am

Yes indo that’s the problem with headlines , they grab your attention then story sometimes reveals what their really saying . The drive through vax station on your link is actually a good idea , however they obviously don’t wait to see if you have adverse reaction like in Australia. I see doctors aren’t happy in oz as government isn’t paying for the time doctors need to spend monitoring a patient’s reaction ( 30 minutes ) When I’ve taken my daughter for vaccinations it’s usually been 15 minutes and a nurse has always done it .

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truebluebasher Sunday, 28 Feb 2021 at 2:05am

Pfizer Rollout
Prime Minister {VIP} Jab (Seemingly 2022 - 12month {POV} below)

Phase 1a > 22nd Feb - April - Frontline / Age Care
Pfizer Vax continues for (High Risk & Elderly only... below line.)
AstraZeneca Rollout
Phase 1b > Mid March - Late April...70+ /Aboriginal / disabled
Mid April - Olympic Doping Agency Drug Cheats
IOC Vice Prez : "No Queue Jumping...I expect Team Oz to be vaxed (Before June)"
PM : Imminent Travel (min) AZ > 4weeks + 8 days = (Olympians Dose 1-Mid April)
Novavax - Approval + Rollout ( Not locked in!) (N'vax 3-4wks (vs) AZ-12wks)
Phase 2a > May - Scotty's NRL Addicts queue Jumping Drug Deals
Continues to lesser important beings...(Note AFL refuse to Queue Jump?)
Phase 2a > May-Late June - High Risk / Aboriginal / (60-69 > 50-59y'o)
NIP July > Mandatory "Whole-of-Life" Doc-Jabz for MyGov (i) sales (Civil penalties)
Phase 2b > July
Olympics 23rd July - (Invisible > 1b WR Oz Team Queue Jump)
Phase 3 > Sept -Early Nov (U18)
End of Oct > International Flights > Novavax Kids can fly o/s
Dec (mid) > AZ - All kids / Families can Fly o/s for Xmas.
Tick off Variants / Vax Type / Kidz Dose to Mix'n'Vax destination.
eg: (AZ is a 12/13 wk - rebook) That's a real kick in the gutz own goal!
2021? Booster Shots (Reads 2022) ( Confirmed / Scheduled ) by Qld Govt.
Qld Draft / Not for distribution...(Shh!) swellnet exclusive 2021/2 Vax
Could be wrong...but 2021 typo is intentional as to not get their arse kicked?
Feb 2022- #1 Queue Jumper PM-12 mth > {POV} > Booster [ Locked in ]
Mid -Late Feb Phase 1 ( Aged Care / Frontline )
Note: Qld does not supply Priority [+] Compliant vaccines > Feds!
Meaning Ozwide approves 12 month "Pfizer {POV}" for Booster.
You see! This one 2022 Calendar booking reveals 12 month {POV}
The reason it's not for distribution is Pfizer can only guarantee 9 month {POV}
Using the 2021 Date in Draft voids any proposed 12 month immunity claim.
That would be jumping ahead of Science (No one has locked in 2022 vax cycle)
Feb 2022 vax can't be declared until > May >12 month Pfizer Trial Guarantees it.
Qld Govt would know Pfizer are running 6/7/8/9/10/11/12 months Trials..

Also: Who runs 6 phases in a 5 phase Plan? + the Typo? C'mon!

May 2021 PM will reveal his 12 month {POV} + 2022 Priority Booster Rollout.
March 2022...the Rollout will 'likely reflect' Flu Vax requirements & fee structure.
Qld also said in a Conference this 12 month Jab {POV} if you like is ongoing.
Repeat 2023/24/25/26 >>>> eventually an Annual CovFlu Vax combo Rollout.

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Supafreak Tuesday, 2 Mar 2021 at 10:26am

Irish getting on board , still nothing in msm Australia

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udo Thursday, 4 Mar 2021 at 4:26pm


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truebluebasher Friday, 5 Mar 2021 at 9:30pm

Good share udo...

Annavaxspastic Shock.

Vaccine Rollout holds different implications to different societies.
Covid Nation > Vaccine > Less Post Tests / Less Costs > Opening Society
Non Covid Nation > Vaccine > More Post Tests / More Costs > Police State
tbb is informing that a Covid free Nation wears more Rollout costs in every way.
No! We never could we...Everyone but OZ caught Covid!

Firstly...Covid Free Nations are vast & Rollout cost is massive & slow! (Already!)
See Tiny Tassie > Meets 100% Vax targets.
Vast less populated nations rely on a broader range of visitors more often.
Vaccinated hide symptoms requiring far reaching exacting costly laborious testing.
The end result being a Mad Max world infested with free range mutant fugitives.
Pristine Oz has everything to lose...notably our hard won isolated freedom.

If crew wanna peep into bleak future..tbb can take you there before ACA kills it.

Brief background reveals clean WTP testing for Oz cities for a month or so.
Phase 1 Week one day by day Covid is flooding WTP + Quarantine is infested.
Govt have issued Test Alerts for Major cities
Cairns :
Brisbane :
Borders + Q :

ACT :Q -
NSW 4 / 29 -
Govts swear, that month old mouldy Mutants shed more during Vax rollout season.

Note: Also, not said is that Vaccines mask positive reading in Frontline Tests.
Phase 1 vaxerz are also CBD Frontline Quarantine, Aircrews + Aged Care Medics.
Frontline Vax rolls out Govt alerts for mysterious covid rise in Quarantine Frontline.
Rollout now requires ADF + every Maccas kid & jobseeker at capacity labour & cost.
We are losing the frontline with sub par pathetic Rollout + Now Fake Test results.
Brizzo Overdose now Goldie Anaphylactic Reaction + Dingoes ate our Homework.

WTP samples are a mystery & Govt's have lost all track of the VIRUS.
Govt's swear they have no idea of how Covid is entering the system.
All cities were fine last week into Rollout & it's Covid chaos.
Rollout nightmare in the exact opposite to what we all hoped & wished!
Qld is on the verge of 1 maybe 2 City lockdowns for 1st time during Covid.
Just as tbb said...Rollout is robbing our freedom & Locking us down > Police State.

There are no Media reports of what tbb is revealing as there is no precedent.
Covid outbreaks creeping up on several City CBD's at same time of Vax Rollout?
Bulletproof vaxers can fool Daily shitty tests but can't fool Daily shit testing. (True!)

