Form Guide

Big and unpredictable for Day One of the Rip Curl Portugal

 “It’s got a little Off-The-Wall feel to it, like it’s a little bit unpredictable. There’s definitely some insane waves." -John John Florence.

Quik Pro France: Spoiler alert

Cass Selwood

Gabriel Medina interrupts John John's golden run at la Graviere.

Quik Pro France: Float like a jellyfish, sting like a wasp

Cass Selwood

Wild animals, small victories, and big disappointment in the Bay of Biscay.

Roxy Pro and the Gallic Game of Thrones

Cass Selwood

Shifting banks, dubious format, and ruthless competition on France's south-wset shore.

Quiksilver Pro France: The women glow under a harvest moon

Cass Selwood

Cass delivers a Quik Pro intro and the Women get things going.

Ezekiel Lau wins Billabong Pro Cascais

The Hawaiian claims 10,000 points and jumps 93 places on the QS.

Women score equal dollars at Phillip Island

Stu Nettle

In the 70s it was coined Bloke's Island, but Phillip Island will soon become a paragon of gender equality.

Simeulue on the contest calendar

Stu Nettle

The ASC lists another contest on their calendar and the WSL is watching.

Filipe Toledo and Silvana Lima win at Trestles

The Brazilians dominate Southern California.

Trestles rolls towards finals day

Slow stretches punctuated by high-ish drama.

A day for rookies and roughies as the surf finally arrives

The Trestles Pro gets a heartbeat courtesy of long-lined south swell and some controversy.

The Rip Curl Pro locks in for five more years

Stu Nettle

As the earth shifts under the Championship Tour, some things remain fixed to the bedrock.