Phil Roache
Wave of the Day: Pop music!
Swellnet Dispatch

Two years after failing to find "surfer's gold" in Indonesia's outer islands, Chris Goodnow, along with Tony Fitzpatrick and Scott Wakefield, lands in the Mentawai Islands. It's May 1980 and the trio are arguably the first surfers to set foot there....Read full feature

Stu Nettle

A preview to next year's Championship Tour? Let's hope so...

Wanna join Ry Craike and Asher Pacey for a week in the South Oz desert? Swellnet and BF Goodrich are giving away a week of surfing and fishing at Yorke Peninsula for one lucky punter and their mate.

Stu Nettle

Tackling Shippies biggest step.

Zach Sanders
Wave of the Day: Corduroy and pine and everything fine
Stu Nettle

Mason Ho bounces and soul arches his way into a number of Portuguese barrels.

Stu Nettle

First STAB, Magic Seaweed, and Garage Entertainment, now FCS. The Surfstitch buyouts continue.

Chris Buykx

Slabs! We know what's happening above the surface, but what kind of rocks create our most fearsome waves?

Chris Buykx explains in the latest chapter of Coastal Creationsim.

Stu Nettle

Gabriel Medina dodges a boat while the other 'Curl surfers dodge bullets.

Stu Nettle

Jack Robinson ratchets up the notch in every department of surfing: next level airs; deep, intuitive barrel riding; and heavy water drops. Then add some full rail carves to keep the purists happy.

Jordan Godley
Wave of the Day: Rising like a golden dorsal fin

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