Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: Conner Coffin leaving a trail of destruction at Bells

Parko, Mick, and Dingo caught by the Water Police at Snapper Rocks

Stu Nettle

During the most uncrowded Snapper session in years the three Cooly Kids were sprung using a PWC illegally.

Forecast: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Craig Brokensha

The Quiksilver Pro is done, Kirra pumped, and autumn has kicked into gear across the southern states. So, waves for Bells?

Watch: Kelly Slater on the Cymatic

Stu Nettle

From ayahuasca-inspired trips to cymatic vibrations, the ascension of Kelly Slater continues...

Torquay Boardriders win Victorian Sailor Jerry Surftag

While Peninsula Surfriders win the Women’s.

Watch: 'The Next Step' with James McKean

Stu Nettle

From the first big session till now, James McKean has seen it all at Shippies.

Joel Everard
Wave of the Day: It looks even worse when you turn the photo upside down: Laura Enever, Shippies

Forecast: Rare north-west cyclone swell inbound for West Oz

Ben Matson

There’s a couple of fundamental rules in surf forecasting.

Watch: Happily Stoked - Linda

Ben Matson

Sebastian Zietz and friends Sheldon Simkus, Josh Kerr and Soli Bailey score perfection on a Gold Coast point break.

Judy Scanlon
Wave of the Day: Saturday Bells
Lance Morgan
Wave of the Day: Stephanie full of grace

Watch: Miguel Blanco in 'Black Sand'

Stu Nettle

Miguel Blanco swings between two tropical zones.

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