Mike Maxted
Wave of the Day: Phil 'Choppa' Read's body torque

Morning of the Perth

Well, late morning actually. But in any case it's been a sterling season of waves for metropolitan surfers in the Golden State. Mike Maxted teed up a hollow beachie session with Phil "Choppa" Read, Ian "Wooly" MacPherson and Chris "Swiv" Jones 'bout a week ago - check out the results below.

Craig Brokensha

Roberto D'Amico surfing around the Balinese islands, also featuring Dutch surfer Yannick De Jager.

James Jacobi
Wave of the Day: Spring has sprung in West Oz

Day 5 with Occy

Today was the zig that followed yesterday's zag. After a day at Telescopes we hit the boats and headed south to HTs.

Leroy Bellet
Wave of the Day: Russell Bierke hooking into the Deep South
Louis Stone
Wave of the Day: Hollow reflections from Perth

Day 4 with Occy

Today we took Miki Dora's sage advice and "zigged when the others zagged."

Craig Brokensha

Amazing angles of Kalani Chapman and Ezra Sitt threading flawless Desert Point.

Jordy Smith today claimed a last-minute victory at the Hurley Pro at Trestles over John John Florence.

Leroy Bellet
Wave of the Day: Sam Guerit inside a glistening South Coast barrel

Day 3 with Occy

Despite the conditions Occ had his best day surfing so I've devoted most of these shots to him.

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