Covid leaks point back to our Shiny Disco Ball.
Meaning Oz has picked up a unique expensive Drug habit...
More Vax > More WTP traces > More City Covid Testing > More Lockdowns
Oz is daily doubling it's health budget to mop up this Sloppy Vax rollout.
More importantly...Govt / Media need to stop blaming anti vaxers & grow a brain.
Govt Health CEO's and Media fall further behind & must be sacked..All of Them!
Let's be real! Anti vaxers could do a more caring decent Rollout & for free.

Reality Check Here & Now!
Qld Premier wishes vax never flooded her shore...nothing but trouble since day one.
Rollout has only just begun and it has cost Qld everything & some more...
Qldurr tbb is tellin' careful what you wish for..This ain't no Silver Bullet!
We're goin' under fast as Rollout changes for the worse & costing more each hour!
Don't matter if tbb is half wrong or hardly right...only know that Qld can't Vax!
We are so dead! Don't ever do what we just did! Whatever that was!

[ Factcheck ] tbb waited 1 year for Hospital appointment & they just cancelled it!
Sleep apnea appointments require triage + Questionaire for thorough Health Check.
20,000 month Telehealth apnea appointments will forgo any vitals & Sleep patterns.
High risk outpatients pay for their own gear & now go without a Doc' on a 2 yearly basis.
Qld Health only posted tbb's appointment 1 month ago...[Vax rollout] > See ya mate! Flick!
tbb is not just guessing Qld Health has lost it since vax, he is living & breathing that loss!

No! Not complaining just sharing real life harm to Outpatients of Week 2 Rollout.
Again! Why would Media tell the real story of Rollout dumping Millions of Outpatients
Especially when there's a race to be won & losers heads to kick as Trophies!
Good luck with yer brave new fake {POV} world...soon perfect without extra baggage.

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truebluebasher Friday, 5 Mar 2021 at 1:53am

Phase 1a > Priority (vs) Mandatory
Q: Is Covid Vax mandatory for Aged Care Workers.
Hunt: Not a Fed Govt decision...we follow Health Medical Advisers.
States: Follow Public Health Orders
A: Flu Vax is mandatory & refusal is instant dismissal.
Loophole : Govt can't supply Vaccine outside Flu Season so 'suspend' vax mandate!
Covid vaccine equally can't be mandated without equal vaccine supply! (Loophole!)
Note: Flu Vax is available to all Australians but during Flu Season only...
Covid 2x Vax is only available via exclusive segregated Phases > expiry dates.

Vax Waste: States are concerned over massive Vax waste.
eg: No deadspace needles wastes 28.5% vax + Fed Age Care toss out vax.
Clearly if only Tas reached Vax target then a lot of Vax is going down the drain.
Blind can see over half the Vax has been flushed...Appalling Waste!

Age Care Rollout:
GP / Aged care / States say Feds refuse to share daily Rollout do overs...(Army???)
NSW don't know if Feds vax Staff or Residents or both?
Nor do States share cross border Rollout vax news...never will.
Next NatCab the Premiers will breath fire over Scomo's Hot Coals walk.

Public already guessed as much & weren't phased at all by Fed's Vax Crash.
Gotta wonder when Werribee flushed their Stash did they trigger the WTP alarm.

31st Feb AstraZeneca arrived securely after the Mutant Gateway stopover.
Blow Up Mutant HQ (Dubai [-] Test Centre) & no more Aussie lockdowns
Air Stewardess : "Here's yer Hot Towel & Fake [-] Mutant Test result Sir...Salam!"
'But I never took yer test & do I look like a Mutant...could go a Boob Job though!"
"Our Mutants have Batch Checked Oz Vax...All clear for Sydney...just say nothing!"

NSW hogs all the Vax + controls rollout speed & Road Blocks the rogue states...
Just saying ...they can't lose any "Vax Race."

Unboxing Vaxes 'DA'(c) The Do Over Phase
29th Feb-Multi Vax Sonic hedgehog comes off the bench subbing HCA wannabes.
Cmlth Former Chief Nurse will take HCA wannabes under her wing.
Qld Health Nurses will give HCA on the job training + a good spanking.

1st March -Week 1 Champs- Tasvax takes out the Sydney to Hobart.
Check in Qld app was 6 months too late to claim any spoon...(Stop picking on me!)
Qld installs Observers to watch Feds Age Care rollout dry very slowly.
2nd - Scomo shoots himself in the foot as ADF use Aged Care for target practice.
3rd NSW app as a {POV} to ensure NSW isn't held back by slack states. (Creepy!)
4th Thurs-Aged Care curb Vaxerz wheeled out since Days 1 to 10..(Maybe Today!)
Qld losers Dummy Spit "Stop picking on us...It's not a Race you know... just sayin!"
Gold Coast Nurse suffers Anaphylactic Reaction
Dutto's Russian Mutant Spies refuse to reveal their covid source.
5th AZ is batch tested / approved / Distribution > Arrived in SA.
6th Phase 1b - AZ rollout begins in Murray Bridge SA

Priority "Extended Family's Pet CEO's" Fed Govt "NO" Fuck Off & wait yer turn.
10th Mar NSW Phase 2b >1a Hotel Bouncer's extended family's essential pet CEO.
Top shelf Sleazy Slut's CEO's ramped the Evel Knievel_ /2b-2a-1b\_ 1a queue jump.
Slick move...none would expect less from NSW Mobsterz...'outta here losers!'

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truebluebasher Saturday, 6 Mar 2021 at 12:14am

VIP {POV} Jump is officially outed...(Media hide Joycey's VIP stunt...on purpose!)
Continues from Above...unravelling the whole VIP Queue Jump scam.

1. Feds declined Frontline Families priority & said they must wait their turn.

2. NSW promote both Priority families + blend 1b Rollout into 1a Priority (*Pfizer)

3. NZ promote Frontline families > #1 priority in Rollout. ( Jacinda takes the cash! )

NSW + NZ both promote VIP Familes to #1 + Sipping on Posh Vax...(The Outrage!)
Just repeating that Feds said no way fuck off with yer scam...Now Hunt palms it....
1a Pfizer only has 3 weeks between Shots (vs) 1b AZ as 12 weeks between shots.
That is why 1b needed to rear end the unfinished 1a in brutal fashion..."Stick it in!"

