Form Guide

Quarter-finalists decided at tiny Teahupoo

Even Turpel couldn't talk it up.

Jack Robinson wins Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

Finals days recap plus video highlights.

Steph Gilmore win J'Bay, takes ratings lead

"I don't know why I never came here until now!" - Steph Gilmore

Filipe claims back-to-back wins at J'Bay

Of the ten highest wave scores of the contest, five belonged to Toledo.

Quarterfinalists decided at J'Bay

And Joel Parkinson exits the arena in style.

Slater out of J'Bay, Parko continues his run

"I would shut the gate retire right here if I won this event.” 

J'Bay Open steams into Round 2

Ferreira ousted, Wilson survives, more swell to come

Slater back in J'Bay draw, Mikey Wright gets another wildcard

Stu Nettle

Slater says his foot is good, while Wright gets a free kick.

Willian Cardoso and Joanne Defay win the rebadged Uluwatu Pro

Panda goes on a tear during the finals at Uluwatu.

Margs Pro kicks off again at Ulus

Rebadged as the Uluwatu Pro, the Margs Pro restarted from Round 3.

Italo Ferreira and Lakey Peterson win Bali Pro and take yellow jerseys

The two form surfers of the events take it all the way to the top,

Top seeds get sewn up at Keramas

John John, Julian, Wilko, and the Big O, all booted from Bali.