Last splash

Stu Nettle

Kelly continues to shape pro surfing in his own image.

Should legropes break?

Stu Nettle

What if a company offered a lifetime warranty leggy? Is that a good thing?

Parko, Mick, and Dingo caught by the Water Police at Snapper Rocks

Stu Nettle

During the most uncrowded Snapper session in years the three Cooly Kids were sprung using a PWC illegally.

Swimming among Bali's plastic tide

Stu Nettle

There are two seasons on Bali - the tourist season and the trash season.

Post it and they will come

Stu Nettle

Instagram and the rush of the madding crowd.

The ISA and WSL reach agreement on the Tokyo Olympics

Stu Nettle

Let the political games begin!

Billabong shares hit an all time low

Stu Nettle

But the company will be saved by social media says Billabong chief.

The rebirth of pro surfing

Stu Nettle

So what's all this wavepool stuff about then?

Tropical plunder

Stu Nettle

So what's to be learnt from the dreadful overdevelopment of the Bukit Peninsula? Nothing! Welcome to the 'new Bali' in southern Lombok.

Heart of glass

Stu Nettle

Swellnet visits the Glass Hut in Wollongong. A factory adapting to the changing surfboard industry.

The Championship Tour in Indonesia

Stu Nettle

Next year there'll be five QS events in Indonesia. When's the CT gonna revisit the best surf nation on Earth?

The Manchurian candidate

Clifton Evers

Tie Zhuang - known to his mates as TZ - is the best surfer to ever come out of Inner Mongolia.