Ok whats the big fuckin' deal if families wait a little extra for a second shot?

Wotz the Big Deal you ask! ...It's only Life Universe & Everything!

Was 10>8th mar ? (Families jump to new All Together Phase > 1b >1a Pfizer brew...(Drool!)
Dose 1 > Dose 2 = 3 weeks + 8 days wait until immunity = April 7/8th ? [ Travel Pass Trial ]
Flight / Quarantine Crews blindfold their families to test that Air-rorts are working.
VIP CEO {POV} Exemptions...Check!
All $150 Mutant Tests register [-]...Check!
All {POV} Private Health info is on sold to big Pharm / Unis / Councils. Check!
Joycey's Mutants are ready to book into Oz Hotel Quarantine.

Still doesn't explain why April? Huh! Why does {POV} need to time April so bad!
Can't believe the crew asked that, when they already knew the answer! Footy Mate!
9th April is the 1st Warriors Home Game...(Bubble needs to please NRL Godz) durr!
Scomo will override everything to keep his Sydney (Manly) footy mates on side!

Rather than bring Aussies Home they rather VIP own Families for fake Footy tests.

Qld vaxed Flight/Q crews Pfizer are 2x more virulent in 1st- 8 days of Vax.
Vaccinated Quarantine workers mask test results...but when they pee in the toilet...
This happens....
Qld Health! Oh my golly gosh...where the fuck is all this Covid coming from?
We reported all relative Israel vax news "Warning" was one word tbb used...
Please was another, to isolate Pfizer frontline superspreaderz...of course you would.
Oz Govt / media must've missed Israel's "WARNING!"
So we just ignore that Pfizer frontline vaxers are wildly contagious...That's the Plan!

Now see why Media refuse to out our brain dead Govt's & Airlines Fake {POV}
You better lockdown coz here come Dumb (vs) Meathead VIP Superspreaderz.

"Why are these damn Covid cases rising during the Vax Rollout!"

All Hail the VIP {POV}...Outta my way you

Can't hear what's going on in the Outside World

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Supafreak Saturday, 6 Mar 2021 at 4:14am


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Supafreak Saturday, 6 Mar 2021 at 5:30am

A recent interview with Professor Clancy.

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Supafreak Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 7:47am
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truebluebasher Sunday, 7 Mar 2021 at 10:26pm

Rollout Phase 1 Wastewater (Current Health Alerts)

Qld : Cairns / Brisbane / Sunshine Coast (130 suburbs)
NSW : Sydney (Inner West) Test Alert 110,000 /24 suburbs
Vic - Melbourne (24 Suburbs) Inner/Outer West + East
SA -Adelaide (CBD)
WA only just hooked up Waste Water this week.

Heath Officials in each state believe it may be 4-8 week old cases Shedding.
Note: Testing can't age the samples, only detects traces & amount of Covid.

o/s examples show how Vaccinated record default negative on daily frontline Tests.
1 to 8 days Frontline vaccinated are twice as infectious & seldom record [+]

Current Wastewater Tests evolve from Frontline CBD's + Age Care Clusters..
Months old Mouldy Mutants don't usually spark covid outbreak with new Rollouts!

No media or Health are looking at a Phase 1a vaccination side effect...nor will they!

In actual fact they weirdly believe that vaccine will eliminate Wastewater samples?
Note: A vaccinated Covid infected person still carries & sheds 25% of the virus.
That's more than enough to be traced in Wastewater...shh!

Israel is the most vaccinated nation but also installs new variant Wastewater Traps.
Mostly because they know the vaccinated will still be infected & shed new variants.
Nationwide co-morbid CBD Covid Vax Rollout Test Alerts (No ACA / 7:30 report?)

.....................................................................[f] Censored..................................................................

Weren't we just suffocated with the Hot Hotel Mutant Air Cons!
Haven't we been here before...Wake Up Australia ... Vax Mutants are in the sewers!

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marcus Monday, 8 Mar 2021 at 12:27pm

2020 has just shown how dumb the general population is.

just think about it for a sec, all these conspiracy theory nutters / anti vaxers are allowed to vote

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jamesdon Tuesday, 9 Mar 2021 at 4:47pm

Vaccines teach the body to recognize a pathogen. Specifically, vaccines contain the same antigens as pathogens (Figure 1B), but in a weakened or dead form, so that the body can learn what the pathogen looks like and produce antibodies (Figure 1C) in a safe and comparatively controlled manner. Thus, when the body encounters the real pathogen, it is already trained and ready to eliminate the pathogen before it can do any damage (Figure 1D). Importantly, a vaccine protects not only the individual to whom it is administered, but also the entire population. When the number of immunized individuals within a population reaches a critical threshold, herd immunity [10] is conferred . Herd immunity protects the entire population, even those who are not vaccinated are protected from disease. The percentage of the population that must be immunized to achieve herd immunity varies for individual diseases, with thresholds for common diseases ranging from 75-94% [11]. Herd immunity is crucial to protecting those who are not eligible for vaccines, such as infants, pregnant women, and immunocompromised adults. This means that while vaccines may seem like a personal choice, vaccination protects the entire population—and accordingly, failure to vaccinate could have negative population-level consequences.

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shortenism Wednesday, 10 Mar 2021 at 11:05pm

Hunt’s got Cellulitis and Scomo our acting Health Minister reckons ‘nothing to do with AstraZeneca vaccine shot he got.. Impossible’ Yet the UK have listed Cellulitis as a fairly common reaction... This con job is becoming embarrassing to watch.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 11 Mar 2021 at 3:09am

Media Scrum has no place in vaccinations
PM was never given his Vaccination Card despite all others getting theirs?
Sunday 7th March : Health Minister + CHO + Ex PM are Vaccinated.
Again Medicos test their nerves with Bosses in the Spotlight.

Health Minister's Vax vid is cut short but shows this nervousness.
Nurse is role playing...all share their rehearsed joke about AZ vaccine.
Everyone laughs as if they're in on a Joke...(Which Vax?)
Notes: [0:11]
1. Nurse has NO prep table for needle tray, sanitising, buds, band aids?
2. No way can she share ex PM's table.
3. Health Minister's Needle could have been lying around anywhere?
4. We never see a sterilizing prep swab or one to Hunt's arm ?
5. Oz Health Minister Vaccination is far removed from textbook example.

