Clarrie Bouma
Wave of the Day: Benny Wakeling, behind the eight ball but ahead of the foamball
Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Ziggy Alberts cutting glass on the Sunshine Coast
Stu Nettle

"We thought, this is alright. We can do this. You can't actually die doing this, your head's not going to hit the reef 'cos it's so deep..."

In this short documentary, Rusty Moran explains how big waves and death changed the course of his life.

Stu Nettle

When any shaper can create any design - or at least copy any design - creativity gets called into question.

Stu Nettle

Did you know it was Punt Week? No, me neither, but then I always forget important dates.

Stu Nettle

Queensland goofyfooter Noah Lane has found his spiritual home on Ireland's west coast. 

nick green
Wave of the Day: Like a moth to a flame - Ollie Maxwell, first light, Tasmania
Zach Sanders
Wave of the Day: The next bay on the next island...
Stu Nettle

"My whole perspective on surfing changed when I saw the first real set come through!"

For Kipp Caddy, a young bloke with designs on a big wave career, his first look at a real Teahupoo set was a moment of truth.

Stu Nettle

Twenty five years after Maurice Cole and Tom Curren teamed up with the Reverse Vee, they're now releasing a limited run of the once-revolutionary design.

Tyler Frazer-Rigg
Wave of the Day: Kipp Caddy taps the brakes at his special little place - Cape Solander

"Times change and an image as carelessly abused as that of surfing inevitably loses its power. From the first billboard linking us to that liquid, tooth rotting, diabetes promoting, sugary shit, we were fucked."

From fringe dwelling to global saturation, blindboy considers surfing's rapid cultural shift.

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