Tony Warrilow
Wave of the Day: Guy Mill skimming through a sultry Mentawai barrel
Stu Nettle

Watch Kelly Slater and Sean Holmes trade waves at flawless J'Bay. Filmed just last Friday.

Ice blue barrels on a windblown island - photos

Harry Bryant, Jackson Baker, and Joe van Dijk endure sub zero temperatures and snow to the tide line while chasing a rare Bass Strait wave.

Stu Nettle

A retrospective looking back at Kelly's long and illustrious career. It's always a kick checking out the various eras Kelly has lived through, not to mention the fashion and styles of the day.

Stu Nettle

How does a big Shippies swell sneak underneath the internet's all-seeing radar? No idea, but this one almost did.

Stu Nettle

"MP was so deliberately absent from even the most key moments of his life that those around him could fill that vacuum."

Sean Doherty speaks about his latest book, MP Untold, a collection of stories from those closest to the man.

Bells for the weekend warriors - photos

As a Swellnet commentator recently put it, "2015 has been the year of the weekend warrior."

Johanne Defay and Hiroto Ohhara reigned supreme on the final day of the Vans US Open of Surfing in front of a capacity crowd. Defay has been crowned champion of the Women’s CT event while Ohhara has won the Men’s Qualifying Series 10,000 event.

Stu Nettle

Mick Fanning has put a philanthopic twist on the dubious province of chequebook journalism donating his '60 Minutes' appearance fee to a recent shark attack victim.

Stu Nettle

Witness history being made as Robbie Maddison rides his dirt bike at Teahupoo and Papara.

Judy Scanlon
Wave of the Day: Thunderous Sunday at Bells Beach
Matt Van Seters
Wave of the Day: Dancing across a blustery Victorian wall

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