Cameron Staunton
Wave of the Day: The indistinct outline of Kipp Caddy
Kent Stannard

How much do we know about sharks? It's a question worth asking following another shark fatality in Australia. Surfers and ocean users are looking for answers.

Stu Nettle

From Aaron Lieber's '4K Monday' series comes this lively clip of Brett Simpson blasting his home beach of Huntington and staking a claim as the Californian Parko.


Having recently broken a favourite board blindboy was moved to ponder the implications of our relationship with our most beloved boards.

Jonathon Nimerfroh
Wave of the Day: Freeze your brain and melt your mind
Matt Dunbar
Wave of the Day: Parko, nose to the grindstone during Round 1 of the Quiksilver Pro

2015 is Year Zero for the World Surfing League and today was Day One. Although the surf didn't match the weightiness of the occasion the action made up for it.

Stu Nettle

Photos from the first day of competition on the newly-minted World Surf League.

Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Overwhelming colourfast, Luke Jory, Noosa
Stu Nettle

Might as well finish off the week the way we started it, with a clip of pumping Kirra. It might be a while till we see it like that again.

Stu Nettle

Luke Hynd talks a small game. "This clip is just a bunch of leftover footage from around home and a few trips I did throughout the year."

Fortunately the clip is a tad more exciting than its downbeat description.

Stu Nettle

One thunderous clip from the fella who would be king.

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