Nurse constantly handles & rubs the needle before jab then removes cap > [0:17]

1. Was this random dose now of random temp!
2. As Nurse's gloves appear to collar the needle? (Vid Cuts)
3. Did rubbing bacteria from needle cap transfer on needle stem.
4. Recalling where the bloody hell did needle appear from.

We see Pollies Ham Acting...compromising medical procedures...
Time has come to drop this dangerous VIP floor show.

tbb tracked down the Part 2 of Hunt's vaccination...
1. Nurse uses the ex PM's table to rid needle & get swabs
2. Note how long the Nurse takes to return. from "Shared Table"
Tuesday evening Hunt is admitted to Hospital.
3. AC says he had Cellulitis in Leg: "Has to come from broken Skin!"

Rare UK Govt -AZ deaths / reactions that Oz Govt & Media keep from the Public.
see also shortenism (tbb will verify that..similar or even worse with pfizer!)
Oxford Uni - AstraZeneca spontaneous reports (UK 4th Jan- 21st Feb 2021)
UK-AZ Vax Reactions 157,637 + AZ Vax Deaths 244 (From UK Govt AZ report)

Lymphadenopathy 657 / *Cellulitis 104 (1 death) / Covid cases 140 + 14 {RIP}
Lymph Node swelling Pfizer 0.3%
Covid Vaxes swell your Lymph Nodes more than other vaxes > 2-4 days after
One side of the body can swell at...Collarbone > Armpit > Groin > Knee > lower leg.
They confuse readings eg: Breast Cancer patients are advised to get Leg Jabz

Cellulitis from Jab Site (Not sterilized / Spoiled Vax Needle / wound dressing delay).
tbb is only blaming Pollies games that disrupt & pressure our Front line!.

2 days the cellulitis can race thru enlarged Lymph Nodes to Leg in Hunt's case.
The Leg then Flares up and is painful, burning & looking like deepest Sunburn...
tbb has suffered similar from Sting Ray spider / snake bites.

Health Minister's prolonged sore leg more closely resembles Step / Staph!
Hunt is most likely dosed on Craig Kelly's Doxy Elixir to save him from his AZ Vax.
Please don't let Craig & the Media know these secrets...Shh!
Craig: "How you Like me Now!"

Venom is dangerous but often can be treated or immune system fights it over 6hrs.
Sure! You may end up with a niggling occasional pain for a lifetime at bite site!
Bacteria (Cellulitis) takes longer to heal (Weeks) to fight off infection.
This is why Doctors are flooding Hunt with antibiotics...very serious illness.

Delayed Anaphylactic Shock from venom or vaccine entering the broken skin.
After vax the Health Minister stood for a long periods at media conferences.
Oz Covid Vaxes can & do ramp Cellulitis that Oz Health Minister is suffering.
They are spinning this to hide the fact the Health Minister had a near fatal reaction.
tbb said he has suffered similar (6-8hrs) know enough to wish him well...

Who here would think less of a Health Minister suffering a bad reaction? None!
In fact...US Fauci got floored for 24 hrs after his 2nd Vax & said so.
Oz / Media must stop hiding & massaging the truth about vaccine reactions.
100's Frontline workers gave their lives for safer Vaxes...we must honour them.
Soon 1,000's more will die from vaccines & deserve equal respect as Covid victims.

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Thursday, 11 Mar 2021 at 3:42pm

Finally a reporter asking a few questions , don’t know how long this will stay on you tube , a debate between Borody , Clancy and our health experts would be nice .

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 12 Mar 2021 at 12:14am

Covid Case numbers are creeping up since rollout.
This can be argued away as Vax Rollout shifts Health focus.

WA 8 / Qld 37 (41 in hospital) / NSW 57 (5 in hospital/56 treated out of Hospital)
Last 24 hrs Qld 5 / NSW 6
Stats show Qld is in trouble > Vax-Variants-Quarantine-Hospital-Wastewater?
tbb must admit it extends to Hospital Appointment postponements.
Qld started the year rebooking all appointments then cancelled all with Rollout.
Premier : "Airport visitors must wear Masks!"
Premier : "Code Yellow Cairns Hospital" PNG FIFO covid cases soar.
Qld knows it must step up to assist PNG & Oz would expect nothing less!
We're in deep thru & past Winter peak...Oz can do their Rollout thingy without us!

Vic has high representation of aged care cases & deaths...(Last week)
This was reflected in Nursing Home Wastewater reads.
There are more stats underlying this being a problem...they're keeping a lid on it!
Pretty sure the Vax Circus in a sensitive setting is a covid problem in it's own right!

Vax Rollout Wastewater Covid Outbreak continues from above...
Yes! It's a real concern & no states can answer the origin of samples.
Qld "Alerts" 50 suburbs - Cairns, Mackay, Sunny Coast, Brisbane
ACT Wastewater Covid linked to Quarantine > 5 cases
NSW (Rollout) Weekly reports > 14 days + get wiped every 14 days.
27th Feb (Last read) Reported 5 (voc)...It's all very suss to read less during Vax?
Every other state is reading daily not fortnightly! Very Brexit-like in approach!
If anyone can add to NSW secret wastewater reads ( Private info sellout Deal?)

Victorian Age Care Lockdown in Epping > Wastewater read

Adelaide -5th day running wastewater read.
SA reads flow from Medi Hotels

Strange how origins appear similar to last week as to states?
These links may prove that tests/ testing is inadequate for that field.

Qld / ACT (Quarantine-Staff) + Seachange Nursing Homes
NSW ( Wastewater Reads don't tally with increased Quarantine cases...Why!)
Vic (Aged Care) Reason being their Quarantine is on hold
SA (Medi - Quarantine )
WA - just setting up Wastewater reads.

tbb: just saying Oz used to have a national news service! A long time ago!

Scomo: "How Good is October!"
Brendan: " So funny Scomo!...we never accounted for the AZ 12 week dose gaps."
Scomo : "Just spin as gospel that one dose is what ya always meant!"
Brendan: " Too easy...the dumb arses bought it!" ** Polls Skyrocket **

Brendan only now works out their Home brew takes 12 weeks to ferment!
Must be a fussy boutique brewer! Home brew should be fine after a Top up!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 12 Mar 2021 at 2:40am

EU Countries suspending AstraZeneca Vaccination due to blood clot deaths
Did Australia dodge a bullet with Italy getting a dose of it's own medicine!

