That’s weird, that’s queer, that’s crazy, that deserves a long hard look.

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Roadkill started the topic in Monday, 25 Oct 2021 at 7:04pm
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frog Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023 at 7:03am

Over 2023 one outbreak of covid in an aged care facility I visited regularly. Some staff caught it. Two residents tested positive. The facility took precautions but it would have been around the facility for a while. After two weeks or so it was back to normal.

If it did not have a name or a test it would have been business as usual the whole time.

Only two years ago there would have reporters outside the facility speaking in hushed tones of an outbreak, epidemiologists would have been recommending a city wide lockdown and "heroic" Premiers with big salaries would have complied.

Was it just a bad dream? Seems that way sometimes.

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seeds Wednesday, 1 Nov 2023 at 7:31am
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flollo Thursday, 2 Nov 2023 at 2:41pm
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Supafreak Thursday, 2 Nov 2023 at 2:47pm
flollo wrote:

Here we go

Fauci trending big time on X (twitter ) geez his wealth certainly increased in the last 5 years.

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Supafreak Thursday, 2 Nov 2023 at 3:03pm

Dr. Anthony Fauci to be awarded 2024 Inamori Ethics Prize by Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence …… of the greatest conmen of the modern era.

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burleigh Thursday, 2 Nov 2023 at 4:08pm

Not sure why you would be surprised about this.

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Pop Down Thursday, 2 Nov 2023 at 4:51pm

Fauci AND his wife were , good Global Role Models , for powerful industry power couples .

She , almost , got him his first job , BIG break , then , Covid Big Gahoona .

She is the smart one and wears the pants , imho .

I would be checking , both their investments .

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truebluebasher Sunday, 5 Nov 2023 at 3:12am

20 October CMO waves chequered Flag to mark the end of Covid
CMO Flag also marks the start of biggest Mass Covid Wave since Aug 2022.
Govts only Covid Plan is to hide more Covid with each new wot Covid Tsunami where?

#1 Oz Covid Chief Inquirer Cath Bennett claims only 5% of current Covid is counted
Meaning >Multiply lowly Reported Data x 20 to give you yer Weekly figure.
Last week was 20,000 cases / day ( Highest since Aug 2022)
This week is 50% higher again = 30,000 Oz cases/day or 200,000 cases/wk

CB Covid [+] x 20 (Now) SA 33,800wk > Tas 14,740wk > ACT 9,640 wk

These 3rd biggest wave figures ring similar with SA / Qld experts.

{Bill Hayden's Funeral Qld}
PM's are in Bne...tbb reckons > Emergency Natcab Dynamic Duo...hit the Panic Buttons > Press Stop!
Qld / NSW/ Vic / WA are refusing to release 3rd Nov (50%+) Covid Cases data...Why...

Pretend Priority #1/#2 Nat Cab emergency Meeting we don't know just happened.
Weekly Covid Data was censored at funeral for fear of Voice reprisal wave.
Anna / Albo were nervously glued together thru whole of Oz Legend's funeral.

* Qld + NSW Covid is ramping well higher than 50% jump in cases.
* All week long tbb has heard 1hr Burleigh > Robina Ambos > Now 30min Ambos = (Double)
* We're looking at mass Oz wide outbreak 300,000 covid cases
* tbb went out today > Like a ghost town it was...on the roads...servos...

How did this happen so fast > where did the outbreaks originate at such speed...
Ask Albo / Anna that's all they talked about on Friday.

Fed Election May 2022 AEC Mobile Teams aborted ALL Hospital / Prisons + 75% of Aged Care.

Oct : Reffo 2023 Again AEC Mobile Teams aborted Hospitals (AMA were furious!)

Voice Vaxed AEC Mobile Teams did service Aged Care / Prisons / Homeless / Disabled / Mental units.
Covid is spreading fastest thru AEC Voice Reffo Aged Care-Staff > NT Prison/s.

* Voice Fully Vaxed Shit don't stink Mobile Teams spread mass Covid thru waning Aged Care centres.
Day by Day a new Aged Care outbreak with high Staff infections thru Aged HQ - SEQ / SW Sydney ...
Ask! Who else toured Oz wide Aged Care since Reffo...Huh? Wake up Australia!

*Aged Care AEC Vaxed Staff ramped Covid in NSW 115% [+] wk > Qld 158% [+] wk
Any Aged care homes that let 'em in lit up like Xmas Trees...Bingo! 2023 #1 Covid Wave!
SEQ / Hervey Bay / SW Sydney ...all Aged care Hubs are Lighting Up
Hervey Bay (God's Waiting Rooms) Now got Hospital Masked Voice Mandates...

