Phillip Island
Updated: 2018-08-21 14:09:00 Surf: choppy 6ft WSW Winds: Strong W Weather: showers Rating: 2/10

Afternoon report: The swell is bigger than this morning but conditions are really marginal and you'd have to be really desperate. Super protected breaks are the only option if you have to surf.

2018-08-21 08:24:00: sloppy 4ft SW, Moderate WNW, showers 2/10

Showers have now moved in to make the sloppy surf less attractive. The sheltered spots are half a chance for a semi clean wave.

2018-08-21 06:47:00: choppy 4-5ft WSW, Fresh WNW, rain 2/10

Dawn report: Another poor morning of surf and weather. Stay warm and dry inside and maybe check protected spots through the day. There's no need for the early. Tune back in for the updated photo report around 8am.

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Want to get more waves? The best board for today is Haydenshapes Holy GrailHaydenshapes Holy GrailMore Info...
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13th Beach

6ft (2x Overhead)
W 7kt
2.5 m @ 14.5s SW (232°)
2.5 m @ 8s WSW (242°)
First light: 6:31am Sunrise:6:58am Sunset:5:47pm Last light:6:14pm
Current: 10.5 (5:50pm) Min: 9°C - Max: 12°C

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