David Field
Wave of the Day: Approaching Stargate 1

Watch: Droned by Gibbo

Stu Nettle

Looking down upon a cold water Lemoore.

Watch: Norman Landa // Mundaka

Stu Nettle

Life, be in it with Norman Landa

Watch: Dusty Daze

Stu Nettle

Enjoy a gluttonous serve of mid-Atlantic barrel threading.

Lance Morgan
Wave of the Day: Henry Davies surrounded by sea

Shark net figures show massive amount of marine bycatch

Bruce Mackenzie

The data is in comparing shark nets to smart drumlines.

Watch: Nuno Dias // Empties

Stu Nettle

A short surf film to slow your pulse and elevate your soul.

Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Bobby Martinez eyeing a backhand smash in northern NSW

Forecast: Thundering Cloudbreak

Stu Nettle

The Southern Ocean swell barrage will reach an almighty crescendo this weekend at Cloudbreak.

Scott Bruce
Wave of the Day: Matt Dunsmore breezing through a Desert Point doppelganger

Forecast: Keramas, oh yes!

Stu Nettle

It's been five years since the CT has visited Keramas and the Indian Ocean is rising to the occasion.

John Brumfield
Wave of the Day: Central Coast porthole

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