Biggest Wave since Aug 2022.
Qld Brainz Griffin : More Covid about > Wave - sees Cases > Aged Care > Hospitalizations all up!
"Requesting for more Data share be readily available so people can see and respond." (Cough!)

#1 Trusted Oz Expert Cath Bennett (Now!) Just 5% of infections are reported.
"Important for people to know the risk is increasing so they can take precaution!"

Uni SA Prof Esterman : "Each new Variant is more transmissible than previous ones!"
"It's simply that we're not counting the cases anymore!"

"Current Hospital [+] cases are 4x that of Jan 2023!"

Jan 2023 (Avg 2,600/wk x 4) Nov 2023 = 10,400/wk [+] Hospitalizations (Fuck yer Govt Graphs off!)
Current Govts are sharing 1,250/wk [+] Hospital cases (10% of true Nov 2023 Hospitalization Wave)
This is how they convince you their mass vax wasn't totally evil...90% liars ...can be measured!

Qld / NSW / Vic / WA Govts this week refuse to even share 1/20 cases + 1/10 Hospitalizations.
Greatest Censorship of Oz Covid data since day 1...(Living thru #1 Anti science-health data era)
Take a look at dumbed down inquiry...wot...where?
Govts are censoring 10 x > 20x Covid data from the people of Oz! We register as shopper dockets.
Shop till ya drop is their Cradle > Grave E bay plan...Buy or Die...never been more blatantly mandated.

So there ya have it folks...All Top Heath Science experts motion for much more accurate timely Data.
Govt says fuck off...can't hear you...Everybody keep shopping & dying...could ya Hurry up Please!
All heart they are...burn all yer Science Books & bin last week's Health Plan to buy another one!

*Oz Govts were reporting 5% of Cases + 10% of Hospitalizations > Deaths would register 10x higher.
They combine & conspire to refuse to even divulge that min 5% data to fool all that Covid has gone!

That's gospel from the biggest names in the Covid Game...

Anna / PM are freakin' out...we are headin' into Xmas with a massive early spiking Covid Wave!
Govts their People are turning their back on Health Science at Record Speed.
Govts accuse heavily censored Sacked Medics for Govt's own Mandated Record Vax fail Hesitancy?

State Govts will be most reluctant to divulge Silly Season [+] News
* Schools out early ...again!
* Melbourne Cup Restrictions
* Airline Strikes & Growing Xmas queues
* Transit Masks
* Shopper Outbreaks
* Grocery / Oz Post Delivery Shortage
* Cafe Fling yer Bling

tbb will share another photo to freak ya all out...
SA Covid Diva Nicola @ Parliament on Friday...can't hide the worried look on a face...we're in for a fight!
Aged 10 years in a week...that's a true sign of the real Covid numbers folks...that's sheer exhaustion!
Nicola : "Clearly at the beginning of a new wave + Another combo Covid / Flu Wave in Easter 2024."
SA Ambo Ramp war fires up for Xmas.

Vic CHO : "Covid transmission is increasing > Don masks in Public places!"

NSW Health Director : Current Covid wave will peak in December

Qld CHO : 'Says it's not yet as big as 2022 waves' (Sits @ 3rd highest wave but has only just started!)
'Hospitalizations are doubling each 2 months Oz wide > Should be over by Xmas'

AMA NSW prez Dr Bonning : "Same % [+] Hospitlizations & level of Severity as recent waves."

Final word from CMO who already said it was over when he means it's only just begun!
Covid is over apart from that rapidly rising King size Covid Wave of biblical proportion...
Here's our Plan...continue to stick our heads up our arses...
Our #1 Covid Inquiry Experts say we gotta share more up to date Censored data with you...

We your Govt have listened & will extend our 95% Covid data censorship to 30/31 days each month.
Were planning on 99% of 364/365 day Mass Vax Pandemic censorship for 2024 onward...Applaud!
That's it...burn all yer Science Books & we'll have Google censor any trace of Wot Pandemic...was that!

Just flock to the Shops, cough over each other & kill off the oldies then spend all their money! Please!
Hope ya all die from Mass Vaxed Long Covid or something worse that we can dream up.
Oh Yeah! Almost forgot...Suck up all our Expired Mouldy Covid Meds to die sooner if ya could...thanx!

