Tim Bonython's Swell Chasers
Wave of the Day: Cold Chiseled Ocean
Stu Nettle

Kelly Slater and co skip Supertubos for other waves around the Peniche peninsula. Still tubing, no less super.

The attack happened between Suffolk Park and Broken Head, just to the south of Cape Byron. It's the fourth attack in a month.

Stu Nettle

The Rip Curl Pro Portugal again moved to the secondary venue of Fabril where John John stormed through Round 4 with a solid barrel.

Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Mega Samadhi, straight line fun in Bali

Jeremy Flores acts as spolier to Gabriel Medina's world title campaign while John John rolls on.

Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: A-frame by the shipping lane
Stu Nettle

Another surfing from a different kitchen.

Stu Nettle

Time for a diversion from the waist high closeouts at 'Supertubos'.

Wilko's title hopes go up in smoke as John John and Gabs fight to stay in the draw at Supertubos.

Hunter Manuel
Wave of the Day: The golden touch, Jamie Krups, South Coast
Stu Nettle

Kiss of death notwithstanding, Joan Duru is a certainty for next year's CT. Get a load of his form in this clip shot at his home beach.

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