Pro surfing and the kindness of strangers

Stu Nettle

In 2017 pro surfing is riding high on the goodwill of one man. It's not the first time we've got a leg up from a well-heeled stranger.

Rip Curl and the new gold standard

Stu Nettle

After two fruitless weeks it's become clear that the most important aspect of Mick's clip is not what was shown, but what wasn't.

The art of advocacy with Brad Farmer

Stu Nettle

He's been kidnapped by the KGB, started Surfrider Foundation, National Surfing Reserves, and World Surfing Reserves too, but Brad Farmer's advocacy is based on more than mere love for the ocean.

Patent pending: the FCS design saga

Stu Nettle

In 2013 FCS released FCS II, a new and updated version of their removable fin system. Yet three years later they still don't have the patent secured and the imitators are ready to pounce.



I had been to Noosa once before, in the days when the milk bar on the main drag was the social centre of a rather isolated coastal village.

Making plastic sexy and other green schemes

Stu Nettle

Being green won't cut it unless you're innovative too. These surfers are turning pond scum, old plastic, and fishnets into stuff for you to surf.

Surfing joins the five ring circus!

Stu Nettle

The Olympics will divide surfing more than any other issue. What chance is there that surfers will get citius, altius, fortius - faster, higher, stronger - in summertime beachbreaks?


Billabong settles class action for $45 million

Stu Nettle

Billabong has agreed to pay $45 million to settle a shareholder class action relating to its share price collapse in 2011.

A stitch in time?

Phil Jarratt

Phil Jarratt on the unravelling of former stock market darling, SurfStitch

The wavepool that saved pro surfing

Stu Nettle

Never mind surfing in the Olympics, an inland CT event, or even the online backlash, last week's wavepool sale will have a side effect not yet considered – the potential to bankroll the whole WSL.

Is it time to rethink the rules of surfing?

Neil Lazarow

As crowd numbers skyrocket Neil Lazarow thinks it may be time to revisit some of surfing's core rules.

A new way to detect tsunamis: cargo ships

James Foster

The network of ocean buoys are proving problematic for detecting tsunami but fortunately scientists have stumbled across better technology - big ships.