Business as Usual but with record Covid infections > Hospitalizations & Deaths...all got that!
AHPPC : "We can expect continuing waves of infection across the next few years!"
Good luck with our Mass Vaxed thingy that we unleashed upon you & just cowardly walked away from.
Remember to Keep shootin'up to spread more Covid faster with each new mutated wave!
Off to get another OBE or some shit...Silly Seasonings to all.

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Thingo Sunday, 5 Nov 2023 at 11:48am

Every gov't building around the world has had high tech ventilation and air purification upgrades since the start of the pandemic. Here's some details on the UK gov't to help illustrate:

The AU parliament building improved its ventilation to 8 air changes per hour. How many buildings you go into regularly have had upgrades to clean the air?

Many private schools have added HEPA air filters in each classroom. Public schools are just told to open a window.

The WEF at Davos has a vast selection of protections against covid and air-borne disease like mandatory PCR testing, Masking, ventilation upgrades, air purification, and Far UV:

We're told the pandemic is over but it clearly isn't for the Establishment and their families. They have all of the necessary protections to ensure their longevity, but we're left with old, ineffective vaccines, poor treatments, zero infection control, no clean air, low rates of testing, patchy/lagging data, and crumbling healthcare systems.

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sypkan Sunday, 5 Nov 2023 at 3:20pm

that went well...


(antifa, continuing in their role as the key advocates for big pharma...)

(dudes are just looking plain odd, and uneccessarily defiant now... especially considering even the super progressive nordic countries have now wound back that twisted big pharma pr speak of 'gender affirming care' for minors...)

'it's easier to fool someone, that convince someone they have been fooled'

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burleigh Sunday, 5 Nov 2023 at 4:49pm

Toadkill, AndyM and co would have eaten this up

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truebluebasher Friday, 10 Nov 2023 at 3:15pm

If everyone would quit communicating with that non communicable will go away!

If ya wanna know why Albo / Anna were paired together like sour grapes at Legend's Funeral.
Also why Anna's Plastic Surgeon Date was lendin' Albo an Ear + a set of Evil eyes for Xmas...
Also why they ban any mention of our Silly season taboo Voice Outbreak

Highest Vaxed Oz Aged Care / Staff are now 15-20% more infectious since last Xmas
Qld Aged Care Homes are currently 40-75% more infectious
In other words ...if ya want Covid then roll up yer sleeve & have some more!
Mass Vax program...bringin' on Pandemic faster with each more heavily censored Covid Inquiry.

10 Nov 2022 .......................2 Nov 2023 Aged Care
Outbreaks 309 ....................294 (Similar stage of rising outbreak)
[+] Res 1,467 (4.7/home)..1,575 (5.36/home)=14.07% more infectious residents/yr
[+] Staff 573 (28%)............745 (32.11%) = 16.68% more infectious staff/yr
[+] all 6.6/home...................7.89/home = 19.54% more infectious outbreak/yr

Ok! But what has Qldurr Anna / Albo got to to with this for yerselves...
2023 Qld Aged care Homes are 41.9% more infectious than corresponding Nov 2022 outbreak.
2023 Qld Aged Care Staff are 74.74% more infectious than corresponding Nov 2022 outbreak.
tbb hears the sirens (30min-1hr) every day...for Goldie's 2nd Hospital.

Albo be like...You Stupid #@%*...FFS...Was one of them warm fuzzy faceless sincere Sendoffs...

PM / Premier mandated fully vaxed incubating Mobile Voting Teams to mutate & spread covid Oz wide.
Surely no one is that stupid or evil to spread mass covid outbreak thru Oz Hot Spots @ Silly Season
After all evidence thru whole pandemic clearly showing incubating vaxers as Red Hot spreaderz.
Like...reckon you'd wanna ban that or at least censor the fuck outta it...Don't bring it up at the Funeral!
Oopsie! Sorry 'bout killing off all yer parents for Xmas...New Years Housing Crisis is Sorted!

Albo : Sorry...we pulled the pin yer record Mass Vaxed Health Crisis Covid Choir this Xmas...
Albo hops in his $368b Toxic Rust Bucket ...Where's Toto! Parts the Seas ... Outta Here!

Brings us to here & now #1 Health Crisis = #1 Censored Public Health Kill Kill Kill Program.
But! But...tbb knows wot yer thinking...

Is it possible that Govt's may initiate Ye old fashioned mass Health Staff testing...comeback special!