France just approved suss AZ batch as safe to pump into oldies...Je ne sais quoi!
Sounds a bit creepy...reckon EU will fast track AZ for 65+ o/n...

Austria & Denmark will part flick EU-AZ & team with Israel on 2nd gen Vaxes

* New York Variant is probably a bit upmarket for Aussies!
* No Jab No Mecca will have them run around the block!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 12:13am

24th Dec 2020 2GB Health Minister Greg Hunt :
"Starting in March working thru to and expected (*Completion 'by' October)"
All take that to mean finished during September 'BY' October.
The interview was cut short to save Health Minister from 2nd guessing his mumbling 2nd dose.
Get well soon!

Feb ACA PM "And then over the course of the year we expect to get through the course of the population by October." ( Repeating Hunt's message of Completion during September 'BY' October!)

Another day & yet mountains more Vax misinformation from #1 Oz Anti Vaxers.
Rollout bungling is one thing but hiding & misrepresenting Vax data is serious..ask the Govt!

CMO Paul Kelly claims there's no evidence the AZ jab caused Blood Clots.
Later adds, no evidence of 'an increase' in blood clots...( Contradiction verifies there is blood clots!)
So which one is it? ( No Blood Clots or No Extra Blood Clots?)
Getting real sick of Govt Health malpractice spewing out Vax misinformation.

UK AZ (Above) lists 1,000+ Blood reactions > Coagulation / Platelets / Loss of Mensuration etc...
285 vaxerz Tripped Out / 198 weird dreams + 3 vaxerz changed Eye Colour another went colour Blind.
157,637 were too sick to faint over blood clots & 244 {RIP} + 4 Abortions {rip} never had a say.
Just a glimpse into AZ in one country during mid Jan/Feb vaccinations!

But not one Blood Clot our Aussie CMO claims? The lies will only get bigger...sack him now!
Vax Rollout needs proper caring decent trustworthy doctors...dump these corrupt lying quacks.

Oz Govt #1 Anti Vaxerz superspreadin' Vax misinformation on the hour to undermine Oz Rollout.
Pretty fucking obvious this lot can't keep a straight face while they rollout their own bullshit.
The whole lot need to lose their medical licences...from Apps > Vax lies > doses > waste > rollout.

More importantly our CMO's lies are irrelevant to the Blood Clotting "Reactions" from AZ vax.
No! He's not that clever or caring to notice ... Not my Doctor!
1. People suffer Blood Clots, then seek help at a hospital & get care to recover.
2. Doctors don't usually inject you with blood clots & prescribe a miracle cure lolly Pop!
3. Vax Blood Clot patients walk further from hospital & without warning...Drop dead! (AZ- 'Yes True!')

Oz CMO prescribes to the [L] robbocare Vax model....
"You're not sick! You can't get Blood Clots from a sissy AZ Vax...Kick!" (Thud!) "Kick!...rolls up carpet"
Greg got the same script...Get Oz to swallow a pack of [ Ruleout AZ Vaxes ] with [L] Breakfast TV.
Does the Nation Feel Better Now! **Daggydadpollskyrockets* *

Tell the CMO to shove his uncaring fake medical advice up his arse!
CMO is intentionally spreading Vax Rollout misinformation as with our Govt!
Give them 100...Wot! WHO said [L] get 1,000 next week we fine them & sack them!

{Oz script} : Rollout needs honest caring Doctors with a heart & a pulse!

Aussies: Sounds a bit sissy! We'll stick with the [L] Vax Mutants eating our brainz! **Polls Skyrocket**

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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 8:35am

With the amount of misinformation and not disclosing all available information the government is not doing itself any favours, scumo keeps claiming our health experts are the best in the world and if your trying to sell something your not going to say it’s average are you ? I hope this roll out doesn’t go pear shaped and that we have a successful vaccination programme but full disclosure is needed to avoid mistrust and build confidence. So much going on at the moment it’s a bit of a circus. I’m going to repost this link and would like to hear people’s thoughts on the state of our media reporting on such issues .

shortenism's picture
shortenism's picture
shortenism Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 12:20pm

Superfreak, the reality is its got warts all over it. It had warts all over it from March 2020 when it kicked off and something built on mud, will always have to deal with its foundation. Cracks are going to continually appear. Good to see you are waking up to the mis-information getting thrown around many many are. You would now see that it would be foolish to think that there was never mis-information from day one of this campaign.

So I wouldn't expect a successful vaccination program, its doesn't exist. We've all got to do the work. The only miracle in all of this is our immune systems, when they are operating free of continual interference.

Its completely and utterly insane (not to mention a dangerous precedent) that governments are coercing perfectly healthy people to inject themselves with a foreign substance in order to 'win back' their freedoms. Its completely and utterly insane that perfectly healthy ppl need to have this explained to them.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 2:06pm

I hear what your saying shortenism but I still believe a vaccination and treatments is needed . Long covid can affect the young and healthy also , even if they have strong immune systems , it’s a bizarre disease. What I don’t get is the demonisation of low cost effective safe drugs by the media and big pharmaceutical companies that don’t give a rats arse for people’s health they are in it for the money , that’s the reality. The makers of remdesivir ( a only slightly effective new drug ) have made more than 3 billion in sales so far , total treatment is around $3300 USD but cost about $1 a dose to make . The msm in Australia was totally silent on what the rest of the world was experiencing as working but as soon as a politician they disliked started promoting early treatments they didn’t bother with facts or research they simply attacked the messenger.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 3:24pm

Sound Medical Advice - 1/2 price Airfares to Code Yellow Cities + bans on Covid Free Cities.
Again, yer so right crew...on Govts superspreading misinformation to fuel Covid outbreaks.
Scomo is politicizing pandemic to take down #1 targets in key seats by pump priming outbreaks.
Lying cheating corrupt Govts are now playing with our lives...think that sounds outrageous?

Megzlandurr tbb is shocked and apologizes for both the greed & stupidity of our Govts
Our Hospitals never recovered from Scomo's Day one Dodgy Reffo's Rollout Overdose...

27th Feb "Due to Covid response... Mld is redirecting all Outpatient Appointments to [L] telehealth."
tbb is quoting from own appointment written in stone Letterhead.

