Jordan Barta
Wave of the Day: Spud Salazar: Not the cape, still fearsome

Cape-less crusaders

The Cape wigs out as surfers go crusading just next door.

Craig Brokensha

It has to be said, if you don't score decent waves this Easter, you're not trying hard enough!

The Australian continent will be bathed in swell ranging from the large and dangerous in Western and Southern Australia, to the still solid but more sublime on the East Coast.

Stu Nettle

Yesterday the surfing world was embroiled in a race furore following news that Otis Carey has lodged a court case against Surfing Life magazine and one of its contributors.

Wylie Fowler - Cronulla Point sequence

Eyeing a section down the line, Wylie Fowler paddles over the double up at Cronulla Point and times his run to perfection.

Darryl Menzies
Wave of the Day: Wylie Fowler coloured up at Cronulla Point
Stu Nettle

If we're to look for seasonal manifestations of swells then the last two major swells in Sydney speak for summer and winter: a classic east/north-east swell, and on the weekend a classic straight 180 degree south swell.

Sydney - urban

On Saturday Mark Mathews and Caleb McLean hosted Pat Gudauskas at a local Sydney rock ledge.

Sydney - metro

On Saturday Sydney and the NSW South Coast was hit by the largest swell of the year thus far. Jeremy Wilmotte surfed this reef for six hours bagging a bunch of great rides.

Jordan Barta
Wave of the Day: Jeremy Wilmotte against the tempest in Sydney

A thrilling Finals day in Western Australia saw Michel Bourez crowned winner of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. The Tahitian powerhouse secured his first ever WCT win by defeating Josh Kerr in an exciting Final.

Cameron Staunton
Wave of the Day: Pat Gudauskas in the middle of the maelstrom - Sydney

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