John Clark
Wave of the Day: Matt Dunsmore lining up a glorious Easter barrel

The surf turned on for the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach as the event ran through Round 1 and two Heats of Round 2. The Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, is in its 53rd year and is one of surfing’s most prestigious events.

Tasman and Ita at large

With the swell's forerunners displaying periods in the 20 second range, there was never any doubt that we'd be looking at some seriously large waves - and many outer reefs came to light this morning, producing some of the biggest surf seen in New South Wales this year. 

Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Jack Irvine and bodyboarder at the Shark Island love-in

Random Sydney Empties on a Very Good Friday

Well, OK - one bloke is paddling into a death slab, of which shortly afterwards he was annihilated - but for the most part, many Sydney beaches are dishing up empty barrels of luminance this morning. And on a public holiday no less! Go forth and seek out some barrels in this glorious weather.

Daniel Kirkman
Wave of the Day: Pitted: Hook, line, and sinker

Why does the ASP use a 100 point scale to judge waves? After purging his judging sins, blindboy questions the current system and proposes a simple alternative.

Dead can dance

Been a while since this place broke with any sort of consistency. Toss it in the "Doesn't break like it used to" basket and start talking wistfully about sessions past.

Thomas Donnelly
Wave of the Day: Speed is the key: Solomon Lee on the NSW Mid North Coast

Cape-less crusaders

The Cape wigs out as surfers go crusading just next door.

Craig Brokensha

It has to be said, if you don't score decent waves this Easter, you're not trying hard enough!

The Australian continent will be bathed in swell ranging from the large and dangerous in Western and Southern Australia, to the still solid but more sublime on the East Coast.

Stu Nettle

Yesterday the surfing world was embroiled in a race furore following news that Otis Carey has lodged a court case against Surfing Life magazine and one of its contributors.

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