Dominic Dixon
Wave of the Day: Sam Jones standing solid on Sydney's Northern Beaches
Stu Nettle

Legendary Australian musician Tex Perkins is playing three exclusive, intimate gigs at Kandooma Resort in the Maldives in one week.

Stu Nettle

Part 1 of Rip Curl's latest web series features Mick, Luke Hynd, and Garut Widiarta romping through Sumatra. 

Steve Arklay
Wave of the Day: James Sinclair blasting out of a black backdrop
Stu Nettle

Accepted history states that surfing in Japan only beginning in the 1960s. However, during a recent visit Tom Wegener found evidence that will force Japanese historians to push that date back - way back.

Stu Nettle

Never mind the drones, the cliff top shots, or even the GoPros, this is the best angle for shooting Jaws.

Clifton Evers

China has been called the sleeping tiger of Asia. At present surfing companies are making a concerted push into China hoping to awaken the beast and create a new surfing market. Yet it's proving to be more difficult than first thought. Australian surfer and expat Clif Evers reports from the Hainan Open.

Craig Stroh/Southwave
Wave of the Day: Dylan Hannah, basement mutations, somewhere near Cronulla
Phil Jarratt

This morning, Barry "Magoo" McGuigan passed away, aged 85, following a wonderfully rich life. Three years ago Phil Jarratt visited Magoo at his Central Coast home, pulled up a pew on the McGuigan's back deck and rolled tape...

Jim Culley
Wave of the Day: Sandy Ryan, blue sky mining, Victoria
Anthony Pancia

One of the finest female big wave surfers on the planet, Paige Alms is holding her own among the Maui push.


A stranger at the point, a drop in, and a showdown out the back. In the last of a series on violence in the surf, blindboy relates an all-too-common scenario and traces the root cause of the problem.

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