Craig Stroh/Southwave
Wave of the Day: Jared Hickel under heavy water south of Sydney

Mick Fanning has won the 2014 Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal moving him up to World No. 2 on the ASP World Championship Tour rankings.

Stu Nettle

A board shaped for Curren, a board shaped for Cowshit, and a board shaped by Doris! Yes, it's the September Board Bazaar, running late as all good things should.

Sydney's southern suburbs

Last Thursday the Sydney coast was on the backside of a major swell event yet the Cape was just beginning to roar.

Supertubos delivered major upsets and high drama today as current Tour frontrunners Gabriel Medina and Kelly Slater were eliminated from the Moche Rip Curl Pro Portugal. The Brazilian’s early exit effectively pushing the title race to the final event of the year in Hawaii. 

Jordan Barta
Wave of the Day: Cape vacancy
Matt Hall
Wave of the Day: Matt Hall gives the lip a healthy head start
Jordan Barta
Wave of the Day: Jesse Pollock flying out of frame at Cape Solander
Stu Nettle

Yesterday, during a layday freesurf at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal Kelly Slater landed a 720.

Sydney's eastern suburbs

Doesn't matter what the friendly man on the ABC says: "Cyclonic winds", "ten metre waves", "once-in-a-century storm", you can be assured someone is gonna attempt to surf it.

Diamonds in the rough

Amongst the carnage, the banks shaped up a fair few lengthy tube rides.

Matt Dunbar
Wave of the Day: Dave Vlug's backside gaff on the Northern Beaches

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