Swellnet Analysis

Forecast: Thundering Cloudbreak

Stu Nettle

The Southern Ocean swell barrage will reach an almighty crescendo this weekend at Cloudbreak.

Analysis: The long and the short of long period swells

Craig Brokensha

With their energy travelling hundreds of metres below the surface, long period swells can behave unexpectedly when they reach the coast.

Lemoore isn't the only artificial wave on tour

Stu Nettle

Four years ago the righthander at Barrinha didn't exist, but just look at it now!

Forecast: Oi Rio Pro

Craig Brokensha

The Oi Rio Pro kicks off this Friday, so what's in store for everyone's favourite CT event?

Forecast: Teahupoo - It's been a while

Craig Brokensha

It's been a couple of years since we've seen a serious swell hitting Tahiti, but this should come to an end this Saturday.

Forecast: Margaret River Pro

Craig Brokensha

There's plenty of swell on the charts but the WSL has some tough decisions to make.

Forecast: Easter Long Weekend

Craig Brokensha

The Easter Long Weekend is upon us, will your region have waves?

Forecast update: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Craig Brokensha

A good run of swell with favourable winds is expected from late week.

Forecast: Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

Craig Brokensha

The Quiksilver Pro is done, Kirra pumped, and autumn has kicked into gear across the southern states. So, waves for Bells?

Forecast: Rare north-west cyclone swell inbound for West Oz

Ben Matson

There’s a couple of fundamental rules in surf forecasting.

When breakwaters equal broken water

Stu Nettle

UPDATED: Breakwalls have given us some of our best waves but they've also ruined many more. Take a moment to remember what once was.

Tech: Real time wave monitoring by Surf Sense

Craig Brokensha

A new wave-monitoring system that can alert surfers and rock fisherman of incoming sets.