Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: The view from the rainforest canopy - Nicaragua

Andino came firing right out of the gates in the final with a solid display of power surfing on his backhand for a 7.67 and the heat lead in the first minutes of the 35-minute bout.

Tim Bonython's Swell Chasers
Wave of the Day: Crouching Surfer, Hidden Barrel - Zac Haynes, The Right
Stu Nettle

Damien Hobgood, Bede Durbidge and Keanu Asing slotted among the slabs and points of SW WA.

Peter Jovic
Wave of the Day: The halo effect - Chris Wall - Western Australia
Stu Nettle

Highlights from 'Threading Edges', the 2015 Irish Surf Film Fest best short winner, featuring the best Mullaghmore sessions from last winter. 

Toby Manson
Wave of the Day: Des ondes de pompage - Hossegor
Stu Nettle

With the WSL Qualifying Series moving into the last trimester the final rankings are beginning to take shape and they foreshadow a significant shake up for 2016.


Time to throw off the bowlines...or kickstart the engine in this case, as vagabond Victorian Matty Hannon loads a couple of Corey Graham handshapes onto his steed and rides from the top of Alaska down the Pacific coast toward Patagonia....Read full feature

Matt Hannon
Wave of the Day: Somewhere on the road to Patagonia
Stu Nettle

Pumping Mentawai and Balinese lineups shot from above with Led Zep providing the toons.

Craig Jarvis

Mick Fanning at J'Bay: It was the shark attack seen around the world and it turned Mick into a global media celebrity. But what about Jeffreys Bay? How has this surf town fared under the barrage of bad press? Craig Jarvis investigates.

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