Swellnet Analysis

Explaining the East Coast's cruel summer

Craig Brokensha

...and why South Australia has had a cool summer.

Monster Nazare forecast

Craig Brokensha

This Thursday, one of the largest swells in recent history will strike Nazare. It could've been one for the record books, except for one small thing.

How big do tsumamis get? - video

Stu Nettle

And you thought swell forecasters talk up wave height! Click to hear a few tall tales about tsunami.

Christmas 2016 Forecast

Craig Brokensha

The festive season is upon us once again. So what's beneath the Christmas tree for Aussie surfers?

Lombok waves visible from space

Craig Brokensha

They're the only waves visible from space and they have wavelengths several kilometres long. Come and check out the freaky waves of the Lombok Strait.

Google Earth Timelapse: viewing our changing coastlines

Ben Matson

Even more incredible evidence has emerged of the rapidly evolving coastal processes at Skeleton Bay - and other locations too.

Billabong Pipe Masters 2016 Forecast

Craig Brokensha

It's the final event of the year, but for the first time in four years, the Title Race isn't on the line. So how's the forecast shaping up?

XL swell incoming for Pe'ahi

Craig Brokensha

The Pe'ahi Challenge has been given the go ahead for Friday, but will it be as big as last year's event?

The secret life of Great Circle paths

Stu Nettle

They can explain those rare mysto swells as they swing a curveball into surf forecasting. What are Great Circle Paths and how do they affect you?

Winds of the world

Stu Nettle

“It was a hot wind called the Santa Ana, and it carried with it the smell of warm places."

From the romantic Sirocco to the working class Brickfielder to the evil Diablo, it's the winds of the world - the surfer's version.

Know Your Product: Why the tides?

Stu Nettle

They inspire poets, make for handy metaphors, and cause your local reefbreak to roar.

But what produces the tides and why do they behave so damn weird?

Expect more cyclones this year

Stu Nettle

Last year Australia had the lowest number of tropical cyclones on record, however the Bureau Of Meteorology have said we can expect a return to average - maybe even above average! - cyclones this coming season.