Tim Bonython
Wave of the Day: A final salute to a fine waterman: Vale Tyson Williams
Stu Nettle

Last week Tyson Williams took his own life, aged 36. Tyson's death shook up a lot of people, as expected of someone who'd excelled in many sports and made friends everywhere he travelled.

Stu Nettle

Mick and Jarryd split the backside burden by grabbing a few at The Right plus a few at The Left to balance the ledger.

Anthony Pancia

"Jump on these and you’ll go faster than you’ve ever gone before, faster than a speeding bullet." More than thirty years after the winged fin, Cheyne Horan is back with another fin design that puts the E's back into speed.

Ben Kiggins
Wave of the Day: Last light in Bangko Bangko
Matt Dunbar
Wave of the Day: Welcome to Jordy Lawler's man cave
Stu Nettle

Want a trip for two to the Banyaks, Aussie airfares included?

Yes please!

After eight months out of the water Mark Mathews is back paddling his favourite slab, and he's keen for another tilt at Jaws this coming season. Here he chats about the injury plus how equipment can quell the fear of what's below.

Jack Dekort
Wave of the Day: Welcome winter diversion on the Sunny Coast
Matt George

It involves nothing in the way of rocker, volume, fins, or foil, but Darren Handley has a formula for making the world's best boards for the world's best surfers.

Stu Nettle

After 55 CT wins over 25 years, Kelly Slater put yesterday's epic triumph up there with the best. The highlights reel deserves some sort of award too.

Chris Peel
Wave of the Day: Dropping into the depth of field in Papua New Guinea

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