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Wave of the Day: Tall git in a big pit - Tyler Hollmer-Cross, Shippies

Watch: Gorging on Gita

Stu Nettle

Gita gives it up in style at Kirra. Highly recommended viewing.

The Gold Coast's Tow-in Code of Conduct

Stu Nettle

PWCs in the surf? There's just two rules you must know.

Watch: Paddlers fight back

Stu Nettle

Shutting down a big name ski assist.

Watch: Parko at Snapper

Stu Nettle

Parko escapes a TC Gita drainer.

Watch: Saturday arvo at Big Groyne

Stu Nettle

Six foot Kirra, jet skis buzzing, and a tsunami of a sweep, but don't it look easy from above?

Josh Bystrom
Wave of the Day: Brent Dorrington - Kirra Gita gorge
Judy Scanlon
Wave of the Day: Saturday Bells and not a cyclone in sight

Watch: Torren Martyn is a shuffle pig

Stu Nettle

Pushing retro beyond its limits in a high performance arena.

Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: Meanwhile in Victoria

Donate now: Tubes for Tonga

Stu Nettle

Before you saddle up for Gita, pony up for the people in Tonga.

Pipe Masters canned for 2019

Stu Nettle

The WSL vs City of Honolulu 'Soph Opera' claims a victim.

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