* Qld often poach interstate Aged Care Staff prior to Waves > They'd all need initial Testing!
* Pre Xmas Rush Testing to suck up the final C3 $750/wk "Fed" Compo before Peak Expiry date!
* See! Not so silly as [+] Staff are then locked in for Xmas > (Gotta push thru Xmas Covid recovery!)
* End 2023 Feds cut Aged Care Staff [+] Cash all gotta suck it up now or Never! Got it!

* Aged Care Staff will Walk mid Peak if States don't step in to Cough up...Just like every other Wave!
You Say Union ... We say Power = Xmas / New Year Strike to extend [+] Aged Care Migrant's Cash Cow
But didn't Feds just call Covid off...Exactly...That's an even better reason to ramp up an Outbreak!
As said...States read that as abandonment & have to dip into own savings...suck up Feds cash Splash!

Age care Testing Explanation:
Aged Care Mass Staff Testing is preferred to score Compo to lay off > Off peak Staff (Current?)
Staff laid off as Wave Peaks...Provider surge tests residents to score free Fed (Xmas!) Surge Labour!
We see similar exploitation across all Govt grants...don't take long to timetable the benefits.
Crew can read further into the Aged Care Stats to suspect such...not accusing tough gig!

Just on this...CMO made a point of Declaring that State Health officers reluctantly ticked off end game.
Can share a bit on that secret deal also....So! We're led to believe there was a Big Chief's Pow Wow!
23rd Oct : SA Nicola rubber stamped Xmas + Easter Waves like Hot Buttered's on!

Outcome : 2024-25 $318m > Auto pay $940 for each Provider to rip off each Aged resident.
Just sayin' if ya got a loved one in Aged Care then ensure they get $940 Covid care when needed! Yes!
Aged Care [+] Staff Compo + default PPE Packs end in 2023...> Request PPE Packs until 30th April'24
Feds will supply requested RATs > 30th April 2024
1st May 2024 is the final Govt recognized Aged Care Covid Easter Wave > Private RATs from then on!

Albo would still be thinkin' Anna is havin' a larger bite at his soon expired positively crusty Covid Pie.
That be why the Plastic Surgeon could read his lips at the funeral...No more staff kickers Anna!
Albo is quietly tryin' to hose down the Silly Season Aged Care Covid Choir.

Timely Test Bonus from FluTrack flicks a trick...Boosted are heating up...give'm a few extra metres!
5th Nov Flu / Covid Tracking Weekly [+] % of Testing for 'Respiratory Symptoms'

RATs 48% [+] of 78% Testing (12% under Peak Testing) Mass Outbreak = Govts refuse to report.
Govt 44% [+] of 7% Testing (90% under Peak Testing) Mass Health Crisis = Report Monthly or never!
Flu 11% [+] of 7% Testing (60% under Peak Testing) Of least concern = Report worries!
Covid cases = 0-2 doses [+] 1,751 (vs) Boosted [+] 40,334
Flu cases = No Flu Jab [+] 8,199 (vs) Flu Jab [+] 36,349

Pause: Stats could simply read that High Risk are more likely to Vax > More Tests = More [+]
Nevertheless > Current Data is showing an unusual 'Higher' uptick in Boosted Covid / Flu Jab Flu
tbb also points out...nothing changes...If you just vaxed STFAH for a month while yer incubating!
See: AEC " I'm fully Vaxed > A Red Hot incubator ready for Bump off Hodad Voter's Tour!" Here we are!

Everyone quit communicating with that non communicable tsunami...Just keep quiet & it will go away!
So we still gotta queue to burn our Science books & act half serious about secret taboo ...well durr!
Can no longer mandate for Media to make this shit up people...they're even less likely to trip over it!

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Friday, 10 Nov 2023 at 3:31pm

Thanx burleigh...can see tbb was gettin' a little too serious...all need a laugh...luv that!

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Roadkill's picture
Roadkill Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 at 7:32pm


I bought an egg and lettuce sandwich in Tokyo Int airport last Sunday night, the cost was yen 260….up from yen 230 about 6 months ago.
Sunday morning in Brisbane Int airport I saw an egg and lettuce sandwich priced at $14….not sure what it was 6 months ago but the cost difference is staggering.

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soggydog's picture
soggydog Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 at 7:54pm
sypkan wrote:

that went well...


(antifa, continuing in their role as the key advocates for big pharma...)