[ Pandemic profiteering Advertorial ]
Megzlandurrz have hidden our Covid Crisis behind our exquisite Peter Brady foldout border screen.
Queen's - Princess Meg'z de-throning range gallantly crafted by our brave Knight.

PNG Ok Tedi mining disaster II + Secret Russian Covid Agent have spawned Meg'z mutants.

How good is Megzland...Where the Bloody Hell can I Superspread some more Covid!
Scomo's Hot Hotel Mutants are superspreading thru State Hospitals.

Neighbouring PNG Covid crisis has flooded a long run of Covid detection in Cairns Wastewater.
First result was at start of Vax Rollout 22nd Feb > continues to current readings...
Megzland Govt Cairns Alerts of all kinds...
CHO J.Young : "We're still in this Pandemic, it's critical to test ASAP to contain potential spread."

Cairns Hospital [ CODE YELLOW ALERT ]
PNG Covid has superspread Covid thru Quarantine into Cairns Hospital.
Qld Vax Rollout resources have been redirected to combat Covid on the Torres Strait home front.

As of now 38 Covid patients requiring special isolated containment zones.
#1 City Hospitals are being locked down as tbb writes.
Megzland warns [ CODE YELLOW ALERT OUTBREAK ] is no cause for ALARM.
Cairns [ CODE YELLOW ALERT ] ...Superspreads to the Capital


PA Hospital [ LOCKDOWN ]

Australia has 44 Covid Cases in Hospitals.
Megzland - 38 in (Hospital) + 2 other (Hides the fact - Govt are monitoring serious new strains)
Reports of all encompassing containment zones bossing City Hospitals.
Megzland Hospital cases by City - Bne 23 / Cairns 9 / GC 5 / SC 3 > (Note Only Townsville has zero?)

Joycey will send up Scomo's Cairn's relief care package...(ADF / AFP / Red Cross / Aspen ).
Wot! Ok so they're too busy rifling thru Gladys' undies...we can still lend some Lib Mobsters...
Lib Donors: Hot Hotel Jacuzzis, FIFO mining disaster II, Reffo Vaxerz & Joycey's 50% off Covid Reign.

Recapping Cairns Test Alerts / Code Yellow Alerts / 9 cases in Hospital with PNG burst covid pipeline.
Cairns hasn't got a spare change table for a Croc scare or a used band-aid for a sandfly bite.
Scomo orders Joycey's Half Priced raid to finish off Covid capital Cairns.

Townsville is only Qld City with Zero cases + all Hospitals open but lacks The Spirit of Australia...
Megzland Prince :"Why do they (The Feds) hate lovely Townsville!" (What caused this outrage!)
Megzland wouldn't be so stupid to promote a Cairns Outbreak over Safest City Townsville....Wot!
Megz : " $200 Cairns Code Yellow Alert Vouchers > (Oops! Forgot that we also hate Townsville!)

Hands Up if you think both ALP / Libs are politicizing the Pandemic.
Keep yer hands up if you think their telling lies & hiding the truth!

These political games are fuelling Outbreaks & Vax Rollout Delays!
There is nothing healthy about Oz politics, they are the disease!
Sure! Ok! Speak only when & where & about which they allow us to speak!
Vax may go some of the way, tbb truly hopes such.
But there's no hiding wotz gotta go in order to nurse Australia back to health.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 13 Mar 2021 at 5:11pm

Merck the big pharma company that has given more than 1 billion free doses of ivermectin to 3rd world countries to treat river blindness over the last 30 odd years this year put out a statement saying ivermectin was not a safe covid treatment . Interesting facts are they have given up on vaccine formula but are currently in the process of trialing a new drug treatment which is said to have a incredibly fast recovery rate for covid patients, little wonder they are trying to discredit the cheap competition . It won’t be ready for at least 12 months because of trials needed to be done first . I wonder what price will be on it ? Australia is over the trillion dollar mark and if a cheap , safe and effective combined formula may have stopped all this insanity then our “experts “ and the government who appointed them need to be held accountable . I also don’t understand the “experts “ saying even if you have had covid and survived and now have the antibodies needed you still need to be vaccinated . This is asking for trouble according to Professor Clancy and other leaders in this field . Yes it’s not mandatory to be vaccinated but we all know those that don’t will face penalties of some kind and I do believe as many as possible should get vaccinated but where is the evidence that vaccination for those that already have antibodies is a safe way to go and again where is the need ? At the moment anyone who is vaccinated and coming to Australia must still do a 14 day quarantine , how long will this continue for ? We will always have those that can’t get vaccinated for a variety of reasons so what’s the government plan for them ? If 6 years is the projected time to vaccinate the world then herd immunity is along way off .

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Sunday, 14 Mar 2021 at 5:06am

What do our ‘ experts ‘ recommend for early treatment if testing positive to coronavirus ? How many patients have our ‘ experts ‘ treated ? Another Dr in the US testifying at a senate hearing into health and human services. Australia seems to follow the US in most things and doing nothing for early treatment was one of them . It goes against the oath doctors take .

shortenism's picture
shortenism's picture
shortenism Sunday, 14 Mar 2021 at 11:36am

here here Supa.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 6:01pm

here here here Supa / shortenism / bb...
#1 supafreaky Senate Committee.
Booked Peter a double appointment for his Health & Human services consultation.

Hypocritical Oafs: "We're running short on time for the Vax unboxing!' Yep! got some essential links there...gonna need closer examination as well.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Monday, 15 Mar 2021 at 7:17pm

TBB that was a classic meme lol 715-FE04-A-5-F0-C-4-EBC-A775-26-A06-E3269-F2

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Tuesday, 16 Mar 2021 at 2:03pm
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Wednesday, 17 Mar 2021 at 1:04am

20 nations halt AZ vax...
In other news...
Oz PM...Question Time.
"Dutto promises to lick his lips between blood clot checks!"
"There is no Vax shortage...ya just Hotline Tracy & yer vax arrives 10 mins before the Evening News!"
"Overseas Anti Vaxers are hunted down then devoured by Killer Drones."

50 Nations are rolling out AstraZeneca > 20 have suspended their Rollouts.
Can't rule out 20 Euro Trash bullies are grifting Vax off the naive 30...(Tricked ya! Losers!) 'Dratz!'

OZ > PNG...Covid response $60m + $144.6m for 200,000 AZ vax rollout (Begins April) Maybe?

