Dan Bielich
Wave of the Day: Airbrushed art in the heart of suburbia

The picture of Dorian play - video

Stu Nettle

Shane, Jackson, and Charlie Dorian share their latest clips from the family album.

If Donald Trump surfed - video

Stu Nettle

He's had a lot of people asking about the wave he caught the other day, it was a very good wave...

Aritz and Leonardo // Nias - video

Stu Nettle

Aritz is up to his old tricks, this time joined by Leo Fioravanti.

Dom Colch
Wave of the Day: On a lonesome stretch of sand

Feet up at Fingal Bay - video

Stu Nettle

Need another warning to keep your wits about you?

The Church of the Open Sky: trailer - video

Stu Nettle

In a world of five minute clips, Nathan Oldfield crafts feature length surf films, the kind you so rarely see anymore.

Peter Jovic
Wave of the Day: Amazing Gracetown
Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: Morning yawn on a southern coast
Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Steve Perron coming 'round the mountain up north

Secrets of Desert Point: Trailer - video

Stu Nettle

Who surfed Deserts first? When did they do it? And how did they keep it a secret so long...?

TourNotes: Beyond Bells Beach - video

Stu Nettle

Thoughts on mid-wave claims? Gender rivalry? Take a peek behind the pro surf drapery at the Rip Curl Pro.

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