Nico Beighton
Wave of the Day: Jye Williams dropping into an Indonesian abyss
Craig Brokensha

We're only a few days away from the start of the Easter long weekend, and its time to start making final surf plans.

North Narrabeen Boardriders have won the Isuzu D-MAX Surftag Australian Championships dominating the four-team final on their home break.

Stu Nettle

It's déjà vu all over again at Quiksilver as CEO suit Andy Mooney gets shown the door and the salts march back into the boardroom. Phil Jarratt reports.

Stu Nettle

Swellnet speaks to Kelly Slater and Peter Maguire, co-author of Thai Stick, about turning the "untold story" of the marijuana trade into film projects.

Stu Nettle

Economic growth, political stability, and a rising middle class have combined to create a new wave of talented and competitive Brazilian surfers, the most visible being new world champion Gabriel Medina. However, the elements that powered the 'Brazilian Storm' are beginning to falter.

Craig Brokensha

The Rip Curl Pro forecast still looks grim, but there are small glimmers of hope within the waiting period.

Stu Nettle

"You've gotta let it come to you," says Zeb about the notorious Shipsterns step. "Stay as low as you can and then bend your knees when you land."

Sounds simple...

Rural South Australia - photos

A mid-range swell, all day offshores, and scalloped banks: all the ingredients for beachbreak bliss. 

Ben Newson
Wave of the Day: Simon Coleman tangled up in blue - North-west WA
Phil Jarratt

“It is absolutely not allowed for a foreigner to own a single inch of land in Indonesia." Recent statements by the head of Indonesia's National Land Agency set off a wave of panic amongst expatriate land owners in Indonesia. Phil Jarratt founds out what they've got to be worried about.

Che Chorley
Wave of the Day: Todd Goudie, throwing peace down the pipeline

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