PNG PM pleads for help with Covid Outbreak Lockdown. (Oz assisted in July 2020 Outbreak)
2021 Only 55,000 Tests for 9m...frontline can't cope...

Oz / Qld Govts are treating outbreak seriously & working to reopen Testing Centres
Qld "Labs" are helping out with Testing > 500 PNG resident's tests resulted in 250 [+] cases.
Qld is currently struggling to treat 90% of serious Oz covid cases > 50% are from PNG.

Premier : "So 1 in 2... that's quite extraordinary & quite concerning when it's right on our doorstep!"
2 hospitals on Yellow Alert / 1 Lockdown Hospital + Age Care Lockdowns + 4 city's on Test Alerts.
Outpatients are on Telehealth & Gold Coast Hospitals ( Vax shortage) are locking out Bne & visitors.
Quarantine is Shot in 2 cities with no idea of Hotel leaks or mystery wastewater reads.

Oz Border...
Torres Strait Vax has been fast tracked to Rollout back from PNG border.
Flight Risks...A lot of Qldurrz work in PNG
Concerns of 1,200 Islander Fruit Picker / Program spreading Covid in rural Australia.

Foreign Affairs / Govt Health Response
Govt are rolling out endless speeches of how much lovely money they've thrown at PNG...
AUSMAT will send a team of 3 by the end of the week + a spare mask!
(World Health bodies shake heads!)
NatCab & Coalition Meeting..."Larger Oz Health Teams with vaxes are still weeks away (Cough!)"

Oz are struggling to get Vax > NSW are struggling to supply Qld > PNG (Is at the end of supply chain!)
It seems PNG crisis > ('Qld') will test all States & further clot already clotted Rollout Plans.
GP Phase 1b rollout is happening now...perfect flick pass for Vax Consults...Is Vax Safe! Will I die! Is! Is!

Scomo put Anti Vaxerz outta Work > VIP's grow tired of Hyper jumping pensioners in vax queues!
PM : We must stick with the Plan of flushing half our vax...we'll be rid of the Clots in no time!

Think tbb is having a laugh...crew will be shocked by the truth of World's #1 Anti Vax flushers!
4th March NSW 14,040 doses were allocated but only 74% doses were administered & ticked off.
Dead space Needles obtain a further 28.5 % or 2 extra doses = 7 doses instead of allocated 5 doses.
NSW vax was waste = 26% + 28.5% ( 2 doses ) waste = 54.5% of vax was flushed by NSW.
Oz Vaxes cost $4.8b = $2.592b is being flushed down the loo! Where do we read about that?

Here's the 3 [ Fact Checks ] to verify Australia's $2.592 billion [L] Vax waste!

Not Lazy Oz 5 doses not 6 as Oz reports but 7doses (28.5% extra) is extracted in Euro Nations.
NSW has 26% waste with (5 vax dose) allocation...(Ignore 6 dose data) as 7 doses is EU standard.
Total Cost of Vaccines $4.8billion....
Crew can do the maths...WR $2.6b Vax is being wasted & Media keep that hidden?
Oz can't hide this & will be seen as #1 filthy greedy Pigs of the Pandemic.
Next time Scomo cries poor...remind him of insane inhumane record Vax Waste.
Oz Job Seekers should be manufacturing Dead Space Needles to save flushing $2.6b.
Then sell these Magic Wands to the highest most nations would pay more in deposits.
Distant cargo impost is negated by Compact Export size to ever growing desperate market. Win! Win!

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Wednesday, 17 Mar 2021 at 2:19pm

Real medical experts from around the globe linking together for a presentation on treatment and prevention. But according to Australian CMO there is no evidence . Just over 1 million would cover PNG ivermectin treatment for the whole country.

truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 at 2:56am

Anna : "tbb will [Telehealth] Megzlandurr'z Sick Note thru Glady's Hole in the Wall."
Firstly-We welcome our Lucky 1 millionth new Megzlandurr this Week...("It's a lousy Pokie Coupon!")
Congratulations to new Oz Health Minister Craig Kelly!
Once again we're so sorry for over reacting & vomiting up that Pommy Piss....thought it was XXXX.
Get well soon former Health Minister...all hope you get over your [L] vax'n'mask phobias

anaphylactic shock Tsunami was felt as far Bundaberg,Toowoomba & twice in Ipswich.
Mld Health : We're resetting the AZ vax kill switch [f] 'Wait time' to 30mins to slow down the Rollout
Mld Health said if ya can't hold down yer brew, then tie yer hair back when you vax & spew!

PNG Crisis
Oz care pack 1m Surgi -200k Masks /100k Gowns-Goggles-Sanitiser /20k shields /8k Vax /200 vents
Oz demands EU to dump their 1m clotty AZ dregz care package over PNG.
Mld is treating 41 Covid Cases... 35 in Hospitals
Mld Metro [+] (24 Cases) New Makeshift PNG Quarantine Ward?
Still under Movement & Gathering Direction until 31st March! (No Care / Hospital visits)
Test Alerts are still in place for many Covid Wastewater Cities.

CMO : "So that is the pressure that's going onto the Mld Health System!"
PM : "Nth Mldurrz are most at risk of this, we've been very conscious of that!" (Pre Poll warm up!)

PNG Outbreak requires an Inter-govt targeted Health package to ease the Crisis...We got this!
PM / Premier are gifting Aussies 1/2 price flights to Megzland Covid Capital + $200 PPE voucherz.

Note: Islander Picker Program flies under the radar of the recent PNG / Islands Oz Flight Bans
SA Riverland Resort blitzed into a flash Pickers Quarantine Timeshare [+] > Hotel Adelaide
Southern Govt's reportedly pick up Farmer's picker'z quarantine bills + superspread City [+] Hotels


happyppl's picture
happyppl's picture
happyppl Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 at 10:53am

tbb , re utube link i noticed the comments at the end are "blocked".
wonder what comments caused that reaction?
maybe the blockey generaliseing about lazy ozzies not wanting to pick fruit caused a few fruity replies?
did fp in sa in 76 and 81...76= free accom and vegy patch+ all fruit we could eat on block and hard work.
81= no accom sleep river bank and travel to block and back.
if oz treated their own people the same as o.s. pickers, travel paid for etc and wages subsidised (not $100/wk) by govt instead of slagging us off would be better imho.

loungelizard's picture
loungelizard's picture
loungelizard Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 at 11:07am

great link, recommend to everyone (the supafreak peter mculloch one above)

Craig's picture
Craig's picture
Craig Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 at 11:33am

I want to believe that ivermectin is effective, but from this very detailed history of where Dr. Pierre Kory and Paul E. Marik are coming from... I do agree with this statement..


