Mick Gullan
Wave of the Day: Speeding between the lines in WA's south-west

North Shelly win Sailor Jerry Surftag Newcastle Qualifier

Merewether go back-to-back on home turf in Women’s Division

Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Riley Laing blending curves in Indonesia

Watch: The Proving Grounds

Ben Matson

After a long and seemingly endless hibernation, Her Majesty finally woke up.

John Brumfield
Wave of the Day: Makaha, where SUPs still rule
Jedd Penkethman
Wave of the Day: Jack Robinson fins free into a bed of weed
John Brumfield
Wave of the Day: Waimea shorey just begging for a body womp

Watch: Filipe Toledo - The Island

Ben Matson

"Enjoy the power surf and good music".

Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: The morning commute

Seas of red surround Australia

Craig Brokensha

Another record year of warmth and some amazing sea surface temperature readings off the East Coast last weekend.

Finn McGill and Vahine Fierro Take Out The 2017 Jeep World Junior Championship in Kiama

Despite suffering an ankle injury and some incoming flight errors prior to the start of the Jeep World Junior Championship, Finn McGill managed to rise above to claim the coveted 2017 title.

Irukandji jellyfish discovery off Fraser Island

Here's hoping we don't experience a state-wide outbreak of full body lycra suits, as recommended by the authorities.

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