Wave of the Day: Griffin Colapinto at the bottom of the cycle - Sunset Beach

Brad Domke // The Right Transfers - video

Stu Nettle

Domke skims a wave taller than it is deep, and breaking just as far off the beach.

Where are all the Aussies?

Stu Nettle

There are currently just 19 Australian surfers in the top 100 - the lowest number ever. What's happening, and who's taking our place?

Maldives report and photos - October

Stu Nettle

Ending the season on a high, and glassy, note.

Jordy Smith // One day, two surfs - video

Stu Nettle

Surfing worthy of a world champion, but not this year.

Cheron Kraak: The matron saint of South African surfing

Craig Jarvis

Against a backdrop of macho culture and racial politics, Cheron Kraak established a benevolent surfing empire in South Africa.

David Field
Wave of the Day: Static detonation

Qualifying scenarios going into Sunset

Stu Nettle

What does Wade Carmichael need to qualify for the CT? What do all the surfers need..?

Full points breakdown here...

nick green
Wave of the Day: Earth colours on a lonely coast

Surprises on the 2018 CT schedule

Stu Nettle

Fiji and Trestles gone, Bali and Surf Ranch added.

Wave of the Day: Kyuss King tunnelling through Indonesia

Steve Cooney: "I remember it very clearly!"


Steve Cooney reflects on his first wave at Uluwatu, the very first wave ridden there.