Swellnet Analysis

Billabong Pro Tahiti - Forecast Update

Craig Brokensha

We've got an update for the Billabong Pro Tahiti, has the outlook improved?

Billabong Pro Tahiti - Early Forecast

Craig Brokensha

J'Bay was good, but Teahupoo has always been the most anticipated contest on the CT. What can we expect this year?

Warm water to persist all winter

Craig Brokensha

Sydney's balmy ocean temperatures are here to stay all winter, but where's the warm water originating from?

Large fortnight of swell for Indonesia

Craig Brokensha

Indonesia is about to cop it with both barrels as a rare weather event sends a volley of swell to the islands.

Corona Open J-Bay - forecast update

Craig Brokensha

Yeah it's been good, but it's going to get better...

Corona Open J-Bay - early forecast

Craig Brokensha

The forecast is shaping up very nicely for the Corona Open J-Bay, with the waiting period kicking off next Wednesday afternoon.

New Zealand overshadows Australia...for once

Craig Brokensha

New Zealand's east coast is currently pumping with a large east groundswell, while Australia will mostly miss out.

Western and South Australia's stellar run of swell

Craig Brokensha

Lots of swell, light winds, and sunshine a'plenty, WA and SA surfers have had much to smile about. But what's caused the rare conditions?

Long Wave Trough on Australia/Fiji tour

Craig Brokensha

The first real winter storm is about to develop in the Southern Ocean, providing large surf to Australia, Fiji and New Zealand.

Large swells inbound for Australia and Indonesia

Craig Brokensha

The Indian Ocean is lighting up again, with South West Australia expected to bare the brunt.

Ten years since the Pasha Bulker Storm

Stu Nettle

Next month marks ten years since the famous June 2007 run of swell, arguably the best month of waves that any East Coast surfer can remember.

Outerknown Fiji Pro - Early Forecast

Craig Brokensha

Will the surf at the OK Fiji Pro surpass its name, or will it just be, you know, okay?