Kyle Rodgers
Wave of the Day: Living off the grid in southern Australia
Stu Nettle

Scientists from Macquarie University have just completed a study on East Coast sand flow and the result isn't pretty for our beloved sand bottom pointbreaks.

Stu Nettle

Harry Bryant stuffing nuggets and swinging from the chandeliers down south.

It's on again, the 'Surf with Occy' Mentawai trip, and this year the gig has gone uptown.

Stu Nettle

Miguel Blanco as shot by Diogo D'Orey in a clip that could almost be D'Orey's showreel. Definetely worth a watch.

Stu Nettle

Trevor Gordon, Ryan Burch, Spencer Gordon and Travers Adler push the progressive - and physical - boundaries of the sport.

Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Jesse Longneck inside the sexiest of sections

For eight years now - that's eight tree rings - wooden board makers and admirers have gathered in the park at Currumbin. The next event is coming up real soon.

Stu Nettle

We cant decide if this Brazilian setup is a beachbreak or a pointbreak, but it's most definitely pumping. On that we can agree.

Charlie Cullen
Wave of the Day: Northern Indonesian downpour
Stu Nettle

Twenty years ago a scowling surfboard shaper waved his stick at a horrible ginger politician. Are we tripping yet? Are we still...?

Stu Nettle

A small crew of surfers score intimidating Indonesian perfection and then celebrate with Bintangs, as you do.

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