Calem Wright
Wave of the Day: Hippo casual behind the rock at Snapper
Stu Nettle

"Surfing is a big idea," says Andrew Kidman. "Litmus showed that you could develop a relationship with your surfing and it wasn’t just one dimensional."

Swellnet speaks to Andrew Kidman on the twentieth anniversary of his greatest film.

Gabriel Medina blew up in his Round 4 matchup posting the event's first perfect 10 point ride for a no-grab stratospheric full-rotation. 

Stu Nettle

Gabriel Medina's Perfect 10 from Round 4. The biggest air Medina's ever done and the biggest in competition since JJF at Keramas.

Tim Milton-Hine
Wave of the Day: Magic hour on a back beach somewhere

The Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro France saw the CT surfers return to rippable beachbreaks as Round 2 of the women’s event and Round 3 of the men’s event delivered drama and upsets for the capacity crowd in attendance. 

Otto Davies
Wave of the Day: When the walk is rewarded with waves
Stu Nettle

Perfection and claims by a fellow named Gordo.

The Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro France resumed in pumping six-to-eight foot waves at Culs Nus for another exciting day of action.

Hayden O'Neill
Wave of the Day: Padang Padang on the double pump this week
Stu Nettle

BP's planned oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight has taken a controversial turn with the release of dramatic oil spill modelling.

Stu Nettle

Not content with just complaining about chemicals in suncream, Cyrus Sutton also provides the solution. Manda suncream is a healthy alternative, and in Cyrus' words, it "isn't a fashion sunscreen, this is war paint for surfers."

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