Wave of the Day: Cody Young composed inside a Backdoor bowl

Michael Novakov: The four time world champion you’ve never heard of


With four world titles that span four decades, Michael Novakov is persistence personified.

Andrew Shield
Wave of the Day: Jordy Wood inside early summer excellence
Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Tucked and running in PNG

Watch: One minute of Chippa

Stu Nettle

Come for the sunnies, stay for the surfing.

The Cover Shot

Chris 'Swag' Gu...

Chris Gudenswager recalls mid-80s Kirra featuring Todd Lee, a 24 second barrel, and a prized cover shot.

Dan Bielich
Wave of the Day: When the moments meld together

'Broken' by Jon Frank

Stu Nettle

Words and photos in a book that reads like the opposite of Instagram.

Feeding from the trough on Straddie - photos

Stu Nettle

"Absolutely pumping!" said Shieldsy, but his pictures tell many more words.

Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Sunbeams everywhere! Sunshine Coast yesterday

Listen: Clayton Nienaber on Surf Mastery

Stu Nettle

How a joyride on one of Slater's sleds helped Clayton Nienaber crack the code.

Sheldon Simkus // Archipelago - video

Stu Nettle

A four minute clip that's a cut above the rest.

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