Calem Wright
Wave of the Day: Hippo casual behind the rock at Snapper
Stu Nettle

Mikey Wright surfing mostly around his home on the NSW South Coast throughout 2015, showcasing everything from heaving reefs to fun beachies.

Stu Nettle

"Surfing is a big idea," says Andrew Kidman. "Litmus showed that you could develop a relationship with your surfing and it wasn’t just one dimensional."

Swellnet speaks to Andrew Kidman on the twentieth anniversary of his greatest film.

Gabriel Medina blew up in his Round 4 matchup posting the event's first perfect 10 point ride for a no-grab stratospheric full-rotation. 

Stu Nettle

Gabriel Medina's Perfect 10 from Round 4. The biggest air Medina's ever done and the biggest in competition since JJF at Keramas.

Tim Milton-Hine
Wave of the Day: Magic hour on a back beach somewhere

The Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro France saw the CT surfers return to rippable beachbreaks as Round 2 of the women’s event and Round 3 of the men’s event delivered drama and upsets for the capacity crowd in attendance. 

Otto Davies
Wave of the Day: When the walk is rewarded with waves
Stu Nettle

Perfection and claims by a fellow named Gordo.

The Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro France resumed in pumping six-to-eight foot waves at Culs Nus for another exciting day of action.

Hayden O'Neill
Wave of the Day: Padang Padang on the double pump this week
Stu Nettle

BP's planned oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight has taken a controversial turn with the release of dramatic oil spill modelling.

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