Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: The view from the verandah

Shock and awe in the Azores

Phil Jarratt

Bizarre equipment, dubious format, and the odd flash of red hot surfing, Phil Jarratt reports from the World Masters.

Watch: Easkey Britton // A Lunar Cycle

Stu Nettle

"Ebb and flow,
a constant loving and letting go."

Andrew Kidman dives down the rabbit hole (again!)

Stu Nettle

"Why don't we grab a slurpee and check out George Greenough?"

Macca, Bain, and Beachley take the trophies at the World Masters Championships

Ballard, Beschen, and Cheyne Horan are the runners-up.

Terri Sharpe
Wave of the Day: Another fabulous left-leaning wave in the south-west electorate
Joel Everard
Wave of the Day: Above the roar - Shippies from Friday
Luke Rosenzweig
Wave of the Day: The metallic edge of a southern wedge

DaFin Hawaii wins Whomp Off 2018

The Hawaiian maestros dominate on a fantastic day for bodysurfing.

Mick Gullan
Wave of the Day: William Aliotti and fifty shades of grey

Narrabeen High win the double at Lifeline High School Surf Challenge

Stu Nettle

Narrabeen High balance the trophy cabinet winning the boys and girls divisions.

From Shippies to Cloudbreak

Craig Brokensha

There's a bounty of swell inbound as the Long Wave Trough comes to town.

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