Tim Bonython's Swell Chasers
Wave of the Day: Taking Eddie rejection with good grace: Shane Dorian, Peahi

Peahi not Eddie - photos

No contest but a hearty consolation prize.

Craig Brokensha

When hot and cold collide the ocean fires up in response. Next week a low pressure system in the Tasman Sea will do just that.

Stu Nettle

...and Russell Bierke poaches a few sets from the Peahi crowd.

Stu Nettle

Walk in, paddle out, take the drop.

Too easy...

Stu Nettle

The Eddie is a no go, so it's all eyes on Mavericks for tomorrow. Will the swell arrive? Will it be big enough? Last Thursday made for a very hard act to follow. Watch the vid.

David Field
Wave of the Day: Colour and texture inside a Northern Beaches barrel
Stu Nettle

The old saying that "the Bay calls the day" cuts both ways, as Quiksilver found out this morning. 

Nick Alcock
Wave of the Day: Riley Laing slicing off the top in northern New South Wales
Chris Buykx

Why are sand-bottom point breaks only found in northern NSW and south-east Queensland? There's plenty of sand on the beaches around the rest of Australia so why doesn't it stack against the headlands?

Chris Buykx ducks his head below the tide line to explain.

Stu Nettle

The waves are so blue and clean and the barrel riding so damn impressive. Click through to the Clay Marzo Tube Clinic.

Stu Nettle

Kelly hunted the barrel, AI went the shorebreak, and RCJ just went, on anything.

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