Darren Longbottom
Wave of the Day: Mark Mathews dialling it in from South Australia
Stu Nettle

'Cause every big wave sequence deserves a string arrangement.

Stu Nettle

"I sometimes take off just at the back of Lennox Head and do my surf check from a thousand feet up in the sky. Then as I keep flying I check all the beaches and see where all the banks are."

Otto Davies
Wave of the Day: Mapping the angle of incidence on Victoria's Surf Coast

Surf Coast Surf

Sandy Desert
Snowy Mountains
Surf Coast

Harley Kingston
Wave of the Day: A rare species of the Victorian coast

Ray Collins: Best of...

Ray Collins is an ex-coal miner with a keen eye for light and form. These are ten of Ray's best photos as chosen by the man himself.

Stu Nettle

For the last seven years Ray Collins has straddled two ends of the civic spectrum. Three days a week he was working down a coal mine, the rest of the time he'd spend shooting high end surf photography. Something had to give.

Stu Nettle

In this age of second and third gen surfers, it seems every beach has a resident teenage phenom. Russell Bierke, however, sits apart from his prodiguous peers. 

Steen Barnes
Wave of the Day: Shaun Anderson gunning for the glitter on the NSW South Coast
Stu Nettle

Long suspected as somewhere in the Gold Coast hinterland, the site for Webber's wavepool was today revealed as Glenview on the Sunshine Coast.

Stu Nettle

Kalani David loose in Southern Sumatra as filmed by Sam Norwood.

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