Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: Chris Ross balanced between opposing forces

Stage Right

No place for stage fright, the Right put on a show for the few surfers who were willing to take a chance.

A thrilling Finals day at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach saw Mick Fanning and Carissa Moore ring the Bell and claim victory at the historic event. The day started with the Women’s competition where Moore came out on top at Bells Bowl. The competition then moved to Winkipop for the Men’s Semifinals and Finals where Fanning reigned supreme.

Stu Nettle

Last Friday Tim Bonython parked himself in the channel at The Right as a wild session went down. The heaviest thing he saw was a double tow in featuring Sandy Ryan and Chris Ross whipping in off the same rope.

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For the last month Jack Dekort has been bobbing about on a boat in the Indian Ocean. He's missed a few late season swells on his home turf but been adequately compensated with early season swell in The Maldives. A fair exchange if parity matters.

Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: A vacant teepee on a busy coast

Saturday at the Bommie

Just after dark on Friday the forerunners began making landfall at an incredible 20 second period. First light on Saturday and the swell had filled in with incredible 8'-10' waves at deep water waves across the coast.

Bells - Rounds 3 and 4

Yesterday the surfers got down to the money rounds at Bells and the usual suspects began their run to the Finals.

Jordan Barta
Wave of the Day: Dom Wills, Solander without a cape

Hand and horsepower at a Sydney beachie

Matt Dunsmore paddles into a bulbous cavern somewhere in Sydney during the huge Easter Saturday swell. 

In the most highly anticipated matchup of the day, John John Florence was explosive in his win over 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater and World No.1 Gabriel Medina. John John secured the victory when he dished up a monster frontside 360 aerial, scoring a Perfect 10, the the first of the 2014 season.

Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: Dean Morrison in the belly of the beast

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