(dudes are just looking plain odd, and uneccessarily defiant now... especially considering even the super progressive nordic countries have now wound back that twisted big pharma pr speak of 'gender affirming care' for minors...)

'it's easier to fool someone, that convince someone they have been fooled'

I’m not disputing anything above except the credibility of Andy Ngo. Super grifter. Bullshit artist extraordinaire.

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indo-dreaming's picture
indo-dreaming Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 at 8:09pm
soggydog wrote:
sypkan wrote:

that went well...


(antifa, continuing in their role as the key advocates for big pharma...)

(dudes are just looking plain odd, and uneccessarily defiant now... especially considering even the super progressive nordic countries have now wound back that twisted big pharma pr speak of 'gender affirming care' for minors...)

'it's easier to fool someone, that convince someone they have been fooled'

I’m not disputing anything above except the credibility of Andy Ngo. Super grifter. Bullshit artist extraordinaire.

You only say that because he has exposed and documented Antifa for exactly what they are,
and you dont like it.

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udo's picture
udo Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 at 8:45pm
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soggydog's picture
soggydog Thursday, 16 Nov 2023 at 9:32pm


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Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Saturday, 18 Nov 2023 at 6:28pm

The beetroot and his new bride doing a spot of fishing on their honeymoon.

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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 20 Nov 2023 at 5:37pm

Director / CEO Burnet Institute Brendan Crabb
Meet Brendan...he is Covid [+]
WA Premier / Deputy Leaders are also recovering

tbb could report a fortunate pause between variants & to take advantage of that...
Aged Care / Staff / RaTs all peaked this last week...we could leave it at that...& censor the Next Wave.
However...that is perfectly normal before we kick again into Xmas not over, sorry to share!

So why this report tbb...well it's not tbb's's actually Brendan's Pod
So we all get a break from some ghastly dire Silly Season Mass Killing...err no! (Cough!) Hell No!
tbb : Nicest way to put it..."Millions of [+] Covid Culls!"

Disease Expert CEO Brendan is more positive on wotz about yer town...not happy to share his [+] News.

Pod begins...

Oz Current case Numbers = A few 100,000 cases (ABC Chick reporter...Cough! Cough!...) Brave Girl!
Projection > Oz Xmas - Easter = 4-5 million [+] cases (That = Biggest Covid Tsunami Ever!)
Long Covid = Extra seasonal 50-100,000 cases
Deaths = 1,000s
[factcheck] 48 Deaths in Aged Care in last week > 46% > Last week 153% rise in deaths
Be prepared...long back log has been played down that will Tidal wave yer Xmas -New Year
Given this wave has been rising in aged care won't end well...many will be shocked! (Just sayin...)
Aged Care = Lockdowns > Many will Close Up.
Feb = Fed Health Minister addresses the Nation about Xmas 23/24 Mass Covid Tragedy.
Future = More More More ...Hard to see an end to it...

Ok! You fuckin' bastard tbb...wot we gotta do...we'll let Brendan cough that up...ya right mate...
Firstly...This yer time to shine...go for an early Xmas to beat the Mass End of World Crisis Strike.
Go! God speed crew...

CEO Brendan =
Ventilate > Choose Outdoor Venues
Mask Up with some Solid Gear...N-9 / P.2
Have Guests Test before Xmas Parties & Gigs / Venues
If not [+] or Vaxed in last 6 months then Boost with Mono or that Sloppy Moldy Bi-Booster.
Beg for the Mono Blend > try the new shit...get a better more nicer Strain of Covid.
Think Brendan got a nasty Strain by the sound of it!

Old Shit : US no longer Authorise last Xmas Bivalent Boosters
Wotz New for Xmas 2023 : Monovalent XXB Booster (Best to fight off yer current cloak of strains)
When will Ebay Dealers get 'em
Early Oct : TGA Approval > ATAGI would luv to advise but ain't got or ain't gettin' any.
Fed Minister knows shit about this shit...but still obliged to say shit like...
14th Nov : Arrive in coming weeks for Aged Care...Xmas Hampers (Cough!)
Govt is supposed to have this new Monovalent Booster but VIP Nations are sponging know coz...
(Pause) US no longer Authorize Last Xmas Bivalent Boosters but Oz does...just normal...carry on!

Yeah but can we get a Quote from Brainz...We Qldurrz won't let you down...get ready for de word see!
Give it to 'em Brainz : "The shift back to Mono Jabz is way Cool coz Bi Vax Sux!"

