Mornington Peninsula
Updated: 2018-08-20 15:45:00 Surf: choppy 3-5ft WSW Winds: Strong WNW Weather: overcast Rating: 2/10

Afternoon report: The swell has eased off a bit more this afternoon and with this wind, there's nowhere to recommend for a paddle.

2018-08-20 08:19:00: choppy 4-6ft SW, Fresh W, overcast 2/10

Pretty crappy start too the week being stuck in limbo land. Westerlies and swell a bit too big for beaches but not enough for anywhere cleaner. Hopefully if we can wait it out a couple more days, there could be some OK conditions approaching.

2018-08-20 06:35:00: bumpy 5-6ft SW, Moderate W, cool and cloudy 4/10

Dawn Report: The onshores have eased overnight but it's still pretty bumpy across the coast, with 5-6ft+ sets at open beaches. Wave heights are now a little too small for Western Port which is a shame as conditions are much more suitable. You might find a few little waves on the turn of the tide if you're lucky. Tune in to the updated photo report around 8am. 

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13th Beach

5ft (1.5x Overhead)
WNW 9kt
2.9 m @ 7.3s WSW (255°)
1.1 m @ 13.1s WSW (239°)
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Current: 10.7 (5:30pm)

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