Matt Tibbey
Wave of the Day: Don't look back in anger - Elliot Pearata-Reid, NSW North Coast

King Island - photos

Going surfing by plane, especially a small propeller plane. How could you ever get blase about it? The deep thrum of the props vibrating through your body, headsets on, surfboards stacked down the aisle.

Stu Nettle

The biggest wave ever caught by an Aussie female?

Sunday Bells - photos

Here's a swell that ticked all the boxes: lines to the horizon; favourable winds; blue skies; and best of all, at least for the weekend warriors, it peaked on Sunday.

Stu Nettle

Spencer Frost and the best footage from a year in the sky.

Stu Nettle

Ricardo Christie does pre-match warm up runs at Jeffreys with Jay Davies in tow.

Willem-Dirk du Toit
Wave of the Day: Belinda Baggs tripping the light fantastic
Stu Nettle

Between whipping his twinny through a series of open face turns, Asher Pacey contorts into barrel poses that would make a yogi proud.

Steve Arklay Photography/King Island Surf Safaris
Wave of the Day: King for a day, or a weekend
Stu Nettle

Hands down, this is the best video you'll see of the recent Indonesian super swell: epic vision from Kandui Left. 

Stu Nettle

The best session from the best day of the recent Indian Ocean swell. 

Stu Nettle

Taj Burrow makes good his escape as the channel shuts down.