Vale...and thanks! “When the moon is shining the cripple becomes hungry for a walk” ― Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart

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And it's goodnight from him...

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The Wannadies ‘Yeah’ album is fantastic.. was on high rotation in my car for a few years. And the production is unashamedly Ric Ocasek too.

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Suicide, Bad Brains, Jonathon Richman. I had no idea, gotta pay more attention to liner notes.

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To all of Ric's fans...a tribute from the swellnet band of brothers.(Enjoy!)

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Guy Rundle steps outside the Canberra bubble and into some Gen-X reverie for The Cars.

Vale Ric Ocasek and the pure gen X joy of The Cars

Man, this will be a new personal best so far as tenuous obituaries go. Can we make it to the end? Let’s try. Ric Ocasek of The Cars — who was most of The Cars — is dead at 75.

How can a new wave rocker be 75? Boomers, Ys, millennials and Zs: there will be little explanation otherwise we’ll be here all night. This is an X thing, and X is born ’62-’76, and there’s an end to it.

Boomers who listen to The Cars will wonder what the hell, and yearn for Dylan singing about Shiloh and Bathsheba on the Mason-Dixon line or a 30-minute blues jam by Foghat. Gen Ys will wonder where the thudding guitars and Prozac references are. But for Xs, ahhhh, “Just What I Needed”, and that tight, sharp metronomic guitar intro…

The start of the evening, the start of the party, the soundtrack to the dawn coming up on the beach, the smell of Old Spice and hairspray and coconut oil and sea salt, the taste of Stone’s Green Ginger Wine and dry, and Malibu and Coke, and candy-flavoured lip gloss. The feel of chambre and warm skin, carpet tiles under bare feet and bad disco lights from McEwans, LP covers leaning against brown brick walls. The driving fallback of the chorus, and the jump forward of “Tonight She Comes”, the synth cool of “Good Times Roll”, and the UDL portentousness of “Drive”; the sense that some teen party love triangle was filled with a significance that will make itself known.

This is just my reverie of them. There are others. God knows what The Cars sound like to someone who wasn’t 17 when they first hit and, really, I don’t care. For if there was any band that announced that rock music had shifted in the second half of the ’70s, it was The Cars, with their tight and simple tunes, their surprisingly complex arrangements, and the steady build to expressions of pure joy.

Power pop was reclaiming the right of pop/rock to be sweet and simple and fun in the US. In the UK, pub rock was putting back the insistent drive, the dead seriousness of Saturday night. The Cars combined both, and retained enough of the arty accoutrements rock had accumulated after Sgt. Pepper’s, to inaugurate “new wave”, that mysterious, interstitial, half-imaginary genre.

Rock music was barely 20 years old, but already seemed 100. New wave/punk/powerpop rock put the music back in its rightful place — in the evening, after work, in a pub, for people who had jobs. But new wave with its mix of influences could make art as well. The Cars sound a little like Dr Feelgood, a little like Kraftwerk, like Buddy Holly, and Europop, Roxy Music and the Yardbirds. Yeah, and Talking Heads.

That mix was finessed by producer Roy Thomas Moore, but it was Ocasek — the gangly, cartoonish singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter — who had laid the base. He was impossibly old for ’80s rock, 35 by the time of the band’s second album, Candy-O.

Born in 1944, and in bands since the late ’50s, Ocasek’s pre-Cars progression is a Spinal Tap outtake. He met The Cars co-anchor, bassist Benjamin Orr at a Cleveland pop show called The Big 5 Show; in 1965, they became Milkwood, a folk-rock band, then Cap’n Swing, a coffee shop jazz inflected group, before doing a 180 into pop. Their demo got Boston airplay; they signed to Elektra; and Moore, producer of Queen, produced their first and subsequent albums. He went in the other direction from Queen, drawing on his first major production, Free’s third album Fire and Water, with the classic “All Right Now” — a harbinger of new wave, the beginning of a shift after Hendrix and the Doors.

Rock history may be a history of producers. Pop history absolutely is.

The result of all this, The Cars, is utterly unimportant to anyone born more than seven years either side of it. To those in the zone, the songs were a glorious announcement that the world was new and crisp, stylish and smart, quirky and ironic. These were teenage hymns to that most ancient and obscure of perversions: uncomplicated heterosexuality. Pumped out at ‘burban parties, shopping centre discos, full summer days, Cars’ songs promised everything was possible. They lied, but that was their job.

