Form Guide

Slater back in J'Bay draw, Mikey Wright gets another wildcard

Stu Nettle

Slater says his foot is good, while Wright gets a free kick.

Willian Cardoso and Joanne Defay win the rebadged Uluwatu Pro

Panda goes on a tear during the finals at Uluwatu.

Margs Pro kicks off again at Ulus

Rebadged as the Uluwatu Pro, the Margs Pro restarted from Round 3.

Italo Ferreira and Lakey Peterson win Bali Pro and take yellow jerseys

The two form surfers of the events take it all the way to the top,

Top seeds get sewn up at Keramas

John John, Julian, Wilko, and the Big O, all booted from Bali.

Round 2 in the can at Keramas

And Zeke Lau kicks it to the kerb in a brutal display of power surfing.

Keramas pumps then stops through an incomplete first round

Great when it was on, frustrating when it wasn't, Keramas kept everyone on their toes.

Filipe Toledo wins the Oi Rio Pro

Rookie Wade Carmichael comes second.

Stephanie Gilmore wins the Oi Rio Pro

While Filipe jags a ten and John John gets eliminated.

Florence fires up as Round 4 is decided at the Oi Rio Pro

The reigning world champ records the highest heat total of the year.

The home crowd power through at the Oi Rio Pro

Out of the 14 Brazilians in the draw, seven will skip to Round 3 after the completion of Round 1.

Stadium-Style Surfing Makes Spectacular Debut at WSL Founders’ Cup of Surfing

The Australians entered this weekend as one of the favorites to win it all but struggled to complete all their individual rides.