Steve Wall
Wave of the Day: Gung ho optimism from Russell Bierke
Stu Nettle

It's another run to the Donkey, this time with the Cape Town lads and they have technology on their side.

Stu Nettle

Check photos and video from a dramatic day at Cloudbreak

Stu Nettle

It's that ever-so-rare thing: an environmental story that'll make you feel good. People power takes on Coke and wins!

Tim Silverwood speaks to Swellnet about a big win for the little folk.

Stu Nettle

There are lids, loggers, and stand ups, even Jamie O making a sidewash entrance on an inflatable raft, yet it's the skimboarders who steal the show in the filthy li'l Wedge clip.

Stu Nettle

Lax regulations cause another environmental debacle in Bali.

Nick Fader
Wave of the Day: Kyle Cooper gets out the measuring tape at Shippies

Former event champion Russell Molony has taken out the Open Men’s division at the Australian Indigenous Surfing Titles at Bells Beach today.

Justin McMillan
Wave of the Day: Extreme sea level adjustment - Dan Ryan splits the difference
Terri Sharpe
Wave of the Day: Steaming offshore in the west
Stu Nettle

Watch as Matt Meola pays tribute to Prince by 'borrowing' one of his classics and cutting a purple-tinged highlight reel.

Phil Jarratt

Ludicrous as it is, Gabby's 'smart' surfboard is just the last rung on the ladder of lunacy that began over fifty years ago. Phil Jarratt fondly recalls other surfsploitation high points. Even his own!

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