Steven Joffe, MD, MPH, a medical ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania, said he doesn't believe clinicians "should be lowering our standards of evidence because we're in a pandemic."

"This group should be advocating strongly for a large, generalizable randomized trial if they believe so strongly in the efficacy of ivermectin," Joffe said. "If in fact it is effective, the only way to convince the clinical and scientific community and allow patients all over the world to benefit is to prove the case in such a trial."

"With good data and safety monitoring, if the benefits are as overwhelming as they claim, the trial could be stopped early on the basis of interim data and the treatment rapidly instituted," Joffe added.


So for the greater good of the world, do a randomised controlled trial (RCT) and get the evidence saying it is/isn't effective.

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 at 5:56pm

@craig , UK started trials in February 2021 still waiting on findings as did Japan late last year I think Japan is due to release its report end of March 2021 . Australia missed a golden opportunity when Melbourne had 800 cases a day , Dan and Scumo weren’t interested and Professor Borody got so far in government then hit a brick wall . Shame things might be different .

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truebluebasher Thursday, 18 Mar 2021 at 9:33pm

happyppl...there is a died on formula that is not worthy of cow cockies yarn rules the roost.

Long term unemployed get CBD rent subsidies which needs to then double for farm rent assist.
Centrelink told tbb they'd block his Dole if you accept an under award paying Job (re: Leaflet Drops )
They say go ahead but...but yer dead to us until you dump & report the illegal scum! (100% true!)
Feb: tbb speaks to Farm Picker who verifies under award wages is still very much the norm on farms.
2 +2 = It's illegal for Centrelink to send Aussies to Farms...but!

Where farms back onto hippy towns the locals can earn more a/h packing than underpaid Town Jobs!
These a/h cashie towns see Aussies mix in with Backpackers & Islanders.
Hence Farmer is always gonna Aussie dole bludging Taxpayers here same story?
tbb is feeling the crew knew this...but sure ACA Govt co/op Farmers tell taller stories.

ACA : (Never up next)
Aussie Dole bludger admits to tax free a/h Farm Handouts...(Promises to pay back Dole money!)
Centrelink Officer admits to farming out Aussie Chix for Rape Dungeon slave Labour. (Joking!)

[Scomo's News] Farmer's lock out lazy locals from backpacker'z Rape Dungeons. (Go figure!)
Up next on ACA - " Someone should shoot the lazy Aussie bitches that refuse to be raped." Yep!

Do know, that the further from the Islands the more desperate the labour incentives.
Meaning more Govt's palm Media to hush it up, it frees up more farmer's Quarantine kickbacks.
Only rule is to hide the latest rorts from Repats.

re: Craig's equally essential forum ~ Covid -19 Health System Overload Forecaster
[P 66 ] 17-23th Jan / tbb contributes the Oz Quarantine Variants.

A quick once'round won't superspread covid...much!

Qld makes farmers Pay for flights but allow picking on farms during "Work Quarantine".
Qld Govt does cover the entry Tests with ABF & so on...
Of note, is the fact that Qld Farmers organize & pay for tests & health costs until Hospitalisation!

NT Farmers pay for Flights but Feds throw in Howard Springs Picker'z Base camp for free.
Feds have loosely been running a few interstate (Tas) sponsored charters from Howard Springs

As the pickerz get further from the vine the Govt's need to dig deeper into their pockets.
Islanderz don't wanna give up Tropical homes & families that easily for Colder winter Climates.

NSW bend Feds PLS to pay pickers Quarantine.(Larger NSW can offset Repat return fares to Islands.
Basically when Repats pay to return to Island that pays for a return fresh batch. (Repeat each Island)
NSW larger Quotas can best offset (Excuse) this, better than other states.

Tas picks up Camp style Quarantine for Vic Pickerz.
Vic pays for Tas Repat Quarantine + (All Pickers / Tas Repat > 2x Airfares)
Yeah! This ones 'plane' weird, as it involves National League Salary Cap. (Let's not go there!)
Mostly as Tas were also instrumental on Feds Howard's Springs (Bubble Flights)
Tas obviously relies on Domestic flights so pioneered Flight Bubble Quarantine Plans

SA Govt / Feds PLS funds the "Share" Quarantine / Flights scheme with CBD Hot Hospital.

Feds / States get Farmers to Sponsor a slave for Tax kickbacks.
You basically bid for seats on the People Smuggler's Flight until it's full...then collect yer pets!

WA / Feds foot the bill under same PLS scheme but still run Pickers Quarantine from CBD.

Basically due to Covid the PLS was fleshed out to send slaves to tourism resorts.(re: Qld Islands!)
ACA : Recently pointed out 80% of Aussie Staff were bongin' on at Qld Island Resorts.
Can have whole resorts & flow into town venues run by [ 457 ] Slaves...a few good ABC vids about.
tbb is trying to say that the Unions smell fresh flesh & push for equal pay Trade apprenticeships.

Possibly even "Regional Surf Events" whereby the 25% flight caps can double...WSL (111 / 200 )
WSL Charter resembles 50% cap (Regional) Pickers Charter more than 25% cap CBD Event Charter
The new contracts are broad brushed to allow Regional incentives of "Tourism (Surfing) scope."
Dare say NSW /WA drew upon ( PLS Interstate Bubbles) to run WSL seems more likely!
Mostly as both states have instant Fed backing & funding for PLS interstate bubbles...Just tick WSL.

Lay of the land...
eg: States set monthly Q cap but is run by Dep PM farmers / CEOs + To fuel Labor CBD outbreaks
States fight for daily arrival control to regulate sub standard Lib's mates crawl space Quarantine.

eg: PM > NSW Vax depot dictates Rollout speed by Postcodes timed with Scomo's [ Vax Polls]
Finishing with the Rollout as Feds control & Politicize in the same way...States are Scomo's playdoh.
ACA : Look > State Hospital Vax dregz / Look > State outbreak is overflowing (PM: Need more help?)