The Cars ran out of gas by ’88 with “Tonight She Comes”, their last real hurrah. Ocasek fell out with Orr and married a supermodel — the one in the band’s videos, not the crazy shiny redhead on the first album cover. He produced albums for dozens of acts, and dabbled in baddish painting, as a rockstar must.

Ocasek appears to have met a sad end, but so did our new wave teenage dreams. Life is nothing like the dozen unimprovable three-minute utopias The Cars delivered. It turns out lip gloss, kissed off, tastes like ass. Requiescat in pace Ric Ocasek, X marks the spot. For the time and place, you were just what we needed.

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...and on cue...

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They're queuing up 'round the corner...tbb don't even know these punx...just spin it!
Ann beretta -'Just what I needed' (Play Louder!)
(Not a cover but a full blown tribute...keeps punk'n out in late '70's spirit...tbb likes!)
Cars are gonna get a Punk Tribute LP...for good if they scrub up like this!
Thanx crew! Some real good stuff going down here...ripper send off!

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Vale Clive. When you were good, you were very, very good...

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Oh wow, what a loss. Thanks for putting that up.

I remember reading Unreliable Memoirs when I was a young fella, laughing out loud on the train, in bed, in polite company, wherever.

RIP funny bugger.

Watashi wa metabo oyagi desu.

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Thanx for all the fun Clive! {RIP}

1959 [2:25] Clive goes punk on the beatz...'on the road is overrated.'

1980's were Top 40 Video Clips + Blooper Reels + Live Aid Xcerts.
Clive James on Television 'Human Search Engine' broke new ground.
The fact that jokey Clive was an overt perv, only helped win over more fans...

Who could forget mental arsed Japanese Game Shows or Nude Game Shows.
Ludicrous Adverts that were just so messed up...Clive put out to feed the World.
None loved him or hated him just glad he was doing what they wanted him to do.

Clive had the world's fingers hitting record can count on Clive!
zenagain said it...Clive really was a funny bugger...only ever real deal TV presenter

2019 ABC Gruen Panel would Salute Clive but ban his raw 1980's Ads.
Clive's old school TV is a tad more realistic than beige 2019 TV Guide.

[YouTube have no viewing restriction on these vidz]
Note to swellnet parents...These vids are not suitable for groms!

[WARNING] Apply Qld 1984 (M) rating classification.

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Requiescat In Pace, Greedy.

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[ Tragic News for Mentals ]
Oz most loved Rock Star dies.
Whole Nation is in shock! {RIP} 'Greedy'

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No mention SN of Leo Neves dying mid heat of a heart attack.

Taken too young.


Watashi wa metabo oyagi desu.

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Better late then never. Thanks Clive!

Crystal Clear

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Swedish band Roxette
Vale- brilliant singer & Keyboardist Marie Fredriksson born 30 May 1958
Marie met her husband on 1991 Oz Tour & have a son & daughter.
2002 Marie was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
They operated successfully to remove the tumour.
9 Dec 2019 Marie died due to a recurrence.

1st song is a solo instrumental with Marie playing Keyboard

'It must have been love'... is a powerfully sung heartfelt ballad
Song also showcases Marie's deft touch on Keyboard...Brilliant!

'Listen to your heart' examples the band's success and Marie's appeal.

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truebluebasher commented Monday, 20 Jan 2020 at 6:04am

Vale Steve Martin Caro Singer of '60's band The Left Banke

Most Kiwis & Australian's here, will instantly hear a classic Split Enz ballad...
Only this perfect Psych Pop gem "Pretty Ballerina" was recorded decades earlier.
The song structure was 20 years ahead of it's time, still sounds impossibly perfect!
Those sweet strings with Steve Caro's vocal chords were something special.

Crew may recall this Left Banke hit "Walk Away Renee"

Dark is the Bark has great layering like a modern folkie..+ (Steve Tyler Aerosmith!)

tbb means no disrespect by including the following Ad. (Nostalgic that's all.)
Should fans feel Left Banke Advert is disrespectful then tbb will remove it... Ok!

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Very sad news, very funny, intelligent & modest man.Was it one petite wafer that caused his demise?

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And thanks for Ripping Yarns.
Golden Gordon, hilarious and on another level having a massive dig at how stupid humanity really is, timeless relevance.

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RIP Andy Gill.