Luke Rosenzweig
Wave of the Day: The metallic edge of a southern wedge

DaFin Hawaii wins Whomp Off 2018

The Hawaiian maestros dominate on a fantastic day for bodysurfing.

Mick Gullan
Wave of the Day: William Aliotti and fifty shades of grey

Narrabeen High win the double at Lifeline High School Surf Challenge

Stu Nettle

Narrabeen High balance the trophy cabinet winning the boys and girls divisions.

From Shippies to Cloudbreak

Craig Brokensha

There's a bounty of swell inbound as the Long Wave Trough comes to town.

Long Wave Trough to deliver swell for Tasmania and East Coast

Stu Nettle

A new southerly regime begins tomorrow and it's courtesy of the LWT.

Watch: Drew McPherson // Solitude

Stu Nettle

Kick stalls on a lonely coast.

Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Silent flight about northern Indonesia

Watch: Nate Tyler // Bending Water

Stu Nettle

A definitive statement from an ambiguous identity.

Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Jack Freestone relishing the last blast of winter

Not surfing, drowning


"According to the survey, 20% of surfers self-report as unable to swim in the surf."

Judy Scanlon
Wave of the Day: Joining the dots at Bells yesterday morning