Want the Hot Tip...Give it to 'em Brainz : " Mono is hip for Xmas 2023 > Bi Val will soon be scrapped!"
There ya have it folks...boost yer 2023 Xmas Stocking's with Mono...Like everyone's on it Man!
Just score some Mono Shit...& Jab Jab Jab Fuckerz real hard...ya hear!

Aussies lose their shit over Black Friday Mono craving...apparently it's to die for!
Black Friday Black Market Mono Dealers...say don't hassle us man...
Santa is flyin' higher above 2023 Covid Tsunami...sit tight &'ll get yer Mono shit!

Breaking News from the Ministerial Boost Guru himself...Who knew!
20th Nov 2023 Fed Minister
* 11 Dec 2023 (Santa drops his first Mono care package to Gromz & Hodads alike...)

Here's ya Mono Scripts...gee thanks for sprinkling silly seasoning Mr tbb pusher man...'never was here!'
Additional Standard Mop up Moldy Booster Jab Rules Apply...(See Below)

Pfizer Mono is for Gromz only...tell yer folks to Jab up their own shit.
Moderna Mono is the 12 years up Hodad Blend...

Now...Ya can't just rock up for new shit until ya all mop up yer Sloppy moldy Bi Boosters...
Hot Tip > Come Dec 11 camp outside yer Vax Hub for yer new brew...& scream Mono! Mono! Mono!
Hon Mark Butler is Santa Claus...

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Roadkill's picture
Roadkill Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 at 9:21am

I received the following for all 3 of my kids data plans. Gawd they are stupid.

As a current UNLIMITED customer, we'd like to thank you for your understanding during the recent network outage.

We've now applied 60GB bonus data to your plan to use until 31 December 2023.

For more information, please see our FAQs here.


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velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 at 6:51pm

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before:

basesix's picture
basesix's picture
basesix Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 at 7:14pm

^^ haha, vj. Anyone who doesn't keep a year's supply now, only has themselves to blame.

velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno's picture
velocityjohnno Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 at 7:29pm

So yeah this one seems to affect children the most and give them pneumonia

Supafreak's picture
Supafreak's picture
Supafreak Thursday, 23 Nov 2023 at 8:48pm
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truebluebasher's picture
truebluebasher Monday, 27 Nov 2023 at 9:56pm

[+] WA Premier / [+] Deputy say ya Gotta Mask Up...
NSW Premier sweaty runny nose & croaky throat > coughs / sniffles / kisses & handshakes everyone!
[+] Premier spreads Goodwill & seasons greetings to all > Ends parliament early ... STFAH

Expert loudmouth Professor Minder : "They've Been Vaxed!...Got Good Immunity! ...They're Not At Risk!"

Expert loudmouth Prof Claus : "Waves are getting smaller & less lethal the more times we have them!"

Finally! Good news...Happy to hear that the mass Vax Rollout kicked Covid's arse...We are the Champs!

[Factcheck] 15 Oct - 19 Nov (Fed Govt pre xmas Aged Care Outbreaks > Cases > Deaths)
Feel free to check > Year on Year Wave on Wave > Fed Govt Covid data...
Year ( # Vax ) Outbreaks ...Res....Staff....Deaths
2020 (No vax)..56...................5.......16......12
2021 (2x vax) 299............1812.....773...104
2022 (3x vax) 661 ...........6220...2349...114
2023 (4x vax) 670............6661...3017...120

(Note:) 2023 Aged care Data will fall off as Xmas Tests run down to 2024 request only Test Kits.

However! Expert completely reverses Fed Govt Aged Care data & keeps his Job...How is that possible?
Unless Govt are paying him to misinform Covid Outbreak with 100% Lies....Fuck Life! Shop till ya drop!
Coz that message was rammed home by bully expert....Shop Shop Shop Kill Kill's all good!

End of Covid spawns a mass sprinkling of Silly Seasoning...Mind the current Outbreak of Experts!
If ya want more of the same expert good news...just keep doin' the same thing...should work a treat!

Pick Me Up Pod if crew want a stronger wake up dose for Xmas.

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ashsam's picture
ashsam Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023 at 11:33am

lol the only people with immunity are the unvaxed

seeds's picture
seeds's picture
seeds Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023 at 12:06pm

Might want to rethink that. The vaccines were so useless most vaxxed have caught Covid, some multiple times and variants, so no different to unvaccinated. Also with endless variants, no one is immune to them, until they’ve been infected and recovered.